Deux Lux Mystery Box Available Now

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Deux Lux Mystery Box

Thanks Tami for letting us know about this mystery box!

The Box: Deux Lux Mystery Box

The Cost: $50 (shipping is free)

The Products: “Everyone loves surprises! Treat yourself to our sample sale mystery box! Each box will contain 3 items randomly selected from our NYC sample sale! “

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received mine yesterday. Disappointed to say the least. I got the raspberry back pack, ( I have no need for a back pack unless I was a college student) karma wallet in black,(with two huge ugly velvet tassels) and a card case, (what is the purpose of a card case?) None came with tags or dust bags, I had to do some research online. Unfortunately I will not use any of these bags. Total loss for me.

    • will you be listing our “unwanted” for swap?

  2. I am happy!!! I received the Shinjuku messenger in black, Cotton Candy Wristlet in Blush Pink and Dottie case in Grey with yellow dots. Cute! Couldn’t have picked it better myself.

  3. I ended up with the following:

    Shinjuku Messenger in Black
    Anguilla Cosmetic in Ecru
    Ziggy Card Case in Gunmetal

    Overall, not bad but ehhh. XD

  4. Just got my box today! It’s perfect fall colors, so I’ll be saving these. It seems like whoever packed my box color coordinated it. My big item was the Elle small tote in Bordeaux. Suggested retail $65. It is a small tote, but a very usable size for me. I also received the Aquilla wallet in green, suggested retail $55. The hunter green and beaks on the bird pattern match the Bordeaux bag perfectly. Lastly, I got the dreamer card case in Taupe. Suggested retail $35. The pattern is gold and pink and also coordinates with my tote. I’m pleased. I was just eyeing a deux lux wallet at TJ Maxx last night, so am excited to have gotten one.

    • I got all the same items!! I was VERY impressed with the quality of the items actually. I’ve never heard of the brand, but its was totally worth the $50 surprise! 🙂

    • I’m jealous of your Elle tote! I like that bag’s structure and I googled the color. Love it! 😀 And I’m so happy you like your items! 🙂

  5. My box is taking a leisurely stroll across the USA. It still says Tuesday for delivery.

    • Mine too! I’m in NYC and my delivery date is Wednesday. I placed my order almost immediately after this post went up.

      • Me three! I ordered asap and my boxes are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday. But I’m obsessively checking the tracking code to see if it might come in early. 😀 (I’m in FL.)

    • Mine says Saturday… it shipped the 30th, I didn’t know UPS was capable of being that slow.

  6. There are so many items I like in the website, but it just happens that I don’t like any of the one I got:
    1. DEUX LUX MYKONOS TOTE in navy
    2. Dottie brush case in black
    3. Ziggy card case in some shiny pinkish rose color

    I see none of the color in the website, the tote isn’t available on the website either. Putting all in swap.

    • I just ordered one yesterday and i asked for another one for Mothers Day. So with 2 boxes I hope I like at least 2 or 3 of my 6 items. Luckily for swaps, what we don’t like someone else may love….. Is the mykonos tote half clear and navy on the bottom? Ive been coming to this site to see what everyone is getting. lol

      • Yeah, it’s half clear on the top and half navy on the bottom. Just listed in swap with a picture 🙂

      • is there a link to the box?

        • Looks like the Mystery Box sale is over.

    • I found images for all your items by googling them.
      The tote is lovely, if I wasn’t so messy I’d be trying to swap for it. Your other items are also cool and very swappable.
      I would have been perfectly happy with that box. Again, we all have wildly varying tastes and unfortunately can’t guarantee that we’ll be sent something we like.
      Thank heavens for the swap site!

      • Yes, thanks Liz and MSA 🙂

    • I ordered mine last Monday or Tuesday and haven’t received a shipping notice yet. Anyone else not get theirs who ordered early in the week?

      • I got notice that mine will be here on Wed. It depends on how far you live from where they are shipping:(

        • I’m not so sure about that. I’m in Maryland and I got mine first.

