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Reminder – Check Your Email for Birchbox Sample Selection!

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April Sample Choice Time! Sample Options Birchbox MadMen Boxes

Reminder to check for your Birchbox email to select your sample for this month! (This link will take you to the sample choice page, but you have to use your own personal email link to be able to select your sample).

If you are new to Sample Choice, you should get an email today if you are a Birchbox Ace, or shared your box page – all other subscribers will get their email tomorrow.

Are you going with a sample pick or the guest editor box? If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet, make sure to use coupon code GAP10 to get 100 points ($10) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you sign up!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. BB emailed me today saying my lost March box will not be replaced. My sub will be extended by a month. Why couldn’t my Feb box be lost instead? My March box looks great. I did receive an email today stating that April’s BB plus item will be billed in a few days.

  2. I received a “rate the support you received” email. It’s the first time I received one for an unfinished problem. I was planning to email them again on Monday. Does this mean that BB feels that my problem is resolved?

    I have yet to receive my March box shipped 3/9. I did receive a replacement item for my BirchBox Plus which is wonderful. I haven’t received tracking on my replacement March box which has great items! I’m planning to email them again Monday to see if they are going to send the box or extend my yearly sub by one month.

  3. My email link didn’t work this time, it happens once in a while for some reason . I emailed them with my pick and reserved the tote this month too. They confirmed quickly so I’m glad I was able to get my first choice.

  4. FyI ladies!!! I called Birchbox this morning about why box upgraders (the $30.00 box) did not get to choose the curated boxes for this month and they said that going forward this might change depending how the April box (the first time) goes. We will get a survey that will come after we get the box. Also, the two extra items will only count as 10 points on the review, in reviewing the April box we will get 70points as opposed to the usual 50 points.

    • This is ridiculous. As an ACE and someone who’s taking a chance on Birchbox by spending an extra $20 for two products I may not even want/like/need, I feel like Birchbox should have handled this in a completely different manner.

      I have to admit that I’m getting cold feet about paying $30/month for two full size products (one of which might be nail polish) and samples. For the same $30, there are several subscription boxes that would send me 5-7 full size items.

      I don’t understand Birchbox’s thinking is on this. I feel like I’ve gone out on a limb with this “upgraded” subscription and so far, the only thing I’ve received is downgrades: I’ve spent three times the money for a box that I didn’t get to select; as far as I know, I didn’t receive any Birchbox points when I upgraded my subscription (over a year, this will represent an additional $240); and the points for the full size reviews are the same as the points for the sample reviews.

      For the same amount of money, I could have purchased two additional annual women’s subscriptions or one men’s – all which would have come with Birchbox points.

      So far, so disappointed. I expected more from Birchbox. The launch of a new subscription box should generate excitement and anticipation, not anxiety and an overall feeling of let down.

      $30/month may not seem like a lot to some, but over a year, this adds up to $360 and for that amount of money, I expect A LOT MORE than what I’ve seen from this “new” subscription so far.

      • I completely agree. I feel like I’m being punished for spending more $$ and trying out the upgrade.

  5. I just got my email for my second box and all three sample choices are out of stock. Both Mad Men boxes are still available.

    • Yes, I was so disappointed! I got the California instead.

  6. I couldn’t get through by phone and no reply through Facebook this morning, but I emailed and heard back within five minutes that they had reserved the NY box for me.
    It was a bit of a hassle this month but it worked out. I’m a Birchbox newbie and have been happy with their customer service so far. I loved my first two boxes and can’t wait for this one:)

  7. If you still have not received your sample choice email, I agree with another poster that said to call. I just called at 1:30pm (Eatern Time) and I was able to select the New York box. It really did just take two minutes. She just asked my email and my choice and I was done. I received a confirmation of my choice about a mjnute later. The number I called was (877) 487-7272. Hope this helps!

    • I just went to my email again, used the same link and it worked! All that was left was the Jouer blush, which wasn’t my first pick but I’ll definitely take it! 🙂

    • Same for me, I called around 10:30 pst and she said they send the emails out between 12-2pm but she could take my pick over the phone. I picked the Mad Men CA box and she sent me an email confirmation about a minute after the call.

