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Free Beauty Blender + Cleanser with Birchbox Subscription!

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Free Beauty Blender + Cleanser with Birchbox SubscriptionThanks Lily for sharing this deal with us! This is one of the best Birchbox promos I’ve ever seen considering you can get this free gift just by signing up for a monthly subscription ($10 a month). (Another reason I love this deal – I LOVE my beauty blender and recommend it to everyone for flawless foundation application).

Free Beauty Blender + Cleanser with Birchbox Subscription! Details

Use coupon code BLEND by May 15th to get this free Beauty Blender Sponge and Cleanser ($26 Value) free with your first Birchbox!

Full Details: To qualify for the free beautyblender® sponge and blendercleanser solid you must sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription on Enter code BLEND during checkout in the Code box. Please note that promo code can only be used one time, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Please note that the beautyblender® sponge and blendercleanser solid will not appear in your shopping cart. Offer available through May 15, 2015 11:59 P.M. ET or while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anyone still not received their Beauty Blender? It’s been 12 business days since I got the email stating it’d be 10 business days, and still nothing for me. I can’t figure out how to email them from the website either. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Mine just came today – hold out hope 🙂

  2. Has anyone gotten their beauty blender yet?

    • Yes, I got it 2 days ago. Without any shipping notification

  3. I got an e-mail saying that my beautyblender was shipping separately, which, if you read my long comment a few posts down, is confusing the heck out of me! I just sent them an e-mail about this. I also got my box and wasn’t expecting a beautyblender with it so I wasn’t disappointed about that like others were, but the box itself was great! I’ve been subscribed for a year and a half now, and though I got some repeat brands, miraculously no repeat products! Along with an extra product that wasn’t listed on my card and one that I’ve wanted to try for so long that I was just going to buy the full size because I’d given up on Birchbox ever sending it to me. I was planning to cancel this second account, but I think I’ll keep it through June because of the giveaway they’re doing 🙂

  4. Did anyone else receive their boxes and the Beauty Blender wasn’t inside, despite the promo being on your e-mail receipt? I contacted them, but just wondering if it happened to anyone else.

    • UPDATE: They got back to me. They are sending it separately — it wasn’t actually supposed to be included within the box as originally stated.

  5. I came here to see if I were the only one missing their blender this morning, I am glad I am not, and that they are shipping them separately. I am happy with the box though, everything in it I will use. I did receive a couple of duplicate items, but they were of things I would have wanted to break down and buy, so this way I will have a little longer for that to be the case.

    • I didn’t get my beauty blender either and came here to check to first! 🙂

  6. I received a response back from Bb –


    Thanks so much for subscribing to Birchbox!

    Your free beautyblender® sponge and cleanser gift will be shipping separately from your May box. You will be receiving it within the next 10 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience!

    As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns at We’re happy to help.

    Thank you,
    Team Birchbox

  7. Add me to the list of those who didn’t receive their beautyblender. It’s so irritating! The code showed up as applied at checkout, as well as in my confirmation email. I really hope they honor this for us.
    I have had a Birchbox account for over three years, and have considered opening a second account many times but have never pulled the trigger until this promo. I was planning on keeping the second account, but I definitely won’t if they refuse to honor the promo for those of us who signed up while the code was still working.

  8. I’m also missing the beauty blender in my box today, after using this promotion! I emailed customer service to see what’s up… anyone have a response from them yet?

    • Yes, I got response. They will send it in separate mailing very soon. I really hope they will. I was so terribly disappointed with identical box and no Beauty Blender!

      • thanks for replying – that’s good to know!

        I’m fortunate I did not receive a duplicate box for this one – I actually filled out the quiz differently on purpose to try and get a different box. I wound up with one of the 7-piece living proof boxes (the one with beauty protector, the eyeshadow, some face gel?)! My main sub box was a little underwhelming, so that was a nice surprise.

