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ModCloth Stylish Surprise On Sale NOW!

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise

The Modcloth Spring Stylish SurpriseΒ is on sale now! (FYI – due to traffic their site is giving 503 errors so you may need to refresh a few ties).

If you aren’t familiar with Stylish Surprise, ModCloth offers deeply discounted mystery items a few times a year. The prices range from $5-$20, and you can pick from dresses, shoes, accessories, apartment items etc. (Check out my review of a past Stylish Surprise).

Here are the categories:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got two dresses ( a total gamble at 20.00 each), three apparel, and one shoe. I hope I like something!!

  2. Took me about half an hour with lots of 503 errors but I ended up with the following:
    3 x Shoes
    1 X Apparel item (I was worried this might not be so great)
    2 X Dresses

    I’m not a huge fan of the accessories and the jewelry wasn’t showing up. I wish the dresses were $10 again but perhaps they are a better quality. I also wish they had the home decor items again because I missed out on them last round.

  3. My first time and I was able to get 2 apparel and 1 dress. I wanted shoes but unfortunately size 10 were already sold out. πŸ™

  4. I went overboard – 3 shoes, 2 jewelry, 2 accessories, and 3 dresses. I thought about apparel but I’m already nervous enough about dress sizing. Plus, I bought the Details, Details, Details dress I’ve been eyeing. My bank account cried.

  5. Even though I was about an hour late to the party I bought 1 pair of shoes and 1 apparel item with no trouble.
    Liz, are we allowed to swap anything that doesn’t fit on your site?

  6. I have to say: thank you, Liz, for telling us about the app! I still don’t see the sale on the website, and searching for Stylish Surprise gives no results. However, I spent an hour yesterday downloading the latest iOS and setting up the app with all my info so I could get in and buy quickly. As soon as the notification came this morning, I was on it! Somehow, even though I checked within a millisecond, the apartment stuff was already gone! Jewelry disappeared from my cart as I was ordering. Since the dresses look cute but there is no way any of them will fit my frame right, I was ordered 3 shoes, 2 accessories, and 2 apparel. I really really hope I get some cute stuff! I think I like 90% of the shoes on their site, so of course I regret not getting more. My feet are small (7.5) so my size was available for over an hour.

  7. Of course this had to happen when I’m driving my sister to appts! It’s my birthday month so I went with 2 dresses and 2 apparels. I was able to order off the mobile. I didn’t want to chance downloading the app. No shoes in my size. Jewelry and accessories weren’t listed.

  8. Well that wasn’t as bad as I expected. Wish I could have snagged anything but apparel, but that’s how it goes. Thanks for posting, I totally missed the app push notification, ugh…

  9. 2 apparel items, 2 pairs of shoes…1st timer to Stylish Surprise so I’m hoping I like the items!

  10. The website is behaving better than it was half an hour ago. Managed to get some shoes. Fingers crossed.

  11. So glad I didn’t miss out this time. I decided on 2 apparel items… Hoped for shoes but no size 10… Maybe next time.

  12. I filled my cart with lot of stuff, but after refreshing and finding my cart empty several times, actually helped me to realize that I really don’t need and can’t afford right now to spend money on anything, so I only bought a pair of shoes and 1 clothing item.

  13. I got one dress before which did not work out at all. I think it may have also been cheaper than $20? Not sure. I ended up getting one dress today just for fun. I ordered another dress on sale to get free shipping. I love ModCloth. Just waiting for them to have more of their specials!

  14. Got 2 dresses, 3 shoes and 2 apparels. Hopefully, it’s worth the $100.

  15. Since everyone and their mother wears a size 9, the shoes in my size sold out right as I went to purchase them! So I got one apparel and two dresses, though I’m worried about the fit possibly being too large. Look for swaps I might post when these arrive!

  16. Well that was an adventure… I did eventually manage to order 2 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and an apparel item, and hopefully I only ordered one set (had yet another 503 error at checkout so my first attempt may or may not have gone through.)

