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GlossyBox Subscriptions on Sale at RueLaLa!

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GlossyBox Subscriptions on Sale at RueLaLa

Thanks Elisa and Roxanne for letting us know about this deal! Glossybox is on sale today at RueLaLa!

You can get a 1-month subscription for $15 (Regularly $21)

Or a 6-month subscription for $95 (Regularly $126)

FYI – After reading the comments on the March GlossyBox review, it seems that GlossyBox is now sending out a wide variety of items in these boxes. I’m not sure what that means for future boxes, but I reached out to GlossyBox to learn more.


Validity: April 1 through July 1, 2015, unless prohibited by law. Valid online only. Shipping not included. Limited to four vouchers per person; one voucher per transaction.

How to redeem: Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher via email for an introductory beauty box subscription from GLOSSYBOX. Visit GLOSSYBOX online and enter your confirmation code at checkout to redeem.

Please note: Upon redemption you will be enrolled in an automatically renewing monthly subscription to GLOSSYBOX. You may continue or cancel this subscription at any time; however, if you do not cancel, GLOSSYBOX will continue to renew your selected subscription at full price.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Glossy box is such a rip off , I am so furious at them. This current month contained tiny little samples of nothing very memorable . I never ever get the good stuff featured on website and am always fairly disappointed . Quality and quantity are more like Birch box now and birch box is 1/2 the price. Customer service sucks too, no attempts to appease upset consumers .

  2. Liz, did you hear anything back from Glossy?

  3. My last box was February so I haven’t been keeping up with the March boxes. Is the value the same (similar) for all boxes this month? Last month I was really miffed about the large disparity in value of the boxes. And GlossyBox’s unwillingness to admit that this is an issue caused me not to renew my subscription. I feel this is a valid issue and a significant one. I am on the fence about giving them another try with this discount.

    • No the issue has actually gotten worse. People getting a SAMPLE of a Walmart body lotion worth like 2 bucks vs a $30 product. Nexus drugstore shampoo vs Ouidad shampoo and conditioner. A pop beauty purple eyeliner vs. an expensive dark eyebrow gel.

      • Is that what you received in your march box? I signed up for March because I wanted to try that eyebrow gel, lotion, and ouidad products….I’ll be extremely disappointed if I don’t receive those. It’ll result in a definite cancellation

        • Actually people are now getting worse than me, and I wasn’t too happy. I got the Nexus, and purple eyeliner along with the gold moisturizer, lip stuff, and concealer. I really wanted the Ouidad and eyebrow stuff.

          I would like to find one person besides a blogger that got the Ouidad. Anyone?

          • I’m not a blogger. I purchased a 3-month subscription deal back in February and I have been receiving the exact same items as the ones posted here. I am sorry to hear that others are experiencing issues with Glossybox because I have been really happy with this subscription box.

          • Not a blogger and I got the Ouidad. I also got the $2 Walmart body butter, though. Not my favorite box. I have one month left with them and will cancel at that point. Really disappointed to see them moving away from the consistency that I’ve so enjoyed.

      • So frustrated. After all is said and done…I am not receiving the march box which I signed up for while they still had it and was the whole reason why I signed up for glossybox. I’m getting the classic box according to my dashboard. I’m cancelling. So upset.

      • Hmm…that is very disconcerting. I can’t understand why GlossyBox would move from a very well-received format to this hot mess! I feel like it would be hard for them to be sending out a lesser value than the cost of this deal; however, I don’t want to be disappointed monthly. Somehow feels like they set everyone up by sending out great December and January boxes and then changing to the controversial new format in February. If I do go for this deal, I think I will not redeem until May and hope for a good box for Mother’s Day.

  4. Can you take advantage of this if you are a current subscriber?

    • Yes, but you will get duplicate boxes. They don’t know how to handle overlap.

      • You can hold onto the coupon until as late as July 1.

        So what you do is unsub June 14 then sub July 1 with the coupon. Or unsub May 14 and sub June 1. Or unsub April 14 and sub May 1.

        If your present sub does not end in this time frame, then I would wait for the next coupon.

        • Thanks! I just started a beauty product review blog and I am using my subscriptions get products for review. I’m going to review a different product every day for a year so I sub to a bunch of boxes.

  5. Good info about social media. I have emailed them 6 times since March 1st about my glossy dots and heard nothing. They must be overwhelmed after the Oprah deal. Still, I agree ab I UT the lack of customer service. Sample Society has the best customer service I have experienced. I was missing and item once and they emailed me back on Sunday within 15 minutes of my first email, and shipped a brand new box on Monday via 2 day shipping. Amazing.

    • What Oprah deal?

  6. I observe that they always have these kind of promotions at the end of the month. People don’t read faqs because of the excitement and get bound to pay two months of boxes. If someone wants just one box sign up after first of the month and cancel before 15th. I am on the edge, its a good deal but last time around I got a cheap soap that left a bad taste.

  7. I signed up for Glossybox on 2/26. They charged me for a “classic” box on that date, then for the March box on 3/1. I just finally, after several email attempts, got the classic box last week. My March box has never shipped. I got them to cancel my subscription but not to address when my March box is shipping or refunding it instead. I can’t recommend Glossybox to anyone. There are too many boxes out there for one to have such poor service and expect customers to tolerate it.

