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Bianca Jade #MIZ07 Quarterly Box Spoilers!

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Hitha On The Go + GQ Quarterly Box Spoilers

Thank you Lexie, Gloria and Samaria for letting us know about these spoilers! Here is a spoiler/hint collage on some of the items in the upcoming Biana Jade #MIZ07 Quarterly Box:

MIZ07 Spoilers


What do you think of the spoilers so far?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my box yesterday! It was amazing! Most of it was stuff I haven’t gotten in other boxes. My clutch was purple. It looks like it is probably waterproof, good for outdoor festivals!

  2. SPOILER: I received my box today and was very disappointed. At a $50 price-point, the box value is very weak, considering that the ankle weights sell for $6.79 (on sale from $8), the PBfit is $3.79 (on sale from $4.29), the RumbaTime clutch is $20, the CRUNCH LIVE trial is worth about $15 (considering $10/month membership cost). The rest of the contents (a single sheet of tattoos, small button, magazine and all trial sizes of pretzels, wipes, energy patch and cream) don’t seem to add up to much and aren’t that exciting as inclusions, considering how much the curator raved about the box. Even though the box was quite heavy (odd, since the weights are only 2 lbs), there was so much of that shredded paper in there, highlighting the lack of contents in the box. Ouch. I will definitely be cancelling.

  3. Received my e-mail that my box has shipped this morning! 🙂

    • Me too! Can’t wait!! 🙂

      • Same here. Can’t wait!

  4. Funny, I was just looking at pictures from Coachella and the dreaded metallic temporary tattoos are on practically every girl I see! So that’s where they for sure get used 😀

    • They have them at Walgreens in the checkout aisle now. $10 a pack. Never seen anyone wearing one, though…

  5. There is a “hint” in Bianca’s instagram about a Clean Energy Patch! Seems intriguing. Cant’t wait for this box to ship!!!

  6. Bianca, in case you see this – did we ever work out if there was a way to exchange the small barre socks for large? Thanks!

  7. Thanks Bianca for your comment! Super excited about #MIZ07.

  8. FYI, the bag or clutch is actually meant to be a gym bag insert. You can put small things for the gym inside like face wipes, lip balm, sanitizing spray, cell phone or whatever that you don’t want to get wet or float around amongst everything else inside your bag. I’ve seen fashion bloggers also use it as a clutch but I prefer it to be used inside your gym bag. it’s also nice for tampons. I’m an organizational freak so I like to keep things “contained” in my purse and gym bag. Anyway. that’s the thinking behind it. –Bianca

  9. Hi ladies! Bianca Jade here chiming in. I’m chuckling about your responses to the tattoos because I felt the same way for a while, but then I went to an event recently where they were applying them to people for free and I said, “oh what the hell!” Little did I know it would make the nicest gym bling. Just something cool to add before a workout that doesn’t bounce around or get caught in your hair or wherever. Anyway, NOT TO WORRY, the TribeTats are not the core of the box. This box has a little bit of everything inside. I wanted it to be fun, uplifting and experiential. I am not going to share any more of what’s inside the box because I want it to be more of a surprise. It’s hard for me to keep secrets though so this is BEYOND HARD! And even though I finished designing the box with Quarterly today (I snuck another item inside that I got excited about over the weekend), I’m still plotting to add 1 more item if they’ll let me! I can’t help it, I’m one of those people that believes QUALITY + MORE GOODIES = KING (or should I say “Queen”). Anyhow, to all of you who are staying on board with my box, MANY THANKS! To all of you who unsubscribed, I shall MISS YOU! Come back to me when you can. I will be here with open arms trying to make each box better and better! One last thing: thanks for how nice you’ve all been with your comments. I appreciate it esp after the last box…makes me feel good and just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement 🙂
    xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • I appreciate your comments. They make me feel better about the box, especially since they aren’t returnable. I am glad you are actively involved and excited about the curation. It seems to be just what I am looking for in a fitness box. I have liked the last few.

      • I hope you are able to squeeze in that one more item. April’s my birthday month 🙂 Looking forward to your box.

    • Thanks for commenting here Bianca! This will be my first box and I’m really excited about it. I like partial spoilers – enough to let us know where the box is going but also leave a surprise.

      I just had to say that I totally agree about the tattoos. I got some in the latest Fabfitfun box and I rolled my eyes. But my 2.5 year old daughter helped me open the box and immediately wanted us both to wear the “stickers” so to make her happy I put some on, and I have to admit, shiny = fun 🙂

      Anyway, my workout routine could really use a kick in the pants so I’m excited to get the ankle weights and see what I can do with them (and everything else in the box)!

  10. Overall I’m happy with the spoilers. I think the Chelsea Clutch in Berry Blue will be useful at the beach or pool. Is PB Fit similar to PB2? My sister uses PB2 so I think she will use this too. Crunch Gym has online classes. Nothing came up for the ankle weights when I clicked on the Instagram picture, but I am assuming that we will be receiving them. It will make a nice addition.

