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Birchbox Beta Upgraded Subscriptions – Check Your Account!

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Birchbox Beta Upgrade Program

Birchbox is testing out a new upgraded subscription for some subscribers – login to your account to see if you are eligible. (You’ll see a pop-up asking you if you are interested if your account is selected).

With the upgraded subscription, the cost is $30 a month, and you get two full-size makeup or nail polish products in addition to your samples for the month.

I would totally try this out if my account was eligible! (Sigh) Are you going to sign up?

UPDATE: I was able to figure out how to get a $30 subscription offer – I had to sign up for a new account, and I used a new browser. I wasn’t getting the offer on Chrome, but did get this when I clicked Subscribe on Safari:

$30 option


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So I signed up for the upgrade to Birchbox Plus, but I already have a yearly subscription. April was my first box and I picked the Mad Men curated one and didn’t get the upgrade, so I emailed them and found out the upgrade is not available to people with yearly subscriptions, which seems like BS but whatever saves me $20. I was not happy that I was already charged for it, but they’ve issued a refund. Below is their response:

    “Hi Sara,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’m happy to help!

    After further looking into your account, I see that the Order #109173284 was placed for the Upgraded Subscription. However, at this time we do not offer this upgrade for our yearly subscribers. It looks like there was a glitch in our system where you were able to make this purchase and I’m so sorry for the confusion!

    To confirm, I have gone ahead and refunded you the $20.00 for the purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days for this to reflect in your account, depending on your bank.

    We hope to soon have the upgrade available for all our subscribers and appreciate your patience as this happens!”

  2. I was disappointed about not being able to choose one of the Mad Men curated boxes this month. I sent Birchbox an email to ask why and received an answer designed to put me off. Below is my response. Hopefully they will take my concerns into consideration.

    As an ACE and someone who’s taking a chance on Birchbox by spending an extra $20 for two products I may not even want/like/need, I feel like Birchbox should have handled this in a completely different manner. Birchbox’s response that they are simply “unable to honor guest editor box selections for this type of subscription” is simply a restatement of my question, and therefore, more of a way to put me off rather than providing me with a legitimate answer to my question.
    > I have to admit that I’m getting nervous about paying $30/month for two full size products (one of which might be nail polish) and samples. For the same $30, there are several subscription boxes that would send me 5-7 full size items.
    > I don’t understand Birchbox’s thinking is on this. I feel like I’ve gone out on a limb with this “upgraded” subscription and so far, the only thing I’ve received is downgrades: I’ve spent three times the money for a box that I didn’t get to select; as far as I know, I didn’t receive any Birchbox points when I upgraded my subscription (over a year, this will represent an additional $240); and the points for the full size reviews are the same as the points for the sample reviews.
    > For the same amount of money, I could have purchased two additional annual women’s subscriptions or one men’s – all which would have come with Birchbox points.
    > So far, so disappointed. I expected more from Birchbox. The launch of a new subscription box should generate excitement and anticipation, not anxiety and an overall feeling of let down. $30/month may not seem like a lot to some, but over a year, this adds up to $360 and for that amount of money, I expect A LOT MORE than what I’ve seen from this “new” subscription so far.
    > I do not need a response to this email, unless Birchbox has additional INFORMATION to provide regarding the details of this new subscription/upgrade. For the record, I don’t even know that I would have chosen one of the two Mad Men boxes. I just wanted the same option as everyone else, and after spending several hundred dollars on, I feel like I’ve earned it.
    > Just consider this email early feedback on the launch of the new subscription box. Birchbox does so many things right, I’m surprised they’ve handled this launch the way they have. I don’t know if the intent was to create an aura of mystery, but the ABSOLUTE and TOTAL LACK of COMMUNICATION with your initial subscribers has not had the desired effect.
    Thank you.

    I followed up with an email asking if the reason the curated boxes weren’t available on the upgraded subscriptions was simply because those subscribers would be receiving a completely different box designed to accommodate more/larger products. This would actually make sense. If this is the case, a simple explanation would have sufficed.