    It is super frustrating when sites have big flash sales that they know generate tons of traffic and are deliberately designed to whip their customers into a frenzy without reinforcing their back end to make sure people can actually place their orders

  17. Finally made it through! I ended up with 2 dresses, 2 apparel, and 1 pair of shoes. Hopefully they’re worth it!

  18. Finally got through on the computer after like 20-30 minutes of trying between the app and the computer. When I did get through, it had picked up my app order as well so everything was doubled! Luckily I caught it before I checked out so after another 5-10 minutes of updating my cart and refreshing the errors, I finally got the order done! Can’t wait to see what I got!

  19. I was able to get 2 apparel and 2 shoes (so no shipping) w/o toooooo much refreshing. (The dresses were too big of a risk to me at $20. ) Paying with paypal got me off of the modcloth site faster so I did that.

    I had a $20 off of $100 coupon so I was planning to spend $100– but with the accessories and jewelry sold out it wasn’t worth it to me.

    I’m pretty sure that since they sell out in moments, they won’ t be too motivated to change the process…

    • Yep, they won’t change. They’re moving the product and moving it fast. Collecting those dollars hand over fist. That’s all they want. Perceived fairness or lack thereof, means nada to them.

  20. Yay! I got a whole bunch! 2 dresses, 2 apparel, and 3 shoes! I would have gotten a whole lot more dresses but the cost is double what it was and out of the 4 dresses I bought in the past I only liked 2 so 20 is to much of a gamble for more then 2.

  21. I had the same slow down issues on my phone and computer both, and got to the payment screen several times with no joy. It turns out that two different orders ended up getting processed, one from my phone and one from the computer, so I got twice as much as I intended, only shoes and apparel. I hope something will end up being worth it!

  22. Of course I had everything including apartment item, jewelry, and accessories in my cart. At checkout they first removed apartment and started me again. Then at checkout for the second time they removed jewelry and started me again. Then at checkout for the 3rd time they removed accessories and started me again. 4th time at checkout and I was “successful” getting 1 apparel, 1 dress, and 2 shoe for $55.

    Talk about frustration! I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m saying. I hate that when something is in your cart they can take it away. Just seems wrong to me. Ugh! And of course I really only wanted the 3 things I couldn’t get. I just wanted to see what they’d be. 1 of each, I wasn’t being all “me me me” about it. lol

    Oh well, I hope I like the shoes and dress and apparel item. Really wanted an apartment item and jewelry and accessories. I would say maybe next time, with my normally optimistic self, but next time will be the same as this time. I was on there the second the notification went out and couldn’t get them. I’d have no better luck next time. πŸ™

  23. It FINALLY WENT THROUGH. That was so hard! But I am excited to get a shoe, dress and apparel mystery. Interesting to see what comes!

  24. After 5-10 minutes of refreshing, I finally got through. I used paypal. 3 shoes, 1 clothes, 1 dress It averages to $13 each, so I am really excited.

  25. So I decided to call their customer service line for help. Since my app was frozen on me when processing my order, I was scared it was going to charge my card and not give me any confirmation.
    Their customer service is great! He processed the order right over the phone for me. He could even see what items were in my cart. he assured me that no order was previously processed and he could do it all over the phone. So that was stress free for me.
    Any issues, try calling them. =)

  26. I finally was able to check out after about 20 minutes of back and forth with their 503 errors. I purchased 3 pairs of shoes. I hope that they send me some variation.

