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Sesame Gifts Mystery Boxes on Sale

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.42.15 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.42.33 PMAre you grabbing one (or more)? I’ve never purchased from Sesame Gifts before, so I’m not sure what to expect from their mystery boxes.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m happy to report that I just received an email that they will be issuing a refund to my card within 48 hours so that’s good!

  2. I was so annoyed. Y this box I actually wrote cs which I never do. Their reply is to give me $5 off another box. Ummm I’ll pass thanks. If anyone wants to use the code feel free.

    MAR 12, 2015 | 04:21PM PDT Ashley L. replied: Hi Christina,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us.

    I am very sorry to hear about your disappointment in the gift set. We bundle our products for the Surprise Box based on the products retail price so we can try and keep it at the low sale price of $15 for our customers. As our advertisement stated “2-4” items in the Surprise Set which could be any of the items in the photo or listed on the site and app. For this the sweet treats set, these items (Sucrè peppermint bark $13, Caramels $8.50, Choco love bars $3 ) were a higher price item compared to some of the other products in the other sweet treats surprise box sets. This is why other people may have had more products in their sweet treats set compared to yours.

    Also, I can assure you that nothing we sell is old or expired. None of our products are “left overs” and we have been selling these items in our Chocolate Lovers and Raising the Bar gift sets.

    We pride ourselves in using high quality and one-of a-kind products for our gift sets and I’m sad to hear that you did not enjoy your set.

    Again, I’m so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. Here is a $5 promo ENJOY05 in hopes that you will give us another chance with some of our other gift sets.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    Have a great day! Ashley

    Please, rate my message here:

    Sincerely Inc. Guarantee If your Sincerely product gets lost in the mail, damaged or you are otherwise not happy, we will send a free replacement or return your money. We take full responsibility from the time you click “order” until you are holding a beautiful Sincerely product in your hand.

    • Apparently they need to rewrite their guarantee, taking out the “otherwise not happy” section. I think they have overly exaggerated their values on a few of the items.

      • Well I actually wrote back in reference to their stated guarantee and that I was “not happy” and did want my money returned to me as promised. I will let you know the response.

    • These were supposed to be $30 boxes, on sale for $15. Why do they need to keep a $30 box’s price point at $15???!!!

  3. I haven’t seen anyone else post box contents for the “Lovers” (adult) box, so here it goes —

    –10 ft purple satin ribbon
    –4 sample packs of lube (same brand, different varieties)
    –a tear out book of “sex fortunes” (like fortune cookies)

    Box was 18$ + 5$ to ship. I’m not wowed by the value but the “fortunes” are cute and unique.

    • Great, I’m getting that one later this month. It was my last hold out of hope…

  4. Another disappointment here. My husband’s Men’s box arived today. It wasn’t horrible, but was discouraging. He got a small pack of beef jerky, a granola type bar, a unique keyring, a set of cheap floppy-plastic flasks, and wait for it… a deck of cards. I’m not talking a fancy deck with cool pictures or logos either. These are the standard red & white swirled cards you can pick up any time at Walmart for $.50. I felt so bad. He was excited after watching me unbox my treasures, and that’s all he got. The box was 9/10ths packing. The worse part is I ordered 2 other boxes from them to be delivered later this month. Live & learn!

  5. Just opened our kids box and it contained two over-sized/thick mechanical pencils, one pen shaped like a tube of acrylic paint, Rubber Barber eraser, one temporary tattoo, pack of Mrs Grossman star stickers, preprinted notepad with ways to say congratulations, and Doodle Jump sticky notes. My 9 yr old son loves it, but it wasn’t worth the price.

    Our man box contained a deck of ordinary playing cards, Free Key system key ring, Flask 2 Go disposable flask 2 pack, citrus lime beef jerky, and a Grizzly Bar pocket meal ( thick granola bar). Will update later with husband’s reaction. I am not going to tell him what I paid though.

    The quality of the items are nice, but I don’t see the value based on other mystery / subscription boxes we have received from other companies. I will not order from this company in the future.

    • My husband was happy with the contents of his box. I did look everything up online for prices. The breakdown is below.

      Men’s box: key ring $6, cards $.50, jerky $6, flasks $10, meal bar $3 with a total of $25.50

      Kids box: sticky notes $9, notepad $5, eraser $4, pen $1, pencils $4, stickers $1, tattoo ? with a total of $24

      I feel a little better based on these prices, but I would not have purchased these items for these prices.

  6. Welp I just got my sweets box and I am an unlucky and super disappointed recipient of the 3 item box which has a plain dark chocolate bar (gross), a bag of peppermint bark (gross), and a box of 4 small caramels. There’s no date or ingredients on the bark (barf) bag and the caramels either expired 1-24-15 or will expire 4-24-15, it’s hard to tell since the month number is scratched off. So with shipping I paid $6.65 per item. Horrible box. The 5 item one sounded pretty decent though.

    • Yup I got the Chocolove 55% dark chocolate bar, sucré bag of peppermint bark, and a Charles SF “salty-sweet cashew” milk chocolate bar. Although we certainly will eat it, I could have just bought three chocolate bars at random from the grocery store and been just as happy, and probably several dollars richer… no way was this a $25 value box as they advertised as pre-markdown.

    • I got a nice gift box too with three items out of date! How disappointing.

