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CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have Box On Sale Now!

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The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $195

The Products: $600+ worth of products, featuring an assortment of established and emerging designers, including some of fashion’s most coveted brands.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I went home on my lunch from work today just to order this, thank goodness or I would have missed out. I cannot believe how quick that happened!

  2. Really bummed that it sold out so quickly. I guess I just have to purchase and not waffle at the cost. Boo!

  3. I purchased my box literally one minute before I received the email. AWESOME. This box is going to be good – I ‘m guessing that many of the items will come from ShopStyle website because of the event Popsugar recently had with CFDA and ShopStyle. So, yes!!! Glad I didn’t procrastinate.

  4. Whew, sold out! Ive been way too bad this week!

  5. I hope we get something from Kate Spade! Since she was in LLB last month I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. Now even better would be a kate spade spring/summer purse!!!

    • that would be amazing!!

  6. Should have gotten it. procrastinated to long. Also hoped for a spoiler first. Oh well I ll get the next le box as soon as it comes out

  7. $195 for $600 worth of items, I think it will be awesome!

  8. Wow, I had no idea this box would sell out so quickly.

    I’ll admit, I have been stalking my computer, but honestly, based on reviews of past PopSugar boxes, there was no was I was going to resist this box.

    I purchased two boxes back to back and now, realizing that they sold out within an hour, I am glad I did! I learned a lesson with ecoemi. Less is definitely less and more is definitely more. I’d rather have fewer subscriptions to better boxes!

  9. Wow, it’s seriously sold out already?! I was thinking of waiting until I got home from work to purchase but couldn’t help myself from buying as soon as it went live. Lucky for me I have no willpower! 😀

  10. Glad it sold out! I was resisting till now and I don’t have to anymore! Some popsugar boxes have been good but none of them have been “must haves” for me.

  11. Holy criminy! I got email notification that box was available 40 mins ago, and I purchased a box 20 mins ago, and then right after they’re sold out! I haven’t received an email confirmation yet, but I have the confirmation number, thank goodness. I need a cocktail…

    • I have been holding my breath for a week waiting on that email. Luckily for me, I made a decision to stay on my computer and stare at the Popsugar website until it popped up. I purchased the box one minute before I got the email. Hope you enjoy your box, I have a feeling I will.

  12. So it sold out in a little over an hour!? Wow. Is that a record?

  13. Ugh! Sold out! I’ve been at my computer packaging up my swaps and waiting and as soon as I realized the time…SOLD OUT!!! :((

  14. Well… I caved so we’ll see. Interesting thought though, remember how amazing the Target fitness box was? There were no spoilers for that one, right?

    • Yes but the target box was only $65 and we knew it was fitness stuff. A fashion box? Well what is fashion? A hat, coat, shirt, shoes, belt, jewelry? That’s why this is too difficult

  15. oh thank goodness it sold out. I didn’t REALLY want it, but I know if the temptation had been around for a few days I would have caved!

    • Ha! This is EXACTLY how I feel!

    • Me too! I was so tempted but really can’t afford it and their LE boxes are so hit and miss lately. I’d die if it was another blue clutch or something.

      • Oh no need to worry, blue clutches are so yesterday. All the cool summer boxes will have GREEN clutches!

  16. Oh my, I must have been one of the last few to get this box. I have never spent so much on a box before but I do love my POP Sugar boxes that I’ve been getting since December. It’s a sickness, I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see what is in it!

  17. Of course, as soon as I made my decision it sells out 🙁

    • Grrrr, same here!!! I was in the process of checking out, and went to sign into my account, and BAM sold out!!! Hopefully I can swap for things I want, I’m sure there will be many….

      • Yeah, I got busy packaging my swaps and missed out! That was fast and I am sad :((

  18. Man glad I was stalking the website this morning, its sold out already!

  19. WOW! It’s already sold out! Glad I didn’t hesitate.

  20. Well I tried, I kept telling myself NO but it seems as though my fingers have a mind of their on!! I can’t help it, I love popsugar! Please, don’t let this box suck!!

  21. I ordered mine. I hope that I won’t regret it. I have never spent this much money on a box before. I got The Target box for $100.00 and it was well worth it. I love my Must Have boxes.

  22. I am so with you! I love subs and I’ve become such an addict. I decided not to spend my money with Sephora anymore. I spent so much money with them last year and they want another grand to keep my Rogue status, forget it! I love getting large samples from my boxes and figuring out what really works for me. I have a 6 month sub to Popsugar and I enjoy their boxes so much. I didn’t purchase the last Special Edition but I did get both the his and hers Christmas boxes, both were winners. If this one is a loser I just won’t but again!

