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Oui Please Mother’s Day Special Edition Box

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Oui Please Mother's Day

Oui Please is offering a special edition box for Mother’s Day. (Thanks to Lee and Sarah for letting us know about this box!)

The Box: Mother’s Day Special Edition Oui Please Box

The Cost: $135

COUPON: Use code OUIMOTHERSDAY to get the $135 pricing (this also lets them know to send you the Mother’s Day Box)

The Products: A selection of our best-sellers in different categories to treat our lovely mothers.Shipping on

Shipping on Monday 5th of May.

FYI – there isn’t a separate Mother’s Day limited edition box page, instead you buy the single parcel with the Mother’s Day coupon code, which lets them know to send you the Mother’s Day box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Thank you OuiPlease, I have fallen in love with my dainty 5 Octobre ring. In fact, I have attempted to swap for more items but I must not be the only one with a new love affair. It is one HOT item in SwapWorld!

  2. Got my box today and thought it was great!
    Got : 1951 XL clutch in the chamois color
    Julie Scion hair comb
    Tassis earrings in mint
    Altier cologne
    Leather card case
    Pop up candle
    Baking mix
    The drink twigs
    Lavender bundle
    Rose soap

    Love Oui Please…the 3.1,boxes are on their way.
    Hope everyone else greats a great box!

    • WOW. You got an awesome box! Jealous! 😀

  3. Received my mothers day box this afternoon, but never did receive a tracking #. This is my first box from Oui Please and overall I’m pleased and can’t wait to try these new brands! I’m just not over the moon. I was hoping for a “big ticket” item like Les Petites sweater or Madison clutch, but I figured they wouldn’t send many of those, if any at all. Compared to the 1.1 and 1.2 parcel reveals, the overall box values seem to be quite a bit lower, $400+ vs $200+, but I bought the box without any spoilers or $ value given. I believe they mentioned the value would be double the cost of the box…so they hit that mark (w/the help of the 5 Octobre ring value) so I guess I can’t complain about my box value… Did anyone receive a Madison clutch? It sounds like some people did get a les Petites jealous 🙂

    Here’s a list of the 10 items I received with estimated values (detail card not included, probably due to the variations):
    -Lavender Sachet $?
    -Rose et Marius perfumed scrub soap (mini bar) $? * smells great
    -Le Benefique Tea Sprig – $5
    -Marlette Organic Baking Mix – $10
    -Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee – $25
    -Sothys Morning Cleanser – $23
    -Popup Scented Candle in Forest Lump- $35
    -Sometime Leather Wallet – $40 *beautiful quality
    -Tassia Canellis Earrings in Amber- $45 *LOVE
    -5 Octobre Samba Ring $110 *LOVE, I guess this is my big ticket item?
    Total estimated value= $293 + the 2 small items with unknown value

    • Oh, hey! I’m waitlisted on the swap group, but I’d be happy to trade you my medium-sized sweater, since it needs a good home. It’s a roomy medium. Let me know here and I can post an email.

      • Hi Orlee, thank you for the offer, but unfortunately I’m a size small 🙁

        I agree that it’s odd they sent a clothing piece to someone who didn’t have size preferences filled out! I hope you get off the swap wait list soon and can swap for something special!

  4. Received my Mother’s Day box and very happy with it! I hope I did my math right because I came up with a total of $312.36:

    1. 1951 Maison Francaise Clutch in Pochette Patent Leather Clutch – Petrol Light. Perfect for summer since the chain makes it cross body and it’s darker in person than online and I’m happy about that – $100
    2. Charlotte Sometime Wallet depending on the light it looks dark grey or brown. The metallic matches the clutch so I will use them together – $40
    3. Marlette Figs and Apricots mix – $10
    4. Lavender Tea Sprigs – $5
    5. Sothys Desquacrem – $34
    6. Popup candle in Forest Lump – $35
    7. Atelier Cologne travel size Vanilla – $25
    8. Lavender Sachet (In the 1.3 box?) – $5
    9. Sulie Sion clip on earings – these are the only item I’m not sure I will used. They are purple teardrop with black on top. They are pretty, just not my style. – $50.50
    10. Rose et Marius soap travel size in melon and basil (1.3?) – $7.86

    • Wow! I didn’t think anyone would get a 1951 bag, how awesome for you!

