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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2015 Full Spoilers!

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Box of Style - A new subscription box from Rachel Zoe!

We have spoilers for the Spring 2015 Box of Style thanks to Michelle:

Box of Style


(Instagram photo link)

The box includes:

tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara (Value $20)

Tom’s Traveler Sunglasses (Value $68)

Stylin’ Tape (Value $12)

Miansai modern screw cuff (Value $200)

And this Zoya custom nail trio (Value $27):

Rachel Zoe Spoilers

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Love it! Mine is on it’s way!

    • Mines on the way too! YAY!

  2. Yay! Love this box! I missed out on the pop sugar resort box and ended up getting this one instead. I really like the cuff and can wear most any color metal, love Toms anything and am excited for the sunglasses. Mascara is always used, polish colors are pretty, and the tape is a great idea for summertime sleeveless tops (wrangling misbehaving bra straps). So happy I was able to get this box…

  3. Im glad I didn’t get this box but it does look good and I am excited to see what the future holds for this sub.

  4. I tried to buy the box & it was sold out. I would have loved it. Maybe if I had bought it, I would feel differently but I don’t think so. If they had boxes left, knowing what is in it, I would buy it without hesitating. I would rather have less items that I will use than a lot of items or items with inflated values. I prefer this box over the last handful of PopSugar LE boxes. I’ll be checking Ebay & keeping my fingers crossed I can get one in a swap.

    • I already saw one on e-Bay! I might even sell mine now that I see what’s in it. I only wanted the cuff. I don’t really care for the rest of the items.

  5. I seriously forgot to order and was on waitlist when I remembered. I was just getting it for the bracelet that does retail for $200. I believe it was said the boxes would be over 300 value and in marketing that usually means 300.01.
    I would have liked to try on the bracelet but not devastated I missed out on it and don’t care about other things in the box. I don’t like the sunglasses and nail polish and mascara are no big deal.

  6. I was going to keep my eye on this box, but have a different style type. I wouldn’t have liked this box at all, so over nail polishes in sub boxes. I’ve gotten Zoya in my Birchboxes before. But I do like the sunglasses!

  7. people were reporting their shipping notices said this box was 4 pounds! Any idea what would make this so heavy? Elaborate packaging?

    • All the packaging felt really luxe and quite heavy/substantial – from the black presentation box inside the shipping box down to the boxes for the nail polish, bracelet, and sunglasses. Really beautiful packaging that made the whole thing feel very special, especially compared to some other subscription boxes. I guesstimate the packaging probably makes up for over half of the shipping weight.

  8. I am so glad I got this box! Can’t wait to get it!

  9. Sad I missed out on this. It’s a fantastic box for $100. Seems like many aren’t happy with it though and saying they’re canceling, so maybe I’ll get off the waitlist for summer. I’l happily take anyone’s place who was unhappy with this.

  10. i love it:) cannot wait to get it. but wait! the cuff may have variations in color but fingers crossed,sunglasses shouldn’t have variations!
    overall its a very good value for money. don’t think i can get decent glares or a cuff so pretty in 100 dollars.

    • The Rachel Zoe website specifically says that each box will feature the “Miansai Gold Modern Screw Cuff.” Why do you say there will be color variations?

  11. Does anyone know if there are variations to the sunglasses or bracelet in the box? They both come in different color/metal variations, but I hope to get the same black shades and the gold bracelet. I can’t wait to get my box!! YAY!!

    • I was hoping that the shades were purple. The linked shades at Nordstrom came in bright colors and the color seems to match the Lights, camera, lashes box, which is purple.

  12. I’m really excited to receive this box! I will use all of the items. I’m sorry to hear some people are disappointed. I think the curation is a perfect fit for Rachel Zoe, so I’m not sure what people were expecting. These are all nice items, too – they are all current and sell for retail value at nice stores like Nordstrom and Sephora. The value does not seem inflated unlike some of the PopSugar LE boxes with items “custom made” (more cheaply made) for PopSugar. Also none of the items seem like past season’s stock. I’m already looking forward to the next box!

    • Agreed! All currently selling at stores now and no overly inflated prices. I love it!

      • Remember the 160 dollars shark Komi pouch from Nina garcias box:p

        • Lmao! Exactly! How can I forget, I couldn’t even give that away =\..

          • I tried using it , every time, just before leaving the house I would keep the koku back and take something else. I don’t know why but I thought if I will use it, everyone at the restaurant will start laughing “together”:p

      • Yes! I agree, it is very frustrating when you realize that the things you got have very inflated prices, I really appreciate that the items in this box are currently on sale for the suggested retail value they printed on their cards. I can’t wait to get this box!

