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Reminder: Golden Tote Goes On Sale Today at Noon EST!

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Golden Tote On Sale at Noon!

The AprilĀ Golden Tote sale is scheduled to launch today, March the 13th at noon EST.

Also good to know – $149 totes now ship free! (Or any order totalling $149 or more ships free too!)

Do you know which items you’re picking out yet? Check out the complete April spoiler post to see all the items.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Meanwhile, I am *still* waiting for my March tote, which was just shipped last Thursday. I literally can’t order this month because I can’t be sure it will be here at the end of May when I move.

    I can understand a slow ship time, but six weeks is kind of crazy, especially when you pay for shipping. I used to work in logistics for the Army, and it was actually easier to get things in Afghanistan than it is to get my tote here in the United States. That’s a non-starter for me. Sorry GT, I can’t play anymore.

  2. I got a tote but not the stuff I most wanted. They should honestly stock a little more stuff. It is at the point that I’m going to not allow myself to buy from them

  3. My first Golden Tote…From things I had read, I was expecting a bit of chaos to order and I was NOT disappointed! I was patient and reloaded, deleted extras and waited and waited but after about an hour- I ordered everything I went for. We will see how the shipping goes but they had a lot of cute items (too bad it hit me at a bad time for the budget.) I feel this is a bit more reasonably priced than Stitch Fix plus you at least get one or two items that you pick for yourself. I can only imagine the bugs will get worked out of the this new website soon! It would be nice if releases were in the evening instead of during the majority of people’s working hours!!

  4. Woo got my tote. I logged on right at opening time and it was super slow. I would picks color and size and hit add to cart and the size would disappear then it would be sold out then added to my cart then sold out. One big mess! I messed with it for like 30 minutes and finally gave up. I decided to try again 2.5 hours later and everything was smooth sailing! Got the top and dress I wanted and added on another top and dress. Spent a little more than I normally would but I needed some new vacation clothes! This won’t be an every month thing but the next time I do this, I’ll know to wait a few hours before trying!

  5. Ok, so after trying for almost 2 hours with Firefox and Safari with the results we all know, I decided to use Internet explorer and it worked just fine. šŸ™‚

  6. At least it looks like, based on reading the return policy, that I can return the whole tote since I didn’t get to pick anything. Now I hope I don’t like anything in it, because I’m definitely not keeping it! I don’t think they deserve my money, and Target has just as cute of clothes for the same quality and price.

  7. After taking a few months off (December was a total miss for me), I decided to try this morning as the choices were pretty good. I REALLY want those BF jeans and was happy to see them back in stock. Logged on at 11:02, got three error messages. Switched to safari, took 15 minutes to load, I got the wrong size tote. When I finally was able to pick my items from the large tote (but the jeans were sold out), I went to check out and was told my cart was empty. Twice. I’m done with GT. Some really cute clothes, but I’m just not that desperate. Life is too short.

  8. i ended up getting 2 large totes. the first time 1 item i wanted was not available and then i tried to go back in again and it was. much more than i wanted to spend. i wasnt able to get any of the necklaces i wanted in my cart due to glitch. buyers remorse already.

  9. what a waste of an hour. had the things I wanted in my cart then by the time they would allow me to check out they were out of stock. I don’t think they are prepared for the amount of traffic their site receives every month. Ordering is exhausting.

  10. I am a pretty loyal tote buyer but i think this is it for me for awhile. I will stick with Stitch Fix for a few months instead. All i wanted was some belts and i couldnt get those. Plus they looked to be free with tote purchase and as someone mentioned before, thats going to end up being a nightmare.

    I like this company but they really need to figure out this web thing.

  11. This will be my first Golden Tote, and I was pretty frustrated about how long it took me to check out. It took me about 20 minutes and a lot of re-loading and refreshing my web page, but I still ended up getting the pocket dress and chic maxi dress I wanted. After looking at all the comments, I see I was one of the lucky ones. I hope this isn’t a consistent problem, because I would seriously reconsider getting another tote f this keeps happening.

