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BeautyFix May 2015 Spoilers!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

Thanks Wendy for letting us know about these May 2015 BeautyFix spoilers!

Beauty Fix May Spoilers

The Mayย 2015 BeautyFix box will include:

Dr. Brandt Skincare | Needles No More

Peter Thomas Roth Sun Stick (FULL SIZE – Value $26)

Plus 8 other products! What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If I purchased the May box, will I receive the box every month or will I need to buy this box every time it is offered? I am hoping it is just a subscription that I will receive every month.

  2. I re-subbed to this in April because of the cleansing oil and stayed in May because of the Needles No More. I am anxious to see what will be in store for us in June.

    I must say that I like this curation much, much better than when it was the ‘bag’ subscription. (Can’t recall the exact name.) I tried that one for two months and had to cancel because it was mostly hair products and mostly heavier stuff for curls or oils, neither of which I can use for my fine, straight, color-treated hair.

  3. I want to sub to this – but it doesn’t take me to a subscription page.
    Are they not accepting new subscriptions now?

    • They usually they open subscriptions on the first or second of each month, and they take them until all boxes are sold.

      • TY!

  4. Overall I was pleased with this box for the $25 price tag. The hair oil works well on my fine hair, the brow stuff is fun to play with, and I like the sunscreen.

    I didn’t see a significant difference with the Needles No More, at least not enough to spend the $ on a full sized bottle, but I’m glad they included it so that I could try it. They did bill the box as anti-aging products in the description, and the relationship seems a little attenuated to me, but I can use everything in the box other than the blond brow cream, so I’m happy about that.

    Two months in, I think my only wish for this box is that they would make it a little easier to skip if you didn’t like the theme/spoilers, but right now the value has been so good – with good quality full sized products, that I’m really excited about this sub. Already looking forward to what they come up with for next month!

  5. dear dermstore person that might be browsing in here looking for june ideas; a nice soothing toner would be nice for summer after all the beating our faces take with the sun, sweat and AHA treatments. ๐Ÿ˜€ or perhaps another cleansing oil as we enter the final half of april’s DHC to see if all cleansing oils are created equal.
    ps i trust your procurement i hugz you plz never cancel me i would never quit you hashtag youhadmeatfullsizemoisturizer

    • LOL Yes what she said! I would love a good soothing toner for the summer months. I’m still new to boxes but I think those are usually rare?

  6. Reviews:

    Citrix: Love it! It smooths on, it’s somewhat emollient, not just a pure liquid. It doesn’t burn. It’s completely clear.

    Sunscreen: I rubbed it in and it looked nice, nice and matte. Since there’s no tint, I wanted to put on some make-up over it. My regular make-up has oxynoxate, so that wouldn’t work (oxynoxate destabilizes avobenzone). My previous make-up did too. I pulled out my previously used make up to that and put some on. It started to ball up somewhat – because of the dimethicone in the new sunscreen. So did my undereye concealer. I wonder if that takes off the sunscreen? Tomorrow I’ll try a powder foundation over it and see if that’s better. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go without the makeup.

    Smart Brow: It worked! Blonde worked on my brunette eyebrows. I should be able to swap the Brunette one. I will also say that my eyebrows aren’t thinning and this product still worked. Although I am middle-aged and my eyebrow color is not as vibrant as it used to be so that’s why I need a brow product in the first place so you might not need one.

    Is it annoying to write reviews when most people haven’t received the boxes yet?

    It also occurred to me one reason why this box is so great: most boxes are filled with cut up paper with the products sitting on top, but this one is filled to the top with stuff!!

    • No way! I like reading reviews.

    • I’m really happy you wrote this. I have skimpy but dark eyebrows and I was wondering what color I should use. I rather not open both so I can swap one. Your review helps me decide to start with the blond.

      I still have several days to get this box and reading the reviews just adds to the anticipation.

      • I have medium brown hair and I dye it a shade or 2 darker and “cooler” so my eyebrows aren’t too sparse but they’re a little too light and I liked the brunette shade to make mine a darker brown – I don’t find it to be brown/black like someone mentioned… it’s not that dark on me.