  23. Darn. How could I have forgotten about this?! I just splurged during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. Hope everyone who got the box enjoys.

  24. No spoilers, high price tag, and it doesn’t ship for a full month? I’m curious to see the contents but I definitely won’t be ordering!

    • im with you ! i dont even like the $40 for regular popsugar !

  25. I waffled before it was released, but I swear JUST the knowledge that it might sell out convinced me to drop 2 hundo. If it wasn’t POPSugar no way, but….Sheesh!!!

  26. I was logged into my account since early this morning clicking refresh. My son comes into the room to ask if I ordered my box. Half asleep I say it’s not available yet. ” Mom it’s 9 o’clock.”, I click refresh one more time and sure enough it’s ready for purchase. Thank you, Son for supporting my habit. lol

  27. and all those Questions have nothing to do with this box… those are standard questions… i wasnt offered any questions. they use those questions to get a sense of their subscriber base. I answered those long ago when I first ordered (or when they relaunched the website). No boxes have been tailored to me.

  28. I just ordered – so I can now answer – it ships May 15th!

  29. I had to do it. I had it on my planner and it was the first thing I thought of when i woke up this morning. I have a sickness.

  30. when does it ship?

  31. I can’t believe I just did that!

  32. I didn’t receive a survey after my purchase asking sizes, cool/warm tone. I read that people were receiving a survey? Please advise. Thanks!

    • I didn’t either. I unchecked the box to purchase a subscription. I just got this as a one time box.

    • There’s a section under “My Account” called “My Preferences” – you can go in there and update any time.

  33. Can I just say how awesome it would be if our boxes came decorated with paper flowers like in the photo. I am a sucker for cute packaging and presentation so that would put this box to the next level for me!

    • I know, right! I want that packaging too!!

    • I agree!

    • Agreed! I hope it comes like that!

  34. So disappointed there wasn’t at least one spoiler. I just can’t do it. 🙁

  35. After much debate, I did it. Who was I kidding, I was getting it no matter what. It better be amazing cause I’m still a little mad over the Neiman Marcus 2014 box. Oh well. I’m an addict and this is me getting a fix 🙂

  36. Purchased! Didn’t even have time to debate and I hope spoilers start rolling out soon!! If I don’t like it I will for sure be swapping it *FINGERS CROSSED*

    • I also like that 50% of the proceeds go directly to the CFDA so I will justify a less than $100 box 😉

      • Ditto. I like that a portion of the money goes to charity. I had to get it. PopSugar has been hitting it out of the ballpark with their monthly boxes, so I only hesitated a bit on the price.

  37. Yay, very excited about this one! Its a whole month away from shipping 🙁

  38. Just realized that I should feel really bad that I waffled for so long about whether to get my toddler boy an Austin Lloyd box (finally did it yesterday)…and barely hesitated to get this $200 box for myself. Bad mommy!

    • Just an aside but it’s good to do things for yourself. My mom never did and it made me unhappy even as a child. A happy mommy is a happy kid lol no guilt!

  39. I really wish there was at least one spoiler. I can’t do it but I really want to.

  40. I was hoping when you order you could specify sizing… But now I wonder if their taking it from the sizing we have to popsugar when we signed up? Either way, not getting it. WAY too much money and not a single spoiler? Nope.

  41. The site went into maintenance mode while i was ordering and it hadnt gone through. the site came back live and I was able to order one. There went $195. fingers crossed it is awesome! I feel like it will be 🙂

  42. Ordered! Can I just say what a pleasure it is ordering with Popsugar instead of that Goldentote fiasco the other day? Literally one click. Popsugar should buy Goldentote’s website and fix it! 🙂

  43. Got one – Popsugar makes it way to easy by storing my credit card info – I just have to click click click and there went $195….

  44. It says the site is in maintenance mode. Maybe sold out already?

    • I got it. It took forever to process the order. It just sat there processing. I got the email that my order was confirmed. Thanks Anna for that info!

  45. I pressed the button to submit my payment and the site went back it the maintenance mode! Boo!!!

    • Check your email!

      • Thanks Anna!

    • …but I got an email confirming my order. If this happens to you make sure to check your email!

  46. I clicked “Order” and then the screen changed to “We are currently in maintenance mode. Our site will be back shortly.”

    Clearly, we broke the website :/

    • Update: Even though that happened, I still got a confirmation email, so I guess it somehow went through

  47. Got it!!

  48. Ordered!

  49. Just got one too!!! So glad there weren’t any issues ordering!

  50. It’s live! I just placed my order! Now the waiting game begins…

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