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Reminder – Check Your Email for Birchbox Sample Selection!

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Reminder – Check Your Email for Birchbox Sample Selection! May Selection Reminder – Check Your Email for Birchbox Sample Selection! Samples Reminder – Check Your Email for Birchbox Sample Selection! Curated Box

Reminder to check for your Birchbox email to select your sample for this month! (This link will take you to the sample choice page, but you have to use your own personal email link to be able to select your sample).

If you are new to Sample Choice, you should get an email today if you are a Birchbox Ace, or shared your box page – all other subscribers will get their email tomorrow.

Are you going with a sample pick or the guest editor box? If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet, get $5 (50 points) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you subscribe with coupon code SUBSCRIBENOW50

Which sample are you picking this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I know this is the wrong place to post this, but can someone explain the point system to me or direct me to a page that explains it. I can’t seem to find anything on the BB site.

  2. Hi. Can someone help me. I am sub to Birchbox and I just gave myself the Mother’s Day 3 month sub. I received an email saying to create my account and when I try I get this:
    Oops! Looks like you’re trying to redeem a gift you purchased. Gifts can only be redeemed by your recipient in a separate account.
    What can I do???? Thanks

    • Diana- You probably need another e-mail address. If you are trying to use the same one you use for your current sub, it won’t work for a second sub.

  3. I was excited about the peel but it was already sold out when I got the email. Hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised with this box. I went with the curated MadMen box last month so I’m due for some surprises.

  4. I always get my email so late, I just got mine. I REALLY wanted the sea salt spray and it’s out of stock 🙁 This sucks.

  5. I am so glad I didn’t have a problem this time like I did for April’s. It seems like I always get an email for my upgraded account first, then my other 2 come in. I used the April link for one and it worked so I could make sure I got the curated box. Also I noticed on my upgraded account I was offered the curated box this month in my choices. I wonder if they changed it or if it was a mistake? I didn’t choose it on that account just in case.

  6. Still no email for my sample choice.. Same last month; had to call them and they confirmed my choice via email, only to send me something else. You would think they would fix the situation by not repeating the incident but no, same thing this month.. Been a subscriber for a year and have both subscriptions.. Considering cashing in my points and canceling both..

  7. I’ve just tried choosing sample by using April Sample Choice’s email. It worked! I got confirmation email already 🙂

    • This worked for me, too! Thanks to those who shared the tip!

  8. I don’t like the picks all that much this month so I’m just going with “BB surprise.”

    Last month I received my worst box in three years (except for the Jane Iredale PYS which I like). I got peppermint body wipes, body butter in a scent I already tried and didn’t like, and a shampoo and conditioner from a brand I can’t use. If even one item had been better I would have been fine with it but I’ve never gotten a box where I was only going to use one item. Crazy. But in three years at least most of my boxes have been good. 🙂

    • That’s the box I got too 🙁

    • What I’ve discovered with Birchbox is that there are things that I don’t like at first, but then I give them a try and I actually find a purpose for them. But it’s easier for me because I have two young daughters at home who can have fun with whatever I don’t want. Except for self tanners 🙂 My pet peeve is products made in China as those I won’t use or let them use at all.

  9. I got the email at 3:41pm and didn’t pick a sample until 4:30 – nothing was sold out yet 🙂

    • nothing should sell out before tomorrow, as everyone gets the chance to pick their sample then!! for one of my subs I chose the curated box, for two of my other boxes I chose the Macadamia and my fourth sub I didn’t pick a sample, I’ll let them surprise me. Hoping for some great samples this month… Would love to get beauty blender 🙂

  10. Ok so I love BB I have 4 boxes coming every month… I think the point system is great… its the main reason I sub. However I try to get my dad to love the Mens box, I order it every now and then for him, and he thinks its a waste of 20 bucks, the samples are soo tiny and the lifestyle item is always off no matter how many times we tweak his profile.

    I ordered Aprils box because he wanted the tommy boxers. but we missed the window to pick the sample. two weeks later we got a email to pick the sample for Mays box, We cancelled mays box as the lifestyle items didnt’t appeal to him at all. When I cancelled the sub, they cancelled the april box I ordered too. I had to spend 40 mins on the phone with CS to ensure his box would still ship.
    they told me that when I cancelled the subscription for may it cancelled my April box too, since it hadn’t finished processing yet.
    I found that reasoning to be ridicuouls, since you have to cancel by the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the next month as they charge you a month in advance for the MENS box. I finally got them to agree to send us the box I paid for.

