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FL2: Fabletics for Men Subscription Coming Soon!

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FL2: Fabletics for Men Subscription Coming Soon

My husband has been jealous of my Fabletics subscription for a while now, so I’m pretty excited that Fabletics is launching a workout clothing line for men!

Check out the sneak peek video:

No word on the official launch date, but I’ll post when I learn more!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like that the outfits for men are simple in design and the pockets have zippers. Men don’t care about patterns and popular colors, from the video it looks like stuff my husband would like.

  2. Hi Liz! I had to laugh reading the post because I’m pretty sure my hubby has felt that too… although he enjoys and gets excited about his Bespoke every month, let’s face it, our household me:him box ratio inevitably reigns in my favor and Fabletics in particular, since I probably should own stocks in the company by now (despite my occasional acknowledged disappointments in different facets of their program from a business perspective). Anyways, he had a good point of view I’d like to share on this upcoming Fabletics venture… and fyi, in addition to being a successful corporate exec nerd, he also is a high level ex-athlete and pt trainer in the extra time he manages to find and has athletic and athleisure gear and apparel sales and marketing management in his background. I say this only to clarify his working and practical knowledge in the field from both the consumer and corporate perspectives. Anyways, he explained to me that when it comes to work out gear for guys, predominantly the everyday guy who goes to school and/or works 9-5/40 to support himself and his family, which I’d tend to believe is the target demo for F2, there’s a huge difference in their goals, objectives and motivations for working out compared to ours (women). Guys work out to feel good, build muscle, break sweat, release stress and to work hard. And so they can continue to consume reasonable and sustainable amounts of beer and pizza on weekend WD, GoT, AHS, baseball, hockey, football and various other marathon binge sessions, while still being able to button their suit coats and jeans come Monday. With the exception of the juicey-hipsterfab ones that go to the gym mostly to take bro selfies for their insta/soc med/Tinder profiles. Yes, this is a thing and it shamelessly occurs daily. Guys go to baseball or basketball or to lift before/after work to get dirty, sweat hard and man up. Even in yoga. They aren’t really thinking of the things many women are, like looking cute and coordinated and stylish while doing it. The guys who show up and make the effort to take care of their bodies regardless of fitness level just don’t think like that. In fact, they actually think more so about how not to look like those bros who spend their time at the gym being judgemental and superficial and douchey. They’re really just thinking of how to not die as they push to their limits. And to not fart during yoga. They just go and work out and sweat the crap and beer out so they can continue to maintain their desired levels of health and manliness come Friday. That’s why you notice that mens workout apparel has always been much more affordable and attainable than women’s. Men won’t pay $30+ for a sleeveless nike shirt to get dirty in if they can either get the same from the target/walmart/ross/marshalls stores for way less or better yet, if they can simply unsleeve a random t shirt they already own. This is of course with the exception if specialty items and stuff they might get for a team sporting event and such. Whereas women’s athletic/fitness/athleisure needs are predominantly fueled by our desire to not look like complete crap as much as we can control it, while incidentally breaking a sweat. Since we have to already deal with our hair and makeup getting disheveled in public, we like to at least try to look somewhat presentable in our apparel. So we try. And I think its a great motivator and warm fuzzy. Because as women, we’re unfortunately more susceptible to eyeballs and judgements and insecurities at the gym as it is. (I train as well, so I see this daily. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just what it is, so we adapt and do our best regardless). So for men to dive in with F2 as us women have our Fabletics, it’s gonna take some really great prices and deals to make it happen successfully. Men just don’t care about being matchy matchy and ensemble coordinated when they do man stuff like lifting ridiculously heavy things repeatedly and running like there’s a walker horde on their tail. And they ration their budgets accordingly… they much rather spend on tech, experiences, hobbies and justifies expenses than matching sets of outfits. He also noted that deliberately matching play outfits for dudes conjures childhood Garanimals wardrobe trauma and that despite his hobby for race cars and things that go fast, he won’t wear a choo choo train, airplane, giraffe or primary color coordinated matched set even if i gave him all the craft beer in the world. Lol.
    Here’s hoping F2 gets this right and doesn’t expect to compete with Nike, Under Armour, Champion, etc, but rather keeps the price where it should be for essentially disposable (guys wear and tear is a lot more aggressive when working out than our stuff so it’s not often expected to hold up as well long, hence the variance in guys vs girls work out apparel), wallet friendly and offers unbeatable promos and deals, and a far better loyalty and rewards program than the utter betrayal and slap in the face the women’s perks program became recently. And please, before anyone tries to bash that statement, do the math and research please. It doesn’t matter if they bumped you with low balled points to get one last outfit when you called, yes, I got that too, as did many to try and contain the fallout. The damage control got real and even according to their CS Managers, the backlash was swift and by many and overwhelmed them in the call centers over a weekend, when corporate wasn’t around to help deal. There were even casualties in the call centers due to the flood and i don’t blame those poor hourly CS reps who quit and feel much empathy for those who were let go because they were simply hit with the return fire after corporate launched their attack on a friday and ran for cover, leaving them to face the flames… but despite coughing up some extra inconvenience points (which are still at the low valuation level anyway, so they was worth a fraction of the original value) to those who complained louder, it in no way makes what they did right, fair or cool to the everyday consumers, many of us who supported, referred and repped them for the past 2.5 years since they launched. Yes, I still buy from them and can do so and still feel they are riding the shady bus to jerksville by not appreciating and valuing their customers, but I’m open minded and willing to wait a bit to see what they land on once the board reviews the financial loss, backlash and PR rash this lame, cheap move has incurred. Unlike many online presences (YT, Insta, bloggers) who shill brands and promote companies because they get free product, I feel strongly that those of us who are paying customers and do referrals based on the overall satisfaction and integrity of a company have a much more relevant and honest say because it’s coming from our hearts, wallets and actual consumer experience. I respect those public social media and bloggers who can do and express the same, despite the fact that they are essentially being given prouduct for free in exchange for their exposure and clicks. The world would be a much better place if we could place honor and integrity above greed, so let’s keep it honest, because we all matter equally. 🙂

