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February FrenchBox Replacement Items Revealed

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French Box

Thanks lcd1993 for sharing this with us – the February FrenchBox replacement items have been revealed:

French Box Replacement Items

Sultane de Saba – Exfoliating Hand Scrub (Retail Value $20)
Les Notes de Lanvin – Oud & Rose Shower Gel (Retail Value $14)

What do you think of the replacement items? I’m guessing I’ll love them or not depending on the scents, so I’ll wait to weigh in until mine arrive.



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I tried the hand scrub and it was pretty great. I have never used a hand scrub before and this one smelled great and the smell lasted for hours! Haven’t tried the shower gel yet (already have so many). I think the replacement products are pretty good and am willing to see what else French Box has to turn things around.

  2. I am not sure what to make of this. I love the products themselves. I am concerned that the shower gel was not sealed. Usually, products are sealed. Was this part of a box set that was sealed. Just unusual. My hand scrub smelled great and was sealed, but the packaging looked like it was handled a lot. A bit dirty with a grease stain. Are these products new..I can’t be sure. I know Frenchbox claims they are..but I feel that it’s a misstep to not make entirely sure that products are stamped with expiration. It would be nice if the distributors came out to assure that products provided in the boxes are fresh. I am still feeling wary that these are being bought through a third party without oversight.

    • My best guess is that they had acquired these products from third-party sources/distributors some time ago, with the intention of using them for upcoming boxes. I don’t think the Lanvin hand cream we got a couple of boxes ago was wrapped, either (Googling around, someone on a fragrance site mentioned about a year ago she’d bought some Oud & Rose shower gel at Marshall’s for 1.99. I haven’t personally seen this product there — Marshall’s being so random is half of the fun! — but it does give me pause.)

      • The Lanvin hand cream we got a couple of boxes ago was not wrapped but mine had a sticker sealing it shut.

  3. These seem like 2 nice products to me. I’m no longer a French Box subscriber, but if I had received these in the February box I would have been quite happy with them. However, since these are meant to appease the subscribers who received February’s box (which imo was pretty heinous) I can imagine that this will not be enough for some.

  4. I used both products last night and absolutely love them. The rose scented shower gel smells so good and leaves your skin nice and soft. Hand scrub smells wonderful and leaves hands so soft Where can I buy these products when I run out is the question.

  5. Les Notes de Lanvin shower gel for Frenchbox seems an equivalent sample to Gilchrist and Soames for Birchbox. Both are carried in moderate-high luxe hotels.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the scent. It’s earthy, woodsy, mossy and light on rose–a relief because florals can so easily be overdone in a perfumed product. It’s often described (on other websites) as a unisex aroma, and I agree.

    It’s simple to locate and purchase Gilchrist and Soames products online, but not sure of Les Notes de Lanvin. So a bummer if you wanted to stock it regularly in your bathroom.

    I love a good gommage, and, love amber enough to keep a small resin as perfume. You can imagine I was excited to try La Sultane de Saba hand scrub, but it wasn’t for me.

    Some people really dig that baby powder scent, but it overpowered the vanilla and amber for me. Darn.

    I was a Frenchbox newbie in February, and immediately unsubscribed. I appreciate the effort on their part, sending new products to replace the shoddy ones. I’ll wait and see what the next couple of boxes, and new subscription plans look like. I love the concept, but I’m not sure they’ve figured out how to translate it into consistent curations.

  6. I would’ve been happy with the replacements if my body wash hadn’t arrived as a busted, leaky mess. They shipped the products in a bubble wrap envelope instead of a box (I assume to save money) and without taping the caps. My body wash had been punctured and the lid had flipped open. It did smell good as I was cleaning up the mess…

    • Mine were leaky too, but I give up.

  7. I was hoping that at least 1 of the 2 new products they were going to send out would be a non-beauty item. It seems like it would be the safer move considering all the heat they’re getting for the beauty products. I don’t love getting these 2 products, and it doesn’t make up for what they’ve done, at least not for me. They still have lost my trust completely.

  8. Ok. So I did a little googling on the glancing product. It appears to be manufactured by Sagma Corp and it appears to only be made for some high end European hotel,chain. there are three different scents available and it looks base,d on the Sagma website (ain’t google wonderful) that it is still being made but it is hard to tell.