    We just got the box: He wanted the tommy boxers, but he got two pairs of socks, which he won’t wear because he’s not a fan of the style. Every time we get him a box he ends up with these “happy socks” anyways the mens box only lets us review 4 items not 5 so we don’t even get the $5 credit in points. I called today to ask about it and they said the mens box is different than the women’s, sometimes the mens box will only have 3 or 4 items to review. Which is ridiculous, because if your paying more for a box, you should at least get the same points back. Needless to say I think we will skip the Mens BB sub from now on and possibly try the Luxury Barber box – this sub is $5 more a month but you receive over 10 samples and 1 full size product every month.
    If BB Man was more like the women’s sub I think we would continue with it, but with the lifestyle item being a flop for him every time its just a waste of money, and since I no longer get a $5 credit for the box its just not finically worth it.

    • financially** sorry trying to type on my phone!!

      • We cancelled the bb men’s box too, most often it just didn’t seem to fit his profile and the items they included were not worth the cost.

        • I completely agree with you Lisad. really not worth the cost at all. I mean at least with the women’s its $10 a month and you get $5 back in points, half the cost. But the mens you don’t even get a quarter of the cost back. unless they have a really really great GWP we won’t be getting the mens sub again!

  11. Im going with the sea salt spray this time.

  12. Ever since they started the sample choice, I’ve always picked something, even if none of the choices appeal much to me. The only thing I’m interested in this month is the face peel and I already have a few of them.

    This time I’m not making a pick, dangit! Here’s hoping I get a good box!

  13. Question~ If we don’t pick one of the sample choices and let ourselves be surprised, are we likely to get one of the sample choices anyway or something completely different based on our profile?

    • In my experience you have a god chance of getting one of the sample choices anyway, but no guarantee. And I don’t think they ever take your profile into account. 🙂

    • I did not choose one of the samples for the April box (by the time I got to it, everything was gone!) and still received one of the PYS options – the eyeshadow, to be specific.

      Surprisingly, I also received a couple items that were also included in the curated Mad Men boxes, the Laqa lip from the CA box, and the Whish from the NY box.

      I didn’t wind up choosing anything in April, and got my best box yet!

      I had a hard time choosing between the sea salt spray and the real chemistry peel, but went for the peel!

      • My April box was wonnnnnderful! I picked the Jane Iredale stain and ended up getting that, the POP palette, the Real Chemistry peel that’s a pick for May, the Whish cream from the Mad Men box, and a random hair serum.

        It was an awesome box and I couldn’t believe my luck. Maybe I was being rewarded for buying one of the Rifle extras?

        I am not expecting that to happen twice, though!

        • I bought an extra and chose the lip stain and that’s the box I got as well.

    • I wish there was a way to say “none of the above.”

      • ITA with this!

        I’ve got mixed feelings about sample choice as a long time BB subscriber, I sometimes wish we could just go back to the old totally blind system 🙂 I broke up with them briefly last fall when there were only awful (for me) choices for sample choice, so I picked none, and got the one I hated the most along with a generally cruddy box. (With repeats of products I also didn’t like, and I didn’t realize at the time that you could complain).

        Anyway, long story short, I really wish you could pick none! I went with the curated box, mostly because I didn’t want the PYS choices, and I don’t want shampoo…

        • You don’t *have* to choose a sample. Just don’t click on the email. 🙂 They’ll still send you five samples.

          • I think she means that if you don’t chose, you’re likely to get one of them anyway.

            I didn’t chose last month and I got the lip/cheek stain. That worked out as my daughter liked it. I think it’s worth choosing the item you hate the least, though, so you don’t get the one you hate the most. Of course, if you hate them all equally, it doesn’t really matter.

  14. Going for the sea salt spray this month – I’ve tried the other 3 sample choices in prior boxes. The curated one would be interesting if the make up product was something other than a mascara. I also already own the full sized version of the sunscreen – but it’s a great product!

  15. I never get the email until after all the good stuff is gone. I wish they would send the emails out all at once – seriously – why am I at the bottom of the list? I even order full size products from them. #irritating.