      I wanted to take the time to say think you to Liz and everyone else on this site. Your comments and suggestions have been very helpful to a sub box newbie, like I would not have thought to call if not for comments on here.

  8. It is 12:33pm CST and all samples and boxes are for offer! I got the New York box. There is still hope!!!

  9. At 12 right after I got my email it wouldn’t let me choose any of them so I’m guessing they were all sold out. Which stinks because I wanted that mad men by so bad!!! But I’ve never had this happen before so does it mean we still get one of those 3 samples we just don’t get to pick which one or are we short one sample? Can someone tell me how that works of you don’t get to choose? Thanks a bunch!!

    • The sample choices just replace a sample you would have gotten in your April box. You’ll still get five samples, you won’t get shorted. We just won’t receive any of the sample choices.

      • Actually, you could still end up with one or more of the sample choices, even if you didn’t choose one. I didn’t choose a sample last month, and I still got the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. You could also end up with at least one of the samples from the Mad Men boxes. 🙂

        • Wow, I didn’t know that! I’ll keep my fingers crossed then in hopes of getting one of the sample choices. I would be very happy to get any of them.

          • Hilary, it may be worth a shot to try your link again, or email customer service just in case. 🙂 I had to email them initially to reserve my own Mad Men box.

          • I didn’t choose a sample a couple months ago because I didn’t like ANY of them and I got ALL 3 in my box….

            You never know!

    • I just got my choice email after messaging them on FB. When I first went to choose it wouldn’t let me but when I went back in it had box the Mad Men boxes still available but the sample choices gone. I say try reloading a few times you might still get it!

  10. I just got my email and picked and both curated boxes were still available, but the only available sample left to choose was the jouer blush. This was around 11:20AM CST.

    • I contacted them on Facebook and they sent me a link. However, the link doesn’t work. The “submit choice” button is greyed out and won’t allow me to chose. Just my luck. I was SO excited about this month’s sample choices and now I don’t think I’ll be able to chose any of them.

      • You should try calling them…I also got a link today around Noon for my second account and the submit choice button was greyed-out. I assumed that meant everything was sold out, but I called and my choice of the New York box was still available. I got an email confirmation like a minute ago.

      • Same here. All choices and both Mad Men boxes are grey.

  11. I never received my early access email (I shared the contents of my box more than once just to be sure), so I sent BB a message and they responded saying they would hold the NY box for me. I was still able to reserve it today, so no hard feelings. I just hope it doesn’t happen again next month.

  12. I just called and I made my sample selection over the phone and received an email confirmation. Took 2 minutes all together

  13. Kind of wish I didn’t upgrade! I really wanted one of those boxes! I picked the eye trio…

  14. I shared my box page and STILL haven’t received an email. It’s 11:06 pm right now, does it matter that I live on the east coast?

    • I shared my box and never got email either. I emailed BB 12 hours ago and no response. I’m irritated at this point.

      • It is super frustrating! If you get an email back let me know what they say.

    • I posted on their Facebook page and they responded within an hour or two and this morning I received an email confirming my sample choice. Hope that helps!

      • I ended up contacting on FB also. They responded quickly and reserved my selection. All choices were still available as of a few minutes ago.

    • Same here. I’ve been resubscribed (after a year off) for 3 months and have yet to get one.

  15. So frustrated…I realized I never got an email for March to pick out samples. Now I tried to go onto their page and do the steps to get early pick, and it wouldn’t load the page. I haven’t received an email yet but I will keep checking tomorrow. It’s not in my spam folder either, and I have gotten them in previous months. I really want that eyeshadow palette.

  16. I chose the lippie just to try and make sure birchbox does not send me that pop trio that I could not get rid of from ipsy for like a year (I can’t use due to the parabens so it’s useless if I can’t swap it) someone said it smells like strawberries!? I shall never leave home without it if so!

  17. Just got the NY Madmen box – could not be more pleased 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. I suppose I should email them as I have never gotten an email to pick anything. I got a year subscription last July. Maybe it’s because it was one of their special deals.