  8. I’m kinda over Boxycharm and Glossybox at the moment. I’ve noticed I don’t immediately use most of the stuff I get, nor do I fall in love with most of it.

    I’m gonna stop getting these for a while and start adding that money to payments on my JC Penney card that I use on I’d rather pay $30 for a blush or palette I’ve been coveting for a year, then keep getting a bunch of products I feel so-so about.

  9. I’m a little irritated, I got the one box special from RueLaLa and went to go redeem my voucher. Instead of being signed up for the April box it says I will receive a “classic” GlossyBox. I don’t want that, I want the next box. What’s the point of signing up for a sub if you aren’t even going to get the regular box?

    • It sounds like this is a way for them to get rid of old inventory (boxes that didn’t sell)

    • I found out the hard way that they start your subscription during the month you sign up. I signed up for a 6 month sub at the very end of November, thinking it would start with December but it started with November. I was really bummed since I really did not like the Nov box.

      • Thanks I didn’t use my voucher yet. I will just wait and sign up tomorrow instead then to get April’s box. Sorry that they pull this junk . Bad business and makes me want to not even try another month. I was deciding between Glossybox and Boxycharm. I might have chosen wrong. Already not happy with their lack of integrity.

    • Keeping in mind what you said, I just used the voucher today (i.e., March 31). I’ll get a “classic” box instead of a second March box (and maybe it will have some things I haven’t yet tried), but then I should get the regular April box. Since I have enough Glossydots to redeem for a free box at some point, I’ll come out even in the end.

      • What are glossydots?

  10. I contacted them via Facebook and they finally responded. They said they never received my emails. My box shipped today and the included a tracking number. I feel better lol

  11. Can’t see myself signing up again, I was so tired of getting my boxes so late. And they have the worst customer service, they couldn’t even respond to an email about replacing the items in my completely damaged box. Never again.

  12. I am excited. I am a little scared (sending boxes late, used blush, decline in quality, people not getting the products they wanted, getting a lot of stuff I can’t use and don’t want), but for $95 I am going to get 30 beauty products and I’m sure I’ll want some of it. Plus, since each box has a supposedly much higher value than $21 per month, I think it’s bound to work out in my favor. Plus I’m going to try to swap. Also, I won’t have to worry about being charged twice (unless by RueLaLa).

  13. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for a week now. Emailed their customer service twice. I still haven’t even received a tracking email for my March box and they are about to charge my account for April. I just signed up at the beginning of March and so far extremely dissapointed

    • Try Twitter or Facebook if you have either. They seem quicker to answer social media messages than e-mails.

  14. So this will be on Ruelala till July or we get a code good to redeem till July. My 3 month sub ends after my April box.

    • I think it said it will be on RueLaLa for 5 days.

  15. I wonder if we can use the RueLaLa coupon to get the April subscription box, instead of the generic Classic Glossybox? The products in the classic box did not look very enticing…. I wonder if the April box will be similar to what Liz got in the March box. Then I’d be in!

    • That’s exactly the problem I am having. No option of getting the April box, only the classic one. I am going to hold off redeeming until the April is the option.

      • Is this a physical voucher you receive in the mail or a code you get via email? I was in checkout but the estimated delivery is a week away.

        • Never mind, I was confused for a minute because of the message I got when I checked out.
          I see that the article here says I will receive an email voucher.
          Thank Goodness, because I checked out through Paypal and it auto-changed the shipping address to a “physical” address that mail is not delivered to. I was all worried for nothing.

  16. i was not happy with my march box. It came 2 weeks late i got some weird shampoo and tree hut moisturizer both with a value of maybe $2.00.
    BUT..I brought a yearly subscription just before Christmas and they kept sending me free boxes! I got the limited edition box plus 2 previous boxes for free!
    I didnt have to buy any christmas presents for anyone!
    So i think they have saved me some money and have been overly generous with me so i forgive them for the occasional low value box.

  17. Just got an email that they are raising the price of the 12 month subscription by $2 due to rising production costs

  18. I’ve been eyeing GlossyBox for a while. I love the packaging and have been interested in some products they send but I already have four beauty subscriptions and too many products. Oh well, I have a few days to decide.

  19. I was going to resubscribe in April so this is great timing. But, I am going to wait until I see the box I actually get today. They forgot me in March until I repeatedly bothered them by e-mail and on Twitter.

    Although honestly, I won’t be upset if I don’t get the concealer (most of it looked too dark and I heard it was pretty hard) or brow gel (I don’t really use brow products). Yes, value is an issue, but I’d rather have a cheaper product I’ll actually use instead of something more expensive that I don’t like.

  20. If Glossybox were still using its old business model of sending the same awesome products to everyone, I’d jump right on this. However, I cancelled after February. I was lucky enough to get the advertised Love box (same as Liz got) but I was really put off by the products sent to other subscribers, some of whom were long-time or yearly subscribers. Unless Glossybox goes back to its old ways, I won’t bite.

    • I was one of the subscribers that got stuck with a crappy February Box (including a clearly already-used blush). I reached out to GB customer service twice via email and didn’t get a reply to either email. My March box was much better and delivered on time, but it sounds like others weren’t so lucky. Before February, I would have jumped on this offer immediately. I can deal with a not-so-spectacular box every now and then, but poor customer service is a deal breaker.

    • Same here!

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