    *to any rolling eyeballs, please excuse my passion… I come from the heart with a desire for truth and logic. It’s just how I roll, so sometimes it flows a bit longer to express and share what I’ve learned along the way… respectfully, my hope is that others won’t experience the crumminess and feelings of WTH that I and others have with sub companies we all deal with, if I can help it. It doesn’t necessarily mean F them eternally, because in some cases they may have a product and service you really enjoyed and haven’t found elsewhere, so you have to proceed with caution and the hope that things can change… it just means there’s some other things that can vary in degrees of importance and priority to be aware of and consider when you make a conscious decision to give them your money. 😉 /tj

    • After reading this, now I’m even more curious to see what their price points are and also if they’ll release a new collection every month like they do for women. (I wonder if it would be more seasonal based than new print/style based for example).

      • They could go more seasonal by sports seasons… though realistically, to appeal to a wider demo, they would want to center around individual fitness/workouts… perhaps a little activity range/variety in areas like weightlifting, running, hiking, water/snow wear, etc… But I think for it to take off and last, the kicker is going to be value, since guys can get their sportswear so much cheaper and accessible than having to order online. By nature they aren’t typically patient for something that isn’t a real guys guy priority… for example, I can’t see my husband saying “Ugh, when is my Fab gonna get here?!?! *insert frustrated impatient pout here* I really want to wear my new work out outfit to Thursday’s cross fit session, dang it!” I’m pretty sure he’d grab a comic book tee, tear off the sleeves and grab his “lucky” favorite college lacrosse shorts and be good to go. LOL (Disclaimer: if for some freakish blue moon reason, my hubby ever does have a “why isn’t my box here yet!?!” style/fashion related mini meltdown, I will be the first to excessively roll my eyeballs until my head aches, while simply shaking my head and giving him that ‘Really?!’ staredown.)
        Also, in lieu of prints, I’m guessing they’ll do a minimal approach color range and focus on breathable, move free kind of cuts. Basically the same thing mens fitness wear has been doing everywhere else. I think the cost is the big issue here. Because realistically, my household already spends enough there monthly, so my worry would be that in budgeting terms, would I have to order less Fabletics to compensate for his F2, for it to make sense. If they somehow did a promotion, like to encourage wives and girlfriends who are purchasers to be able to get pieces for their guy at a special exclusive price with their Fabletics order or points, that would be cool. Like get a guys workout top for $10 with your purchase of a women’s workout top of $30, or something… that would be a game changer. 😉 /tj

