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Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ05 Theme Spoiler

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Thanks Brittany for sharing this spoiler with us for Nina’s upcoming #NGQ05 Quarterly Box:Nina Garcia Theme SpoilerThe theme is Luxe Hair Care – “Nina’s favorite products for sleek, gorgeous hair every day.”

What do you think of the spoiler theme? I’m hoping there are some fashion/lifestyle items in addition to the beauty/haircare items! (This box is currently scheduled to ship this month, so I’m hoping we get a specific item spoiler soon!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. FWIW the email that Quarterly sent out today said, “Time for a spring make-over! Treat yourself to luxe hair care with Nina’s next box, featuring the best TOOLS and products for gorgeous hair after long winter days.” (emphasis mine). It looks like it won’t just be product but a tool/tools as well if that makes any difference to anyone.

  2. Cancelling. I am very picky about what I use on my hair and have re-gifted almost all hair care products I have gotten in other subscription boxes. I can’t see spending $100 just to end up passing these items out to my friends. Maybe I’ll sign up again once I see the spoiler for the next box.

  3. I’m so torn! Nina’s box has been my favorite since #01. But I have an insane amount of hair products right now. I would LOVE to get a nice tool or a Mason Pearson Brush. But bow I am sincerely worried that it could be a box of shampoos and straighteners. Yikes. On the fence for cancelling But dont really want to. What to do, What to do….

  4. I’m actually obsessed with hair care. I would probably love this box. Would love to get products, tools, vitamins, or any of the products Nina referenced in that interview somebody linked above!

    Man, I hope that with everyone canceling they release an amazing coupon for this box. I would totally purchase if I could get it down to like $80. Between this, Rachel Zoe, and PSMH Resort my back account may be sad this month. 🙂

  5. Instagram says “favorite hair tools and products for sleek…” Did they add the tools later?

  6. I wasn’t sure about this one…until I saw this spoiler…then I promptly cancelled my subscription. As time goes on, her boxes are becoming less and less “fun”… I can buy my own hair products…that will actually work for my hair type and do so without spending $100. Sorry NG…but I’m outta here.

    • I agree. I canceled after the last box. Her boxes used to be so “en vogue” and now they seem to be a chore for her. I’ll put that $100 toward Rachel Zoe or a PSLE.

  7. I don’t think she comes up with any good boxes in my opinion…

    • Good find! I would definitely (re)sign up if they include that Shu Uemura cleansing oil shampoo. How about a spoiler Quarterly!

  8. Cancelled. Between this spoiler and the earlier shipping charge update, Quarterly must be getting hit with a lot of cancellations! Bring on Rachel Zoe.

    • Ditto!

  9. I’m with the majority of the others. I canceled my subscription as I cannot see spending $100 on hair products unless there’s an appliance. Based on the previous boxes I’m guessing it will be a few ridiculously overpriced shampoos and treatments. No thanks. So disappointing.

  10. Fashion weeks are just over and we get a haircare box (possibly Eva Scribo leftovers)?!? Seriously?!?

    I want to be inspired by someone with access to fashion’s hottest and newest and receive items I normally do not have access to.

    For this amount of money, I can buy loads of haircare products. Moreover, those will fit my kind of hair 100 %.

    Needless to say, I cancelled.

  11. Considering this sub was originally billed as a fashion/style sub I have a hard time seeing the all hair care box as fashion or style. Granted, I’ve pretty much loathed her alleged style included in the last 2 boxes (I truly doubt she selected most items directly/herself), but it’s still disappointing to see one of the few “style” subs become nothing more than a beauty box. And for $100, you’d have to be obsessed with hair care products to pay that much. I’m holding out hope that the new Rachel Zoe sub will fill the empty style niche for me. NG used to but does no more. Ditto Social Bliss. So come on RZ!!

  12. I’m a stinge with my money and Liz’s box is the only one I subscribed to with quarterly…and I miss it dearly. Even though it was only a few months, it was my favorite. I hope Liz might consider doing another just not with quarterly??pretty please;-)

  13. Unfortunately I had to cancel the subscription after this spoiler. While I really loved her last one, I have enough hair products and tools to last me decades to come. I am beyond bummed as I was excited about her box coming out soon.

  14. All I want to convey to quarterly is to value people and there money. Everyone here works hard and invest in your box. This message is coming from someone who truly was your fan and told about you to all her friends! I recently experienced rude and indifferent customer care emails from them. They are very nice ans sweet on social media sites but in emails they make sure you get that you are not valued and they don’t care!!!
    I was one of the first subscribers of Nina Garcia box. And i hate to admit it I stuck on to this box until they strolled returns , stopped free shipping and also charged extra for shipping to California . Quarterly !!! Value your customers !

    • They are charging extra for shipping to California? Why? I guess I missed that somewhere!

      • Hmm. I checked my email from Quarterly again and it said a “flat rate US shipping fee”. Is it possible that California (CA) is being confused with Canada (CA)? Otherwise, that is truly wrong especially in light of their email.

        • It’s 8 dollars extra as California tax.i was willing to pay that as well since the box would ship from Cali and I would have recieved it before most people. But, they charge the extra tax and ship from some tax free state.

          • Gotcha re the tax. Although I don’t think that is entirely Quarterly’s fault. California manages to get us to pay sales tax on most mail order stuff (even when coming from out of state). I think we have a lot of the shipping facilities here and that counts as being “in California” for tax purposes.