    • Save your sample choice email. The links from previous months seems to work. It’s been hit or miss on me getting sample choice emails, but I’ve been able to snag it this way on the off months.

      • They seem to have fixed that glitch last month. It no longer works to use the previous month email, AND it no longer works to use one email for multiple accounts….

      • This worked for me; thank you! I got the curated on one, and macadamia oil on the other. As for underwhelming boxes; last month the reveal page said I’d get the LAQA balm and the cargo blush, and i ended up getting 2 body butters, beaver shamp and cond., and a pop shadow. I emailed, and they said, ‘Oops! You got the wrong box!’ and sent me another with the stuff I was craving. I was blown away by the customer service and especially happy with the loot!

    • You probably already know this but… Aces get to pick one day early (so that’s today this month). The early pick helps! I’ve never had anything sold out on early pick day.

      They told me they can’t send all the emails out at once because the system would crash. But the order they send them in is randomized every month. I know this is true because I have gotten my email as early as 8am and as late as 4pm.

      FWIW I just got my email now (2:55pm EDT) and nothing was sold out yet. Good luck!

  16. I got the email, but I’m not interested in any of the sample choices or the curated box this month. I love Juara, I wish I could pick that but don’t want the rest of the items in the curated box lol. First month I’m letting Birchbox pick for me, crossing my fingers. I’ve heard that if you let BB pick for you, you get great boxes.

  17. I have two subscriptions. For one, I am going to choose the sea salt spray and for the other, I want the chemical peel. I received it in my box last month and it was absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks for the tip– I was uninspired until I read what you said about the peel, so I snagged that 🙂

  18. I haven’t received the email yet, but I’m not super excited for any of the sample choices, anyway. I might try for the sea salt mist, but I’m worried it will dry my hair out.

    I just received the peel in my box last month, and haven’t had a chance to try it yet. The other two samples don’t really appeal to me.

    Unfortunately, I’m not interested in the curated box, either. Last month’s Birchbox wasn’t so great for me, but the two before that were perfect, so I’m hoping for another good one.

  19. I think I’m going with the guest editor box – hopefully there will still be plenty since I won’t get to choose until tomorrow.

    I just signed up my 77 yr-old mom for Birchbox as a surprise – she was at my house when my April box arrived and she thought it was so fun! She won’t actually use many of the products (she gets her hair done at the salon every other week so most hair products are out), but I figure that I can sign one of us up for the guest editor box each month so we always get different things and then we can swap with each other.

    I think she’s going to be excited to get “good” mail (not bills, junk ads, etc.) for a change. She doesn’t even have a computer so she never even shops online or gets any fun packages.

    • I signed my mom up for ipsy for the same reason. She uses almost none of it but loves opening it up and playing with it. Great idea on the BB, tho!

    • Love this!!

  20. I haven’t gotten the email, so I can’t choose yet, correct?

  21. I think I will try for the sea salt mist.

  22. This is only my 2nd month. I’m not sure what to do. The curated box is the one with the yellow pattern, right?

    • Terri- The actual box itself (literally the box that holds your samples) will look the same for everyone, that yellow pattern. You don’t pick that.

      You will get an email tomorrow that will say click here to choose what you want. It will take you to a page that allows you to pick what you want.

      The curated box is done by the guest editor and you will see all 5 items that will be in it. If you want to get those items, then you pick the curated box.


      The other option is to pick 1 of 4 samples.
      You don’t have to pick anything at all and you will just be surprised at what is in your box.

      • Thanks Melanie!
        How have your boxes been when BB chooses for you?

        • Terri- I always like my boxes. I can’t always use everything I get, but I am OK with that. It is only $10 so I don’t expect to love everything. The points system is great and I have found some things I love that I use often.

    • If you choose the curated box, your box will have a purple top and a black and white bottom, like those journals we wrote in in school. The yellow pattern box is the one everyone who did not choose the curated box will get. Hope that helps! 🙂

  23. None of the choices excite me at all. I was thinking of going for the curated box this month since they usually have a better value, but I don’t like anything in this box. The sample choices are nothing I need, but If I have to pick I guess I’ll go with the Macadamia oil. I was going to not pick anything and leave the whole box a surprise, but lately Birchbox hasn’t been paying attention to my profile at all and the last few boxes have been a total bust for me. Too bad I have an annual sub and can’ skip a month.

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