  7. Just got my Woman’s Box today. girl hair bands – Retail 10.00 hair pins hot pink and gold – Retail 10.00

    2x Chocolove dark chocolate bars – Retail 2.79 each

    Roman Ruby Golden Gate Park Soap Bar – Retail 10.00

    The girl & the fig: Lavender Sea Salt seasoning – Retail 4.00
    Total Retail of box: About $39

    It honestly sounds like I’ve gotten the better of both the sweets and woman’s box and I’m sorry no one else got the value I did. It wasn’t the greatest mystery boxes in the world but it was something to try out. Would I do it again? No, probably not. I’d rather know what I’m looking forward to in the box, not it be a surprise.

  8. Just wondering if anyone else has received their boxes. I got the women’s box and the sweets box. Not going to say yet what was in them, but even on sale, the value for the women’s box seems very low. A bit disappointed : (

    • I ordered the sweets box and the women’s box, I just got the sweets box today, and SUPER disappointed. 3 items for $20 is insane.

      • Did you only get 3 items on the sweets box? I got 3 in the women’s box and they definitely do not seem to be worth much at all. The sweets box,I got 5 items, 2 of which were the same.

        • Oh wow! No I only got 3 items in my sweets box, a dark chocolate candy bar, what looks like peppermint bark and box of caramels, but there are only 4 in it. haven’t received the women’s box yet. I wouldn’t pay $6 for a candy bar and not a fan of peppermint. Can’t wait to see what I get in the women’s box.

    • I got the sweets box today. 5 items. Two things of Moravian Cookies (Retail 4.99 ea for 2.75 oz), a Charles Chocolate Sweet and Salty Cashew Chocolate bar ( Retail 7.95), a Chocolove Dark Chocolate 55% (Retail 2.79 ) and some chocolate covered dried strawberries. All of which were pretty tasty stuff. I’m hoping the woman’s box I get tomorrow will be just as good.

    • I got the women’s box today, and wow just wow. 2 mini OPI nail polishes, two of the same damn chocolate bars that I already got in my sweets box and an ugly rose pine. I could’ve made myself for a fraction of the price. Fool me once, never again Sesame, never again.

      • I got the same box as you…and yes super disappointing. I was using this box as a judge for possible future gifts but after this box I won’t be making any more purchases from this company. And I have to say buying a women’s box I am super disappointed that two of my items were chocolate bars. I didn’t order the sweets box purposely because I didn’t want any chocolate.

    • For the Sweets box, I received 2 Moravian tins of cookies, 1 Charles chocolate bar, 1 Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar, 1 bag of chocolate covered dried strawberries. An okay box, but value wise, pretty sad.

      For the Women’s box, I received the same Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar, 1 mini OPI polish, and a pouch with a bird on it by Thomas Paul. I paid a discounted price, and I am STILL disappointed in the value. Not impressed….not at all.

      • I got the same women’s box as you..Lol I felt the same about it..I was just like Really??? I guess I have gotten spoiled with all my other boxes:) My OPI was a really dark brown too….lol…wonder if there were a lot of color variations.

        • There were variations in OPI then, I got 2 super tiny bottles. Once a glittery orange, one a glittery silver.

      • I received my box today with same items – Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar, 1 mini OPI polish, and a pouch with a bird on it by Thomas Paul. I would be very upset if I had paid the full price for this box. This will be my first and last box.

  9. Wow. Seems like they have a ton of varieties of boxes. Liz, you ever though of reviewing some of them?
    Also seems like only the kids and sweets boxes are still on sale

  10. Tried to purchase women’s box last night, but sold out while I was checking out. I did purchase a box for my husband, since he gets jealous of my boxes. I also snagged a kid’s box. Liz have you checked out The Kinder Box for men. They are a new box that I bought for my husband. He has really liked his first two boxes.

    • Thanks, Kathy, for the mention of The Kinderbox! My husband was getting jealous and wanted some of his own. And something that wasn’t socks or underwear or all shaving or all dressy clothes and accessories.

      We are doing or have already done most of the boxes for men that interest him, however I haven’t come across this one yet. Oh yeah! (that sounded so much like the Kool-Aid man in my head, I’m that excited)

      • Sounds just like my husband. The Kinderbox has had very manly type items like knives, jerky, bacon lip balm, and whiskey stones.

    • Thanks for mentioning Kinderbox, I just ordered one for my brother as a gift. Their customer service is amazing!

      • I think their customer service has been great also. I emailed a few times with questions and they responded within hours.

  11. I missed the women’s box, but was able to order the sweets box. It says it will be delivered on the 12th.

  12. What a bummer. The women’s boxes are already sold out!

  13. Well, the women’s box is sold out, and that’s probably a good thing. lol Maybe next time, Sesame.

  14. Got my husband one of the men’s boxes. Hope it has good stuff in it!

  15. I ordered the women’s box

  16. I have never purchased a mystery box from them but I did buy a sweets box from them for a gift for Christmas. I knew what would be included but I have to say the packaging was adorable and it made a great gift. It also shipped the same day I purchased it. I would definitely buy from them again.

  17. I’m going to skip this box for now, rather just put the $19.95 towards the Rachel Zoe: Box of Style.

  18. I picked up one for myself, nice way to see if this is a good service before sending anything to friends / family.

  19. I’ve never even heard of this site before or their boxes. I’m interested, but not sure what to expect.

  20. I just got two of these as well. One for women and the sweets one, whoever else got the same will have to compare boxes with me to see if anything was different. 🙂

  21. I just ordered the women’s box! I am thinking of ordering one of the sweet treat boxes as well but I think it’s just because I am craving chocolate today 🙂

  22. I might when I’m home from my sister’s appointment.

  23. How fun! I ordered two – the sweet and women’s box! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m so jelly, Ash, I totally missed out on this! You’ll have to let me know what they were like! (AND I totally didn’t know you were part of of this page too! Do you use the swap site as well?)

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