  9. When I didn’t receive my beauty blender/cleaner in my box today this was the first place I went to read if others received theirs or not? I love this site! I did email their customer service regarding it. It was such a great deal I had to sign up. – disappointed I didn’t receive it with my box.

  10. I am so disappointed!!! I resubscribed with code BLEND, it showed code was applied. Today got my box and no Beauty Blender! !! And my box is exact copy of the box I have got on my main account. If they don’t send Beauty blender I feel like I just lost $10.

  11. The most bizarrely awesome thing just happened with me and Birchbox’s Customer Service. I had signed up with this beautyblender promo and on a whim, added the beta 2 full sized product upgrade just to try it out. Then I found out what the 2 products were going to be (a single eyeshadow and a lipstick) and was disappointed, so I e-mailed to cancel the upgrade. Instead of refunding me the $20 upgrade, they canceled the entire subscription, refunded me, and told me I could resubscribe at my own convenience. By then, of course, the beautyblender promo was gone. So I e-mailed them and said thanks for the help, but if I knew they’d cancel the entire subscription, I’d have kept the upgrade since I thought the free beautyblender would be worth it. beautyblender + a couple of superfluous products I could just give to a friend > no beautyblender. They responded and said they’d send me the beautyblender to honor the promo I had originally signed up for. I thought this was great, said thanks, rated their customer service as awesome as they’ve always been, and moved on. Today I received a package from Birchbox that looked a smidge too big to only contain one of those small plastic tubes with a beautyblender and a little cleanser solid as was advertised in the promo. Inside was, get this, a “Double Blender Sponge & Cleanser Kit”: two beautyblenders and a 5 fl oz bottle of the cleanser. What?!?! This kit, a $58 value, is not sold in the Birchbox shop, but I found it online at Sephora (and and dermstore) for $40 and Amazon for $35. Was this just a huge mistake of clicking the wrong item to send to me, or did they just think “hey, let’s make a customer’s day and send her this kit”? I’m honestly leaning toward the latter scenario since this kit is old stock (given that they don’t sell it in the store anymore), but the sponges are sealed and the cleanser looks totally fine. This is so amazing. Birchbox is amazing. They even threw in a package of 3 Mighty Leaf teas! I keep thinking that it might be a mistake after all and I’m glancing at the kit and feeling super guilty about keeping it. I’m feeling compelled to e-mail Birchbox and ask what’s up with this package just for peace of mind!

    • Em – They may have wanted to make your day 🙂 Of course, it never hurts to check.

  12. I just tried to do a new sub with this promo code and one other I found through Ibotta and neither worked 🙁

    • The beautyblender promo ended a day or two ago. I think they ran out because it was so popular.

  13. Muahaha, us folks north of the border (Canada) got them in our boxes last month and I know a lot of Americans were jelly. Glad you guys are finally getting them, too!

  14. Looks like they ran out – I tried to sign up for a 2nd box and the promo is no longer valid 🙁

    • I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Everywhere I go online that discusses such things, a lot of people were signing up for the promo. Plus all the people that signed up but lurk and don’t comment.

  15. Thanks! I signed up for my second account with your referral link ~ love how you keep us informed!

    I have a shipment date of May 22nd. That seems a bit off, compared to my previous Birchbox account (beginning of the month). Do you think it’s because it’s a new subscription?

    I’ll likely want to cancel after I receive the Beauty Blender ~ I assume it’s safe to do so once I get my first shipment notice?

    Thanks, Liz! <3

    • I signed up for a second account as well and it looks like my box is shipping on the 21st. My May box on my primary account is on its way and June definitely will not ship until around the second week of June so I’m guessing that we’re getting double the May boxes.

      • My experience has been that when you sign up for Birchbox you will always get that month’s box, even if you sign up of the last day of the month. Then you’ll get the next month as well. So I think we’ll get two May boxes, though often times the first box tends to be a “best of” sort of thing.

        • Yeah, I’m a little miffed that I’ll likely get a whole box of repeat items on this second account, but it’ll be worth it for the beauty blender. I’ll likely cancel after I receive it as well because if I’m going to pay more than $10/mo for Birchbox, I could just go to the SoHo store and grab myself a box full of things I definitely want!