      • I know, I was surprised and it’s something I would never have purchased for myself color wise, but that’s fine with me, I like it! The inside is cute too, it’s red with white polka dots. Now, if they can get my 1.3 box to me, I’ll be super happy!

    • Adele- woohoo you received a clutch! Our boxes are almost the same other than that.

  5. Honestly, it sounds like Oui, Please just wanted to get rid get rid of old stock with this box. There was nothing special, nothing limited about it!

  6. Not very happy about the value of my box – it’s about $180, $220 with their inflated boutique prices. I seem to have gotten more items but they are smaller items with low value compared to others that I’ve seen post so far. Makes me go “huh” when I see people posting about receiving the sweater, or a $135 bracelet, or even 2 jewelry pieces, etc. I am waiting to see what their response is to my email…

  7. I know some of you are let down, but I am happy with my box:
    Pop-up candle in Forest Lump – $35
    Myriam K Anti-Frizz serum – $50
    Ripauste small leather clutch (more of a change purse) in pink/silvery white $35
    Tassia Canellis Lovebird earrings in navy – $33
    Palais Des Thes Orange Black Tea – $13
    Atelier Cologne in Vanile Insensee (Travel Spray) – $25
    Plantes Parfums Lavender Sachet (smells wonderful) – $5
    Rose et Marius scrub soap Melon and Basil – $15 (it is very small)
    Panier des sens relaxing lavender hand cream (1fl. oz) – $7.80 (using amazon prices)
    Panier des sens creme mains hand cream (2.6 fl. oz) – $20.45 (again amazon current price)
    Total of around $225, which is slightly less than advertised, but I used amazon prices or converted from euros for others. I think is ok for the price, but the box overall is fantastic, the whole thing smells amazing, and I will use everything or be able to gift it to mom.

    FYI on the soap – if yours has dark spots (mine does) it is a scrub soap, if you look at the website that is how that particular soap is pictured so I don’t think it is flawed. Can’t wait for 1.3 to get here, I wouldn’t mind another sachet!

    • Re: Bish – “FYI on the soap – if yours has dark spots (mine does) it is a scrub soap, if you look at the website that is how that particular soap is pictured so I don’t think it is flawed. Can’t wait for 1.3 to get here, I wouldn’t mind another sachet!”

      Thanks! if you search for my name on this page I did put an update comment to that effect (with link) last night. I still think mine looks “scabby” though. Good thing I like the scent! 😉

      • I posted a response to you last night that I can’t seem to find now. That was before I got my box, and then mine looked similar so I knew it had to be that. I’m so glad that you are feeling better about it, $135 is a lot of money for me as well, I only justified it because I plan on using most of it to add to my gift to my mom. (sorry mom, the clutch is mine!) The value was not as amazing as their regular boxes, but I knew the pool of items that it would be pooled from more or less, and that is a plus for me. I hope that the box continues to grow on you!

  8. So disappointed with the Mother’s Day box I feel like aside from them being repeat items, I got less from what others had received. I was happier about my Beauty Fix May 2015 box which only costed me $25.

    Rose Et Marius Soap
    Lavender Flowers (seriously)
    Verbena Hand Cream
    Pop up candle
    Panier Des Sens Soap
    Le Benefique Infusion En tige
    Marlette Organic Baking Mix
    Atelie Cologne
    5 Octobre earrings

  9. Im not sure why I’m disappointed.

    Panier des Sens hand soap (rather large)
    Atelier Cologne vanille spray
    Popup candle
    Ripauste light blue and sparkly white small clutch (unlined)
    Lavender flowers sachet
    Palais des Thes orange blossom green tea
    tassia canellis green earrings (a hard green to wear)
    Rose et Marius soap (v small)
    Panier des sens hand creme

    While nothing is screaming bad, nothing is screaming exciting and maybe I should have used my $135 for something I know, I want, and I think is exciting.

  10. 5 octobre ring??
    Sothys morning cleanser
    Panier des Sens hand cream
    Rose et Marius soap
    Le benefique tea
    Atelier Cologne vanille spray
    Popup candle
    Lavender flowers sachet
    Charlotte Sometimes wallet

    This is my first Oui Please box and I purchased it for my mom, not sure I will re-purchase again. Seems like some subscribers received more in their box than others.