    • I don’t think the factors you talk about are mutually exclusive. I think anyone, male or female, will put some range of effort into how a garment functions for what they want and if it looks good/decent enough on them. I think your broad generalizations and stereotypes of gender are really unfair and perpetuate narrow mindedness. Just because someone takes a selfie at the gym, does not mean it’s ok to ridicule that person. Some people take them because they are making a significant change in their lifestyle and they are receiving positive feedback and encouragement on social media. It just seems that your post takes a very negative view on things.

      • Hi Anonymous… I typically would not be responding to something like this, however, I do want to clarify something to offer you my personal perspective, as I can respectfully appreciate you sharing your opinion of how you perceived my post.
        I want you to know that I totally get where you’re coming from and what you are saying. I really do. And I see validity in your perspective without needing to call you narrow minded or negative, because I respect the beauty of everyones ability to think freely and share our different perspectives and views from where ever we may be coming from, and to do so with an open mind and heart.
        In my post, I am speaking yes, of a broad, general view of people, predominantly focusing on men (since the subject matter is of an upcoming mens fitness line), because the 3 different gym/health facilities I attend (at least 2 daily), as well as volunteering and contributing my time to compassionately caring for and assisting others who have health/fitness/self improvement related goals, allow me to witness and observe a vast range of individuals. I train with people from all backgrounds, and my predominant emphasis and specialization are on people who would never step foot inside a regular, typical gym because of the burden of various kinds of pressure and insecurities they feel. These are people who struggle with body image, who have felt shamed, some of whom were told they are considered morbidly obese, some who feel too old and don’t have the confidence in their abilities, some who’ve spent years incapacitated or bedridden for whatever reason and have never had the courage or strength to even imagine they’d have any right stepping foot inside a gym, and many who just want to practise fitness in a safe environment, where malicious, critical judgments, bullies and insecurity are all checked at the door. I struggle to put into words the compassion and love I have for these people, who have become my family, because it grows every day and with every bead of sweat we fight for and earn. The issues I mentioned in my post are ones that are commonly and openly discussed and kicked about in the facilities, regardless if it’s a day with high level fitness body building competition athletes or a challenge group like those I spend most of my time with or a women’s zumba class, as well as lightheartedly and satirized across pop culture. It’s not something I or anyone I would associate with in my health and fitness activities, would ever say with malice or any perverse seriousness and it is well understood, because many of us who know this lifestyle have been there, have been severely bullied and traumatized by the real, serious, intentionally hurtful bully types, and would never inflict that purposefully. Many of us have been the strugglers, the infirm, the outsiders, the “different” and the weak, myself included.
        I am admittedly hurt at your judgements against me, because they are so very far from true and do not represent me, my beliefs or the wonderful people I surround myself with. We are able to look at the interesting and curious societal behaviors and call a spade respectfully a spade because that is that person’s free will and choice and if they aren’t hurting anyone, why take it to a serious point. There are much bigger, much more serious issues in the world that need the serious energy and passion to be called on, than commonplace and often humorous, observations. Look around you, at the state of our own country and you will see how so many exert energy on the smaller scale, individual and interpersonal issues and are ignorant or indifferent to the big, huge, ridiculously massive, in our face, crucial to our freedom, security and preservation of our society type issues that threaten our very way of life! Individual accountability and responsibility is very important and sorely lacking in many areas, but why choose to exact such direct misaligned energies on someone who in no way displayed any malicious intent? Where is the acceptance and embracing of our abilities to express a thoughtfully written personal observation and perspective that may -seem- to differ from our own, with an open, tolerant mind?