    I also emailed Birchbox separately with the question about the value of the two full-size products. I’d assumed it was $50 just for those two products alone, NOT FOR THE ENTIRE BOX. Sure hope I read this correctly! I’ll let you know what I find out.

  3. I have been a subscriber for over two years and I got the pop up. I did pass on it however, because $20 is actually a lot to add on. I like Birchbox because it is so affordable and I can add on plus items when I want to. A $20 risk for two items I may not like is not something for me.

  4. Like others, the last few months I haven’t been overly impressed….but decided to give this one last try and upgraded to the $30 box. REALLY hoping to not get nail polish as I love square hue and that’s all the nail polish I need!

  5. I got the pop-up but couldn’t risk getting nail polish. since I reship my subscriptions to where I really live, Saudi Arabia lol. Talk about addiction..

  6. no link for me and im yearly subscriber. ive been disappointed in birchbox the last few times though my march box looks decent. shipping is very slow though. overall i would probably pass though since like others i def. do not need any more nail polish.

  7. I decided to give it a try. I added a $10.50 caldrea soap and a mystery sample pack to my monthly box and the $20 upgrade. Used code takeoff10 so my total was only $30. Figured this made is more worthwhile to give it a try as I will get 2 bonus samples and another item I already wanted for the $30. If I’m not impressed I will downgrade to just the $10 box next month.

    • How were u able to add the $20 upgrade?? I keep opening accounts and can’t figure out how to get the upgraded sub/box!! HELP!!

  8. I have found BB to quite disappointing for the last 5 months or so. Hopefully for those who choose to try out there new type of box that what they would get would be to their tastes.

  9. Do you get triple the points? That would be worth it! 🙂

  10. I was eligible but passed – if nail polish wasn’t one of the options I would have signed up for it. But I literally cannot take any more polish!

  11. I took the bait. I wonder if we’ll still be able to choose the monthly curated box for the five samples. I’ve really liked almost every one of those boxes so I’d hate to lose out on that!

  12. I could not be tempted less. This is just not for me. I initially signed up for BB in hopes of getting skin products. Nail products are not something I covet. I agree with another commenter, though, that if BB offered a deluxe subscription for women that was similar in cost and content to the men’s box, then I’d be interested in that.

  13. I totally went for it right away! I’d actually prefer to get more body and hair items than nail stuff since I love my julep subscription, but I love BB and couldn’t pass up the chance to be one of the first to try it out! I got the message on my monthly account but not on my annual account. Can’t wait to see what they have in store!

  14. When u first heard about this I got super excited! Lol, I’m a makeup junkie and currently don’t have any beauty boxes but 2 Birchboxes & ipsy. So I’ve been checking my account all day to see if I got the offer and nothing. Then I saw this post about Firefox and immediately download it on my phone & after about 5 minutes on the site it popped up! (I also had to click request desktop site in settings on my Phone.) Thanks so much for the info! Can’t wait for the first box!

    • *When I* lol sorry! I hate typing with my phone on websites!

  15. My pop-up showed like 4 minutes from my login, while I was checking some products in the boutique. I’m not going to join, I receive my luxury makeup from LMDB and I get my nails done so I would actually appreciate an option to eliminate nail products as the ones I receive end up in the salon I visit.

  16. Ima have to pass because it specifically says nail polish. I’m really picky, and I don’t like any of the brands I’ve sampled in the past from BB. I also would be worried that the full size product would be a hand cream or something that I would never cash in points for.

    I’d rather put that $20 a month towards my JCP credit card that I use at

  17. Ehhhh. I’ll wait and see how it turns out for everyone else first. $20 is a steal for two full size products…IF you like what is sent to you. I’d prefer to spend the $20 – or my points! – on something I know I’ll use, or like other commenters have said, a BB Man subscription.