  27. Of course, since the last time I bought from Modcloth, I’ve moved and my credit card was stolen, so it’s taking me doubly long to try to correct all the info with the 503 errors. This is too frustrating…

  28. That was too stressful lol
    This was my first time participating in this as I’ve always liked Modcloth.
    But I don’t know if I will do this next time.
    I had to refresh the entire time and kept getting 503 errors like Liz said.
    SOMEHOW I managed to get 2 shoes and 2 apparels. The 2 accessories were removed from my cart…

  29. I had three items in my cart and was at checkout when it stopped working. After refreshing multiple times, I have just given up. This sale is great but they really need to figure out how to make the site work better to accommodate the wide span of traffic they know they will be getting. No buisness from me today obviously m

  30. I can’t login, I can’t checkout, I can’t do anything. Disappointed to say the least.

    • Finally!!!!! A lot of perseverance, but I finally managed to check out. Of course I missed accessories & apartment items (boo!), but I ended up getting 4 pairs of shoes and 4 dresses. Fingers crossed for great items!!!

  31. I purchased 3 shoes and a dress. My first time ordering anything from Modcloth, but some people seriously scored on shoes last time so fingers crossed. Site is still very slow but functioning.

  32. For the first time ever I got a surprise bag. I ended up getting the app last week when LiZ announced it and thanks to that I was able to rush and get it.

    I ended up getting the dress, shoes and style surprise. Check out was done with no issues πŸ™‚

  33. Did anyone on here get an apartment surprise? I added to my cart as soon as it went live and they disappeared within mins. I could hardly get the site to load.

    • Same issue here, literally within seconds of the app going live with the sale but it was lost during the ridiculous checkout process. Looks like we weren’t the only ones

      • I also had one in my cart and lost it.

    • I’m going to have to say ditto to that sentiment. I couldn’t have gotten it into my cart and checked out any faster, but it went poof and it was gone…

    • Same! I think they sold out in literally a couple minutes, because I logged in IMMEDIATELY after the sale going live, and the three apartment items were removed from my cart before I’d finished checking out.

  34. Took me long enough but I got two apparel items (s) and two shoes (8)! I was too late for the accessories and the jewelry..AGAIN! πŸ™ I’m glad they split up the types of items you can receive. Last time I got apparel, I received a dress. I liked it, but it did not fit at all. It really depends on the brand for sizing.

  35. $20 plus shipping is too much for a mystery dress that the chances of me liking AND it fitting must be about 10%.

  36. The App wouldn’t work for me. So website went live I tried to add everything, A little bummed the apartment stuff was sold out but I can understand for 5.00. The prices were a bit higher this time. I bought 3 Dresses, 3 apparel and 3 shoes. Worst comes to worst if I don’t like anything I can list it on the swap page or on eBay.

  37. takes some patience and i didn’t get accessories it was removed from my cart. I did get shoes and apparel though! First time sooo excite

  38. When a company knows they have made rushes for their sales that their servers can’t handle, there should at least be timers for the carts. I’ll pass.

    • I agree! I know that having a website developer add a feature like a timer for a cart can be expensive and time consuming for a business…but come on, ModCloth. It’s not like they’re this little unknown indie store anymore. They can swing it, if they really want to. Even having a brief time limit–like five minutes or something–would be totally fair, and would help with all the frustration!

      • I agree. They are a big enough retailer to have a timer and save everyone from the frustration of watching items in our cart going away one after the other whilst trying to complete checkout.

  39. So frustrating! You would think they would learn from sales prior to somewhat prepare the bandwidth. I got on literally the second I got the notification from the app and got one of everything but it took like 10 minutes just to check out and I lost out on the Surprise Apartment (it just disappeared from my cart) which is of course the one I was looking to the most (I just moved). I wish everyone else good luck!!!

  40. Well I got the app to work for me twice (I didn’t see dresses the first time, only apparel). I’m in for 5 apparel items, 3 dresses and 3 accessories. In my experience, the stuff I didn’t like last time sold on eBay really easily. But I received a really cute BB Dakota dress last time that retails at the entire cost of all 5 dresses I ordered last time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some great loot! Now I just need the Lily Pulitzer collection to be released by Target and I’ll be done shopping for a while. LOL

    • OMG isn’t the Lilly collection GORGEOUS?! Can’t wait for the 19th!