          • I am always the first to order and last to receive. I live in Pa. so I’m not sure why that is.

          • The post office here must love because I’m good for business! lol

          • You and me both. I live in PA and it might show up on Tuesday.

  7. I have to wait until Wednesday for mine to arrive! Arg! I’m so anxious!!

    • I was anxious and excited that my box finally arrived only very disappointed in the end:) Hope you have better luck than me 🙂

  8. I’m getting so anxious for Monday! So far I’ve liked almost everu thing everyone else has gotten, so keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. boooo, all were a miss for me. i got:
    Elle Tote in ‘Hunter’
    Anguilla Cosmetic bag in green
    Card case in rose.
    better luck next time…

    • So I can’t find your card case but I love your other two items! Are they going up on the swap site? 🙂

    • I love the brush case you got! Waiting to see what comes in my boxes tuesday before I make any offers. Don’t want to potentially trade for something I already have. Sorry it was a miss for you.

    • I really like your things! Let’s see what I get!

    • I have that card case in a few colors. They are gorgeous!

  10. Hi, I got the black Wooster hobo purse, ziggy card case in gold, and Ravello wristlet. I will keep wristlet, purse and card case up for swap. I’m happy even if, not my taste.

    • That wristlet is beautiful!

    • I ordered two and am hoping to receive a Ravello item (the striped w/crystals) My shipping is UPS says by end of day tomorrow so hopefully they aren’t leaving it at usps by 5/4 cuz then I wont get it until Wednesday!

  11. I finally just got my tracking code! It’s 8 lbs (I bought two) and expected delivery date is next Wednesday. 😛 I’m both super excited and totally scared! 😀

  12. Just got my tracking #. Expected delivery is Tuesday, Weight 4 pounds. What is interesting is that if these items are from a NYC Sample, they are coming from California.

    I hope I get at least one item I will use or can regift. I’ve found that purses can be tough to swap, unless they are very basic colors, and basic styles.

  13. I received my tracking number. I’m excited and concern at the same time!

  14. Sorry, for repeat comments. I didn’t see it show up. Where can I find the swap page?

  15. I just got tracking number for delivery tomorrow via ground. I wonder if my order us, coming from their LA showroom, since I am nearby.

  16. Just got my shipping notice. Says 4lbs just like the previous poster. Hoping to get different items, although I wouldn’t mind the backpack (in a different color). I’ll post when mine gets here.

  17. I finally caved!!! I got one!!

  18. For some reason my first comments didn’t show up, excuse me if this is a repeat.
    I was debating buying a second mystery box, but now the first has arrived I’m SOOO glad I didn’t.
    I received the Wanderlust drawstring backpack in peach. RV $105
    Also a raffia card case in brown. RV $30, on sale for $15.
    Then what I believe is the Mercury pouch, although they didn’t have a cream one like mine on the site. RV $45, on sale for $31.50. It’s a glittery plastic flat pouch with a neon orange zipper.
    I sincerely hope I can swap all these items and recoup some of my $50!

    • I always find it awesome how different peoples tastes are because I am looking up your items going this sounds like a good box! The colors are not the first choice I would choose in any of the items but I like all of the items and would use them. I had not bought a box but now I am thinking sounds like a good gamble. Hopefully I can snag some in swaps!

      • All my Deux Lux items will be up on the swap site as soon as Liz adds it.
        It’s a good thing we all have different tastes, I just wish I’d liked at least one of the things I was sent.
        I know, first world problems, lol.

        • Oh my, I’m glad I saw your post. I hope you can swap everything 🙂 I was on the fence about ordering this and now I’m off that fence after seeing your items.

    • Wow, that was quick! Mine hasn’t even shipped yet.
      And I am sure you can always swap the items you don’t like.

    • I just saw the items you posted …. Interesting, and unique, yet ugh I fully understand how you feel about all 3 items. – Hopefully you will get those items swapped. I have not gotten tracking yet for my box, after seeing your box items I’m not nearly as excited as I was when I purchased the box. I hope I don’t get a backpack. If so it will also be up for swap.