  11. Did you guys have to sign to receive this package? Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Friday) and I’m going to be out in the afternoon. Meep!

    Meanwhile, I desperately hope I do not get an item of sized clothing. The chances of it fitting would be tiny! I’m so sorry that happened, Orle. I hope you can get a good trade out of it or SOMEthing!

    • Tamara- I didn’t have to sign. The box was on my front porch when I got home from work 🙂

  12. Just wanted to update this – someone on Facebook found what it looks like I got:

    So I think it’s supposed to look that way. Reeeeeally could have used a product card in this box!

  13. I got mine today too. I received:

    Atelier spray cologne in Vanille Insensée
    Sothys Morning Cleanser
    Lissage Francais Anti-Frizz serum
    Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel
    Rose et Marius Melon & Basil soap
    Panier Sens Liquid Marseille Soap
    Palais des Thés Orange Blossom Green Tea (box of 20 tea bags)
    PopUp Candle in Forest Lump
    Plantes & Parfums Lavender Sachet
    Tassia Canellis Earrings (caramel-colored)
    Panier des Sens Hand Cream

    The value is really pretty good, and I’ll definitely find a use for all the items. I was really, really hoping to get a leather good, like that little card case. I’d really love a 1951 clutch but I guess they aren’t sending those in the Mother’s Day boxes!

  14. My MD box arrived today! There was some overlap with what Orle got, but not 100%. Contents were as follows:

    Large lavender sachet (about the size of my fist)
    Le Bénéfique tea sprigs
    Tassia Canellis earrings in a sort of mustardy amber color (happily, one of my favorite colors)
    A blue and silver snap-closure clutch (appears to be leather)
    Small (30 mL) Panier des Sens hand cream in verbena
    Lissage Francais anti-frizz serum (perfect timing, since my hair is frizzing like a maniac in the Atlanta humidity)
    Popup candle in “Forest Lump” scent (a pun on Forrest Gump, or was something lost in translation?)
    Nominoe foaming face cleanser
    Atelier Cologne in Vanilla Incense (for once, a scent I actually like!)
    Small Rose et Marium exfoliating soap in some scent that is printed too small for me to read
    Big honking bar of Panier des Sens soap in Bleu Lavande
    Marlette baking mix for a spelt cake

    Except for the clutch (I don’t really do clutch purses, and avoid leather), I am pretty thrilled. Not that I really *needed* any soaps or face cleansers to add to my already embarrassingly large stash, but they smell lovely. I’m just so excited to get (1) cologne and (2) jewelry in a box that I *would* *actually* *wear.*

    • Ok, if you got a clutch (see my comment below) I definitely got hosed:

      I’ve heard their CS is a nightmare to get an e-mail rely from – anyone have any advice or tips? I posted my photo to their FB page to ask what’s up. Thanks for any help you can give!

      • But you got that sweet 5 October ring! Which is nice.

        I keep staring at the sweater I got and wondering what to do with it.

        • Thing is, it’s not really nice. I have fake wedding favor “bling rings” I use in packaging with similar stones. It looks so “fake” as to be comical – like you got it in one of those plastic bubbles from a quarter-machine. I will be swapping it so maybe it will be someone else’s treasure – but my husband even said it looked cheap compared to the OuiPlease name on the box. He wrote to complain already. (Not that they’ll write back.)

          Am I supposed to assume that’s my big ticket item then?

          Because compared to this jewelry item from the same company (same OP MD box) – it’s like they got Kay Jewelers and I got Claire’s Boutique.

        • First off, thank you so much PA Anna and heat7918 – I truly appreciate your kindness!

          I took a few photos of the ring I received so hopefully this will illustrate what I’m seeing on my end better, and why I am so disappointed:

          It’s up to each individual here to decide if it looks worth $90 – and if they would prefer it to a leather clutch, sweater, scarf, etc. In my case, when I see the other various items that were sent, I feel let down.

          Add in the condition of my soap when I opened it up…

          It will be another year most likely before I’ll treat myself like this again, so it’s my party and I’ll cry (swap?) if I want to. 😉 Seriously though, thank you both – that was very much appreciated!

          • Have you contacted FrenchBox regarding the condition of your soap? I’m not a subscriber, but I have read that they have been helpful in the past. They could be agreeable to letting you pick a replacement item for the soap and maybe the ring.