  41. YAYYYYYY! I got three pairs of shoes and 2 accessories. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!

  42. I finally gave up. There were 503 errors every step of the way in this process. And then the apartment accessories sold out and were removed from my cart before I could check out (thanks to 5 minutes of refreshing and battling 503 errors), and then my shoes. So all that was left in my cart were the $20 dresses, and sitting there waiting for the checkout screen to load gave me enough time to realize literally any savvy shopper in the world can find a lovely dress–sight seen!–for $20. Not worth it. I finally x’ed out and saved my money.

    I REALLY wanted the apartment accessories, though! That’s my favorite thing on ModCloth… But I can never justify spending full price for knick knacks. πŸ™

    • Ditto. Total waste of time. It’s not like this is the first time they’ve done this sale so they should be able to anticipate the higher traffic. I also reminded myself I got a dress literally fit for a kid this time last year, that I couldn’t get my 10 year old to wear. I usually love ModCloth pieces but didn’t see any last year in this sale that I liked. So thank you crappy site functioning for saving me from myself!

    • I got to checkout multiple times, card info entered and everything but by the time it was about to process things had sold out and it made me edit my cart, While trying to edit my cart it took forever and I got errors, by the time everything started working all that was left was apparel. I decided not to by anything, I really wanted accessories and jewelry. Super annoying.

  43. I HATE their website – I keep getting errors and can’t check out – I’ve already lost the jewelry because it sold out despite being in my cart while I was waiting for their website to stop throwing errors and respond. Then i finally hit submit and it tells me there is an error and rather than just processing without that, it sent me back to fix it. ARGH!

    • And the same f-ing thing just happened again. I hope they realize that this is really NOT good for customer satisfaction….

      • Know what – I’m done. I just sent their support a message letting them know that they lost over $100 of my money AND a lot of good will because they didn’t scale their site up for the sale sufficiently to allow people who were there to actually make a purchase. They lost a pile of good will this morning.

    • I hate it too, I’ve had 3 items in my cart for 10 mins, and hit process order and the process order button greyed out and hasn’t done anything since. I can’t get it to checkout I guess, but afraid to keep clicking it since I don’t want multiple charges. They do know better but choose to do this BS.

  44. I lucked out and got some shoes… I’ve tried the last three sales with no luck, but today was my lucky day!! I skipped on the clothes this time, those prices were too much of a gamble for me.

  45. I can’t get the website to load, I was in the checkout process, but it won’t do anything. Aggravated.


    • Oh wow. That was stressful and I really need a martini now.

      I originally had 2 accessories, 2 apparels, and 1 shoes in my cart ($50 so I’d get free shipping). Sadly, amongst my 500 refreshes, the accessories sold out before I could check out. So I ended up with 2 apparels and 2 shoes (still $50) in the end.

      I normally won’t spend $50 on two tops and two pairs of shoes. I’m a pretty frugal shopper and normally wouldn’t be satisfied with that value for only four items. However, I’m gambling that I’ll get at least one decently-valued item to make up for it. I’m nervous and excited!

      They really need to beef up their servers on these sales days though because that was ridiculous. I’ve had better website luck on Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

  47. It looks like they’ve raised the prices on everything but accessories. I’m taking a pass on this sale.

  48. The app won’t even let me sign in! arg! Def too much traffic.

  49. Sale is up, looks like they have a timer on our carts… BUT the website is SLOW!!!!

    • No timer on my cart. I had 4 apartment items and less than 2 mins later they were gone.

      • You’re right… I ate those word as soon as I tabbed back over.

  50. It’s already live on the app but it keeps freezing up on me. πŸ™

    • Ugh same! Also, weren’t dress only $10 last time? Now they are $20.

      • Yes, they were.

      • Yep, they were. I got 5 dresses last time and none worked out. Definitely not going to gamble at $20 a pop.

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