  12. I tried for a while but gave up… the items I wanted were out of stock anyways. I just logged in to give it one more shot and not only was the website nice and smooth, the items I wanted were no longer out of stock! Whew. So happy I was able to grab one… just be patient and try again.

  13. Yeah.. I tried for over an hour. I’m done. Nothing is working.

  14. told me my time ran out when i had plenty left – too frustrating!

  15. Oh my gosh I am so frustrated. It took me 45 minutes to check out and by the time I got there everything I wanted was sold out. Sorry Goldentote, I am done trying with you.

    • I’m giving up for now – not sure what’s going on, but every item I’ve tried now is sold out. I’m hoping that things are better in an hour.

      • Same for me at 2:15pm…everything is sold out {except if you want to add it on to your tote at the boutique price!!}. I’m very disappointed, especially after my last tote. Aside from the fact it took almost a month to arrive, it felt like my “stylist” was in an absolute hurry to get the tote together. It was terrible…sending the entire tote back {sizes were listed on the invoice as large, they sent medium-which were too big- except the one large dress that was sent and it was too small!!}.

  16. so many items have a $0 when added with a tote – this will be a major problem this month.

  17. I signed in right at beginning of sale and picked two items to get the $149 tote and was checked out and off the site in 17 minutes. Site is running slow but I am glad I got what I wanted!

    • Seriously wish I had your luck! I was seriously trying since the sale opened and it still took 45 mins to check out. I normally use firefox but had to do the transaction in chrome…..what did you use?

      • I have internet explorer 11, site seemed to work pretty well

  18. Yeah, that took 45 MINUTES for me to get my order in…and they were sold out of the casual striped maxi dress in taupe, which is the dress I wanted the most. Let’s hope it’s great in grey….UGH they need to fix the site!!

  19. Thought I’d try them this month but their website just sucks beyond the telling of it. 30 minutes trying to check out… can’t do it. I’m out. I had the culottes and the brunch dress so those should be back up for grabs…

    Unless somebody tells me that this is an aberration, I won’t give them a try again.

    • I’m still trying to check out. So. Slow.

    • I’m pretty frustrated with the site today too. Nothing worked for the past 30 minutes and now everything I want is out of stock. šŸ™

      • Same with me! It was my first time, so I thought I got everything (because it said it was in my tote!), and then the check out finally went through and nothing was listed…so now I have purchased a $149 tote without selecting ANYTHING! :/ What a waste of money, and I have no idea their return policy…

        • You should double check and make sure—my cart said I added both a 49 and 149 tote without making a selection…then when I logged back in they were both gone. Maybe you weren’t really charged?

          • I went back to check, and I do have a tote listed, as well as a dress (wrong size!! how does that even happen!?). It is as if they are separate items, but the dress says $0.

            For those that do this often, are your tote picks usually listed on your order form?

    • They had a ton of problems during last month’s sale too. I figured they would have fixed their site problems by now but it is apparent that their web designer doesn’t know how to handle this type of retail online store. This influx of customers should not come as a surprise to them and they should be better prepared by now.

  20. I am going to order for the first time today, but have a question–do they do a pretty good job of making the other items in your box consistent with your profile? I am having a hard time deciding which two to pick because there are so many great items, but there are also a few things that are WAY not my style!

    • I have gotten GT for a while and am mostly very satisfied with the results. I am very picky, no cozy, no slouchy, no sports/loungewear and favor tailored clothes. I won’t say that I haven’t given stuff away, because I have ( specially from the Mystery boxes since they are not “styled” according to your profile). But all in all I have gotten a few nice dresses and dressy tops. In my style icon, I put Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton. Even if you don’t like sth, you can always trade it , they have a FB site for that, though I am too lazy for that. I just send it to my friends šŸ™‚
      Hope it helps!

      • Thanks, that was helpful!

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