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May 2015 Luxor Box Spoiler

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Luxor Box

Thank you Kristin, Wendy and Linda for sharing this spoiler with us. The first Luxor box will include:

Luxor Box Spoiler

an $85 Lisa Stewart Jewelry piece. (I’m guessing subscribers may receive one of a variety of jewelry items given the photo).

What do you think of the first spoiler?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I hate to say this, but I received mine this morning and am quite underwhelmed. When Luxor said sparkles…I was hoping for a sparkly bracelet, not sparkly socks. Admittedly, I am always after socks, so they will not be swapped or gifted.
    So, sadly, I will be swapping almost the entire box.

  2. I received my Luxor Nox today! I’m on my way out but I can do a spoiler later if anyone is interested.

    • Yes please, thanks.

  3. My box is due to arrive on Monday, hope it blows me away.

  4. I received a shipping notice, but it says my box is shipping 5/8/15, so it isn’t in the post office system yet.

    • Same for me. I can’t wait to see if this box is worth it! Trying not to get my hopes too high… 😀

      • i really hope it does turn out great for those that bought the box the 2 spoilers would have been a bust for me if i paided for this box but i will admit i am curious and i hope its a great box for those who get this box and even tho i did not buy this box i will dance for joy if this box turns out great for you guys xoxo dorothy

  5. Hi, I just got the email with shipping notice, it is coming from East Coast.

  6. one of the things i do like is i have read they have good live customer service i have bought quite a few boxes and only 3 boxes had great customer service . if i am buying a box and some one is rude i refuse to buy from that company period . alot of boxes do not anwser calls or emails . to many boxes for a place to be rude hopefully this box will also sell products . i have bought tons of products along with the box a person might not be willing to buy a box for 95 but will buy products at that price . liz i also wanted to thank you for the sugar fina intro on one of your reviews you mention the champane gummie bears i bought some they were to die for so good xoxoxo

  7. Is anyone starting getting excited about the release of this box?

    • I am! I am away on vacation and am hoping the box is delivered right after I return.

  8. Liz
    can you add this to the box list to swap items?
    It’s shipping May1-7th and subscriptions are on a waiting list now
    thanks in advance

  9. I have signed up for this box, but so far I am not overwhelmed. Although I think the jewelry is nice and I suspect it will be the Alicia lariat necklace, I do not use body bronzers or self tanners so that is a bust for me.

  10. Luxor box just released another teaser, from googling the comments it looks like it is RCK Body Glow

    May Box Teaser…

    One of our May Box products was developed by an expert that works with the Hollywood stars.
    This product has become a Red Carpet favorite!

    Chritina Applegate, actress and mom stated “I have use this product for every photo shoot and red carpet appearance”.

    Denise Richards, actress & mom of three stated “As the face of fitness, hands-down this product is the best and its a perfect fit for my life”.

    Wondering what this amazing product is?
    Sign-up for our May box to find out!

    To learn more about Luxor Box and to become an exclusive member, please visit:

    • If you want to know what it is, google the quotes from Christina Applegate and Denise Richards. 😉 I had to know because I have no will power. lol I think it’ll be nice for summer.

  11. I just signed up, I will give this on a go.

  12. I like only real stones and she uses synthetic stones. But that’s just my preference.

  13. A specific spoiler would have been nice, given that the box is on the expensive side and not everyone likes the same things when it comes to jewelry. I thought a few pieces on the site were nice, but I didn’t see many in the $85 range. I wear silver and most of the pieces were gold. I’m very interested to see what else is included in the first box. $85 is a good chunk of the $250 guaranteed value so I’m passing on this but I look forward to the review 🙂

    • so far not any thing i could use so i am passing but i am looking forward to the reviews and i am open to buying the next box. i think that not knowing what you are getting it a box might work better if the box is cheaper . i think the thing that they have going for them is that they get to chose the box for you which if we had a personal shopper that s what happens. i will keep my eys open for the review if it comes out on time could maske a great mothers day gift xoxo dorothy

  14. I am glad to hear that the box item isn’t one of the pictured pieces. Not that I didn’t think they were nice, but as other posters have pointed out, the price point was less than Luxor box was advertising. As for jewelry in sub boxes, I’m a fan. Most of my current go-to pieces came from boxes or
    brands, like Jewelmint, that were introduced to me through a sub box.

  15. Im suspicious of the whole website. Reading through the FAQ, the repetive use of “high-end, luxurious” in about every sentence seems unprofessionally edited.

    • Lol, I thought the same thing, that “luxurious” and “high end” were the words of the day when the site was launched. I think they’ve set some pretty high expectations. Here’s hoping their definition of “luxurious” is the same as their members’ understanding of the term. I was tempted by this sub but seeing this spoiler kind of nipped that in the bud. Unless I know what the jewelry piece is going to be I don’t care for a large portion of the value comprised of a single jewelry piece I may not like. And I never get a warm, fuzzy feeling when subs grossly overinflate values when the cost of the item directly from the actual seller is far lower. Hopefully they actually send a piece that the artist does sell for the same price as the advertised value.