            I do hope it works out for you and that your box becomes all that it should be. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

          • I contacted them via Facebook message and my husband sent an e-mail separately because he was so disappointed watching me so disappointed. But neither of us got a reply back. I will update if we do!

            The comments on Facebook indicate they’re not writing a lot of customers back right now – so between that, and all the issues with the April box shipping, I’m most likely at the very back of a very line being a one-off box and not a subscriber.

          • *Oui, Please not FrenchBox. I can’t believe I wrote FrenchBox.

          • I sent OuiPlease close-up photos of my ring on Facebook to let them know how disappointed I was and just got the following DM back:

            “Bonjour Robyn,
            Thank you for reaching Oui Please Team. We apologize that your experience has not been flawless. We would love to make it up to you! We will send you an additional item as soon as our products arrive! Again we apologize! Merci!

            Oui Please Team.”

            I’m very pleased with that – response within 24 hours and a very courteous, helpful reply to make sure I’m happy. I’ll update again when / if I know what I’m getting.

            (My husband hasn’t received a reply back to his e-mail yet.)

      • Wow. How exactly did you get ‘hosed’
        The ring retails for 90 on their site so it looks like they delivered the promised value in your box.
        It’s a generic subscription box for the masses. Not Tiffanys.

        • There is no need to be rude. I had not seen the value of their ring on their website to realize it was $90. I’m not aware of the brand. And this is my first-ever French Box. This is a one-time luxury for me and something I will never be able to justify in-budget again. My husband wanted me to have a box I’ve always wanted but never would spend the money on.

          So let’s recap. In my original message I stated: “I still haven’t identified all of the items (if anyone knows what’s what please share!)”

          That means . . . ** I hadn’t identified all of the items **.

          But that said, I do challenge anyone to look at this ring in person and value it at $90. Anything Cate & Chloe has ever sent (which we all know have overly inflated values) looks much nicer than this. I’m not expecting Tiffany. I just don’t want something that looks like it came from a quarter-machine at the grocery store prize. I will try to post a close-up. I just haven’t had a chance yet. (And as linked perviously, I absolutely LOVED a bracelet that was sent out in another Mother’s Day box – same brand. I’m not being brand elitist.)

          In the future, you might consider helping someone understand the ‘value’ of an item (or pointing them toward the listing for it online) rather than insulting their supposed-greed. I’ve had a bad enough day in my ‘real’ life. I don’t need it added to on this website when I’m simply asking for help, product identity, and values. Because . . . I actually wanted help.

          • I’ve been following the posts because I was hoping to order a box for myself except I went through the whole my credit card number got stolen/waiting on a new card fiasco. I was going to order it the last day

            I looked at the ring online and understand where Robyn is coming from. It does remind me of the rings that you used to get in the quarter machines at the store when I was a child. My opinion doesn’t matter anyways because I didn’t purchase it, but I do see why Robyn feels that way.

          • Robyn, I agree that ACs reply was unnecessarily rude. Your request for help was perfectly justified (and clear) – I usualky have no idea of an items retail value which is one of the reasons I enjoy this site.
            I’m glad you stood up for yourself and did so eloquently!

          • I know this may not help, but the thing about jewelry is that the retail values are incredibly inflated. That means that something that cost $10 or $15 to make may retail for $75 or $80. Seriously, I can’t think of any other item that has a higher retail markup than jewelry. I know this because I sold jewelry for several years and you only have to go-online to see this. Jewelry is often on sale at 75-90% of its original value. There’s no way this could happen with such regularity if the jewelry wasn’t marked up several hundred percent to begin with.

            All of this is to say – I understand your disappoint. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you absolutely LOVED the ring,mot might seem like it was worth $90 to you, but otherwise, it probably seems more like it’s worth .90 cents!

            Don’t despair. I just forked over $500 for the Fancy Mother’s Day Box and while there are a few nice items in the box, I’m not even sure if the retail value of the box breaks even with what I paid for it. I’m feeling pretty foolish right now for spending so much money on items I probably won’t even be able to get my money’s worth out of.

            At least with regular sub boxes if there’s something I don’t like, I can usually make a good trade. However, with this box, I’m not even sure I broke even – I may have paid more for the items in the box than they were worth.

