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You Know You’re Addicted to Subscription Boxes When…

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I thought it would be fun to do a post any subscription box addict could relate to! Please add other signs you are addicted to subscription boxes in the comments!

I’ll start with this one:

You know you’re addicted to subscription boxes when… you know the excitement of getting a shipment tracking email:

Shipment Tracking Email

Only to be followed by disappointment when you discover the worst shipping status ever:

Label Created

What are some other signs of subscription addiction? πŸ™‚

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. When you find out about a new *expensive* sub box that you HAVE to “try”, so you tell yourself you will just cancel a few other boxes to justify the new one…and then you just don’t.

    • Guilty!

  2. Awesome starter, Liz. Def made me lol. Oh, the agony and the ecstasy of shipping notifications!!!!

  3. When you know all about the boxes you’re not even that interested in personally just because you HAVE to read the spoilers.

    When your cousin starts a children’s clothing business and you recommend she add a subscription box service.

    When you consider purchasing a box with a great spoiler even though you never personally use that type of product or have a collection of that item already waiting for you.

    When you try to convince yourself that you should get the newest amazing Julep color when you already have at least one almost identical color already. That you haven’t started using yet.

    When you try to convince yourself that even though the new Rachel Zoe box comes with a great spoiler in gold, you know RZ almost exclusively wears and styles with gold, you don’t really like gold personally, gold doesn’t look good on you, you don’t even own one item of boho clothing, AND you still strongly consider purchasing her box because you KNOW there will be amazing stuff in there.

    When you find yourself writing PSMH, LLB, BB, CL, etc. in the comments of a totally unrelated topic and everyone knows exactly what you are talking about.


    • Update: decided to compromise with myself and sign up for the seasonal box (pay 4x/year and can cancel if necessary) instead of the annual the first go round, just in case.

      • From The Zoe Report a few minutes ago in response to an email I sent them a couple days back: “Each Box of Style will be tailored towards each season and the contents of each delivery will be a surprise each quarter. That being said, silver accessories are definitely a possibility and some point!”

        Yay! πŸ™‚

        • Glad they responded to you. I was wondering about that. I put that I prefer no gold tone or earrings in the box. Because they don’t ship till April 1, hopefully they have enough time to change the gold bracelet to silver.

          I talked myself out of the Julep box ( so far ) to get the Zoe box. Trying to talk myself out of the fabfitfun box now – lol


  4. When your husband ask what you are doing on your phone and you say ” just checking news on CNN ”
    I am using hours daily on MSA and MUT :-/
    I also run to get mail first and hide boxes so he doesn’t know HOW MANY I am getting every month :-/

    • You mean its not just me!??! πŸ™‚

      • I must confess, I do this, too.
        (I should be ashamed of myself!)

  5. When you go to your mailbox EVERYday and expect to see some sort of box and are disappointed to JUST reg mail and envelopes and are sad to see such an empty mailbox.
    ..and the skipping away from the mailbox when there IS a box! Of course checking to make sure no one is watching the scene.

    • This is me every day! And being dissappointed when it rains because *maybe* some water soaked onto your box.

      My boyfriend laughs at me because he knows when I get “good mail”. I skip back to the door put away the paper mail and happily go through boxes

  6. when you try and rationalize each and every box into a need verses a want. examples: i needed all those nail polishes to make a pretty painting, the nail polishes are going to make a great gift, oh look its a food item-that counts as a grocery purchase i would have gone to the grocery store anyhow, 5 yoga mat spays=household disfectant can be used instead multi purpose cleaner, shampoo=i normally purchase shampoo anyhow its a need, tshirts from geek boxes=apparel i would have purchased clothing anyhow since its a need.

    Oh … and trying to space the billing of boxes apart so the spouse freaks out less when he sees the credit card bill, which at the time hes looking at the bill you pass him a cookie out of one of the boxes so he can mumble instead of really speak.

    Canceling many boxes to get more new boxes.

  7. When you keep every single product description card and make notes beside each product listed as to whether you loved or hated that product. These said product cards are filed in their own little box in alphabetical order by box πŸ˜€

    • This reminds me of a serial killer taking trophies. πŸ˜‰

      What a great idea, though. I can think of several items that really were fabulous. Then, after pausing a box for a bit, I can’t remember which sub had the better items.

