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FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box Complete Spoilers & $10 Coupon

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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Spoiler

We have the complete spoilers for the Spring FabFitFun Box thanks to instagram user d_liteful1! (And thanks for the heads up boxedlove!) Each box will include:

UPDATE: Just received the official product list from FabFitFun:

Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor or Modern Art Prints – $42

OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20) – $45.90

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum – $48

Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set – $16

Merrithew 3 DVD Set “Intense Body Blast” + $25 Gift Card – $61

Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos – $36

ORLY Nail BB Creme – $15

ORLY Nail Polish “Cake Pop” – $8.50

Sprout It App Card + Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod – $1.49 + free app download

Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn (sponsored) – $1.49

Vow to Be Chic Gift Card (sponsored) – $125

I’m excited to see that the DVD is actually a 3-DVD set!


FabFitFun VIP Spring 2015 Spoilers!

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum (Value $48)

Ofra Cosmetics Brush Duo Set (Value $45)

Jules Smith Modern Art Scarf or the Jules Smith Watercolor ScarfΒ ($42 Value)

Rifle Paper Co. Coasters (Value $16)

ORLY Nail BB Cream (Value $15)

ORLY Nail Polish (Value $8.50)

Intense Body Blast Workout DVD (Value $17)

Cosmos Salted Caramel Popcorn (Value $3?)

Yasi Metallic Temporary Tattoos (Value $17?)

Coupon/Gift Cards (not sure of terms yet):

HelloFresh ($40) ($125)

Merrithew ($25)

FYI – if you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off this box (Regularly $49.99).


What do you think of the spoilers? I may be in the minority, but I’m happy to see a workout DVD in this box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I liked the box. Love the BB nail stuff, but not crazy about the cake pop polish. The scarf is nice for warm weather, it is much smaller than I thought it would be. The serum is nice, the popcorn was tasty, the brushes are very nice and are small enough for my travel bag. I like the coasters, the DVDs are okay. I don’t think I will be using any of the discount cards. I like the box, I don’t love it but I will use most of what they sent. Discovering the BB nail stuff (even if it’s only $15) made the box worth it.

  2. Won’t be using the bridesmaid card, if anyone can let me know, don’t want it to go to waste !

    • I’m looking for extra bridesmaid cards! “carriemcatee” at gmail dot com!

  3. Today is the 29th and no news on if mine shipped yet. I’m real disappointed in this box. I rarely wear makeup, usually for a date or special occasions but I haven’t been on a date in almost 3 years so I doubt I will use the makeup brushes. Everyone is complaining about the Merrithew DVDs but I love to work out at home and because my parents refuse to buy a new tv or DVD player with Internet capability we constantly use our DVD player. I really don’t like the coasters and can hopefully trade those as well. The tattoos are really trendy right now but I have nowhere to wear them. Kind of tired of getting nail polish. I have acrylic nails because nail polish chips minutes after applying it. The vowtobechic card is useless as well. For one I’m likely never getting married and second, they only go up to a size 12 and I’m at least an 18. Hello Fresh is a joke for me because I have gastroparesis so my diet is limited but my stepdad also had high BP so he is on a low to no salt diet. I’m also lactose intolerant so that, too, is a waste. I really have no use for almost everything and now I wish I could cancel this order.

  4. I got my FFF box today and I’m quite pleased. The serum feels great, the nail BB cream is a nice neutral. The coasters are adorable! I will be using those as a hostess or house-warming gift. I got the watercolor scarf and adore it – small and lightweight, it will be nice as a pop of color around the neck or as a head wrap, which I immediately used it for. I’m thrilled with the brushes – nice quality and I needed some new ones. I’m 52 and I think the temporary tattoos are great fun! I will use them myself. The Miracle Grow seed pod made me smile – I will enjoy my little basil plant this summer. None of the coupons excite me too much for many of the reasons already talked about here, but I’m sure someone will be able to use them. Overall I was pleased with this box. Well done FFF!

  5. i just received my Spring 2015 box from FabFitFun. Not too impressed with it compared to my Winter box. I’m looking forward to trying the Merrithew exercise DVD. I was going to use the $25 gift card from Merrithew, however as i was about to check out the shipping cost was $16.27. What’s up with that?

  6. I LOVED this box.
    The DVD set was amazing and I really liked it.

    The tattoos were a joke and kinda ugly, but my 2-year-old niece is obsessed with stickers and tattoos so they went to her.

    I loved the coasters, but then I love all things Rifle Paper co.

    The BB nail polish is really nice.

