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POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR Resort Box Available Now!

YAY! Thanks to Michelle for sharing these POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box spoiler pictures with us!

(FYI this Limited Edition Box and the April POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes have sold out, and you can now sign up for the regular May box. (Make sure to use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box).

POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box Spoilers! Page 1 POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box Spoilers! Page 2

Items included:

Stephanie Johnson White Dot Train Case (POPSUGAR Exclusive) – Value $80

Jane Iredale Warm My Steppes Makeup Kit – Value $58

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – Value $80

Sloane Stationery Passport Holder (POPSUGAR Exclusive) – Suggested Retail $48

Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Sea Salt Cocktail Salt – Retail $14?

Lele Sadoughi Half Moon Pendant (POPSUGAR Exclusive) – Value $110


What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yeah! I am super excited! I go on business travel a lot and could use everything here (except the salt, but willing to try it or gift it). I am a huge fan of the Stephanie Johnson bags. I have 4 of her items via Birchbox already. Love the patterns and quality.

  2. Mine should arrive in a few days. This box is great, I can’t wait to get it! I passed on the holiday ones just because I already spent my limit. I will enjoy everything, money well worth spent. Popsugar is much more my taste than many others I’ve tried but that is what this is all about. Find what makes you personally happy.

  3. I think this is a nice box! I didn’t order one, and I’m not overly sad about it because there’s nothing in here I am dying to get my hands on, however I would be very happy to receive the contents of this box if I had ordered it. And I think the passport holder is cute enough that might try to swap for one!

  4. Well, I was too slow on the trigger and missed out on this box. While the items are all quite lovely, I really don’t need anything included. Ended up spending the $ on the Zoe box — will have to wait and see if that was a good decision or not… 🙂

  5. Please email me if you would like to sell the box! My email is [email protected]. Thanks:)

  6. Like the necklace but i passed on the resort box since i am already back from vacay this year plus last years resort box led me to believe i just wouldnt want it. Glad i passes. Except for the necklace. Lol hoping to find it online for sale later 🙂

    • I am willing to sell my necklace through paypal if you are interested.

      • what’s the going rate for the necklace?

        • I have no idea! I have been trying to figure out what seems fair….

          • I’m also planning to sell my necklace through PayPal. I think $40 shipped is a fair price since it is the most expensive item in the box. Anyone else have thoughts on that?

  7. I will be selling the entire box. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. I just received it about 10 minutes ago. I will sell it for what I paid for it plus shipping.

    • *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE*****

    • I will buy your entire box off you if you have not sold it yet.

  8. The more I read about the necklace, the more I’m excited to get the box. So glad the stone is not plastic. Kinda sick of seeing plastic jewelry in boxes. The train case has a great design, to easily find stuff in. I m hoping the passport is good quality. I wish they would have stuck a snack in the box, since it seems like most popsugar boxes have an editable item. No I dont consider salt counting as edible – yuck =(

  9. I’m really happy I signed up for this box. I will use everything & my husband will like having the salt for his bar. I only get Birchbox & Glossybox monthly and I wait for nice limited release boxes like this. I’m thrilled and can’t wait for it to be delivered!!

  10. I think the box matches the theme and may order the next LE box. I do think it’s a nice selection of items and looks like they are already in demand for swapping or purchasing for those that do not need certain items.

    The items in the spoiler don’t appeal to me because I already own similar items that I love. I do think it was a good idea including a train case because I use mine all the time when traveling. I did pass on this box, but do like what I see. I am feeling better about the LE boxes and may buy the next one.

    Enjoy or have fun swapping!

  11. I’m very happy about this box. I’ve been looking for a new silver necklace for months and this will fit the bill. Even better, I have frozen drinks in my freezer just waiting for this Salt. The only miss for me is the makeup but if I can’t use it, I’m sure someone will love it on the swap boards!

  12. I’m excited about this box. Can’t wait to get mine. Everything will be used on the cruise I’m going on next month! 🙂

  13. What an awesome looking box! I’d be so excited to get everything – I don’t do salt on drinks, but I should still have some around for guests. I can’t wait to get my first PSMH in April!

  14. I love this box so much!, it’s the perfect travel box. My favorite is the beautiful makeup item I love warm colors.

  15. This is a bummer of a box for me 🙁 I love the monthly boxes, and I really liked the Holiday one, but I’m not thrilled about a single item in this one… I feel like it’s a lot of very overpriced items just to say the overall value of the box is high.

    I can’t wear warm colors, even with just a few sub boxes I’m set on serums pretty much forever, I would never wear that necklace, I don’t know who thought a white travel case was a great idea, and really?? a $50 passport holder?? My $5 from etsy is way way cuter.