    • “in my luxurious, high-ended opinion”, I agree… the overt fancy words are a bore and always make me think twice.

  16. I actually enjoy getting jewelry in boxes. I typically am able to re-gift items extremely easily because I know people with wide ranges of tastes

  17. I’m really disappointed with the spoiler. The jewelry on the website caters to a very specific crowd. It actually surprises me because it’s such a contrast from their website and marketing. I thought it would be more on trend (not talking about flash tattoos). I wish I had waited for the spoiler before buying because I really took a leap of faith in deciding to buy this box when it’s so expensive. I’m still hopeful that I’ll like everything else in the box. If not, I’m definitely cancelling.

  18. The only thing holding me back is that i cannot wear earrings but i may take a gamble on this one anyhow. I’ve personally asked them a few questions over the past few days and they have been very quick to respond to which shows me they care about customer service. I was also told no customization but i would hope they would include a piece that most could enjoy so I’m hoping for a necklace which is pretty universal. I’m going to sleep on it and decide in the morning. I kinda like the mystery and the fact that everyone get’s the same box, will prevent box envy.

    • I can’t wear earrings either. I wish that there would be an option of no earrings. I m not taking a chance of getting a box that may or may not have earrings I dont wear gold tone so I dont want to be stuck with gold tone jewelry. Hope I wont regret getting this box.

      • I’m one of the other 20 women in the world who can’t wear earrings. It does get frustrating when you can’t substitute for another piece, just left to swap or gift.

  19. I have subscribed and I am NOT impressed with this spoiler, not even a little. The thought of Luxor Box valuing an item I can purchase for $25 at $85 (nearly 1/3 the estimated value of the box ) does not sit well with me. If this is an indication of what’s to come (especially in a launch box) I won’t subscribe long.

    • I wholeheartedly agree… you’d think the spoiler would at least be from a brand with a name I’d recognize right away.

      • I’m not as concerned with the brands as with the overall value of the box. For example the Sloan Leather bracelet is “valued” at $85, yet it retails on her Etsy page for $25. The “value” is significantly overinflated, nearly 71%!!! By that logic, and basic math, we could all receive a box “valued” at $250 but with an actual retail value of $72.50……..

  20. I googled Lisa Stewart and she also sells her items on etsy. Most of the items there are in the $25 range – many look similar to those on the spoiler photo. I look forward to seeing what is in this box – not willing to jump in myself with so much secrecy!

    • i am going to pass i thought about getting this box but the spoiler made me change my mind hope it works out well for the pepole that said yes to this box xoxo dorothy

  21. Ooohhh…I’m excited about this spoiler! Several of her pieces have my beloved boho vibe, especially the ZsaZsa necklace (which is more than $85 :/ but still…) Can’t wait! 😀

  22. I’m not a subscriber even though I am curious about what people will receive. I’m glad to see a spoiler for the box. I’m not fond of the secrecy surrounding the box. I understand why it appeals to some, but it isn’t for me.

    • i would like to see more i dont like jewerly so i am glad so far i have passed so fari am not impressed but iif it is a great box i will buy the next one xoxoxo dorothy

  23. Not a bad spoiler I’m hoping the spoiler is to show the purchase price is well worth the box value I’m hoping for something similar to ouiplease

  24. I’m already subscribed and honestly not impressed with this spoiler – I found the pieces sort of bland and they mostly look like the kind of stuff I can pick up from any street market for 25$ or less. It also seems at odds with the 500$ Tiffany & Co gift card giveaway they did earlier. Still hopeful for the rest of the box, though.

    • I totally agree with you. Do not care for this jewelry at all.

  25. Unless there is a design that was done for the box, I am guessing the Tricia lariat necklace from the spring 2015 collection. It is right at $85.

  26. According to Luxor’s Facebook page the item is not pictured in the spoiler image. They also indicated that it was one piece valued at $85 and that everyone would receive the same item. I was happy to hear that.

  27. My first thought when I saw the spoiler was to cancel. I did not care for any of the items shown and the jewelry is almost 1/3 of the estimated value of the box. Luxor really promoted themselves as luxe items and I had assumed it would be different than other boxes. This spoiler did not feel this way to me and have to admit I was disappointed. Jewelry is pretty personal and with no customization per subscriber this is not a great choice for their first box. A lot of people do not wear earrings or bracelets or necklaces and people have definite opinions about gold and silver.

    • I really wish boxes would not include jewelry. It really is to taste-specific and many people do not wear costume jewelry at all nor can they wear earrings that are not real gold for the post or wire.

  28. I have to admit, I hope none of the items in the photo are actually in the box. I identified the four items on the left using the Lisa Stewart website, and none of them retail for $85. The smaller earrings only retail for $28. The beaded bracelet and the necklace retail for $58 and $45, respectively. The drop earrings are closer at $75. I do find it odd that they would picture lower value items in the spoiler, but as someone pointed out to me, it’s possible the designer is creating something specifically for the box. Fingers crossed!

    • I agree! I liked some of the $85 pieces on her sight and was happy they were none of the items pictured on the left. I do like the bracelets in the pic though.

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