    The “gift cards” (coupons) are useless and are we all not totally OVER hello fresh. I subbed to them and I HATED the auto billing and then sending me food I totally won’t eat. AND it was a huge hassle to cancel from them.

  7. I won’t be using my coupons either. I would like to trade and I am pretty open so send offers. πŸ™‚

  8. Ugh …I just received my box yesterday and both nail items were missing

  9. It’s the 28th and still no email for shipping! Frustrating! Not my fav box but I will use a few items..

  10. So my box arrived today (I subbed to winter box last year, have a quarterly billing and live in San Diego for those wondering about boxes not arriving yet, hope that helps!) and I love this box! I got the watercolor scarf which will look cute tied on a black purse (too hot here for scarfs :(), the serum looks lovely and my mother stoll my bb cream polish and then spent the entire time at dinner bragging about how great it is :p the caramel popcorn is long gone, the dress gift card is useless to me but sweet, the brushes are GORGEOUS, the basil seed pod was actually really cool, and I am quite excited for the dvd too (not sure why people are complaining about that when last month there was a zumba dvd and no one cared). The tattoo pricing is absurd but I love the idea of using them for easter eggs!!! That’s genius! Or even nail art! As for the $25 gift card, I wish it came with shipping πŸ™ the hello fresh will be gifted probably as well. Still an amazing box and I’m sure I forgot something lol. Oh the coasters! Gorgeous and very cute prints (4 different cities) and I will probably clear coat them then keep them too! Overall successful box and definitely worth the cost

  11. Is this EVER going to ship? It’s March 27! For a box that was originally supposed to ship Mar 10 this is a bit ridiculous. And now the site is down and you can’t even log in to check status.

  12. I feel cheated/tricked because the 3 spoilers were so good. The rest seems like nonsense to me.

    DVDs? Really? I haven’t actually played a DVD since I got my iPhone/iPad YEARS ago!

    The value of the tattoos is MUCH lower than they’re saying and I mean really? Tattoos?

    The polish goes on like cheap, thick, white polish and it’s really hard to work with. It smells pretty strong too.

    The gift cards once again come with catches to use them. $25 works out to

    • (cont) $10 because of the $15 shipping charge. The total value of this box, according to FFF is $273.89. That’s OVER $100 LESS value than their previous winter box. I’m so annoyed by the drop in value and quality of the items, except for the 3 spoilers used to lure buyers.

      • One last thing: the tattoos they say are worth $36 and from Yasi appear to actually be from another company and can be found on Amazon for $8. Would anyone seriously believe they’re worth/or pay $36?!?

        • I totally agree with you! There’s no way I’m ever going to wear the fake tattoos, & I have no use for paper coasters, or any of the sponsored items. Bummer. I was so excited

        • Yea mine say bling tattoos

  13. Should I have gotten a ship notice by now? I’m really looking forward to this box!

    • I haven’t gotten mine either.

    • I haven’t got mine either and it’s the 26th! This may be because I signed up a week and half ago though and is still processing my information….

  14. The temporary tattoos are worth $6. I just purchased the same ones from Francesca’s

    • That means they’re worth even less

    • Yup, found them on Amazon for $8.

  15. I just got my box today and it wasn’t any better for me in person. But I do like the Orly BB creme nail polish, I’ll keep that and the makeup brushes and maybe the serum, but I have one from Boxycharm I still have yet to use. The coasters are very cute, but cardboard, would be ruined instantly. The Merrithew gift card is for $25, but you have to pay shipping, which is $15…. Oh and there’s a basil seed pod which I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet.

    • Somebody on here mentioned using ModPodge to seal them – that might help. They’re so cute – I’d hate to see them ruined.

  16. The cities coasters are really neat, I love things to do with tourist cities. I like the nail poilsh/bb cream and I already have the serum from boxycharm which I loved. I was hoping for a makeup item and usable gift cards, hellofresh is a food subsctiption so it seems, rental dress and the workout coupon is not good because is way over the price of the items. I feel my coupons will go to waste. I do like the makeup brushes though. I I am 30 and will still rock the tattoos though. I would have preferred another workout item but I will use it.

  17. bla to the bride’s maid dress gift card and MORE metallic tatoos, but the rest looks great and the value is there for me.

    • im with you. fake tattoos ? really ?

    • I know this is going to sound totally stupid, but one of my home magazines suggested using these metallic tattoos to decorate easter eggs. They looked so cute! I know I will never in a million years use them as tatoos, so this is what I will use mine for. It is a better option than throwing them away.

      • Thanks for sharing, what a fun idea!