  13. e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to trade/sell your tom’s sunglasses (with case) for around 60 bucks

    • Sent you an email

  14. I am SO excited! I def feel I got the bang for my buck.. This is the type of box I was hoping for from Nina after her first amazing box.. I had not been pleased with boxes lately but this one did the trick. And I also need to add that for their 1st box their customer service is on point! I emailed them in the beginning and recently about concerns and they got back to me an hr later! That speaks volumes esp since I’m in NY and their in Cali. Cant wait for my next box!!

    • I’m selling my sunglasses and the zoya nail polish! I am a seasonal buyer so I’ll be getting my box around Wednesday but if interested, please comment below.

  15. I am obsessed with this and don’t even have it in my hands yet! Has anyone else not gotten their shipping info yet?

    • I haven’t either. I bought the seasonal subscription, yearly subs were supposed to ship a day earlier (yesterday) so I was expecting to see one today.

      I sometimes get frustrated with negative comments also, but I find it much easier to be positive about a box that I did not purchase. I can’t help that I am a little let down by the sunglasses especially. However, I bought the box because of the bracelet, so I am happy I received a good deal on that. The tape is not useful to me but I will swap it.

      • I stand corrected. Shipping email came in at 9pm est.

    • I haven’t gotten mine yet either and I’m dying! I can’t wait! This box looks so amazing. Classic but fun. Just perfect. I’m so glad I went for this instead of popsugar resort, which was nice but not as original as this. Nina Garcia should take note!

  16. I ordered this box because of the bracelet and anything else was a plus. I think this is a well thought out box and believe that Rachel always gives any project she does a 150%. I also like that an item in the box (the sunglasses) gives back to others.

  17. For everyone who doesn’t prefer yellow gold, I wanted to let you know that you can have the bracelet dipped to look like white gold. I just had my yellow gold wedding band and engagement ring dipped, and it was $80 for the two rings. I plan to take the bracelet and have it done, too. Just ask around at local jewelers.

    • Wow. I didn’t get this box, but that’s great info!

  18. I’m excited to receive my Box of Style. The bracelet and sunglasses are my favorite. I also can’t wait to try the nail polish and mascara. Great first box and I look forward to the next box. Rachel Zoe and her team created a fabulous first box of style!!!

  19. I’m a little disappointed, maybe my expectations were way too high though. I like the spoiler items, not too big on the rest though.

  20. Yes! This box is fabulous & I can’t wait to get mine. The sunglasses are great & I can see them being well suited to a variety of face shapes. Everything in the box screams “style” to me & I couldn’t be happier. Plus, I have to this company major credit for flawlessly executing their first box. They didn’t oversell and they shipped on the date promised. Rachel Zoe is a class act, I’m so thrilled she’s offering a sub box even more so now that I see the contents.

  21. Can’t wait for the box to arrive! This was pretty on par of what I was expecting and the items seem very true to Rachel’s style and quality expectations
    (unlike some of the crazy junk in the designer quarterly boxes). For $100 I got a great deal and I’m excited for box two!

  22. It’s a GREAT box. Maybe she shouldn’t release so many spoilers as it sounds like people got a little too high of expectations. Overall, really pleased. I’m sure there are tons of people that missed out and will buy their boxes from them.

  23. I feel like I dodged a bullet when I decided to pass on this one. I see that I am in the minority here, but this is one of my least favorite mascaras. I received it in a past Allure Beauty Box. It gave me serious tarantula eyes. Like, horrible to the point where I threw it out after a few uses.

    I didn’t subscribe since I didn’t care for the bracelet, but I am open to trying this box if I like the “hero” item in the future. I love Zoya nail polish, its my favorite after JULEP. And these are nice colors that are included. The sunglasses seem overvalued, but Maybe not, I am not familiar with that brand.

    • These are my thoughts exactly. The cuff wouldn’t have fit on my wrist, and although I love sunglasses, I wear glasses and need prescription lenses (and these are also not my style/wouldn’t look good on me). It looks like a great box, though, and I’d definitely subscribe in the future if I like the spoilers!

  24. I really like this. The bracelet alone makes the box for me, but I’m stoked about the sunglasses and mascara. I will probably gift the tape and nail polish, but even so it’s a win for me! The only thing I wish differently would be getting that bracelet in rose gold *drool*

  25. I love Rachel Zoe and am very happy with this box! This mascara is my favorite and I am almost out so I’m happy to have a replacement. I never buy expensive sunglasses since my kids used to destroy them accidentally when they were little or they got lost somehow. These look pretty fun and durable + Tom’s gives back and I like that. Never used styling tape before and wouldn’t have purchased it but it could come in handy. Love the polish, especially the red but all of the colors will be used. If I had to pick only 3 polish colors that I could ever use for the rest of my life these would be my choices. I love that bracelet but can’t pull off gold (which I knew when I ordered it). I will figure out something to do with it, gift, swap, something. I actually think the design is brilliant — goes with everything, easy to wear while typing which I do all the time.