    • Those values aren’t consistent the response Deux Lux gave below that the value of every box will be at least $160. Did I misread?

      • That looks right to me. $105 + $30 + $45 = $180

      • As the biggest item, the backpack, is available on Shopstyle for $55 it only adds up to around $100. At full retail everything comes to $180.
        I can’t imagine many people paying $45 for the plastic pouch, I’m not seeing that value in the items they sent.

        • I will agree. I love Deux lux and have quite a bit but I have bought almost all of it at either Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I don’t know that their stuff is every sold at full retail.

          • I stocked up on Deux Lux when Little Black Bag was still around.
            Now those are some gorgeous bags!
            Hence my disappointment with this batch. It occurs to me that these bags are what didn’t sell in the sample sale! lol

        • I never thought any plastic pouch could be that much…until I got that plastic pineapple pouch from Popsugar that was retailed at $40. That being said, I am a DL junkie and love the colors of your pouch. It matches the wallet I’ve been trying to track down. I’ll send you a swap request 🙂

        • The plastic pouch reminds me of the one in the popsugar box – $40 Value – I use mine all the time, yet I would never pay $40 for it. – It will be interesting to see what everyone else gets in their boxes.

    • Wow, that was super fast! I don’t have tracking yet, either. But what a huge bummer that you don;t like a single one of the pieces you got!! 🙁

      I think Regan makes a great point about personal taste, though. (I kinda like the Wanderlust in peach, but not so much with the Mercury pouch. Ack.) But with the taste issue, I think we all *should* have a decent time trading what we don’t like. … I hope!!

      I figured everything we get would be from the sale section and that idea is supported by what you received.

      Personally, I am desperately hoping I get something from the Mod line. (Want.That.Satchel!) But pl;ease don’t let me get something from the Pasha line! Or Mercury, Starlight, or most of the Fathom line. Or, dear God, not this

      • Lol, it’s true what they say about taste. I am all about color and love that bag you linked!

        • See?? I anticipate a lot of swapping going on! 😀

        • Yeah, I would be happy to get the bag Tamara dreads! lol

    • Your box is awesome to me. Let’s see what I get..would love to trade..your stuff sounds like my style more than anything.

    • Your box sounds perfect for me! I really really wanted a backpack and I love glittery wallets! We will see what I get..but would love to trade.

  19. Yay, I received tracking a few hours ago! The box weighs just over 4lbs. I hope that’s not mostly packing material, lol.

  20. Asked Deux Lux about box value. Here is their response:

    Hi Tami, all boxes are completely different but the minimum retail value is about $160 ranging to about $250. Enjoy your mystery boxes : )

    • Thanks for sharing this!

  21. Got 1 yesterday, thought about it then got another today….. I hope people will post pics of what they got.

    • Please disregard, wrong box, meant for luxor, more caffeine please.

  22. Bought it….Ugh…. I’ve been so flippin weak lately!

  23. Oh my, this is going to be another must have for me!

  24. I’m digging at least half of their products, but i don’t know if this is enough take a bet on it….

  25. Oh, you ladies! I just bought one. Now how am I going to justify to myself buying the MSA/Kloverbox tomorrow?

    • Right?!

    • LOL! – I was thinking that when I bought one to … The way I look at it is, its a 1 time purchase probably better value then some of the other boxes out there. I canceled glossybox to get this one. – 2 1/2 months of no glossybox means this box =) – 5 months of no glossybox means the kloverbox – So 7 1/2 months no glossybox means these 2 boxes.

    • Seriously! I was just asking myself the same thing. I have no doubt that no matter how much I try to convince myself I don’t need the MSA/Kloverbox my finger will be clicking the order button tomorrow and I won’t be able to stop it! I swear I used to have willpower! …and then I discovered this site 😀

    • So I bought this mystery box, and I bought the MSA/Kloverbox one too, but missed out on yesterday’s Allure box (sold out), and somehow I feel that evens it all out 🙂 Please share what you receive, ladies!