  8. When you get boxes or shipping notification on subscriptions you forgot you are getting.
    Also when you just have to type an m for your autocorrect to fill with

  9. Yeah…..when your front doorstep is occupied by a usps overflow carrier…for when I’m swapping or receiving too many packages for the community keyed mailboxes….lol…ditto on Sundays….and holidays. Those are the worst haaa

    • I LOVE getting a USPS bin when there’s too much stuff to leave scattered about my front steps!

  10. When the UPS guy asks “how the move went” because he’s now delivering your packages to a different address and he remembers the exact street/house you used to live at, 10 blocks away.

  11. The hign and low of getting all your boxes in one day.

  12. When even your dogs know it is time for Barkbox to come in the mail, your teen’s wardrobe is made up from mostly geek boxes, and one day you wake up realizing that your morning beauty routine consists of products from beauty boxes.

  13. Ditto to everything listed here!!! πŸ˜€

  14. I will just say ditto to pretty much every single comment above! I can soooo relate. I would also say refreshing the feed every hour on Bloglovin to see which bloggers posted new reviews πŸ™‚

  15. You create an Excel spreadsheet of every product you’ve received, complete with hyperlinks to when you got it and in what box it came. *blush*

    • Did that!

    • I have a massive, ongoing electronic reviews list. I photograph every box when it arrives and then write the review for posterity. Ok, I write it because I won’t remember what came from which box 2 days later.

      • I take pictures of my 11 different sub boxes every month and post them on my FaceBook. I’m trying to get my friends onboard with boxes so I can compare products!

  16. When you see a box by your door and you start squealing and jumping up and down like a little girl in excitement!!

  17. – When you can’t actually remember how many boxes you get..
    – When you do a spreadsheet to find out and realize just how much of your monthly income is going to boxes
    – When you haven’t had to look for the right size shipping box for anything in over a year because, well, you HAVE every size boxes and more come every month…
    – When a mail day without a box is genuinely depressing…

  18. When a large part of your closet is taken up by Modcloth, Golden Tote and Stitch Fix pieces to swap.

  19. When you change your browser homepage to MSA. Priorities!

  20. Haha! I can relate to every single one of these! Here’s one…

    When you hear the mailman in your neighborhood and you go stand outside, next to your mailbox, waiting for him.

  21. When you open your cabinets in the bathroom and they are overflowing with products you just can’t bare to part with and want to start using ASAP but have to wait until you are finished with the current product you are using! My shower contains tons of products and each time I run out of something, I replace it with another one that I have somewhere else. My BF keeps telling me I need to use the products in the shower, but he doesn’t get that I DO use them… I just have so many backups that the shower area will never be without products!

  22. When the 3 sweetest words are “Out for Delivery” !!

  23. You come to New York and actively hunt out birchbox.

    • I cannot wait to do this!!

  24. …whenever you get complimented on something and are asked where you found it, your response is always something like Golden Tote or PSMH. (And then you feel obligated to explain how they work, even to a complete stranger, lol)

  25. When the mailman puts all the Birchbox packages in front of your door….even though they are addressed to other residents!

    • Lol, I’ve had this happen.

  26. When you follow and suscribe to Liz’s email/Facebook/Twitter/Pintrest/ Instagram/website
    And check them all constantly!

  27. When you get a box in the mail, only to be disappointed because it’s only your grad school cap and gown..

    • Thank the Good Lord above that the boxes were not around when I was in college.

  28. When your husband makes you a Valentine’s Day box vs flowers and chocolate πŸ™‚

    • Love it!! This is me, my husband gave me a glossybox sub and I’d much rather have that than flowers and chocolate any day!!

  29. Feeling super excited when I see the phrases “we have full Popsugar spoilers” and “out for delivery”.

  30. When you never extend your vacation because there’s a zillion boxes to open when you get home!
    When Sundays are the dullest day of the week – no mail.

    • Yes to Sundays – also to expecting mail then remembering it is a holiday observed by the post office! πŸ™

      • My letter carrier told me that they have now started Sunday package delivery for Amazon!!! So my guess is at some point other companies will start with Sunday delivery as well.
        I could also add, when you know your letter carrier’s name, how many kids he has, schedule, and that he rings your doorbell when he has packages for you! (And that he looks forward to your house at Xmas, because you take good care of him too for all that hard work all year LOL)

  31. When all your friends “create boxes” for your birthday and Christmas gifts!

    • What a great idea!!!