    • Sagma Corp is a distributor, not a manufacturer. Looks like they are distributing those products (or were, not sure they are still active) to hotels in the Middle East.

  9. I can’t imagine they would send expired products again. They know everyone is watching them to see what they do. The company listed for the scrub does appear to have spas so maybe the hand scrub is done for the spas or it is going to be a reintroduced product like the renewed hope in a jar was that was in the Arianna Huffington box. I have had no problems with this company and they have shown excellent customer service with me, but if they are not telling the truth, there are enough slueths here that they will be caught and I can’t imagine them surviving another disaster. I really do want them to do well and I had just signed up for a year subscription when February happened. I would like a few questions answered and hopefully Frenchbox will see my questions and answer.
    1. They no longer plan to ship month so what is the plan on shipping – bi-monthly, quarterly, it does make a difference to yearly subscribers.
    2. Is this just going to be beauty related box or will it include all sorts of items from France? I signed up for a diverse box, I really want a diverse box.
    3. What sponsors have they lined up and are they going to release spoilers? I think they are going to need to release substantial spoilers for the next few boxes in order to get customers back.
    4. I get that the box is going to go up, but will the value of the items go up. In truth, if it is just cosmetics and beauty items, I expect the value on a box to be about 2 1/2 to 3 times cost because of the markup on these items. If it is going to include other items, I am not expecting that kind of value simply because the markup on food and other items is not as great as for cosmetics.

    Hope we get some answers soon.

  10. I wanted to love FrenchBox so badly! And if only the product had an expiration date on them I would be “ok” with that.

    The replacement products have NO date on them..meaning there were in a box before…??

    After everyone having an issue with expired products (out of their original box) their goal should have been to reassure us that they will be on that of that matter (by having products dated and ingredients list included).

    It would have been nice to receive theses products in a box with a nice card. Sadly I would be scare to try French Box again,

  11. I got a response from French Box this afternoon. I had ordered a few of the older boxes that were still available when I signed up for my subscription. From the email, it sounds like they are sending me the extras more as compensation for waiting so long for my first box.

    Hi Betsy, this is a mistake from us.

    We shipped the replacement products to everyone who received the February box.
    We mistakenly included a couple of store orders from February 17th like yours, because they were in our shipping records.

    So this is good news… you can keep these products and still receive our upcoming box using the $14.00 paid on February 17th.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Thank you,

    Ben at FrenchBox
    [email protected]

    It’s still a bit confusing, but it sounds like I did get charged for one box, which they are going to ship at some point in the next month or so. After that, I will have to sign up for a new subscription.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is this how you’re interpreting it?

    • I received a very prompt response from Ben. I think I’ve finally figured it all out!

      Hi Betsy, you are correct, we expect to ship your box in sometime in April. What we cancelled is the recurring charge you signed up for, so we will need you to re-subscribe after we ship you this next box.

      As an active subscriber, you will have priority access once subscriptions resume and we will notify you by email.

      Thank you,



      All in all, since I signed up with a coupon I found on this website, I think I’ve come out of this pretty well. The shower gel and hand scub are freebies and I’d received the Oud & Rose hand lotion in one of the gift boxes I’d ordered with my subscription and liked it very much. The scent is delicate, not overpowering.

      I think I was lucky to miss out on the February box, as this appears to have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Even though the items are being replaced with new ones, I think it was better to miss out on the box COMPLETELY. So far, all of the boxes I’ve gotten (the November and December boxes that were still available on the website) were very nice. And I’d much rather wait for the new box, which I’m sure will be very nice, so all in all, I’m happy!

  12. the link they provided said the hand cream was made feb 2015… And has a shelf life of 30 months… Hmmm shady?!?

    • The fragrance is not even listed as a current product according to the lanvin french website.

      • All the product listings I’ve found online say this fragrance was discontinued. It’s been discontinued since 2014 at least.

    • Looking at the website, it is 30 months from manufacture if unopened and 12 months once opened.

  13. I’m hoping someone can help me make sense of all of this. I received the followings estate from the FrenchBox:

    Dear BETSY,

    We wanted to reach out to you without further delay to share an important update about your recent subscription with FrenchBox.

    You are among the people who signed up after we sold out the February Box and you are currently scheduled to receive our next box.