    • Do you get any emails from them ever? I had opted out of marketing emails but if you do that they won’t send you sample choice or shipping emails either.

  19. LIZ & ALl – MSA QUATERLY BOX 2 is available on Best of Quarterly.

    • Liz & All is what I meant to write.

  20. Thanks for keeping in touch!

    If you receive the $30 Birchbox Subscription, you will only be able to opt in for 1 of the 3 samples only, not either of the special edition Mad Men boxes. So sorry for any inconvenience!

    Please let me know if I can assist you further. Have a wonderful day!

    This was the reply to the facebook private message that I sent regarding the inability to select a curated box. It just seems strange that if they can let you choose one of the 3 samples that you can’t choose a curated box. I’m very disappointed that they didn’t give this info when they offered the option to “upgrade”. It doesn’t feel like an upgrade now – I guess we shall see what they send.

    • I’m also not liking the fact that I upgraded to the more expensive box and can’t pick a curated box, I did reserve the bag and cup but never received a confirmation on it, I feel like I should have stayed with the cheaper box ! Blahhhh

  21. I never got the email so I decided to just call them and I’m getting the NY box! I don’t know why I never got the email on one of my accounts though. On my other account I’m getting the lip stain! Very excited to try it, can’t wait for April’s boxes!

    • Where did you find their number? I cant seam to find it anywhere!!

      • I’m sorry for the late response but if you still need it you can find it on their Facebook page!

  22. Am I able to have two Birchbox subscriptions on one account? Or do I have to use another email address and set up a whole new account? I’d obviously rather have it on one account so that all of the points are combined instead of separated between two.


    • No, you have to use separate e-mail addresses.

  23. So, just my Aces email. I was able to pick the Jane lip (which smells like strawberries and is really blendable). BUT, I was unable to purchase the tote–as it said I must have an active subscription.Okay, I have had an active sub for 3 years>>>Anyone else have that problem. I also added a second sub for myself on 3/19/15–do you thing I’ll get a second email allowing me to choose a sample tomorrow? I thought no, as I thought we couldn’t choose anything for our first month. But, I see a few people who have resubbed and they are getting choice sample pick emails.

  24. Well, I guess I get to pick on the account I canceled and resubbed on, after all. I got the Jane Iredale lip/cheek stain. I know from past experience with the same product that it works best on my cheeks (have heard the opposite from others, though), so I guess I have two cheek products coming this month since I picked the Jouer on my other account. Oh well! I’ll be happy as long as I don’t get two of the exact same box (which happened to me last month — though that may have been my fault for choosing the same sample on each account).

    • Oh yeah, and it’s 3:15 or so (Eastern) and nothing was sold out yet.

  25. I just got the sample choice email…..

  26. So excited for the NY box – been wanting to try Anastasia products for a while now. Will likely try to swap for the cheek stain too.

  27. I am an ace, and I still haven’t got my email. I usually do. Any other ace not get their email yet?

    • I’m an Ace too and shared my box yesterday just in case to get early sample choice and haven’t received an email yet.

    • I haven’t gotten mine either and I’m an ace too 🙁

    • I’m an Ace and haven’t gotten yet.

    • I just now got my email! Picked the California box, love the lip pencil and want to try the body wash.

    • Just got email!

    • I just got my email. Fortunately everything was still available, got the lip thing. I liked the CA box at first, but I have already tried 3 of those samples.

  28. I picked the eye shadow because I’ve received tons of lippies in sub boxes lately. My favorite has been the beauty box 5 glosses from nanacoco. So good for March. The color The Lift is so beautiful on.

  29. I was one of the first people to reserve the Tumbler BB Plus set (almost immediately after the Youtube video went up), but I never got a confirmation email, and I just was able to pick both of the Mad Men boxes on either accounts…. so I guess according to the comments here I won’t be getting the BB Plus item? I guess that’s fine. Saved me $20…

    • I don’t believe you get a confirmation email for BB Plus choices. I reserved the tote, and it confirmed my reservation on the website when I clicked “reserve now”, but I didn’t get an email confirmation. I’m still expecting to get the tote.