    At least I’m excited about the salt 🙂

    I’m turned off by this enough that it will probably be my last limited edition box, so yay for saving $100 a few times a year?

  16. I think this is a great box, I was considering getting a Stephanie Johnson jewelry bag, but I wanted to see the quality first. I also don’t have a passport holder, so that’s a win also.

  17. If anyone is looking to sell the whole box – please email me!

    [email protected]

    • Emailed you! 🙂

  18. This looks like a fantastic box.

    Glad I passed on it though because I either already have too much of the same type of items and/or am not interested. I own about 6 train cases, 3 passport holders, all of which are much cuter than these. And I JUST ordered the Drunk Elephant serum last week, lol.

    Glad that because I passed it left a spot open for someone else to purchase who will really enjoy this box.

  19. Oh and seriously, there really are other colors than cobalt blue out there.

  20. Seems like a nice, box, but nothing really for me! I like the necklace though, so maybe I can find someone willing to swap!

  21. I decided to pass when I saw the make up spoiler and I have no regrets. There are only two items that I would have been kinda ok with. The necklace and train case are okay, but would not have been worth $100 to me. Usually their food item is wonderful! Salt ? Vs the salt water taffy last year. Hands down taffy wins

    This is not to be a debbie downer folks, I think the subs read our comments and consider the things we say when they are putting boxes together.
    I am happy for all the folks who are excited about the box. I personally am happier with little lace box right now and ouiplease

    • I agree 100%. I was very tempted but passed and I’m really glad I did!

      • Ditto!

  22. Mine shipped! I am excited to see the travel bag and necklace. Not sure on the passport holder, yet.

    I might try to resell the skincare and makeup because I don’t think I will use it. The salt is a complete miss for me.

  23. Ooo, I love it!

    People on the FB site who do nothing but bitch – why the hell do you even subscribe if you don’t ever need anything you get?! Have fun or get out!

    • I know right?! Major box snobbery going on. It’s so annoying when I am so excited for a box and then see a million people complain for no reason. Or I have a million items because I subscribe to so many boxes and I don’t need anything. Well stop subscribing to boxes!!! Makes me feel like I need a Xanax.

      • Lol. Too funny. I totally agree.

  24. Is the passport holder leather?

  25. Does anybody know if the Passport Holder is made out of leather? What does it looks like on the inside?

  26. This really is a great box of goodies. Sadly I already have/don’t use everything in this box. Such a shame, I was so looking forward to my first Popsugar LE box.
    I’ll swap or sell the entire thing to anyone who missed out on it.

    • Hi Helen,

      I’m interested in swapping with you for all or some of the items. Let me know!


  27. This one is not a hit for me.

    I will try makeup and the serum (once I get to it, also on facial product overload)

    Everything else will be going on the swap board. However I will be picky with the necklace as I think my mom would like it.

  28. Very nice! Thanks for posting.

    I use Skinceuticals C E Ferulic but have been looking for an alternative as it is crazy expensive. The Drunk Elephant serum gets great reviews and several reviewers mention specifically that they prefer it over Skinceuticals.

    • I previously used Skinceuticals serums but stopped because of how expensive they are. I found this product line and never looked back. They even have a CE Ferulic serum. You get the same high quality products at a fraction of the cost: Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I love their serums! I’m 47 and am consistently told I look like I am in my 30s. I don’t work for the company; just a big fan. 😉

    • I also use the skinceuticals serum but I get min from ebay. I pay about 25 for 6 sample vials and they really last a long time!

  29. soo happy I bought this one! It’s my first LE PSMH box, and wow!! Definately worth the money, I’m gonna be so happy when it comes in

  30. I’m pretty happy with this box. I can’t really tell about the necklace and train case until I see them in person. Definately glad I purchased this, I would be sad if I hadn’t.

  31. Hmm … seems to be a bit underwhelming for a special edition. I LOVED the Holiday for Her box but was upset about the extra discounts that were offered after I’d ordered it (and way before I received it). I decided to pass on this one, and I’m glad I did. I’ve been really happy with the last few monthly boxes anyway!

  32. My box came today too. I am actually most excited about the passport case. The serum and salt will be used and I like the train case. I love bags like that for toiletries. On the fence about the necklace and the makeup…

  33. This is a really nice box but that train case for $80? At first I thought the train case had a hard exterior, but after looking at the site it doesn’t look that way. I could be wrong, even still I like it and everything in this box.

    • It does not have a harder exterior. It isn’t made of any special material, so It’s not really flattering for me.