      • Doesn’t sound stupid at all. Great idea! Thank u!

      • What a clever idea! I’m totally going to do that!

    • I can’t believe how terrible the gift cards are! Barely anyone can use them!

      • What’s the catch on the gift cards? I thought the new gift card laws banned gift cards that require a minimum purchase, but I just tried to research it and I can’t find anything about it. A gift card that requires a minimum purchase, or that won’t pay for shipping, isn’t a gift card at all but a coupon. And it should be illegal to keep calling it a gift card.

        • I agree with you. It’s not a “gift” card at all if if you have to pay to use it! I’m super dissapointed.

  18. I haven’t gotton a email yet to say when they will ship I paid beginning of the month but no box yet anybody know if they ship certain areas first

  19. I want this box but I learned my lesson last time with the winter box. I’m young to wait to see how the demand is and if I can get the box for less. I still wasn’t happy that I was charged twice after canceling my account. Only good thing was once I called customer service they immediately issued a refund.

  20. I think this a great box, and there’s a lot of value for $50. I like the idea of a the nail BB cream, plus everything looks very spring like. This is a fitness themed company,so I appreciate the DVD. The scarf is stunning. I mean really,,I like everything! The popcorn is made here in Oregon..I first discovered it at a truck stop a few years ago, glad to see they’re widely available now. They make other flavors as well and it’s so delicious (my favorite is the sea salt & butter).

  21. Overall I’m satisfied with the box. That may be because I only paid $25 for it (thanks to the 50% off code included in a past Hello Fresh delivery). I think they shot themselves in the foot by revealing the three highest value items ahead of time. I can see doing one spoiler but not all 3. It didn’t leave much reason to be excited. I wish subs would just stop with the metallic tattoos. I’m yet to see anyone over 18 wearing them and the target demographic for this box isn’t tweens and teens. Plus the trend seems to be fading and it makes FFF look a bit behind compared to other subs who sent them a year earlier. They were a rather pricey item, too. I would have preferred another home or beauty product. Including 2 nail products isn’t terribly creative from a curation standpoint, especially when one is a mani prep item versus polish. I’m always happy with a new scarf, brushes and serum so for me the box was worth it for just those items included (granted, at the half off price). The coasters are cute and I’m looking forward to using them. The DVD set to me is finally an on-target item for this box (better than the water bottle from last year as a fitness item). Now as for the coupons, unlike last box these aren’t no cost gift cards but rather discount codes. The bridesmaid dress card is super specific and not very useful to most subscribers. The Hello Fresh card also requires spending at least $29 out of pocket. I haven’t checked out the other 2 but I’ve heard neither covers shipping, which reduces their usable value. The curation did feel a bit more deliberate than past boxes, with a seasonally appropriate spring vibe. In the end I got more than my money’s worth so I’m happy. But I don’t know that I’ll be sticking around for the next one. After almost 2 years I think it’s time for a break. Unless another half off code lands in my lap, lol!

  22. Anyone interested in the gown rental gift cards just let me know. I have 2 up for grabs. I’m not on the swap site but I’ll happily provide my email address to any takers. I’d hate to see them go to waste since neither me nor my mom have any use for them. I’m interested in possibly swapping for the cake nail polish or any small beauty item.

    • I’m interested in your extra bridesmaid cards! Please email me at “carriemcatee” at gmail dot com. Thank you so much!

  23. I received mine today already, they actually shipped it out 3 days ago… I don’t really love anything; I only like a few of the items and the rest are pretty useless for me.

    • What are the rules for using the vowtobechic coupon?

      • You have to purchase or rent a dress to receive free rental

    • How did you find out yours shipped already? I am sure I am just missing it, but I don’t see anything on their webpage when I log into my account.

      • You should get an email when it ships.

  24. My box isn’t coming till Wednesday so I couldn’t resist spoilers. I’m excited about this box. It doesn’t have the crazy value of the winter box, but I’ll use almost everything and it’s more than worth what I paid. Those coasters look cute and I’ve been thinking I want to work on my abs/core so the DVD is great timing!

    I hope the hello fresh coupon can be used by existing customers.

    • It won’t work for existing customers. It’s for new subscribers only. That’s how all of their $40 discount cards work unfortunately. It’s a good deal for new folks though, as long as they remember to cancel/skip future weeks.

  25. I’m actually rather pleased that I signed up for this box at the last minute. The serum, nail BB cream and coasters more than cover the price I paid. All the rest is gravy, as they say!
    I’ll probably slick a coat of Mod Podge over the coasters to extend their life, as I did with my Birchbox Rifle Paper ones.
    Neither of the scarves will suit me, but they and the brushes should be easy to swap.
    I wonder why one of the scarves wasn’t in a cool colour for all of us pink ladies?