  18. I went for it. I ended up getting the hair trio free gift with $35 purchase, the sample pack, and the thank you key chain or whatever all for free with just this $20 add on so it was worth it to me for a month since all of that will equal way more than I spent. As for people saying you will get two nail polishes, I highly doubt that. One yes, two in a month no. And some of their beauty items are really high quality with the minimum full size being about $15 a pop. I figure its a good gamble that I will get at least $30 of full size items PLUS the normal 5 birchbox samples. Worth a shot! Can’t wait to see what everyone gets including Liz! For those of you who arnt trying it I totally applaud you for waiting but after canceling Ipsy this was just too easy ;p

    • I compare it to BeautyDNA: $25 vs. $20 And the BeautyDNA absolutely works with your profile. I have not gotten anything that did not fit my profile exactly. Birchbox can’t even stop sending me hair products for curly/frizzy hair when my profile says straight, thin hair. Also, that brings the total up to $30 per month which is getting close to LLB.

      I hope I’m proved wrong and everyone gets fantabulous full size goodies! But with them including nail polish, I just don’t see it. Besides, I get enough random polish from the various products without actually asking for any.

      • I have the opposite problem! I have curly hair and they keep sending me shampoo and conditioner that I cannot use!

        If I didn’t have an annual subscription, I’d cancel Birchbox tomorrow. Even with the new beta profile I still get crap boxes.

  19. Passed, for an extra $20 a month I’d have to get the men’s box for my hubby.

  20. I love BB andI am intrigued by this, although I’m on a yearly sub right now so I didn’t get the pop up. At any rate I’m in the camp that would love a lifestyle item…candles, scarves, note cards, jewelry etc. I’m not sure I’m sold in two full sized items, would hate to have then be reflective of things I already get too much of in BB like body wash and lotion. I’ll keep my eyes on this though, if they knock it out of the park I’ll be on board.

  21. I use BB as a makeup savings account. I cannot justify paying $30 a month, especially if the points stay the same and with all the other boxes that include full sized products. This is just another way to throw myself back into beauty overload.

    • I use Birchbox as a beauty savings account as well. I’m always using 100 or 50 point codes, always make sure I review samples, and always apply any percent-off codes when finally cashing in my points.

  22. $20 extra dollars for two random beauty and nail products? Like what do they mean by nail products, I don’t think it’s worth it.

  23. I passed on it. For $20, I could atleast buy one full size makeup item that I know I want a month. I am not crazy about the brands on Birchbox so I didn’t think it was worth it. Maybe I will change my mind when I see what the boxes look like.

  24. I am not eligible, not sure I will do it for reasons others have described.

  25. I checked my account and did not have a pop-up. I’m a yearly subscriber which may play into it.

    • All 3 of my accounts had it. They are all monthly so maybe that is it. (I did not sign up, though.)

    • I’m a yearly subscriber and have been for a few years, I didn’t have the pop up. But I logged into my account then clicked on Liz’s link at the top of the page and it brought up the offer. I’m going to try it for one month and see how it goes.

  26. So glad u posted this info. I got the pop up. I’m trying it for a month… 7 products 2 full sized could be good. Could be a dud. However there is no risk… As if I dislike the value I can call their number and convert it back to the $10 box the following month I love BB customer service. They will honor that clause so there is no risk. Why not try it out for at least a mont. :). Thanks Liz!

  27. This is a pass for me. I do like the idea, but the men’s subscription (which I used to subscribe to also) included a full size lifestyle item for $20. I’d much rather have that than 2 more beauty products. In the men’s subscription I got a $40 bracelet, and a $40 leather wallet among other things. The idea is good, but the price point is off. We want lifestyle items Birchbox!

    • I agree. The men’s box is a lot better than the women’s box. I’d gladly pay $20+ a month to get lifestyle items!

      • I’m nit a fan of the lifestyle items (Birchbox doesn’t really match with me in the lifestyle department). That being said, a lot of people clearly DO like the lifestyle items and I’d be fine with an option to add a lifestyle item for an extra cost. I wouldn’t want them taking away the regular subscription for someone like me who doesn’t want a lifestyle item, though. (I’d also be more likely to consider the current offer if it was skincare and makeup instead.)

