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POPSUGAR Must Have June 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have June 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon!

We have semi-spoiler hints for the June 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. The themes are: Yoga Warrior, Sun-Kissed, Outdoor Fun, and Coconut

Any guesses on what they might include? I’m so curious to see what the Yoga Warrior and Coconut items are!

FYI – they May box has sold out, but the June box is still currently available. If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. Or use this coupon:

New POPSUGAR Must Have GWP Coupon!

While supplies last, use coupon code WELCOME to get this Sorial Wallet on a Chain featured in the November 2014 Box ($49 Value) for free in your June 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box.

UPDATE: When the code is applied, it will deduct $.40 from your order – that’s their way of signaling which boxes in their system will get the free gift!

Details: This offer is for new POPSUGAR Must Have subscribers only. Any duplicate boxes purchased with this promotion will not be refunded and cannot be returned for credit.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Last week I signed up for a three-month subscription and used the “WELCOME” code . . . . but I signed myself up as a “gift” to myself, so it won’t auto-renew. I just checked the order, and it is exactly .43 cents less than it would have been if I hadn’t used the “WELCOME” promo code. (If you follow me. They deducted .43 cents.) Do you think I’m getting the Sorial wallet? I want that wallet. Thank you!

  2. Maybe Sun-kissed will be bronzer instead of self-tanner for once. I don’t mind coconut in the summer. I am hoping for dvds and I missed out on the wallet, so I signed back up! I can gift or trade the items I don’t want.

  3. I absolutely loved last year’s June box, but I’m not sure what to make of this June’s theme. The coconut, sun-kissed and outdoor fun sounds like a great summer theme. The yoga is throwing me off though. I love yoga, but I think “spa box” when I think yoga warrior. Needless to say, I’m intrigued. 🙂

  4. Pale (and love it), don’t yoga and deathly allergic to coconut. Sounds like it’s time to cancel.

  5. I am just really hoping its not a pass to online classes and that it is an actual DVD. The Bianca Jade Booyah free month still makes me mad.

  6. Remember last year when they sent that perfume beach spray that smelled like tanning lotion.. Gosh, that was horrible.
    It’s all I think of when they mention sun and coconut.

    • So funny you said that, because I LOVED that perfume! 🙂

      • If I lived in a warm climate maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I love the smell of Coppertone but the perfume made me feel like I was eating sand.

      • I love it too! I traded for several of them!! 🙂 I still wear it (in the spring/summer).

        • Ha! And this is how swap was born 🙂

      • Actually I liked that perfume too, I think the problem was its very strong and people sprayed too much on, I just use a light spritz. Im more worried about the yoga and sunkissed parts since I don’t do yoga and have no interest in fake tanners. I am very white and all fake tanners stain your clothes, towel, etc so I have decided I am ok with being pale, lol. ANyway I love popsugar and very rarely has a month been a miss for me so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that I will like it!

  7. So funny how split everyone is on this one… My birthday is in June and this spoiler is perfect for me. I love coconut anything, do yoga several times a week, love to have outdoor fun and love to look sun-kissed (naturally, no self tanner please!). I can’t wait! Hope I’m not getting my hopes up too high…. *fingers crossed*

    • June birthday here too and I’m ecstatic!

  8. I am a know PSMH hater. That being said… I do like the theme. Too bad they don’t ship to PR anymore.

  9. Yoga Warrior as in the Yoga Warrior that was in the Arianna Huffington box? I may sign up for that.

    • That’s what I’m hoping for lol!

    • I think you’re right… yoga dvd series

  10. Anyone else thinking coconut oil? Sun kissed + coconut always point to that here in San Diego! And that can be used by all skin types. I don’t tan but that stuff absorbs so well when my skin needs moisture!

  11. Glad for the spoiler my sub runs out in May and none of this stuff sounds good for me. Hope it gets better for July .

  12. I have to agree! This box has me a little nervous too!! I’m super pale and I don’t do yoga. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll like this box. I’ll be so disappointed since this is one of my favorite boxes!!

  13. I like coconut scented and flavored things and I do yoga sometimes. I hope the yoga warrior component isn’t something lame like a mat cleaner. I’m guessing it will most likely be a yoga exercise video. It would be difficult to fit a mat in a PSMH box! I’m thinking the coconut component will be a scented body butter, perfume/spray, or something along that line. I’m not sure what the outdoor fun component could be. I’m just hoping the sun-kissed component isn’t self tanner, bronzer, or summery lipstick/lipgloss.

  14. As a latina, the last thing I need is a self tanner.

    • I can relate. I’m African American so self tanner is absolutely the last thing I need!

      • Same here..I’m African American,and my fingers are always crossed that self-tanner doesn’t show up in summer boxes. Now sunblock, I can always use.

        • I agree, I can definitely use sun-block. I just don’t like tinted sun-screen. I don’t like when sub boxes include color specific items in boxes period. They never match my skin tone. If they don’t give you the option to specify which shades are best for your complexion/skin tone, then they should avoid putting them in everyone’s box.

    • I think self-tanner is used by a rather narrow segment of the population, all things considered. (I’m super pale and I never use it, either.) It would basically be as bad as including a skin-tone-specific BB cream in a box, or something along those lines. So let’s hope that isn’t it.

      • You summed it up perfectly. I’m super pale too and don’t have a problem being pale. I am also too lazy to bother maintaining a tan. I am nervous about this box.

  15. I am SO excited for this box! I love coconut and yoga. June can’t come soon enough!

  16. If it contains self-tanner I’m going to bite someone. Okay, not really, but after getting 2(!!) bottles of it in the allure beauty thrills that I won’t use I’ll be super bummed. Maybe it’s a bronzer instead?

    • I’d swap you for them, Leah. I don’t know how to find people on the swap site though. Any ideas on that?

      • I have them too. If you don’t hear back from Leah, I’ll check out what you have to see about a swap! I doubt there are many Bekki’s with my spelling, but I have both listed if you search for the Jergens or Suave one.

      • Tacie,
        I should be on the swap site but I’m too lazy to do things like go to the post office (I’m sad). But I really should ask to be added.

  17. I’m not a fan of yoga either, so that one makes me nervous. So does “sun-kissed” since it brings to mind yucky self tanners. But it could also be plenty of other things, so it’s not too scary. Fortunately I do love coconut. 🙂

    Meanwhile, let’s remember the MAY theme!! Fresh flowers, California Sun, glowing skin, and Colorful. Those sound promising! (Except, again, for fear of self tanners.)

    • Now the May theme…that’s why I checked the box for the wait list!

      • Have you heard anything about the May box?
        Will you be receiving it? I’m on the wait list too and I haven’t heard.

    • I dont like self tanners and bronzers either. I hope there wont be any in the box. When ever I hear “sun kissed” I immediately think of a self tanner.

      • Bronzer, there’s another thing I don’t use! I’m not opposed to it, in theory, but all the ones I seem to get in sub boxes are too dark to look at all natural on me.

  18. I am not subbed to this box anymore but I LOVE coconut!!! So…tempting….

  19. :facepalm: I resubbed this morning to PSMH because the recent boxes have been so good… but I hate coconut-anything and I hate yoga even more! Noooooo!

    • I agree, I bought a 3 month sub because the boxes lately have been so awesome. My last box is in June and I’m not a fan of yoga, not a big fan of coconut. I guess I can hope it’s a bag of those coconut chips again, my mom loved those.

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