  15. I would LOVE to get something like a T3 featherweight or a mason pearson brush, but it sounds more product based to me. Some oribe would be lovely, and she has partnered with them before. Overall I am excited about this theme. I wish they would send out an ACTUAL spoiler soon.

  16. I just cancelled, I can’t imagine them sending anything “hair related” that will make this box worth it for me. It seems as though the curation of Nina’s box has been going down hill for a while now and with the new shipping policy, I wasn’t going to stick to it much longer. Rachel Zoe’s box sounds much more appealing…

  17. I want a spoiler! My hair is thick, long and wavy. It takes a lot to make my hair sleek so this doesn’t interest me as much. Now I am undecided because I love luxe hair products, but it doesn’t sound like the box will contain items I will use.

    It really bothers me that they canceled Eva Scrivo (hair) and now NG is doing a hair theme.

    • I was shocked that the ES box was discontinued. Super disappointed, but I might try NGs. Maybe.

    • Hmm, that does sound rather shady. I wonder if quarterly had already ordered items for Eva’s box and are now using them towards Nina’s …since she didn’t have a theme for SO long.

    • I was thinking just the same, but maybe Eva was the one that opted out. I do remember that Eva’s box was scheduled to ship in February and the cancellation e-mail arrived in January. Also Renarda’s box was also cancelled, actually it never shipped. That being said, I wouldn’t mind if the items were from Eva’s since really liked thst box. However, I decided to skip all beauty subs but Burchbox. I love the points system and because of that I buy everything from them. They usually have great coupons and you also get points with the things you buy so from my economical perspective I build my own boxes and still get amazing deals.

  18. Really not interested. Im glad I cancelled. as a black woman, most of the sent in sub boxes don’t work for my hair, they dry it out, so I end up swapping most of the hair products out. While a hair mask might work every now and again, 99% of the products sent out aren’t for ethnic hair and therefore is a complete waste for me. I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the box, hopefully its not all hair products. Quarterly boxes seem to be going downhill. I have no desire to subscribe to any… seems with all their “un”improvements lately that more and more people are dropping them.

    • oops that should say “most of the hair care products sent in beauty subs”

      • Agree with Blessedmommi, I am biracial with super curly hair and it takes a team of skilled ninjas to make my curls “sleek”. I seriously doubt that anything in that box would help me achieve any level of sleekness at home….besides, I LOVE my curls and I don’t try to tame them. I have one Quarterly sub left (Design Sponge) and they get one more shot. If they don’t wow me, I will cancel and be done with Quarterly.

  19. I signed up before the March 1st deadline (again) but am waiting for a spoiler on designsponge before deciding whether or not to cancel.

    • Jerilyn, YES! A design sponge spoiler is just what I need!

  20. Yea, not excited about this at all. I’m hoping to score the Rachel Zoe one too…along with so many others. Hope I can snag it before it sells out!

  21. I’m just not into the “sleek” look — It just seems so dated. I’m loving the beachy waves look but according to the description the products are Nina s favs for sleek everyday look.

  22. I was a big fan of quarterly once.. Recently not so much! No returns , shipping costs plus extra charges for people who reside in California!!!!! I mean ! Come on! Especially since there last Nina Garcia box was crap! It’s not me , everyone thought so!
    If the conversation happens on Twitter it’s always sugar coated and nice ,they make you feel they value you as a customer but when you exchange emails with the customer support team, they are mean and make you feel like they don’t value you or your money!!! Miserable feeling every time. Even if this box is the best box ever , I will never re subscribe . Going for Rachel Zoe’s box of awesomeness. Nina Garcia showed no interest in the last box and that was cleared when I recieved it. Quarterly, value people!!!!

    • hmmm, i hadn’t heard about this extra shipping for California…I’m going to have to look into it. Why would that be…are you sure it’s not for Canada residents (sometimes both are referred to as CA)? I remember (not long ago) that the quarterly boxes actually shipped from California…and it was so nice (for once) to get boxes quickly.

      • If it ships from CA, then you have to pay CA tax. This is the case for PopSugar and GlobeIn, as well as a bunch of other boxes.

        • It doesn’t ship from Cali! It ships from a tax free state . They charge extra because they are located in cali( doesn’t make sense )

          • The way the tax code works, they do have to charge tax for sales in the same state of their business location. This is how it works for those who are curious:

            “When to Collect Sales Tax Online

            If your business has a physical presence in a state, such as a store, office or warehouse, you must collect applicable state and local sales tax from your customers. If you do not have a presence in a particular state, you are not required to collect sales taxes.

            In legal terms, this physical presence is known as a “nexus.” Each state defines nexus differently, but all agree that if you have a store or office of some sort, a nexus exists. If you are uncertain whether or not your business qualifies as a physical presence, contact your state’s revenue agency. If you do not have a physical presence in a state, you are not required to collect sales taxes from customers in that state.

            This rule is based on a 1992 Supreme Court ruling in which the justices ruled that states cannot require mail-order businesses, and by extension, online retailers to collect sales tax unless they have a physical presence in the state.”

      • They charge me 100 plus 8( California tax) plus 8 shipping !!! They have changed a lot from the time they first launched and not in a good way!! Late boxes , extra money . Popsugar on the other hand is a good surprise these days. Worth our hard earned cash!!

  23. I get plenty of hair care items from other boxes, what can be so special in Nina’s? Unless it is an appliance, I think I am out.

  24. The only way I’ll spring for this box is if the box includes an actual hair curler or dryer or straightener. If it’s just a hair PRODUCT, no thank you, I can get those on my own from Sephora.

  25. I’m stopping this one and will get Rachel Zoe’s instead!!

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