        • Yes, there are a lot of people with different interests/preferences that subscribe to Birchbox. I think a lot more people would have gone for the upgrade if they were providing upgrade options other than just makeup or nail polish. I don’t have a great interest in either of those. You think they would have at least included skincare as a possible option. But I guess this is just their effort to be more like Glossybox and BoxyCharm that others have mentioned.

          • I would love more makeup items, just not at an additional $20 price point monthly. I seem to be stuck in a body lotion and face wash cycle with BB no matter how I have my profile. I do like the Birchbox plus items, then you can pass if you want. However, if they can offer $40 lifestyle items in a $20 box, why are the beauty items $10 more..?

  28. I am not certain why anyone would subscribe to this possibility of 2 nail polishes for $20? What am I not seeing here?

    • That’s what I don’t understand, people play into the hype too much!

  29. got the option but declined. Hmmm I just feel like I would rather them feature two products each month and you have the option to upgrade. $20 is a lot for two products you may not like.

  30. I’m bum out that I wasnt qualified. I’m an ace and have been a member for at least year

  31. I went for it! I’m worried it won’t be worth it…but we’ll see. I will likely switch back to the $10 subscription after a month or so.

  32. I wasn’t eligible, but I wouldn’t have signed up anyway. Since I don’t do regular nail polish (gel all the way!), this would be a bust for me. Pass 🙂

  33. Thanks for the heads up! I totally decided to give it a try!

  34. I went for it. Since you get points on purchase price and I assume points for reviewing all seven items it is a little less scary. I’m hoping for Debra Lipman nail polish and other high end items. Since the regular $10 box occasionally throws out a full size or deluxe sample make-up items I hope that continues, but is just built upon. A friend of mine is supposed to receive two full size items because her birchbox got lost last month. I’m wondering if the items are comparable. Do they start with your base box the upgrade with two items?

  35. My account is eligible but I will be passing. $20 is a lot for two full sized items that I may or may not like – it’d be a much better deal just to get a seperate GlossyBox subscription.

  36. i think the concept is interesting but I will have to watch a few boxes and see what people get…. I am not interested in getting nail polish….I get it sometimes in my subs but it will be one of 5 or 6 products…. In this case it would be 1 of 2 products and that wouldn’t be of value to me…. If it was possible to opt out of nail polish and receive products in the hair care, skincare, and makeup categories, I would be more likely to try it

  37. I was eligible but I clicked off of the pop up before I realized what it is. I’m not really interested in it, though. I like Birchbox because it’s so cheap.

  38. My account wasn’t eligible, but I didn’t think it would be since I received a year’s subscription as a gift. I think I would rather wait to see what others are getting first to be sure, anyway. It’s a great option, though!

  39. I took the bait. I usually always love my birchboxs so it will be interesting to see what they pick! I would prefer makeup over nail polish but as long as they don’t give me two nail products we will be okay. I wonder if they would consider doing skin care in the future or if people or too specific when it comes to that. We’ll see. Glad they’re taking everyones feedback from those surveys. I almost forgot all about them!

  40. I passed on this. I’ll wait and see what others are getting first. It doesn’t seem like a good value at all to me especially since I already get Glossybox and Julep plus 15 other boxes. $50 value for $30 seems really low considering one or both items could be nail polish. I hope I’m wrong and the items are fantastic and then I’ll upgrade mine.

    • I agree. I am also eligible, but decided to pass. Paying $10/item for 2 items doesn’t seem like a good value to me either.

    • I’m hoping the $50 value is for the two full-size products alone, not for the entire box! That’s how I read it, anyway. Otherwise, it would definitely NOT be worth it, because we’re already getting $20-$30 worth of products in our $10 box every month.

  41. I wasn’t eligibile, but I don’t think that I would have done it. $20 more for 2 full size products is a bit much when, as someone else said, Boxycharm has 5 products for $21 total. I will say, I like the $20 men’s Birchbox curation better than that for the women. It’s a shame we can’t get a $20 box equivalent to that.

