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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Spoiler!

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Rachel Zoe Summer Box News

The “hero” item for the Summer 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style has been released:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015

The hero item is the gorgeous Large Push Lock Bag from UK-based Cambridge Satchel Company. Valued at $150, this beauty doubles as a clutch—just remove the straps and go from the beach to an evening soiree in style.

In addition to this fab handbag, our summer Box of Style includes several other major fashion, beauty and lifestyle finds that ensure you’ll stay cool even as the temperature rises.

What do you think of the first spoiler? I already can’t wait to see what else is in this box!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got an email stating the fall box is open for presale.

    • Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Sold out! Glad I got an extra one in time for my mom.

  3. I snagged the summer box! It comes in my birthday month so perfect timing!

  4. Most of Europe used the Euro but not everyone…some countries still use their original currency, Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Hungary Poland Romania Sweden and the United Kingdom. England is part of the UK so all of the 4 countries belonging to the UK use the pound. England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is its own country and uses the euro. Confused yet lol

    Also I am very surprised nobody has commented on the fact that the manufacturer says it only holds 2.2 lbs in weight. Who has a bag that only weighs that!

    • Given that it functions as an envelope clutch, I don’t see a need to haul around heavy duty weight so it’s really a non issue for me. A tote bag? Totally different story. My Chanel GST carries at least 8 lbs daily. But it’s built for it. Plus the shape of this bag doesn’t really lend itself to overfilling since it would ruin the shape/lines. I’m a bag junkie, clearly!

      • I’m right there with ya 😉 My LV Delightful GM is my haul crap around go to bag. This would be a great bag for a daytime wedding or a night out as a clutch. Thankfully there are many forms to suit all functions and it seems I’ve amassed them all…now to have them all in every color. (justifying)

    • Kim! Thank you! I’ve been trying to get those countries figured out for years, and I think I’ve got it now. Mostly.

  5. I gave in and bought the Summer Box, Well actually the annual sub!
    I wasn’t going to sub to this box because of the higher cost and I already sub to quite a few boxes… But I couldn’t resist the quality of this box. I can’t wait to get this in July. Even though I already have a newer white purse, I don’t have a white satchel 😉
    I definitely have an addiction!

  6. I just signed up for my first box! The spoiler did me in. I was actually looking for a white timeless purse to go with these black and white shoes I just bought so I can’t wait to get it. Too bad we have to wait until July. Sigh!

  7. Guys… bracelet is fitting super large on my wrist lol

  8. Can anyone who ordered the spring box tell me what carrier made the final delivery? I ordered the summer box, but my apartment complex can’t receive UPS deliveries. I may need to change my shipping address!

    • I live in NYC and it was definitely delivered to me by UPS.

      • Thanks! That’s good to know.

    • Ups in texas

  9. I love that this box is introducing me to new brands/designers. My first box arrived a couple of days ago and I couldn’t be more pleased. The cuff is just stunning and a piece that I can see myself wearing twenty years from now, classic and timeless. The Tom’s look great and fit my face comfortably. I’ve already used the Zoya polish – I layered the Zoe over Chantal as the card recommended and I *can’t* stop staring at my nails. The Zoe adds a very subtle sheen that makes the tan polish look like a gel polish. I was about to throw out my card and noticed there are discount codes posted on it. . very generous codes (like a free full size Zoya polish, $15 off Toms, etc.). As for the next box. . .I think it will be fun to wear a white bag, maybe push me out of my black/tan/burgundy comfort zone. 🙂

    • I painted mine last night with the same duo and was told today “you make nude nails look good!” Wow you did well Zoe! It’s amazing with my 80+ julep collection I don’t have a nude I love like this combo 🙂

  10. Ugh i want this! :’-( and every box i want doesn’t ship to Canada. So frustrating.

    • I am Canadian and contemplating buying an annual subscription – they did have Canada as an option when your checking out. Perhaps a recent change?

      • Yes but when you try to check out it says sorry we dont ship to Canada. It allowed me to input all of my info, has Canada as an option and then says sorry 🙁

  11. I am so addicted to those sub boxes! First I said : no, I don’t need white bag, I just bought a new bag yesterday. Halv an hour later I already paid for annual… I thought now when she already send mascara and nail polish (I hate getting them, could open a shop, so many I own) the rest of the box could be great. And it is still $150 ! Now I am excited about bag as well, when I realized that it is the perfect size!

  12. Is that like a business card holder thingy on the other side? Thanks. It’s a beautiful bag!

  13. I love how we are all talking about whether this bag is practical, as if anything about spending $100 on a surprise box could be practical. (And I love the bag!)

    • Good point:)
      I’m excited for this box, including the white handbag.

  14. YES!!! I have been dying for a white bag! Love this!

  15. Not thrilled with the white color. I only use pleather / vegan bags. I dont like the idea of a bag being made out of a cow or any animal. I still might keep this sub in hopes I will like the items in the rest of the box.

    • I’m right there with you. I still got the box. I can gift the purse to my mom!