    I’m not into the metallic tattoo trend at all. TribeTatoos is what came up when I clicked on Instagram. I did see that TribeTats will have a tent at Coachella this year. Bianca is spot on with her selection even though it doesn’t interest me. I think it fits with Bianca Jade’s box because a part of her philosophy is for us to look nice when working out. I still don’t need them, but I am not going to fault her for that.

    • Anna, I like your post and completely agree with everything you said. Funny, the tats make me think of Coachella. It’s a perfect scene for it. And yes, PB fit is like PB2 and Chike peanut butter. I am looking forward to trying another brand.

  11. There must be some kind of rule that sub boxes must contain a blue clutch and metallic tattoos at some point. I keep hearing that metallic tattoos are super popular, but I never see them anywhere except sub boxes! WHERE are they popular? I don’t know any teenagers right now, maybe it’s popular with them?

    • I went to the Portland mall the other day and saw the gold tatoos selling in a teen clothing store, but I have yet to actually see someone in person wearing them. As a 32 year old, they just are not for me and I wish I would stop receiving them ! Maybe this summer everyone will be wearing them.

      • My 12-yo wears them, but only because I got them in subscription boxes.

        That said, I think the tattoos are more of a summer item, at least for those with fair complexion. They don’t look that great on pale skin.

        • I can’t get my 10 year old diva in training to try them. She thinks they’re “cheesy.” Did I mention she’s a diva in training?

  12. Yikes! Just cancelled because of these spoilers. The last thing I need are ankle weights, cheesy tattoos, or a cheap looking rubber bag. The powdered peanut butter is pretty good, but I already have oodles of it at home. Hope I’m not kicking myself later :/

  13. I’m super happy that she is not revealing the whole box. Since the element of “surprise in the mail” was taken off… I will try my best to not look for box reveals once there are shipped.

  14. I definitely would be very pleased with powdered PB and ankle weights! Or weights of any kind really.

    It’s hard to tell with the wristlet but if it’s made of rubber or something similar, it would be perfect for the gym and beach cuz you could easily wipe or wash off any spills. Looks like it’s the perfect size for a set of keys, ID, and a phone.

    Although I’d be fine if I never saw temporary tattoos again, I don’t mind since as others mentioned, it’s perfect for crafts.

    I think Bianca’s box has been the only Quarterly box, or among the very very few, to always ship on time or even early (as with the January box), so I appreciate that too!

  15. Metallic tattoos! SMH. Well at least it’s almost summer.

  16. That explains the “heavy box” hint! I still trust the best is yet to be revealed. And wouldn’t it be great if it weren’t the tattoos but those cute midi rings instead? Yes, I know it isn’t.

    • That’s actually what I love using the tattoos for! I hate wearing nice midi rings because I worry about them falling off or losing them and this way they don’t fall off or ever have anything to worry about losing

  17. Oh no!!! Not more metallic tattoos! We’ve had them in PS, the newest FFF and now MIZ07. After the debacle with MIZ06 if the rest of this box isn’t amazing I’m cancelling this one.

    • Greta, thanks for the link!

  18. Tattoos? Really?
    And what crazy value will be applied to them

  19. I thought we might be getting a clothing item or something related to shoes since she posted about it on FB awhile back.

  20. This was going to be my first box from her, but the spoilers aren’t exciting me enough for the $50 cost. I think I will cancel this round from her.

  21. I was so excited when I saw the surfboard, then I realized it was for the tattoos. Lol! I’m a short drive away from Santa Cruz and have my own board, a surfing or surfset item would have been amazing!

  22. I L O V E powdered peanut butter!!! I throw it in everything from protein shakes, green blasts, to oatmeal for more protein and better flavor without the fat and calories. Costco even carries it now.

  23. Darn!
    I’ve LOVED her last 2 boxes, but not excited about this one.
    Have (and don’t like) powdered peanut butter & jewelry tattoos and hopefully won’t get a bag in that gawdawful blue!
    I don’t have ankle weights, so that’s welcome.

  24. I saw an article recently about using the tattoos on Easter eggs and they really are beautiful! Just an idea!

    • hmmmm…..that’s an idea! I have a couple packs of these just laying around. Maybe I’ll try that!!

  25. Glad I passed on this! Burned out on the tattoos and the other items font appeal to me.

  26. I’m interested in everything but the tattoos. I might be slightly more interested in them if I hadn’t just received them in the FFF box. I wasn’t too excited then either but I figured I could find a craft project to use them in. Great spoilers though! I wish she would include more of that yummy Strawberry face scrub!

  27. Really hoping the clutch comes in colors other than Blue!!!

    • It does! But if you get the blue, I will trade you for whatever color comes in my box 😉

  28. Oh no, not the dreaded metallic temporary tattoos! Teenage girls are tired of these, puh leez.

    • You have to aim younger, my 12-yo loves them 🙂

      • Perfect! I’ll save them for my preteen nieces! 😀

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