    Overall, I think they did a really good job in picking items that most people could use. I know I couldn’t do better myself if I were attempting to curate this box.

    I initially signed up for the seasonal membership but will stay on to see what is next. Excited!

  26. I wish this hadn’t sold out. That’s my holy grail mascara and I like the sunglasses but wouldn’t spend retail for them. I don’t even wear nail polish but still would have enjoyed getting this one.

    • It’s one of my all-time favorite mascaras too!

  27. I love this box! It has a little bit of everything that you would need! It is a style box after all. When I get ready for the day I want to make sure I have an accessory, my sunglasses, nails painted and mascara on. Well, most of the time

    • You described this box perfectly! The only thing missing I think is a lip something (although if your a subber, who needs any more lip stuff)?!

  28. I am not upset, I cannot wait for the bracelet, the nail polish is at least exclusive, the sunglasses look pretty cool, mascara is alright and I always need it.

    At least its not a blue clutch and another scarf….

  29. I love it! I ordered just for the bracelet, figuring that anything else I liked would be a bonus, but I’m actually really happy with everything in here. I’m not sure there is anything I would trade or sell. My only critique is that I hope future boxes have a little less makeup, but only because I feel like I get a lot of makeup from different boxes. This whole box feels really nicely curated to me and (other than the mascara I guess) seems very springy too.

    I’m sorry other people aren’t happy, but I have a feeling that these items will resell well, so hopefully y’all can easily make your $ back.

  30. I was thinking the other day I needed new sunglasses, so I’m happy to see them! Also, I haven’t bought mascara because I signed up for a bunch of boxes and thought I would have one by now, but this will be the first time and the reviews on it are good, so I don’t mind at all. I ran out of fashion tape too, so this arrives at just the right time. I signed up for the bracelet, so everything else is a bonus to me. Hope the items look as good in person.

  31. Im okay when people express how they feel about a box, good or bad. As long as people aren’t outright nasty and rude about it…

    • Agreed! Ranting about negative comments and calling people “box snobs” because they don’t like the items or place the same personal use value on the box like you do is even more negative.

  32. SO MUCH YES!!! I can’t wait to get mine! This is an amazing value and a wonderfully curated box.

  33. Isn’t there another item in the photo? What’s the item with the flower print on it? This is the first time I splurged this much money on a sub box before, and since it was the first one, I knew I was taking a gamble. Overall, the bracelet is the only thing here that I would use – but that wouldn’t be very often. I may just sell the whole box on ebay or gift the items to my girlfriends (they would love this stuff). The items, outside of the bracelet, may not be overly impressive but I will say I definitely got my $100 worth (if for nothing else but the bracelet). But I just went ahead and cancelled.

    • The flower print item is a sunglass case that came with the TOMS sunglasses.

    • I just noticed the floral print item, too. Looks like notecards? Or maybe some kind of case?

    • I think that flower thing is the sunglasses case.

    • It is a case for the sunglasses, I think.

  34. Yay!! I was really hoping for sunglasses!!!!

    • Me too! Sunglasses seemed like a must for her first box! 🙂

  35. Omg the comments on here are so freaking negative I can’t even stand reading this anymore! I am super excited about this box. We all knew that the braclet was the hero item…and you ordered it anyways and are complaning? This box is worth every penny I paid for it and more. I would never by myself these things but I am so happy to have them! I love Liz….and that is the only reason I come to this site anymore. Tired of the box snob attitude everyone is getting. Seriously you paid 100$ for over 300$ worth of stuff. If you don’t like surprises stop ordering sub boxes!!!

    • Agreed…where did the whole “box snob” thing come from, anyway? People are so entitled. You’re getting a deal! If you want a specific item or value then you’re better off not subscribing to a blind box and just buying the item you specifically want. Yeesh.

    • Yeah super confused too. It was advertised at $300 value right? And the first spoiler was $200? So that left $100 to play with, obviously wasn’t going to be another big ticket item. The bracelet is cool, but gold looks terrible on my skin tone, so I didn’t order. And the box is totally what I would have expected.

      • Not just that but the Toms sunglasses were spoiled too. So the only surprises here are mascara and tape…..everyone was so excited before…and now negotive city….totally don’t get it

      • Agreed. The bracelet was put right out there as a $200 value for a $300 value box. If the bracelet wasn’t your thing, I don’t get ordering the box. Just my opinion – based on all the boxes we see, get and talk about on here.

    • I feel like if people aren’t being rude about not liking the box then they can express their opinions on why they don’t like it. Not everyone is going to like a box, doesn’t mean they need to keep quiet about it.