  16. I just ordered one. I debated back and forth, then asked hubby what he thought. My mother-in-law loved her quality purses, so he of course said get it. We agreed it looks like a classic. Now the hard part of waiting until July for it to ship.

  17. Not my style at all..

    Kinda bummed because I would be excited to get the rest of the box but since this one is a big chunk of the value, it’s not really worth the risk for me. I guess I could always sell the bag.

    Not sure what I’ll do as far as keeping the sub or cancelling.

  18. The bag is lovely but white purses/bags just aren’t my style, so I’ll be passing once again. The bracelet from last month wasn’t for me either. I really like that this box reveals one big item ahead of time so that subscribers can gage whether it will be worth $100 to them. I wish more boxes did that.

  19. This will get used for sure, although I would prefer just about any color other than white to be honest. I would love that mint color. However, it looks like the kind of leather that should repel most dirt, and the underside of the strap is black, so that helps. I think its awesome to have a good quality leather bag (and with a strap!) in a box like this. I’ll be keeping my subscription.

  20. Me at 3:05 central: “I really don’t need a white bag, I have two little kids, not practical.”

    Me at 4:05 central: “I really need that white bag…what if this sells out again.”

    Done deal.

    • Lol Kate, I said the same thing! Ordered!

    • You crack me up because this is how I think too!!!!

      • Oh good! I am not the only one 🙂

  21. I’m so jealous. I wish this ships to Canada. Everything looks so wonderful and the value actually looks like it’s there

    • Use they reship anything to you for a fee. They give u a US street address.

    • They do ship to Canada.

  22. I usually skip the summer sub boxes but this one looks promising!

  23. Love it! I am excited. I have loved purses as long as I can remember and have nothing like this so this is awesome. Even though white wouldn’t have been my first choice I can definitely put this to use occasionally especially in So. Cal. where it is wearable most of the year I think. The timeless style and silver hardware is great too.

    FYI… from the company’s website:
    “Large Push Lock external measurements
    Height: 7.5” (19cm)
    Width: 9.5” (24cm)
    Depth: 3” (7.5cm) at base
    Maximum recommended weight of contents: 1Kg” [2.2 lbs. for those of us on this side of the pond]

    And since this is white:
    “How to care for your satchel
    Your Cambridge Satchel is made from 100% natural cow leather and is a hard wearing product that will last if cared for in the correct way. We recommend that you take the following measures to get the most out of your satchel:

    … we would recommend that you apply a leather protection cream to help repel water and nourish the leather, however please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand.

    Please be aware that highly coloured dyes in the leather may transfer across to lighter clothing and vice-versa – we cannot accept responsibility when this occurs.”

  24. My name is Jackie and I am addicted to subscription boxes. I just signed up….again! So now I have two subscriptions. Seeing as how they sell good on eBay I figured the second box could finance my addiction. Lmao.

    • I did the same thing!!!

      • Lmao! I figure if we sell 3 boxes we will pay for both subs! Yay!

        • Oh wow why didn’t I think of that?!! Do you have the first box for sale by any chance?

  25. Snagged one! Yay!

  26. I’d hate for a Popsugar subscriber to get that in blue. I really like this white bag, I have a couple of white pumps and heels but no white bag. This one is so chic

    • LOL this really did make me smile. If I get another blue bag I’ll scream!

  27. Does anyone know how big the bag it I like it but want to figure out what I can fit in it

      With its adjustable strap, elegant nickel-plated push lock and neat silhouette, the Push Lock is the perfect accessory. Wear it on the shoulder, or across the body for ease when shopping or out with the little ones. The medium and large size bags feature a detachable strap which transforms them into a clutch for genius day-to-evening practicality.

      Mini Push Lock

      external measurements

      Height: 6.3” (16cm)

      Width: 4.9” (12.5cm)

      Depth: 2.5” (6.5cm)

      • oops
        Large Push Lock

        external measurements

        Height: 7.5” (19cm)

        Width: 9.5” (24cm)

        Depth: 3” (7.5cm) at base

  28. It says off white on the site – not white (thank goodness). I definitely hope they only send the off white – I would have no use for the other three colors.

  29. I signed up right after I saw the spoiler! I love shoulder bags and cambridge brand. I always buy purses that are more than $100 so it’s worth it even if I don’t like the other items. Hopefully they don’t only send out the white one. The website has light pink, mint and royal blue as well! They all look gorgeous!!

  30. Love it. Bought it. Darn it.

    • Hahaha! I love it too! Loved my first box too so I’m glad I signed up for this subscription.

  31. I had a white bag like this before and the strap and bag got filthy within 2 weeks. If it was a dark color I would’ve jumped on this box but with white I know it’ll be ruined. I have to pass.

    • It’s off-white. I usually don’t have any issues keeping my things nice and well-maintained.

  32. This is so awesome! I love Cambridge Satchel Co. – I already own two of their bags! White wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s very Zoe and perfect for summer. Looks like the same/similar bag is available at for $116 but still such a great hero item. Looking forward to June!