            I feel your pain. You have every right to feel disappointed and it’s never a good idea when sub boxes send different items out to each person. It’s a set up for some customers to feel disappointed and jipped!

          • My husband’s parents design fine jewelry as a hobby – and my husband hand-sketched my wedding ring. (His parents’ best friend made it.) So I am familiar with the process. Not to mention, until I got sick I owned a maternity / newborn photography company – believe me I know allllll about artist-markup. 😉 Thanks for the explanation!

            It still looks cheap though – I’ve seen nicer / more realistic pieces in Claire’s Boutique. Seriously.

    • You got alot! I’m comparing my box to yours because what I consider the bigger ticket (the little clutch and the earrings) are the same, but then you got more additional stuff (that I would have liked better sniff sniff)

  15. My box arrived today for Mother’s Day. Some wonderful small items, but the big item is lovely but not a good fit.

    I got:

    A large lavender sachet
    Some very lovely tassia cannellis drop earrings in turquoise that are perfect!
    A small Panier des Sens hand cream, lemon-scented
    A large Panier des Sens hand cream in Verbena
    Atelier Cologne in Vanilla Incense
    A small Rose et Marius soap in Poppy
    A popup candle in Forest Lump
    Le Benefique tea infusion sticks

    All of these items are lovely — smell wonderful, nice packaging. Exactly what I had hoped for!

    My large item was a medium petite sweater, which is an odd choice to include a sized item. It’s nice but neither I nor my mother will be able to fit into it. (I didn’t list any size preferences.) I was expecting the box to contain something that anyone could use regardless of size, like a wallet or a clutch. So that’s a bit of a wash.

    Everything else was dreamy, though. I have a feeling a few of these items will be part of the upcoming Provence box when it ships.

    • Can you take a pic?

    • Not only is it odd to include a sized item – without requiring you to specify a size when you order – but a petite?? It just so happens that my mom & I both usually wear that size… which is why I know it’s so unusual. 🙂

      What does the sweater look like? If you find it online, could post a link? Or a picture – either way!

      • Ah, I am looking closer and the BRAND is Les Petites.

        But it does wear like a petite! On me, it lands above my navel. I am pushing 40 and my mother is gorgeous but she’s sixtysumpinsumpin and pretty conservative.

        My idea was to get the box for her and take the items that might not necessarily be her style (helloooo earrings) but I don’t think either of us could pull off this sweater’s particular look.

        • And maybe I’m wrong to assume there’s supposed to be a big ticket item. On another thread, someone got an identical box to mine except instead of the sweater, they got a pendant, a cleanser, a baking mix, and a wallet.

          Again, I shouldn’t complain. Everything else really is gorgeous and my whole living room smells heavenly right now. I’m just baffled that they would send a sweater when I hadn’t listed a size — my own family who sees me every day never buys me sized items because they’re such a personal preference type of thing.

    • Mine showed up today as well. There was no card so I still haven’t identified all of the items (if anyone knows what’s what please share!) – but I definitely don’t feel like I got a “big ticket” item in my box (certainly nothing like clothing, a scarf, clutch, etc.) Did I miss the value on one of these being big ticket? I was happy . . . until I read this.

      (And my soap in melon smells divine but there are deep brown spots all over it that look like they shouldn’t be there.)

      • It is a luxury scrub soap. The brown spots are normal. I have them too. You received a fine piece of French soap, among the finest in the world. Rest easy.

        • Yes, if you’ll do a keyword search on my name, I updated (with hyperlink) on my post about the soap last night. Thank you for your help.

          I have a small arsenal of expensive French soaps – it’s pretty much all I will use. They were a lot easier to get when we lived in Orlando and could go to Epcot… But that said, I’m very familiar with several of them.

          I’ve just never used a scrub soap that looked like it went Mock 5 in a half-pipe and forgot to wear its knee-pads – there are parts that look like crusty scabs. My husband joked about it having “road rash” before I’d even said a word. 😉

          • Brain burp: **MACH 5** – clearly I never woke up today!

    • The sweater is a cashmere blend and is $200. Be grateful. I am a small, received the small in a previous box, and it is too roomy. Subscribers fill in sizing information. Which segues me to my next comment. This box is a collection of previous boxes (eloquent wording for “leftovers”) , plus an additional item.