  26. I can’t resist these mystery boxes! I hope everyone posts their goodies so we can ogle them!

  27. Is it too much to hope that I might get a satchel? Or a tote??

    I’ve gone through all their bags and I like most of their stuff. I’m in for two!! 😀

  28. I caved and ordered 2. Hope I get a few things I like. Can’t wait to receive them.

  29. Between the new purse disperse subscription, social bliss and this mystery box. I think I will be having lots of bags to choose from.

    • Purse disperse subscription!?!? Info please, sounds tempting!

  30. I ordered this, looks great. I have really cut down on boxes with cancelling Rosario and Jouer. I ordered one and can’t wait fro MSA/Kloverbox<3

  31. I decided to order one box. I hope I get a bag! I need a new one.

    • My invoice says free UPS shipping 🙂

  32. Gona have to pass for me, I’m not a big fan of the purses on the site, I really like the wallets though. But for $50 I could buy a purse I love.

  33. I ordered 2, I figure with all the mystery boxes that cost $100 I could do it for items I know I will use! I love having a different purse or pouch for every outfit. Also the Nina Garcia box a while back had a Deux Lux bag that I loved and wished I had gotten.

    • Hi Missy,
      Just an FYI, there are the purses from the Nina Garcia box available on the MSA swap site, if interested. Love mine 🙂

  34. I REALLY REALLY want to get this especially since I currently need a new bag! I’m just REALLY scared I won’t get a bag!! That would suck!! Does anyone know if they send out no bags with the mystery deal??? I also wonder if the value U could possibly receive would be lower that 50$ value? Probably not looking at their prices!! I think I’m gonna watch the review then decide!

  35. Oh man, I jut had to get this one! I justify it by saying it’s a one time purchase and not a monthly subscription so that I don’t feel too bad 🙂

  36. Decided to get this box after all =) Bags are something I collect and can always use, I change bags often + the value seems to be there.

  37. I am so excited to see what everybody gets! I forgot to look, it ships right away..right?

    • Yes, it said 3-5 days!

  38. Each mystery box will be different, so everyone won’t get a purse.

  39. I couldn’t resist either! Fingers crossed I get a handbag:)

  40. Ooh, bought one of these immediately. I own a few Deux Lux bags and love them. They actually get used and don’t just sit around looking pretty like some of my bags. The quality is fantastic.
    Please everyone, let us know what you get so we can compare notes!!

  41. Just saw the review on line – Looks like a fun box. – I want it – Yet because the MSA/Kloverbox is coming out tomorrow I really need to try and not spend an additional $50 right now. — Yet handbags are my favorite –

    Liz —- So hoping there will be a bag in your box =)

  42. Liz, will this box be added to the swap site?

    • We’ll add it to swaps! 🙂 I just bought one too. I’m so curious about this one!

  43. I was only able to find one unboxing online. It had a bag, a wallet, and a clutch with a total RTV of I think about $240. I know the items can be totally random, though. But I have a ton of their stuff and love it all.

  44. I saw a review for the mystery box from last year. The girl received 2 bags and a wallet. It was all very cute. I’m going for it! Thanks for the post!

  45. I’ve never heard of them – have they done a mystery box before? Was it good? 🙂

  46. I bought one. Hope it’s good! Have they offered this before? If they have, I would love to know what the past ones had in it!

  47. Dammit, I cannot resist a good deal. How am I supposed to pay for medical school?! You guys are terrible influences on me. Ramen for dinner!

  48. Thanks for posting! I love Deux Lux. I ordered 2.

    • Me, too! Just hope we don’t end up with key fobs, luggage tags, and coin purses :-)!

  49. Any ideas what the value would be? I love most of what is on the website.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, since they don’t state a minimum value and there are no returns. I would hate to get 3 ID card cases or keychains …

      • Thanks for the link, omg I loved what you got and I like most of what is on the website, so does that mean the mystery items will all be handbags? they had beautiful jewelry on their site too…I may have to splurge and get one!

      • Good review! This was what I based my purchase decision on earlier. Fingers crossed mine is just as good!

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