    • Thanks for the Mod Podge tip! I was just thinking how the coasters are super cute but I would ruin them pretty quickly if they get drips on them. I do not understand paper coasters.

      • I do like the moisture absorption of paperboard coasters. I was actually looking all over for decent coasters for home and was getting annoyed that any decent coaster was about 7.50 each. I plan to just break out 2 of these coasters at a time so after one wears out in a month I can pull out another.

    • That is a brilliant idea for the coasters!

  26. Not excited. Glad I canceled.

  27. This is not an exciting box but I’ll use almost every item. I was worried I would be disappointed.

  28. I should’ve known not to get this box when I didn’t like either of the spoilers. I’m always happy with fitness stuff, but I wish this were more like the Winter box, which I loved. I’m over the metallic tattoos. If anyone is interested in swapping for anything, get at me. [email protected]

  29. I’m not getting this box, but I might be interested in buying or swapping for the vowtobechic gift card. (My wedding’s in a year, so it depends on the expiration date!) Any takers? If swapping, I subscribe to Sample Society and Rachel Zoe.

      • Am emailing you now, thx!

    • I will list mine when I get it πŸ™‚

      • I’m waitlisted for the swap site, so if you’d like to get in touch, let me know your email.

    • I’d be more than happy to swapping this gift card. pretty open to anything (beauty products, lotions, bath, candles, etc.) Of course it’ll have to wait until it gets here…seeing I’m in Canada…it might take a bit longer than most…

    • Hi. I won’t be using my coupon once I get it. Let me know if you want to trade.

    • Does anyone know what the oscar code gets you? That’s the only reason I subscribed, and so far I am underwhelmed.

    • Hey! I have two gift cards I am willing to swap. Possibly the Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment from the popsugar box? or any ideas you may have. email me [email protected]

    • I will swap with you. Already married and not in any weddings this year.

    • I haven’t gotten my box yet, but I will also have no need of that giftcard :o)

    • let me know if you want to swap with me as well. Won’t be getting married any time soon.
      [email protected]

  30. I was thinking about buying that Orly Nail BB Cream and I like Rifle Paper anything, but I’m pretty meh about anything else. I’m not upset I forgot to cancel because I do feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, but I won’t be buying any more in the future unless full spoilers are out.

  31. Personally I like the box!! I feel like I always get my money worth and they force me to try new things. True I don’t like every item in the box but that is the risk of subscribing to a box.

  32. i would not mind getting a shampoo or a coupon to a resturant for dinner free i loved the winter box i also would like a coupon that you do not have to add money to that way you can truely enjoy what they are giving with out spending money 212 517 3740 xoxo dorothy

  33. I can’t believe how negative these comments are. I love this box and might be getting a second one! The dvd’s and gift card to Merrithew are awesome!! That site has so much to offer from mats to stability balls and so much more! Everything else is just a bonus in my mind. Plus those brushes are gorgeous

    • I couldn’t get the merrithew gift card to work and shipping was close to $20, at least with the winter box shipping was covered

  34. I loved the winter box and debated buying a second spring one. Now that I’ve seen the spoilers I’m glad I didn’t. There isn’t one item I’m really psyched up to get. I agree with the previous posters who have said March has been disappointing.

  35. Wow, I am impressed with this box. This actually gives more than just a nod to the fitness aspect of the box. Also, the coasters look so cute and I’m curious about the “offers” included. Hello fresh, vow to be chic, etc. I hope the serum is paraben and sulfate-free, i think it is but I just can’t remember if that was stated for sure. The last FFF box i got was Summer. I didn’t care for the Fall or Winter ones at all. This one sounds really fun.

  36. hmmm some interesting things in the box but a lot of things I won’t be using. Likely going to gift or swap a good part of this box. I still have one more season of FFF before I unsubscribe and I kinda regret getting a full year subscription.. oh well.. live and learn.

  37. I would get this if it goes on sale on a flash sale site for a bigger discount. Otherwise probably not.

    • i agree if thier is a bigger discount then i wii buy this other wise i am also going to pass xoxo dorothy

  38. I LOVE this box! Only thing I’m “meh” on is those flash tats, they seem like more appropriate for my 13 year old or something! It’s a really well rounded box and I think the curation is excellent.