  7. I got mine today and I’m so excited! So many fun, new things to try that I wouldn’t have bought for myself! This is my 2nd month with BeautyFix and they are amazing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I received my box today! I am very pleased! I’m so happy they gave us two shades of the Smartbrow. I have light brown hair, and I am able to blend the two products…perfect!
    I hope they stay on this great path. I was going to cancel a few months ago, I’m happy that I didn’t.
    I love every product that they sent…and the value is amazing!

    • I am happy too! I love sunscreen and I’m excited that we got a full size bottle of hair “oil.” I am going to try the Citrix tonight. I don’t have thin brows but I think I’m going to try it out anyway. Similarly, i am not really bothered by my wrinkles but I think I might try the Needles No More anyway. I definitely won’t try the YonKa since I don’t know what the ingredients are.

      Question – what’s the comb for? What kind of hair, what kind of use?

      • Here is what the Dermastore website says about the comb:
        What it is:
        A fine toothed comb ideal for separating hair while blow drying

        What it’s used for:
        Harry Josh Pro Tools Carbon Tail Comb acts as a second set of hands and gives your mane a smooth, sleek appearance. The thin, pointed tail seamlessly weaves through hair to create even sections while the thin teeth prevent knots and frizz. Made from a strong, heat-resistant carbon material, this salon-quality comb was built to last.

  9. does everyone get the same beautyfix box or is there variation?

    This is my first month because I saw how good last month’s was, but I really don’t want a bunch of .03 oz samples…=[ and I can’t use the brow stuff.

    • Everyone gets the same.

  10. Based on Candes spoiler post (thank you!), the OCD side of me had to add this up, as I have not received my box yet. This is what I came up with:

    $45.00 Blowout beauty anti frizz volume boost treatment oil. 2 oz
    $26.00 Peter Roth thomas sunblock 50 spf. 1/2 oz
    $12.00 Harry Josh carbon tail comb

    (Assuming full size)
    $61.00 Smart Brow Eyebrow Filler Duo blonde
    $61.00 Smart Brow Eyebrow Filler Duo Brunette

    $15.13 Dr Brandt needles no more .085 oz
    $5.07 Citrix Vit C collegen brightening serum .06 oz
    $6.30 Neostrata skin perfecting peel -2 pad set

    (Could not find on site or Internet)
    ?? Nouveau Excellence code cream .07 oz
    ?? Nouveau lunar code serum .05 oz

    TOTAL (minus Nouveau items): $231.50

    Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll be able to swap out the eyebrow filler I wonโ€™t be using, so thatโ€™s not a big deal for me. I have black hair/fair skin, but Iโ€™ve always used brunette powders. Using a black powder would look too harsh on me, and Iโ€™m not going for the goth look (well, not since high school anyways lol)

    • Yes the brow products are full sized! And thank you!

    • The ones you can’t identify are YonKa Cellular Code Serum and Yonka Excellence Code Creme. They are both “foil” type samples.

      • whoa. .. it’s $100/oz on amazon! even if it’s just a foil, it’s totally something I wouldn’t have thought to try otherwise!

  11. WHHHHY do subs only offer lighter brow products? Lots of people with brown hair have black eyebrows :(. Not the best way to start a new subscription, with one of the full sized products being unusable. Why don’t subs give you the option to order your needed shade if they insist on including items that are skin tone or hair color specific?

    • Candes list below includes the Brunette brow filler too, so you can use which color is best for you. Since this isn’t a customized box, I’m pleased to see they actually included both shades allowing more subscribers to be able to try the product. Most beauty boxes include one shade of something and it’s too bad if it isn’t your shade.

    • Yeah, I dye my hair black and my eyebrows are naturally quite dark. Even something labeled “brunette” would probably be too light for me.

      • If it makes you feel better reviews say that the brunette applies quite dark (and that the brown/black is Eddie Munster black).

        • I’m no makeup artist, but it’s my understanding that when it comes to brow stuff, you need to go a shade or two lighter than your real brow color. That’s what I do (and a makeup artist suggested I do so) and it ends up looking plenty dark. Maybe try the brunette and see? I plan to maybe try the blonde (and I have brunette eyebrows).