    • That is a good point. There are numerous beauty subscriptions at ~$20 or less that give you multiple products, often including full-sized ones (Boxycharm, Glossybox, sometimes Sample Society, Beautyfix for $25, etc.).

    • I so agree with you, I have both the man and woman boxes, and my husband’s are SO much better, like 3-4 times, not 2 times just based on price. The samples in my box seem to be smaller and smaller all the time, and when a Sephora or Ulta giveaway sample is bigger than what I just received in a box I am so steamed. Now that I am writing this, I am getting more irked. I only stay with BB for the points, but I am getting upset with that too because suddenly it seems brand selection options are shrinking. And, I am also frustrated that GWP is a code, you have to make several orders to get the GWP if they have several options, and that is irritating as well (I don’t pay for shipping being an Ace so that wastes free shipping to have it all split up).

    • I agree with you. I’d pay an additional $10 to have a full size lifestyle item like the BB Man boxes seem to have most months but not an additional $20 for just two full-sized beauty products that I may or may not even like.

  42. I was offered the upgrade, but didn’t take it. I like that BB is only 10 bucks a month. No guilt and I can splurge on Wantable and Yuzen! 🙂

  43. I got the popup last night and just thought it was a special offer or something. I didn’t realize it was a new “thing”. I passed on it. I didn’t see the value in getting two nail polishes for $20, which is one of the possibilities. Maybe I’ll wait and see what people start getting and hope that I can still add it at a later date.

  44. I got the pop-up, so I decided to go ahead and try it out! The information provided did state that the 2 full sized items are in addition to your usual 4-5 samples, and that you could revert back to your $10 a month box at any time by calling or emailing them. I figured why not? I’m excited to see what they send!

    • I upgraded too. Being able to revert back easily sounds nice if it doesn’t work out.

  45. I got the pop-up…just not sure I’m ready to commit though to $30/month. For $10 a month I’m fine when I have a bad month and don’t like anything, but at $30 that would be a different story!

  46. I upgraded one of my BB accounts to try it out. At only $50 for the value, I’m skeptical about it being worth it for me. I spend $21 to get 5 full size products from BoxyCharm with a value of $100 or more. We shall see though! I’ll most likely go back to the $10 per month box.

    • I agree, I signed up and will just cancel the upgrade if I don’t like it

  47. umm…Liz, how are you not eligible? Are you not our fearless subscription box leader? Please let me know what I am missing and why you don’t qualify. I would assume this would be offered to their most loyal and long time subscribers.

    • haha – thanks. I don’t know what the criteria is for who is eligible, but it is kind of killing me that I’m missing out! 🙂

      • I didn’t get that offer either. I am thinking prolly its for ppl who are paying month to month basis vs ppl who have been locked in? Just wondering… :p

    • Part II,

      My current account is not eligible. However, my old forgotten email/Birchbox account from eons ago was allowing me to choose an upgraded account. I think it’s an interesting idea. Instead of paying $10 bucks for 5 samples. You pay $30 bucks and get 2 full size products. But that makes me think I’ll get five miniscule samples, or worse foil packets, and an eyeliner and hand cream like every other month. Which means your that extra $20 bucks is really paying for the products. On the fence, but I’ll probably bite the bullet eventually.

  48. mine didn’t “pop up” I clicked on the subscribe button on the top of the screen and it gave me the option of a $10 box and a $30 box- but it just asks if I want to add a new subscription not to update my existing one- so I’m not sure if there is a way to just upgrade the existing subscription or if will need to be a new subscription- I already am mid annual subscription. I will have to look into it.

    • Same thing here—I went for it anyway, added the $20 add on and a new $10 subscription to my cart. I checked out anyway and sent customer service an email about it. I’m mid-way through an annual sub too. They haven’t responded yet.

  49. I got that but it says the total box value is $50, so I figure it is not 2 more products, just 2 of your 5 products is full size, plus I do not need any more nail polishes. Did not upgrade.

    • Wendy, It is 2 addn’l products to the usual 5. Just FYI

  50. My account was eligible, so I did! Thanks for letting me know!

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