  33. I pulled the trigger! I’m kinda nervous – wish we didn’t have to wait three months for it! 😀

  34. I think I am more excited for the summer box than I was for the spring box lol.

  35. I agree that it is beautiful and would sign up if it wasn’t white. White is not practical in my life. It is a classic piece.

  36. I went for it. The spoiler from the first box was not me, so no regrets not buying it. But I have a huge love affair with British made bags (I think I got 4 bags when I was in England last fall, but none of them summery). I was debating on the PS LE coming up, but this was a better fit for me. I’m happy.

  37. I broke down and signed up, my first high end box, besides the LE PS box last Christmas. I love the bag, hopefully I will love it as much in person lol.

  38. Love it! Hope can get it in time for my summer travel end of July 🙂

  39. I ordered this the minute it popped into my inbox. Love it!!!

  40. I regretted missing the spring box so I jumped on this one immediately. The bag is timeless and will last for years. Very excited to see what the other items will be.

  41. Being a complete bag snob I am hard to please, but this is gorgeous and leather!!! I seriously wish I could just get Zoe’s box every month, her style isn’t exactly me, but that is what I love…a chance to step outside my own little niche.

    • That’s exactly why I signed up for this box! My first thought was “white? but I like to dress for a funeral every day. I can’t wear white!” But then I realized wearing black every day is exactly my problem haha. Time to step outside the comfort zone!

      • Exactly – Cambridge Satchel is one of the brands that passes my bag snobbery (it lives in a cupboard with rebecca minkoff, kate spade, coach and michael kors) so I just coughed up for it. The way I look at it, $100 is a great price (and I live in AZ so I can totally get 6 months of use from a white bag) for the bag.

        Lauren, black and white together are AMAZING! That is my spring go-to (since I look awful in pastels).

        • Yes, think a sexy LBD, sexy pumps and this bag!!! So sexy and effortless.

          • Did I mention sexy? I need a nap. lol

        • We’re bag-snob twins! lol I have and love all the same brands. This will be my first Cambridge. So excited! I live in AZ, too!

  42. Love the bag. perfect for summer. I missed the deadline for the Spring box so I was able to sign up this time around. I was having a problem checking out but it resolved. yay! Can’t wait 🙂

  43. It’s pretty, but I can’t keep white clean especially with my son spilling stuff. I hope I don’t regret not ordering it. I’m holding out for PopSugar LE that’s going on sale 4/15. I hope we can see at least 1 spoiler from that box. $195 is a lot with no spoiler.

  44. I regretted not buying the first box, so signed up for this right away! However, I was having issues during checkout and had to reload the page so I ended up accidentally buying two boxes.

    • Did anyone else have that problem? I hope they will refund one of the charges!

      • This happened to me when I was buying the first box (annual sub) and they refunded the 2nd box right away – no problem at all. Hopefully that’s still the case.

      • I also found myself with 2 subscriptions during checkout. I honestly only need one white satchel, however gorge.
        I’ll email CS and ensure they definitely refund one of the charges.
        The first Rachel Zoe box was great, apart from the horse bit bracelet thingy. lol

  45. I just looked at the website and this item is valued at $95, not $150… It’s still a really nice bag but that price is inflated.

    • Actually it’s 95 pounds, I believe?

      • Yes! When you hit the US flag in the upper corner of the bag website the price changes to $150.

    • I thought the 95 was in GBP? It converts to about $131, lower than the $150 but conversion rates change daily.

    • It’s value is 95 British Pounds, which equals $139.62

    • it’s 95 pounds, I did the conversion and it’s roughly $140

    • The prices shown are in British pounds on their website.

    • Right its 95 euros which used to be roughly 1.5 US dollars conversion but right now its almost 1:1 so its only $100

      • Never mind its pounds! Love how we all rush to do the conversion!

      • I have a friend from a suburb of London and I thought I was being “p.c.” by mentioning every thing in Euros. Turns out, I was making a fool of myself because in England it’s still very much a “pound” oriented society. All the things I’ve bought online from there has been in pounds too. But, I’m not sure what the rest of the UK prefers. I’m sure there’s someone here that knows more than me

    • Cary, the website lists the price at 95 British pounds which does equate to $150. This is a gorgeous bag! Rachel Zoe is perfection.

  46. Guh. WANT. (Now if only I could see a PS CFDA LE spoiler so I could choose!!!)

  47. It’s cute! I didn’t sign up (I only have one box at the moment and it’s all I can afford) but the bag is cute. I don’t know how I felt about the description as it’s not a clutch I would take to the beach because of it being white. Other than that, white is a timeless color.

  48. I don’t have a white clutch, but I love the look of it. Hopefully the rest of the box will be as good as the first box!

  49. I love! I think its gorgeous & perfect color for the summer! Super excited, I hope NG takes note on how to put together amazing $100 boxes :)..

    • Oh, and such a classic piece too!

  50. So glad I signed up. A white purse isn’t the most practical item but it is pretty timeless, so I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it!

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