          • My eyebrows are jet black, as I have very dark brown hair. There is no way brunette wouldn’t look ridiculous on me. So there are TWO full sized products that I can’t use :/

    • I just received my box today and am very happy. I have black hair and the brunette brow filler was a perfect match. I’m excited to try the other products, but I do have older skin so these are items that might not excite me if I was in my 20’s. I just got my Nina box with the amazing Harry Josh brush (no static!!) and the comb in the Beauty Fix box promises to be just as good.

  12. Stupid iPad.. Lol…. Please ignore the blank post. Got mine!

    Blowout beauty anti frizz volume boost treatment oil. 2 oz
    Peter Roth thomas sunblock 50 spf. 1/2 oz
    Harry Josh carbon tail comb

    Ok now this is where it gets weird but good lol…
    Smart Brow Eyebrow Filler Duo blonde
    Smart Brow Eyebrow Filler Duo Brunette

    I have not been getting any samples lately from them but got some super nice ones today:

    Dr Brandt needles no more .085 oz
    Citrix Vit C collegen brightening serum .06 oz
    Neostrata skin perfecting peel -2 pad set
    Nouveau Excellence code cream .07 oz
    Nouveau lunar code serum .05 oz

    I posted a pic on OBT if you want to see them.

    • WOW! That’s a tremendous value. I’m thrilled about the sunscreen and the eyebrow filler – I was just thinking I’d like to try one. And I always like serums.

      There is a lot of stuff I don’t have a need for as well, but hopefully I’ll be able to swap it. Can’t wait for my box to arrive!

      • Thank you so much for posting the spoilers! It was killing me! Mine arrives tomorrow and Im amazed at the value! Also, absolutely gorgeous kitty!

    • What is OBT? I’d love to see the pic.

      • Our Beauty Talk forums. My computer is formatting so I had to use my iPad. Pictures are not so hot. But I took the full sized stuff out of their boxes for one of the pics. The sample packing is amazing and enticing. Pictures do it no justice.

        • Thanks so much!

          • Fixed the pics now that my computer is formatted. They are much better!

        • Thanks for posting the pics! Also what a pretty kitty!

          • Thank you! Teddy Bearz is a ham for the camera, for real! LOL…

            So, what do you think? Personally, I love everything and that comb is even going into my car. It would be nice for adjusting my bangs after my makeup.

          • I know it sounds weird, but I’m actually happy to be getting this comb! I told myself the other day that I needed to replace the old plastic one that I have and low and behold… I’m getting a nice new one in a sub box!

    • I am really disappointed after seeing your picture. Maybe I should have at least wondered about the sizes when they said 10, but I didn’t think there would be so many that are just packets. I was most interested in the Needles No More and it’s just…..tiny.

      • While I am against tiny samples normally, we got 5 full sized items. This alone is impressive for a $25 box. ( Although 2 were of the same thing.) So, yeah, I expected lots of samples.

        And if you look at the spoiler video you could see that the Dr Brant stuff was tiny. (This one comes in a tube.)

        Plus, 5 quality samples is not something to squawk about. I didn’t add them up, but they likely add up to about $20 or even more.

        A very impressive box. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I agree. When you compare to something like Birchbox, BeautyFix is an awesome deal even if foil samples are included because they also include multiple full size products. I have yet to see another beauty box that offers the variety, quantity, and volume of product that BeautyFix offers at this price point. And the products they feature are far greater in quality and retail value than anything I’ve ever received in Birchbox. BeautyFix products are also more relevant to what I need and want in beauty items which is why I’m cancelling my Birchbox. I’d much rather pay an extra $15 to get full size items that I’ll actually use than $10 for nothing I’ll use. Even though I will not use everything in this box or the last box, I still feel like the value of the products I do use are far greater than what I pay to subscribe to this box.

          • I buy more products from the Beautyfix box than from any other. Just bought the Fusion lip plumber and cargo blush yesterday. Even bought some different sulfate free Nick Chavez products then since I loved the ones with the sulfate in them even.

    • Thanks for posting. I always get my boxes late in the month, no matter what the ship date tells me. That’s how I found this forum, the suspense was killing me! I really like the BeautyFix box. My subs are getting a little out of control but I think I’ll continue to subscribe to this one.