  16. I don’t recall being charged tax when I signed up for a three month or 12 month sub. Now I’m doing a monthly and it’s including/charging tax. Does that seem correct?


    • Are you in California? BB was required to start charging sales tax a few months ago. Bummed me out because it will make using points a bit more difficult (when trying to get as close to 100 point increments).

      • No, not in CA–the other coast! Maybe they charge tax everywhere now?

        • My guess is that more and more states are passing laws requiring that anyone shipping to their state collect taxes. What puzzles me more is the amount of taxes they are collecting. They are charging me 10% tax, which is the tax rate for my city. But the tax rate for California as a whole is 7.5%. Are they really taxing everyone what the tax in their specific zipcode is?

          • Yes, apparently they are charging correct local taxes. (There are services for this companies can subscribe to.) I am in CA and they charged my 8% taxes which is correct for my zip code.

  17. Great…I now have a second subscription to Birchbox…I mean *ahem* I bought one for my mom….yeah…totally…

  18. Hi,
    I just signed up with birchbox a few weeks ago. I’m just reading now that if you entered a promo code you would receive a beauty blender.
    I didn’t even see it when I joined! I’m new to this. Would birchbox automatically send it since it’s good until May 15?
    Any info would be great!, thanks!

    • I would email BIrchBox and ask them for sure.

    • Have you received your first box yet? If not, Birchbox has really good customer service so if you e-mail them and ask, they may honor the promo and include one in your first box. It’s less likely if you already received your first box, or it’s already been shipped, since this promo is for new accounts. Couldn’t hurt to ask anyway!

  19. What kind of foundation is good to use with these? Thanks y’all.

    • I normally use fluid foundation but I’m sure you can use it with a stick foundation too if you don’t mind buffing it a bit. Experimenting and seeing what works for you is the fun part of makeup!

      • I was planning on using mine with sunscreen – I’m guessing it will work.

        • Honestly, I do not think it’s a good fit for sunscreen which needs a consistent thicker layer for proper protection.

          • Totally agree – I definitely don’t recommend using a beauty blender (or any sponge) to apply sunscreen, tinted or otherwise. If it’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF that should be ok but for standard sunscreen the blender would negate a lot of the intended protection.

  20. Thanks Liz. Now I created my 3rd account with them. I’m out of control.

    • Me too!

  21. How do I add a new subscription without another email address? I tried using the code on a gift subscription but it said it wasn’t valid.

    • You can’t add a new subscription without another email address.

  22. I have been wanting to try a beauty blender for awhile now, thanks so much for sharing. I now have 5 accounts, ones upgraded and another one has a Birchbox man as well! I’m now officially obsessed with Birchbox, I’ve been a member since 2012!

  23. I caved last month and purchased a 3 month gift subscription for both myself and my DIL, well this month I just added a monthly subscription to the account I had gifted the 3 months to just to get the beauty blender so I will assume that for the next 2 months I will be getting 3 boxes. Nope, I do not have an addiction.

  24. And I just re-activated my birchbox subscription…

    • Me too!

      • Me too!

  25. Just made another account to take advantage of this deal. GWPs are officially my kryptonite when it comes to signing up for boxes! I decided to try the upgraded full size add-ons, too. My package will contain: a beauty blender with cleanser, the regular 5 samples, and two full-size items all for $30, and then I added the $6 Miss Jessie’s Detangling comb so that I could include the free Mystery Sample pack for another 2 samples! What an incredible deal for a little under $40! Question: Will all of this come with the May box? I forget when the cut-off is.

    • My May box already shipped, so I’m sure they will be in June’s box.

      • Mine said it will ship on May 22 so I’m thinking it will be the May box! I already did the gift subscription for 6 months starting this month too as a Mother’s Day gift to myself so I will be getting 2 boxes as well!!!