  34. I’m probably going to swap or sell the whole box. Unfortunately nothing really appeals to me.

    Passport Holder- I’ve used my passport once in the last 5 years, when I drove to Canada from VT, now I live in AZ so I don’t need it

    Bronzer palette- I don’t wear blush or bronzer

    Necklace- Pretty, but it’s plated, and I’m incredibly allergic to metal

    Cocktail Salt- I don’t drink…

    Day Serum- I might try it if I can’t unload it easily

    Train Case- I don’t need another bag, let alone a white one…

    • I’m glad I didn’t get one, for many of the same reasons as you. I’ve been disappointed by a few boxes, and won’t buy another unless there’s a good spoiler for something I would actually want/use.

    • Just a little note about the salt…the ‘cocktail’ salt has more to do with the shape of the container and the grind of the salt. It is still really good mineral salt (I’ve tasted it) and would be GREAT to cook with.

      • Maybe I’ll try it then. Thanks Mandy! 🙂

        (shows exactly how much I know about drinking :p )

  35. Love it!

  36. I didn’t buy the box, but I quite like it. It fits the theme perfectly. I think I would have been excited, had I bought it, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not buying.

  37. I didn’t get this but it looks like a pretty nice box.

    I do covet the necklace though…. do people sell just parts of a box or must I do a swap? I’m not on the swap site (too lazy!!!)… but I would love that necklace…

    • I will sell the necklace

    • I would be willing to sell the necklace if you are still interested.

    • Thanks! I have no idea what price anyone would charge though. Maybe email me: [email protected]

      Liz: If this is not allowed here, so sorry… just let me know… thanks.

    • Hey Brooke! I will sell my necklace. My email is [email protected]. Thanks so much!

      • I would also be willing to sell the whole box to anyone with free shipping!

  38. I was just about to pull the trigger and purchase this box when I found out about Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style 🙂 As nice as this box looks…..I am thinking I made a good choice in going with Zoe!

  39. Looking to sell the whole box. Email me at [email protected] if you would like the whole box.

    • Messaged you!

  40. These items aren’t a great fit for me. I’ll probably try to trade the train case, passport holder, and serum.

  41. I am SO glad I didn’t get this box. I loved the resort box last year but this one I dislike. There is not one thing in it I want. And I already got the Jacobsen sea salt in another box.

  42. I think this is a well rounded box and fits the theme perfectly. While I’m excited about the train case, I wish it weren’t white…It will be tough to keep it looking nice. The necklace is pretty & the passport holder is cute. I’m just meh on the serum…mostly because I am in serum overload right now (not Popsugars fault). Jacobsen salt is wonderful, I’m lucky to live in Portland where it’s widely available. All in all,, I’m more than satisfied but not ecstatic.

  43. I think the necklace is Puerto

  44. Thank god I didn’t buy this box, I love the train case, but nothing else is really for me. I decided to sign up for a 3 month sub for $100 vs another LE box. I do like that they have silver jewelry it seems most subs include gold, which I’m not a fan of.

  45. I like all the items except the: Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – Value $80 and the Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Sea Salt Cocktail Salt ( apx $94 value in dislikes for me ) – Hope to get the serum and the salt swapped. — The serum gets great reviews yet according to the ingredient list , it has Phenoxyethanol in it, so I can’t use it. The necklace is pretty. I can always use another train case and a passport holder. Glad I got this box instead of Fathom, I like it much better for the price. Looking forward to getting this box next week. Also forward to the next popsugar limited edition box.

    • I almost got the Fathom box, I kept going back and forth about it. There were a few items I liked from the box, but not enough that I regret not purchasing it.

  46. OMGOMGOMG! So excited about this box…can’t wait for mine to show up!

  47. Soooo happy about this box!! I wasn’t going to look at anymore spoilers, but I am clearly weaker than I thought!

  48. I said the same thing… I will not look! haha Curiosity got the best of me too. Now I wish I would’ve bought a second as a gift to my mom! I like everything in this box!

    • I feel the same way…there’s just no way for me to not NOT look. I’ve been checking my tracking daily, I had to look!! My box is currently in WY {I live in OH, scheduled to be here on the 26th}. I’m wondering if there will be variations in the box since they asked for preferences? I personally picked a bracelet as an option instead of a necklace…curious to see. I love the box, even if I don’t use everything I can gift the other items. Looks like a win to me!!!

  49. I’m also willing to swap/sell the whole box if anyone is interested! I’m not a big silver person in terms of the necklace, and I am happy with the serums and toiletry bags I already have 🙂 Let me know!
    -Michelle (of the photos above)

    • I would buy the whole thing from you if you’d want to do an even trade, and of course I’ll pay the shipping cost. LEt me know!

      • Perfect – drop me a line! meg72 -at- cornell -dot- edu 🙂

  50. I will not look. I will not look. Woops I looked. Love it! Can’t wait till I receive next Thursday!

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