      • It’s a nice sweater, but remember this was marketed as a gift and they never asked for sizes. It’s different from getting earrings in the wrong color or a purse that’s maybe not your usual style because color and style are preference, but size is not.

        Getting a sweater in a size we don’t wear does me the same good as a $200 layette set or a $200 pair of men’s Size 13 shoes. They are nice, sure, and have a sizeable price tag. But I cannot use any of them for reasons beyond preference or style, so they have no value to me.

        If I’d gotten a $200 gold sequined clutch, it may not be my or my mother’s usual color or style, but at least I could actually use it.

        Does that make sense? Again, they never asked for a size. If I had put a size in, a sweater in my affirmed size would have been fair game.

        • And I’m not upset or anything. When someone says, “Be grateful” it’s hard to see it as anything but an admonishment. Perhaps that wasn’t your intent.

    • What in the world are they thinking to send someone a medium petite sweater? That is nuts! Just a set to disappoint someone on Mother’s Day. Oui, Please? Mais, Non!!!

  16. It’ll be awesome if yoy guys can share what yoy for in this Oui Please Mothers Day box!:)

    • My mother’s day box has shipped, hope to have it by Friday. I’ll make sure to post what I receive.

      • Thanks so much Adele!

      • Mine too! I don’t have an expected delivery date yet, though. Excited! 😀

      • Mine shipped! The tracker says it’s six pounds! I wonder what it’ll be!

  17. Liz,

    Have you heard anything about shipping delays with Oui Please? On their fb page they said 1.3 would ship out by the end of the month (April) but I know a lot of people still haven’t gotten tracking numbers or they received one that says it’ll be sent on May 6th, I had the latter happen to me. I’ve emailed them with no reply so far.

    • Help! Is anyone getting a bad vibe from OiuPlease? I still have not received correct tracking info. I have been contacting them since last week (because I am leaving town) and finally, after 5 days, they emailed a tracking number but the number is not valid in the FedEx system. Since then they have not responded back again. Their communication is doing nothing to help me relax the fear I have that I spent $150 dollars on a box and might be getting the run-around. Has anyone received a box yet? Does anyone have valid tracking? Do you all trust this company? I’m starting to regret my purchase.

      • I’m not sure why but I’m getting quick responses from them when I email. I do have valid tracking for my Special Edition box. On Monday my account had tracking info but it said it was invalid. When I contacted them they said it needed to update in FedEx’s system once the box shipped out. They were right, as yesterday the tracking number came up and my box is showing that it will be delivered on Friday.

      • The tracking might not be valid because it takes 24 hours for FedEx to update the system. They might had just mailed it out.

  18. I’m really rolling back and forth on this. I already have the 1.3 on the way, but I want to get in on the past boxes that I didn’t subscribe in time for.

    On another note, does anyone know what shipping method Oui Please uses? I heard they ship out tomorrow.

    • They ship by FedEx and signature is usually required because their packages are insured.

      • I’ve gotten every box so far and have never signed for one. I live in a large city so not sure what their signature requirements would be elsewhere.

    • Dark Matter,

      I am totally in the same boat with you. I have the May box coming in but I really want to know what would be in the Mother’s Day box. It’s so tempting, the only thing stopping me would be that it won’t include items I’d absolutely love because I’m still hurting from my CFDA splurge lol.

  19. It’s $135 for a one time box worth $200 OR you could pay $150 for month to month (cancel after 1st box) and receive a $400 value. Right?

    • I thought the same thing – especially with the recent 20% off coupon – but 1.3 is sold out and I don’t want to wait ’til 1.4 because I may never take the plunge again. (I’ve felt too guilty to order a box this price before Mother’s Day!) The only option to purchase right now is the $175 individual box (the annual and month-to-month pages no longer have purchase links), and their Facebook “sold out” notice says to join them for 1.4. So Mother’s Day box it is!

  20. Oh man I totally caved I didn’t give this a second look when I saw it on fb but when I was checking MSA site I totally couldn’t pass it up!!! I hope they have more caramels, some more of those candles, a jewelry peice and maybe the clutch or something from 1951 Maison… I would even be happy with one of the sweaters or sweatshirts I can’t wait!!!!

  21. What age range would you say this box is ideal for? For those of you that received the box did you find that it was age appropriate for you?