    • I didn’t get a confirmation email for my BB Plus items either. Did those get sent out? I did take a screen shot when I reserved them to show that I was all set.

    • I think you will still get the tote. The people who can’t seem to choose the curated boxes are people who signed up for the new beta version that includes full sized products for $30 total. I don’t think that picking the tote or tumbler/notepads has any impact on if you can select the curated boxes or not. I may be wrong, but that’s how it seems.

    • Ok, I see what people are talking about. The Beta version, not upgrading with Birchbox Plus.

      If none of yall got an email about the BB Plus item then I’m guessing I’m still gonna get it. Yay!

  30. I still have not received my email. I hope it comes soon. Would like to pick ASAP.

  31. Comment

    • oops…let’s try this again lol……I just selected the curated box, and the tote is now available if anyone is interested (I thought I had read that it was sold out) Good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!!

  32. I guess it isn’t a huge loss that I can’t pick a curated box since I did the upgrade, but it is a little disappointing. Had I known this, I don’t think I would have chosen to upgrade at all, since I really wanted the MMNY box, but hopefully the other samples will be good.

  33. I want the lippie because I got most of the item in the mad men boxes in last two previous curated boxes! I also order the rifle paper co canvas bag!! Couldn’t resist!! I wanted to get two, but I didn’t see how I could order more than one?

  34. I got the email on my upgraded account but not my other yet, and I should get both today. It makes no sense, also on the upgraded account you cannot even choose the mad men box. I wanted both so bad!

  35. I would never have upgraded had I known that was the case. I’m going to call and cancel today.

  36. Was it disclosed in advance anywhere that upgrading our boxes would remove our ability to pick a curated box? I don’t recall seeing that anywhere.

    • Has anyone else who shared their box still not gotten the email? I never did so I sent them a message. On my other account I got the message a hour ago so, it’s not looking good. 🙁

      • I shared my box and just got the email a few minutes ago. All the choices were still available when I picked.

      • still nothing for me yet

      • I haven’t gotten an email and I shared mine on Facebook. And it’s 6:30 here now. Things are already sold out. Very annoyed.

        • If you only wanted one of the choices, and it’s sold out, I might suggest not picking a sample. It’s a gamble, but in the past I have received one of the choices even though they were “sold out”.

    • I still haven’t received mine and I shared on both Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

  37. I haven’t gotten my email yet, but I shared my box on social media, so I’m on the lookout for it.

    They have some really awesome choices this month! I think I want the lip & cheek stain, but the Mad Men California curated box also looks great. It’s hard to decide!

  38. I’m pretty peeved right now because if you opted into the extra 2 items for $20, you CAN NOT choose a curated box! Argh! : (

    • Me, too! I just got off the phone with them and I’m disappointed I won’t get Mad Men NY, but I hope my Rifle box has 4 other really great items (I chose the lippie).

      • I’m upset over this too. I never would have upgraded my subscription if I knew it meant I couldn’t get the curated box. Rather rediculous to penalize people who are now giving Birchbox extra money each month.

      • I also upgraded and so I cannot get the curated boxes…if you don’t mind me asking, what was the reason they gave? Is it because the full-size items were are getting are sampled in the curated boxes?

        • Hi Renee, So far, I’ve gotten a canned email response “Sorry but not really” but no reason why upgrading would limit our choices. I’ve always heard positive feedback about BirchBox customer service so we’ll see how they handle it. I’ve posted to Facebook as well and they asked me to message them but I haven’t received an answer from that. I’ll let you know!

          • Cool, thanks! Yeah I’m really curious and this will probably change my mind about keeping the upgrade.

    • I am canceling my upgrade. I resent not being able to pick a curated box as I do not like any of the sample choices. I really wanted one of the mad men boxes.

  39. I have two subscriptions so I think I am going with the Mad Men NY box for one and I’m not going to choose a sample for my other one. I like all three samples so I’m going to let them surprise me 🙂

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