  13. Dermstore seems to be doing a great job with this box. If the value and quality of products continues like last month, I may just have to keep this as a regular sub! My box doesn’t get here till Friday and I am impatient!

  14. My box shipped May 4 and should be here tomorrow. In my experience, they have fabulous shipping, which is unusual these days! Having your May box arrive at the beginning of May fills a void that no others do..:)

    This may be my favorite beauty box. I have found that it is a much better value (in the sense that it contains reputable products that I actually use) than my other beauty boxes, (though I don’t subscribe to very many strictly beauty boxes).

    • i have decided to get this box i am really into skin care . and i like that about this box wish me luck . i hope it is as good as it looks . so may beauty boxes to chose from . if its beauty box i need the box to be worth more than i pay other wise to me its a waste . looking very forward to this box comming in xoxo dorothy

  15. I’m back and forth about this month… I still have multiple full size Purlisse SPFs left from the over load last summer. While I love BeautyFix, I don’t like that one of their biggest items is something I don’t need, nor will I use it. Hmmm… I think I just have a fear of missing out.

    • As summer is coming, I’m sure that’s one item that will swap well.

  16. I’ve tried the Needles No More before (hey, that rhymed!) and it’s really good stuff. Usually with these wrinkle fillers I test them buy putting a small amount onto the webbing of my hand that’s between my index finger and my thumb. I then compare it to the same area on my other, untreated hand. You can usually see a difference in the lines when you’re using a good product.

    • ooh! That’s pretty genius. Thanks for the suggestion. I have super dry skin and that would be a pretty good indicator of how moisturizing a product can be.

  17. The ad screenshot actually says “up to 10 products” so I’m taking that to mean 10 items aren’t guaranteed. That said, their boxes are usually worth several times the price paid.

  18. Gonna give it a try! Even though I will not be using the Peter Roth Sunscreen stick because it contains Oxybenzone I still am excited to see their curation. I have been a little disappointed with BirchBox lately (I know, how is that possible?!). I subbed to Dermstore’s box a long time ago before it was Blush Mystery box and it was awesome. So hopefully this will fill my beauty sub hole that Birchbox has caused because I seriously keep getting sent Harvey Prince stuff and I am over it.

    • I just read up on oxybenzone. It doesn’t sound very safe. Thanks for the heads up

  19. Hooray, I finally got to subscribe and bought a box for my mom.

  20. I just signed up! I’m really excited to try this subscription. It looks like a great value, and I’m just starting to get into skincare products, so it seems like a perfect fit for me.

  21. I have been trying to sign up for this box. And…I Just did! Very happy addict here

  22. This is a random question, but does anyone know when the Sephora sun safety kit goes on sale?

    • That’s a great question! I love the sun safety kits. I wish beauty.fix would do one.

  23. I’d just signed up! Yay. Even though I’m more in love with last month box because it fits my skin type, I’m excited to finally get to join Beautyfix. Anyone who is selling their April BeautyFix box or want to swap. Please message me! ๐Ÿ™‚ [email protected]

  24. I really want to sign up for this but the website doesn’t have an option that I can see. Liz, can you help?

    • This link should take you to the page where you can buy either just the May box ($35) or sign up for a monthly subscription ($25 recurring)

  25. A sunscreen with no Parabens or sulfates AND its full size! Score ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚ I subbed to this for the oil cleanser last month and so far I am LOVING it! Great mix of skincare/haircare/cosmetics. And with one full size item and 9 others? I honestly don’t even think I could be mad if they were all samples!

    • Also, even if that sample of Needled no more is only .1 oz or something it is still worth like $17….

  26. Just got my shipping notification today… looking forward to getting it! Ten items (plus samples) for $25– it also says that May Boxes are Sold Out…

    • Still available as of May 4 @ 8 p.m. EST. And I also added an interesting “Evergreen” beauty bundle for $25 they offered at checkout containing organic and natural ingredients – this should be fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. I love Beauty Fix- they send too many great things to ever be disappointed if there is something here or there in the mix that I don’t want. It was made for me. I’m excited to dive into these two products too. Start shipping BFx! I can’t wait!!

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