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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Subscription Available Now!

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Box of Style - A new subscription box from Rachel Zoe!

UPDATE March 9th: The site is up and taking orders!

Thanks Lily for letting us know that subscriptions are open! You can now sign up for a Rachel Zoe Box of Style subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was able to order by clicking the banner at the top of the home screen. The link in this post is still showing a 404 error though. Glad it’s working!

  2. Site is a little sluggish, but I just ordered one. They are open for biz! Yay!!!

    • It is saying oops on my page. Did you enter another way?

      • Yes. They posted it on Twitter.

        • That doesn’t take me to the shop – I get the contest ad.

          • Try the link Sarah just posted above.

        • Thank you so much for the tip! That link worked perfectly. All signed up! Now I can relax for the night…lol

        • Thanks! 🙂

  3. IT’S UP! My 6 subscriptions were cancelled,so I had to redo, but I’m in!!!!!

  4. The humanity!

  5. OOPS page not found again….ok, this is seriously driving me crazy!! I am waiting another hour then throwing in the towel…

  6. ….and now we are back to, “coming soon!” I just want to order already!! If I go to bed, I will wake up tomorrow and it will say, “Sold Out!” lol

  7. Do we know for sure that it’s launching tonight or tomorrow? I’d really hate to be waiting for it to be next week when it’s actually launched, lol.

  8. I am hoping it launchs at 12 midnight PST!!

  9. Comment

  10. Womp. I’m on the was coast and told myself I would wait up until 12:01am and still nothing. I just wish there was an official launch time!

    • By was I mean east and this is a sign I should go to bed. Good luck to all those who wait it out 🙂

  11. Omg I wish we could just buy it already! I have been waiting for this to open and I am scared its going to sell out if I go to bed! Yes, I am aware I have a problem. lol

    • Same here. I just drove home from a friends house and I was so nervous that with my luck, it would go on sale while en route.

      • So glad I am not the only one!

  12. Delivery will vary based on location but annual membership boxes will ship at least 24 hours before seasonal

  13. Omg I want this !

  14. and BTW Liz I tagged you in my convo on Twitter with @thezoereport about my mini melt down….trying to get up to date info for all of us. I have a feeling this WILL sell out quickly! Annual or quarterly?? Has anyone decided?

    • Annual for sure! I’m determined not to go to bed tonight until this purchase is made!! 😀

    • I am so on the fence about an annual sub…. what if the first two are great and 3-4 flop………

      • Well if the first 2 are great you wouldn’t cancel until after the bad third one anyway. And even THEN you might give it a second chance just because the first two were great 🙂
        Now if the FIRST one is a flop we will all be in trouble!

  15. It’s definitely not even open yet…..they said they are still working on the launch page….. how has anyone ordered? This Is Bananas!!!! I am on a serious mission!! And it’s NOT sold out! Thank goodness!!

  16. It’s still in test mode for me, but now I have gotten 5 different tax rates, and each time a different zip code is filled in automatically. Perhaps they are programming different state tax rates in right now. Can you tell that I’m bored? Back to “Orphan Black.” LOL!

  17. It says oops now, what happened?!? Does that mean we are out of luck 🙁

  18. anyone have a link that works?? My page just says coming soon

  19. My comments have gone missing lol but I was able to subscribe and received an order number so I hope it’s a good box!!

  20. …back to “join now” followed by… “coming soon”

  21. It won’t accept my credit card now – says its in test mode. Did anyone activate yet? Or are we all waiting for actual launch?

  22. The last two times that I added an annual sub to my cart, the tax was $10 different for each, $31.88 and then $21.88. Still working out bugs, I’m guessing.

    • You end up saving almost 55 with the annual subscription. $109.50 for seasonal, 383.25 annual over here in Washington state.

  23. I signed up!! I hope it’s a good box!!

    • Recheck your account Becky. My previous subscriptions that went through during the “test” were deleted.

  24. I think you ladies broke the internet…

  25. I totally want this box, but I’m on the East Coast. I have a feeling it will launch later tonight PST. Since I have a young baby and value sleep over this box, I’m going to quit refreshing. 🙂 Hopefully there will still be some subs left in the morning!

  26. Sincerely hoping Rachel is somehow reading all this haha

    Meanwhile I’m just endlessly refreshing as well.

  27. All I can see is join now….then it says coming sooon. . Wondering How are you guys are getting anywhere……it’s going to be a long night ladies….I will be bouncing back & forth to thus discussion & RZ Box of style site..

  28. Impatiently waiting — Now it says “OOPS…
    We’re sorry but that page doesn’t exist. ” — Should I or should I not stay up till 1am or wake up very early to subscribe, decisions, decisions, decisions, ….

  29. REFRESH! REFRESH! REFRESHING!! Freaking out!! We are definitely getting closer ladies!! It also states annual subs ship earlier then quarterly subs ( woder how much earlier? ….Idk if $50 is a big enough savings for me….but then again one less thing to remember to pay.. grrrrr neither is really justifiable…unless you have a sub addiction and know how awesome RZ is!