    We have been busy dealing with issues with our February box. Issues that have forced us to re-think the way we operate and assemble the box. We have decided to delay our next box. We expect to ship it in about 6 weeks.

    We will communicate more details in the coming weeks about the changes that we are implementing. Among other things, we will now provide detailed information about the products that the we send: production date, shelf life and list of ingredients. We will no longer guarantee a set schedule for our box and we will change its price.

    Please note that we have suspended all subscriptions at this time:
    * You will not be charged a second time with this subscription;
    * You will need to sign up again and agree to new terms and conditions if you wish to continue your subscription with us. We will give you advanced access to our new registration system so you do not miss out.

    We disappointed a lot of people in February and this next box is a very important one for us… We hope that you will agree to this delay which is necessary for us while we reorganize FrenchBox.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about your subscription.

    We thank you for you patience and understanding.


    The FrenchBox Team

    I then received an email stating that I would be receiving replacement products like the ones listed above.

    My question is – why am I receiving replacement products for a box I never received in the first place? Does this mean I was charged for the February box even though I never received it and they are sending me these two products in lieu of the entire box?

    I’ve tried to contact FrenchBox, but they haven’t responded to my email and frankly, the emails are confusing.

    Has his happened to anyone else?

    • Sorry for the typos! Obviously, I meant to say that I received the following email from French Box.

    • “and agree to new terms and conditions ”

      Now that is interesting, I wonder what will be in these new terms and conditions. I think it will pay to read them very carefully.

  14. The hand cream hasn’t been produced since 2011/12. It is no longer in the products list at the La Sultane de Saba website, but you can find old advertisements and blog posts from 2011/12 with the product. The few places that I could find it listed for sale, it says that it is “out of stock” or “no longer in production.”

    • Thank you for posting the info. I was searching the hand scrub on the manufacturer’s website and I couldn’t find the exact product, either! So is it safe to say that they are sending out another old/potentially expired product to us? I saw the Lanvin shower gel as a part of the set (with lotion and EDT) sold by Lanvin on

      • I sent an email to the company that produced the hand cream to ask for clarification. When I get a response, I will post it here. I can’t imagine that they would have a product, newly produced in February as per the FrenchBox website, that isn’t listed in their product catalog. I am always willing to admit when I am wrong, so I await the company’s response. It would have been better if FrenchBox had linked directly to the product and product info off of the manufacturer’s site instead of printing it at their own, as one can’t tell if it is real or not.

        • Hi Bird, the product information we posted on our website was given to us by the manufacturer.

          • Sounds good to me!

      • Actually the set on Amazon is for sale by private sellers not Lanvin itself.

    • Wow! After all the promising to make it right, to send not in production products AGAIN. Do you all think the sub is doomed?

    • I was willing to give them a chance so I hope this isn’t the case. If it is, I will be disputing my yearly charge by the end of the day. Not cool, FBox.

    • Wow! Thank you for the information. So disappointing. I have an annual subscription so wonder what will happen next. I can not believe that they would send out old products again. In the email they stated that going forward they would list the ingredients and expiration dates of future products. Haven’t received my box yet so was this in the box?

      • Well, there is a batch number on this product. It’s a matter of contacting the manufacturer with the number and seeing what they say.

  15. These would not be my picks to make up for the February box. The gel is the same brand and scent as the lotion from a previous box. Rose is not a scent I care for. The hand scrub sounds okay. I had hoped for something a little more exciting with thought. I am sure cost was a factor but FrenchBox needs to build some excitement to keep going and these products did not do that for me.

  16. I wanted to be thrilled, but I didn’t like the scent of the Lanvin lotion (same scent) when I got it in a prior Frenchbox, so I don’t have high hopes for the gel. Oh well, glad I canceled.

  17. Oh, I love hand scrubs! If you’ve never tried one, you are in for a treat. Your hands feel so good after. The scent Amber and Vanilla sounds interesting. Love vanilla.

  18. I don’t subscribe to this box but hand scrubs are really nice. They leave your hands very polished and soft which everyone can use after this northeast winter! Hopefully this one will be great for you guys!

  19. These replacements are definitely kind of disappointing. I can always use more shower gel, but a hand scrub? I can’t even.

  20. I canceled this Subscription, right after your last review, and prior to receiving my box.
    I’m feeling kind of “Blah” about the replacements, but I will see if I change me mind when they arrive.

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