    • I’m 30 and I’m not sure if I am the target audience but I love all of the stuff I have recieved so far!

      • I’m 54 and I also loved everything in it. I got a green scarf that I love and even the disco charley James earrings look great on. I don’t view this box as age specific since apparently french women have style at every age

      • Okay awesome.. i’m 30 too.. just trying to figure out where it fits in..

  22. Will this ship out in time for Mother’s Day?

  23. I caved and got it…I’ve spent way too much this month on boxes. Let’s hope May is less tempting 🙁

  24. This is so tempting! You guys are killing me. I’ve just recently subscribed to Oui Please, so my first box will be the May box. However, I absolutely adored some items from past boxes, e.i., that clutch with the chain! Period!

  25. So I’m actually in Venice and found WiFi so I could check MSA
    I’ve bought the MSA box and want this too

    But I spent $400 on murano today

    • No dilemma! Get more Murano–you can get more boxes here anytime!

  26. I just wonder if one of the 1951 Maison Francaise clutches will be included, since it seems to be a best of box from previous months. Still debating this…

    • And the possibility of that clutch being in the box is the main reason I just bought it!! (I want a 1951 Maison Clutch SOOOOO badly!!)

      And lest I leave my Mom high and dry, I will gift her some of the items in the box. Just not that purse!!

    • My inner cynic makes me think this isn’t going to be a curation of their best prior items but more of a mix of items leftover from previous parcels (i.e. they may not be able to sell another 1.2 box because they’re out of sweaters and scarves but they might still have some caramels, etc)

      • I kind of have that feeling too, I had emailed them a while back about whether or not they would restock the 1951 bags, they said they would not, so that’s doubtful. I think there would be a chance of duplicates also for past subscribers. I kind of want to take the chance though, darn these boxes!

      • Very true! The “best of boxes” are always the leftovers they couldn’t get rid of previously. So if they didn’t ‘sell out’ of the clutches or scarves they *might* have them.

    • Ah! I want that clutch too. If they could guarantee one, I would sign up sooooooo fast. I know it’s impossible though. Maybe I should just buy one…

      • Buy it?! How dare you suggest such a thing! Haha. I literally just had that thought as well, but of course, my mind likes the gamble better than the sure thing. Why?!

        • Haha, cracking me up!

  27. My first reaction was to pounce on it. My second was to send it off to the family as a possible Mothers Day gift. Then I decided that I didn’t need it since I just bought Liz’s box and the Allure box + I could get something I know I want for that price vs. having no idea if I want anything in the box without a spoiler.

    So—-no box for me!

    I am so impressed with my own restraint….

  28. I was going to buy a single OuiPlease for my boyfriend’s sister for her graduation present. She really wanted to attend college in France, but it was just too expensive. As the Provence box is sold out I wonder if this could work as a substitute? I just want her to feel special with a French inspired gift……

  29. $135 and I have no idea what is in the box? What can I get at Nordi’s Rack instead? Hmm

  30. Their FB says no spoilers, but they say the value is twice the purchase price. So tempting.

    • For the subscription, is the value usually more than double? Thanks.

      • This box is new for me! But the website says the Provence box is worth $400.

        • Ah, so this may not be the “wow” that I’ve felt over past items in their boxes. That is good to know. My pocketbook breathes a sigh of relief as I decide to think about the purchase for now. Thanks Orlee!

  31. Do we know if these items will be unique from previous parcels, or more of a “best of” from OuiPlease-past? For those of us OP-subscribers selfishly considering buying this for ourselves… inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    • It says it’s a “best of” box. I hope that helps. 🙂

      • Thank you! You just saved me 135$ 🙂

  32. I couldn’t resist…I have been wanting to try Oui Please for a while now. My husband is going to kill me. 0_0

  33. Does anyone know when April will ship? They said end of month but idk what that means

    • Don’t know if this helps, I logged in to my OP account, my order for 1.3 still shows “Processing” – no tracking info yet. I’m guessing these haven’t shipped yet.

    • They said shipping begins April 30th. Tomorrow!!!

  34. Liz, you’re killing me. I just bought the MSA+KB (the most I’ve ever spent on a single box but I believe in both companies). I’ve been wanting to try Oui but the price has been out of my comfort zone. This may be the time to give it a shot. Oh, the stress of being a sub box addict lol!

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