    • …or…when you create boxes for everyone’s gift….I do this!

      • Me too!

  32. When you have trouble swapping because you already have almost everything on everyone’s swap lists πŸ™‚

  33. When you are happy that your mailbox got hit by a car because you are planning on replacing it with a bigger one to fit more boxes.

    • Hooray for happy accidents!

    • ^^^ hahahahaha!!

  34. When you agonize over the fact that all the other bloggers have their Birchboxes and you don’t even have shipping info yet!

  35. When you get a parcel delivered notification and you start counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until you get off from work so you can speed straight home to tear into your box.

    When you join and spend way too much time on sites like MSA so you see spoilers, reviews, and learn about new box services to subscribe to.

    • Isn’t that the truth! I think I’m addicted but that’s OK.

  36. I wish I could “like” every single comment!

    When you have a tracking number memorized because you check it 10 times a day even though the status doesn’t seem to change.

  37. When your mailman hates you because they have to make extra trips to their vehicle or have to rearrange their day around you.

    • Or they thank you for guaranteeing their continued employment!

    • Agree! I definitely know my mailman hates me, he’s always trying to stuff and wedge all the boxes in so I can hardly get them out. Or when I have too many and he has to leave them at my door lol.

      • At least yours get in the box! Where I live the mail carrier hangs all packages off our mailboxes in white garbage bags!!

    • Once my mail man actually threw a box so he wouldn’t have to walk all the way to my house. It slammed into the door and bounced into the yard. I happened to be sitting near the door and I jumped up because I thought someone was trying to get in. (My cowardly watch-cat ran out of the room). I almost called the post office to complain, but I decided to hope that he had meant for it to lightly land on the deck but just threw it harder than he thought.

  38. When you try to get to the mail first so your husband won’t know how many boxes you really receive (and hide the box in your coat just in case he sees you come in with the mail and boxes).

    • hahaha thats sooo true!! lol

    • Lol! I do the same thing! My teen daughter has even conspired with me to stash the boxes in her room so we can sneak-open them together with her door closed πŸ™‚

      Also, tomorrow is the only Monday I’ve ever looked forward to since the RZ box goes on sale…

    • Totally guilty!

  39. For those of us with community mailboxes…When you have both parcel keys waiting in your mailbox at least once a week.

    • When you receive a package at your house and it’s NOT for you! Whoa that’s weird!

    • Haha greatest day ever!

  40. When you have a spreadsheet to track boxes, user names & passwords, payment methods and sub dates to make sure you are able to utilize coupons when they come up and to track what is coming next.

  41. I had to cancel my debit card when an unauthorized charge showed up that I didn’t make. I received my new card and spent over an hour changing the info for all my subscriptions! I think we may need a SBA group- “Subscription Box Anonymous”, haha!

  42. When you have to have some boxs shipped to work so your husband doesn’t know you have more than four subscriptions

  43. When I am constantly checking your site for spoilers, coupon codes, and reviews on all my favorite boxes!

  44. When your friends and family ‘shop’ in your sub box swap stash.

  45. When your kids know which box is which… “Mommy got her birchbox today!” Or “look my citrus lane box is here!” Lol. And they are only 5 and 2.

    • When your furbabies want to inspect every package you open, because they know one of them has to be their Barkbox!

    • When your kids start getting their own sub boxes! Mine get Nerdblock, Love with Food, and Ipsy!

      • When you think your 13 year old daughter will enjoy “becoming a woman” more if there’s a monthly sub box dedicated to the topic. And I was right!

  46. When you spend half a morning at the beginning of every month making your “Pick or Skip” rounds on the Net…

  47. When you use the recycling bin at work so your husband doesn’t see just how many boxes it is!

  48. When… You have to make a list of the subscription boxes you’re waiting for so you dont forget or so they dont forget about you!

  49. Oh and your mail person knows you by name and knows if you’re not home to open your back gate and put them on the back porch in the mail bin.

  50. When you have to order a second recycling bin from the city because the first one just doesn’t do it to get rid of all the packing and boxes you get on a weekly basis.

    • Haha love it! πŸ™‚

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