        I’m sorry you read a different, apparently negative tone in my observations, but I assure you, I am extremely well aware of and compassionate towards gender equality and people’s right to take and post pictures of themselves when and wherever they want for whatever their reason. Why is my acknowledging that some people take it to a funny, at times obsessive and even somewhat inappropriate level narrow minded and negative? Have you ever seen a room full of 50 hard-working people in the middle of an intense HIIT workout panting and fighting to get thru their series, while a couple of 20 yo guys obnoxiously and rudely bust in, interrupting and distracting them/their counts because they’re sole concern is getting that prime spot in the middle of the mirror, in front of the weight sets to take a selfie of them flexing to put on their Insta or Tinder profile? Have you seen these bros completely ignorant to the lady trying to reverse her diabetes diagnosis, or the guy who is fighting to lower his HBP meds and prevent another heart attack, mocking and laughing at all the “old gross fat people?” Those are a kind of example of some of what I’ve observed and I dont feel bad throwing a harmless joke their way. Never, EVER in my post did I knick someone for monitoring their progress or for seeking and receiving encouragement for it to help re-motivate them! Infact, we encourage it and do it daily. The difference is considerate people do it appropriately and with some decency and humility. They dont spend their entire time in the gym taking booty and booby glamour shots, being careful and mindful of their hair, makeup and lighting while others are there because they paid to go in and put in the hard work. And yes, I see this everyday too.
        Again, I respect your right to your own perspective, but I am spending my quality time writing this to you, because I am passionate about the way people treat others if they have an expectation of them as well. And I believe tolerance needs to be respected in ALL ways, for ALL people and that respect should be mutual, for the observer as well as the observed. I dont believe in trying to suppress clearly thought out, honestly and openly penned perspectives and opinions merely based on my own personal views of them, or of calling someone narrow minded or negative based on their own personal judgements of what they observed and thoughtfully decided to share with good intentions of sharing a smile and helping to offer some marketing and consumer related views. I would love it if you could take a step back and perhaps re-read my post for humor based logic and commonalities many of us see every day in this (active fitness and health enrichment) part of life. I assure you, I come from what I believe to be a place where I can express my first hand experience, knowledge and daily lessons on the post subject and potential viability and challenges of this new business venture with experience backed confidence, as well as the compassion and concerns of a smart consumer.
        As far as the gender stereotypes and generalisations you mention, I clearly state and it’s evident that those observations are made from the very typical, everyday guys guy and the majority of participants we see across the boards at various fitness facilities. And those guys would never, ever personally attack or throw shade at any other person there, but they too are entitled to their observations, just as you and I are. I wish you a blessed rest of your day and hope you are able to recognise respectfully that not everyone is out to shame, hurt or ridicule others, and also that your judgement of me, by generalizing that I am some kind of shamer or meanie type is extremely hurtful, considering I literally spend the first half of my day, 6 days a week working with, motivating, inspiring, laughing with, encouraging and being there for others, specifically those that you seem to accuse me of ridiculing, and I do it voluntarily and with great compassion and love of healing. Equality is not something to demand of others, but rather, something to give, in hopes of receiving it back. Be light and dont worry about condemning others who are trying to create a better society just as you likely are, but in a way that differs from yours. And laugh a little each day. It helps take the judgemental blur filter off the world before you and allows you to see and appreciate the creative joy of all our goofy, intrinsic differences that make us a wonderful, complex and vibrant world.
        One last thing, Anonymous… if you happen to be on your fitness journey as well, I would like to extend you my most sincere encouragement, blessings and a huge hug of support. Every day is one of progress and successes, and every day is one to be proud that you gave it your all, put in the effort and loved yourself enough to push through! Know that there is support and encouragement all around you, even when you might not expect it or realize its there. Continued success to you, and best wishes in your endeavors!

        Liz and MSA readers, I sincerely apologize for the length… this struck a personal chord and I just felt a bit disappointed at the shade and needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for understanding.

    • Women’s clothing cost more because we have a wide range of body shapes. Our curves cost us more.

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