  26. This is an awesome promotion. I already have a Beauty Blender though.

  27. Thanks for the post Liz! I had been wanting to try a Beauty Blender so I signed up for the monthly plus the 2 full size items upgrade. I can always cancel after a month or two if I’m not feeling it.

    Does anyone know if they take requests to not send nail polish? I really don’t want nail polish. I didn’t see anywhere to note that in the profile.

    • sorry for the dupe here 🙂 my Chrome went kinda stupid.

      • The answer here is no, BTW. But they were nice about it at least 😉

  28. I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to try a Beauty Blender. I signed up for monthly with the 2 full size items upgrade. I wish there was a way to tell them not to send me nail polish. Do they take requests like that, anyone know?

  29. I just subscribed. I never really saw the value of my 10.00 in the past. Samples are very small, but what do you expect for 10. I’ve been wanting a beauty blender forever but never took the plunge. Beauty Blender Score!

  30. Thanks! This pushed me over the edge to finally sign up for BB. I have been wanting the try the beautyblender anyway so this is perfect.

  31. Ok I broke down and bought even though I’m swimming in makeup products, I’ve been wanting to try the beauty blender. And I’ve been curious about trying the upgraded subscription. I also added an $8 bag so I could get a free sample pack lol. I’ll try it for a month and then probably cancel.

  32. I was about to buy a BeautyBlender on Sephora when I saw this email from BB. Its a great offer as for $10 you get a box full of goodies, 5$ Worth of points, a BeautyBlender and a cleanser! Oh wow!

  33. This is an awesome deal! I have wanted to try the beauty blender and this is the best way to do it 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this!

  34. Wow this looks awesome! Maybe my friends will be enticed to join Birchbox now haha.

  35. The promo says applied, yet does not show it at checkout – is this standard for birchbox promos?

    • Yep – as long as it says it has been applied, you should be good!

      • Thank you – Just clicked the submit button =) – I did not want to miss this promo.

        • I’m thinking about creating a 4th subscription to use the promo – I officially have a problem! 🙂

          • I reactivated my 3rd sub for this…

          • LOL – To funny – Good Idea – I might do that to – LOL! Cheaper to subscribe then trying to swap for one and dealing with shipping – These make great gifts to – As soon as I subscribed they emailed me a coupon code: WELCOMEOFFER20 – 20% off a $25 purchase.

          • I think that shipped has sailed Liz! I’m just teasing you of course…..I wish I was able to turn my love of something into what you have created with your blog! #jealous

          • 🙂

    • Check the email you get from them for order confirmation – it should show it there under promos used in this order.

      • I glanced at the email, and you are right, it shows the promotion there. Thank you for mentioning it.

  36. Thanks for the post! This is such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up. Thanks for also mentioning that the actual items wouldn’t show up in your shopping cart – I would of thought I did something wrong.

    Thanks again!!

  37. very nice! i just sign up in april to get the may box but this deal is soo good! does anybody know if i unsubscribe and resubscribe using the code if i would get the june box with the blender ? or is this code for ay boxes?

    • It is for the May box, so if you unsubscribe and resubscribe I believe you will get a second May box. I think that’s the way it would work at least.

  38. I considering doing the upgrade – cant decide – Liz, any thoughts on it? – I hate decisions – LOL!

    • So far I’ve been enjoying the upgrade, but I know it’s not for everyone. I’ll feel more comfortable giving a recommendation once I’ve had a few more months of reviews!

      • Liz- Thank you, I always appreciate opinion, you know best when it comes to these boxes. Plus knowing my luck I might be allergic to half the ingredients anyhow – lol – which can be a blessing when it comes to excessive box purchasing – I’ll stick with the regular birch box for now.

  39. For some reason or another I tend to do most my box shopping on Mondays. As many boxes as I’ve gotten I’ve never signed up for birchbox, even though I enjoy looking at products on their birch box site. – I’m signing up today, only because of this promotion. I’ve not seen a promotion like it, and at least it is a product I will use.

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