  39. I don’t want to pay $40 to get everything in this box, but I’d love to swap with people who don’t love everything πŸ™‚ I’m really interested in the vowtobechic coupon, but that could change depending on the conditions. I would also love the BB Nail cream and makeup brushes.

    • I’d be happy to swap with you – the gift cards and nail stuff…

  40. I love the coasters! And for that matter the scarf looks luxurious

  41. I’m not excited about this box at all. One and done for me with FFF. They also charged me 3x for the box and it took me several emails to get a response.

  42. Unimpressed. 4 of those items I’ve received in past boxes. I feel like they need a new curator for this because it gets more boring every season. I don’t like how they throw in a bunch of giftcards to places you’ll probably never use just to fill in the value either. Where’s the wow factor? The variety? The theme? Not surprised their boxes are always on sale.

    • Agree that the gift cards are terrible. Would need to spend extra $ just to use Hello Fresh, and the other one is for bridesmaid dress rentals. How many people will actually be able to use that?

      • Exactly – how many subscribers need to bridesmaid dresses? That’s a pretty small target market for this sub since there are many older subscribers who are long since married. I don’t consider myself old but I have been married for 9 years. That’s a big chunk of value that’s completely wasted, sponsored or not. I talked my mom into getting this box, too. She also has zero use for the card since my parents have been married for 50 years and counting. So if anyone wants these codes, just let me know. I’ll happily swap for a small beauty item from any box or the cake polish from this one. Ditto for my mom’s card.

      • You can actually just use the vow to be chic on rentals even if it’s not for a wedding, I’m going to use mine for Mother’s day, going to rent a dress for mom and myself. We are going to a fancier brunch so I think it will be cute to dress up a bit. Probably good for graduation dress rentals as well.

    • Just FYI, they don’t use the value of the Hello Fresh and Vow to be Chic coupons in the total value. They always have “sponsored” products or coupons that are just extras. They do include the Merrithew gift card, however, since there is no minimum purchase required (although it still may not be useful if you have to pay shipping).

  43. Not excited, but I think I’ll get my money’s worth on the serum and DVD set anyway. Sad about getting two nail products and the metallic tattoos, which seem to come in every other box now.

  44. uggg… I don’t have a DVD player so that’s useless to me. The body art n nail stuff I won’t use either. I’m sorry but those body jewel tattos stunk. My kids tattos last longer. The rest of the box is awesome but that was all the spoilers so there’s no fun surprise

    • I can spell tattoos. I didn’t proofread it? I guess my iPhone missed it too! Lol

  45. Why oh why did I sign up for a year subscription to fff??? This box just makes me sad…especially the metallic tattoos. Plus, another serum and more nail polish – blleeeehhhhh. At least I like the brushes and dvd.

  46. The value on this great! I’m excited to get the coasters because I see a french theme on the box.
    I want to give the Orly BB Nail product a try. It’s new to me and I need all the help I can get. Biotin and Pregnancy Vitamins have made no difference in the past. Now I just try to cover them up and hope no one will notice I have hands!

  47. Not impressed with this box at all. Being from Canada, after shipping and the exchange rate I’m paying $70. Thinking I’ll be cancelling after this one.

    • We also don’t get alternative gift cards or Canadian codes. We just lose out on that value!

      • Hello Fellow Canadians!

        The $25 Merrithew Health & Fitness Gift Card is valid across North America – we are a Canadian company, after all!

  48. I never feel like I miss out on these boxes

  49. Wow just another disappointing box for me, March has not been a good month for me and subscription boxes. Nothing exciting, swapping most of them. I don’t like the nail polish colors at all, and already have 1000. I haven’t used the Palmetto yet from my Boxycharm last year, so I’ll swap that too. I don’t like the print of the scarf, don’t understand the metallic temporary tattoo trend for adults and how many people use coasters? I know I’m being Debbie Downer, but I didn’t really care for the Winter box and this one’s another let down. Can’t wait till my subscription is over. One the upside I am excited about the DVD and makeup brushes. PS- Those Hello Fresh discounts are everywhere, I keep getting them in boxes, and have started getting them in my magazines too.

    • Eh, agreed, not too big on many of the March boxes I have received. Tired of all the nail products and make-up brushes especially.

    • I agree, this spring box is definitely a lack luster for me.
      I have received brushes in virtually all of my boxes.
      The scarves were also not my style (tired of getting scarves as well)
      And I don’t think that the rest of items make up for the deficit in comparison to last winter box. There were not as many beauty products and I think the infuser bottle that they were selling would have proved more useful than the coasters. BLEGHHHH

  50. Not so exciting……

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