    • OMG – earlier shipping is pretty much the most tempting reason I’ve ever seen for doing an annual subscription!

    • As Rachel herself would say, “This is Bananas!”

  30. This is cracking me up… I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is like this

  31. So this is “fun” in a sub-addict sort of way. Totally went on to order, kept getting my card rejected. Lol so I entered in the dang “4242” numbers and don’t you know it worked! So I tried to change it to MY card number and of course that won’t work *sigh* I have a confirmation of getting this box. Had to email them SMH

    • So you actually got one before it said sold out.

      • I guess I did! I am curious to see what happens

    • The “4242….” number worked for me too but I haven’t received a confirmation email. And I can’t find any where on the site to sign into my account. (FYI to those who didn’t know… the boxes are supposed to start shipping April 1).

      • I found my email in my junk folder, maybe same for you?

    • Haha they probably had to kill the page now because so many people were ordering with the test credit card #.. too funny XD

  32. Ladies, we are nuts

    • We are nuts!

    • LMAO! I was JUST thinking the same thing! In the morning, we will each have 20+ subscriptions. hahaha!

    • Haha- no one gets between a girl and her sub boxes. Lol

    • Haha…we are. I am out on the road and tried to buy this, all in a panic because my signal kept dropping. Fyi..I just tried again with a better signal and it says “product out of stock.” I’m hoping it’s because the box hasn’t launched.

      • That’s because I bought them all. Ahhahahahah!

        • Lmao!

  33. I tried it out and every time I select quarterly it wants to charge me for a yearly sub.

    • How can their FAQ be last update 3/10/15???

  34. I went in and tried to sign up with no luck. I guess you are addicted to subscription boxes when you keep trying to sign up and keep getting the same error but keep trying. That’s what I get when I also am addicted to My Subscription Addiction but don’t read the part that it is in test mode.

  35. Something to think about for annual subscribers:
    “Renews each year (membership is not cancellable during the year)”

    • Their FAQ gives directions on how to cancel and says that if an annual sub is cancelled, you’ll still receive all 4 boxes. Maybe they need to reword the part to make it more clear.

  36. I can’t wait, something else for us to stalk…and is it sad I know my credit card by memory!!

  37. Liz, do you think it will launch at 12:01 am?

    • EST?

    • I’m not sure. The rep for the box told me earlier that it would be launching Monday or Sunday night if everything goes smoothly. I’m guessing it will be one of those things that launches when it is ready. So – it could be anytime. I know that isn’t very helpful info to plan around though – sorry!

  38. In chrome I couldn’t get to checkout. In safari I can put in my info but then it tells me that my address is invalid. I’ll try it again tomorrow…

  39. Er mah gosh, I just looked at my account and I have 6 annual subscriptions active. Yikes! That’s what happens when you’re stubborn and keep trying over AND over. Whoops…

    • 350.00 x 6??

  40. I think they just have the site up to be prepared for tomorrow. It doesn’t launch until tomorrow, I believe. So it might be in “test mode”until then!

    • Yea – sorry about jumping the gun on posting! I know it may still launch sometime tonight if all goes well with testing, otherwise it will be tomorrow. I will keep checking though!

  41. I can’t even get to the credit card section. It just keeps refreshing the cart when I press checkout. 🙁

  42. When I try to check out it indicates error.

  43. I can’t get it to work, says something about it being in test mode????

  44. The site keeps telling me my address is invalid. How do they know where I live? Ahaha.

    • Our address isn’t on the map yet. We can’t even order pizza lol

  45. Ergh, trying to subscribe for an annual membership but it keeps telling me I’m in “test mode”!

  46. It looks like when I add an annual subscription there is $21 worth of tax but no tax on quarterly subscriptions. This means the savings between the two plans is only $29. Does anyone know if tax will be added on to the quarterly subscription at some point? If it slashes the annual savings in half and might not be worth spending a huge chuck of change at once.

    • It listed tax on the quarterly subscription as well when I was trying to order.

    • $109.50 quarterly OR $383.25 annually here in Washington State.

  47. I’m trying to sign up, but it’s not working…uugghh! I see that (like you mentioned) it says “test mode” for the credit card section. Hopefully it won’t bee too late and they won’t sell out before I’m able to try again…heading to the beach!

  48. ack! I was wondering If I just kept entering my card wrong. Does that mean it’s not even for sale yet? know you’re addicting to sub boxes when I get your tweets and fly to my purse to get my credit card in fear I’m going to miss out on something amazing. Lol

    • I did the same thing!! Threw my cereal bowl down and ran to my purse! Haha.

      • Ha! Looks like I’ll be eating only cereal this month with this box and the PS resort AND the Oui please annual sub that I HAD to buy!

        • Nice! I bought the PS Resort box too. I keep flipping between whether I should order the Quartely or Annual…maybe I should see how much cereal I have in the cupboard first!

  49. I am not sure it is actually available yet. The area to put your card in says “test mode” and I can’t seem to purchase. It almost looks like they are doing testing and accidentally made it visible to the public

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