      • I agree, Christina…. speaking for myself, what i have always liked about MSA is that for as long as I’ve been coming here reading and occasionally commenting, it’s always pretty much been a place where you can freely express (respectably, of course) your reactions and feelings about a box, good or bad, no harm no foul. The community here for the most part is chill and we don’t have to worry about truthfully expressing our disappointments or unfulfilled expectations about boxes for fear of being attacked, judged or labelled as negative or a snob or a cotton headed ninny muggins. (Sorry, Elf was on again… it’s literally April. I just checked. Go figure.) The beauty of it is that all of our views have value to someone because you never know who may be helped by your honest opinion. I don’t take it as people being maliciously negative or complaining just to rhetorically barf on other people’s cupcakes, but rather I find it helpful and actually a good thing that everyone has different reactions to the various boxes. I appreciate it just as much when a person tells us what they disliked or hated about a box or company because it gives credibility to the open forum format and keeps it real. Plus then i know were not all Sub Box FemBots brainwashed and reprogrammed by some weird microchip implanted in us from PSMH or BB or something. I just hope it stays respectful, fun and open here and people feel comfortable to express their views whether they liked the boxes or hated them. It’s part of the fun of the gamble of it all. After all, this is basically a discretionary income splurge and meant for enjoyment and entertainment… to get all dramatical about it just seems like misdirected energy & first world problems. I can’t speak for everyone, but I come here because it’s a fun place to indulge in discussion and spoilers over our sub box addiction, like group therapy. At the end of the day it’s just fun, relaxing and stress relieving to read thru the discussions… insight, snark, product knowledge, advice, laughter, disappointments and all. I don’t think Liz ever intended for it to materialize in any way into some Real Housewives of MSA drama. If she did, I cant help but think we’d all be subscribed to the Wine of the Month Club as a prereq to join in.

        • LOL – I love your writing.

  36. I am sure the sunglasses are fine but a waste since I wear glasses (as do many others!) always disappointing when a higher ticket item in an expensive box cannot be used by some. To me there is a difference in me just not liking something. There’s always a chance with that with subscription boxes, and part of the surprise, but wish curators would try not to eliminate groups of people right from the start. So $100 for mascara, nail polish, and a cuff that may or may not work on my wrist. I hope Luxor doesn’t let me down!

    • I would love to be able to use the sunglasses because I need some and like what the Tom’s brand stands for but I too can’t use them because I wear glasses 🙁

  37. I’m glad I didn’t sign up for this. I probably would have gotten use out of most of the items, but there’s nothing to get excited about and definitely not worth $100 to me. If you like the bracelet then it is a win, but I’m not sure it is my style.

  38. I’m thinking, actually I KNOW, I’m glad I couldn’t get through the day this opened. I tried pretty hard too. This is a complete let down for me. I’m feel sorry for the people that did get in, if their unhappy with it that is.

  39. Didn’t wow me much at first but now it’s growing in me… so glad I was able to get it! Just the bracelet makes it a great box, everything else is a bonus.

    Great value for the price, great brands, perfect for the season. Yup now I just love it!!!

  40. Zoe, you let me down. Hard. At least the bracelet was worth the cost.

    • Me too. I woke up at 3am to get this box..first time I’ve ever dropped that kind of money on a sub box . Lesson learned. 🙁

  41. Oh wow! I was expecting so much more.

  42. Seriously… all that money for this… So basically everyone paid for a pair of not so great sunglasses & a bracelet that is great in theory but completely illogical in reality. Kind of like Rachel Zoe herself.

  43. Not what I expected but I’m hoping I’ll fall in love when I get it.

  44. I love those sunglasses!

  45. not feeling I missed out, either. the cuff seemed cool…..but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s not something that i would actually wear.

  46. Looking forward to the sunglasses, and nail polish, at least I can say I got the value I spent on this box. I’m happy with that. The bracelet I knew I would not like, and knew I would be taking a chance on the rest of the box. – I was sorta hoping this box had a tote bag, a fun hair accessory – Tarte mascara even though a great brand and a great product seems sorta boring in this box.

  47. I’m glad I didn’t get this. I was sad it sold out, but now seeing it I’m relieved. Glad I didn’t spend $100 on this. The only thing I like is the bracelet and I’m not sure it would comfortably fit my wrist. I hope others that did get it are happy 🙂

  48. That’s it?!?!?! Man I was expecting something way cooler 🙁

    Kinda regret purchasing… damn.

  49. I’m glad I didn’t get this one. Nail polish and mascara are in so many sub boxes that it doesn’t seem special. Don’t really like the sunglasses either.

  50. I expected this box to wow me but it just doesn’t..I’m glad they were sold out before I ordered.

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