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What Should We Build Next? App? Forum? Something Else?

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What would you like to see on MSA next?

In addition to doing improvements to the swap site and the main site throughout the year, we’re planning on building at least one new feature for My Subscription Addiction in 2015. (Maybe more, but considering we = just me and my husband Eric,Β I’m staying conservative in our estimates!).

I’d love your feedback on what would be most useful for you. So far the two big feature suggestions we’ve received are:

1) A mobile app

2) A forum

But we’re open to any suggestions! Please let me know your preference by voting in the poll, and feel free to comment withΒ specific suggestions for any feature. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your feedback in making this site better!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Speaking of forums, which I really wish to have here btw lol, would box owners be allowed to post on them? They aren’t allowed to on the other site but sometimes I like to see what they have to say. Not the ultra defensive, super emotional rants, but just answering general questions.

    • Also, I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here. I was just thinking out loud.

    • What is the other site that many have referenced?

      • nvm I think I found it.

  2. Happy regardless, thank-you for all you do!

  3. A forum would be great. And anything that pops up a sale alert for fast selling boxes. If this already exists for android, someone please let me know. Apologies if this is common knowledge – I don’t use many apps.

  4. Liz, I wanted to chime in about the website and forum possibility. I love how clean and uncluttered your website is. I visit a forum from time to time, and it used to be pretty user friendly. I has now become covered with advertising, popup boxes, pop down boxes, fake posts that you think are real but end up to be advertising in the middle of a string, etc. Recent changes have made it more confusing to navigate. It is enough to make my head spin trying to find good information there. All of that to say… I think a forum here, in the style of your blog and swap site, would be a wonderful option for me! I could leave that other site altogether! And, my addiction to MSA would be complete. Ha! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Staci – I’m so glad you like the design of the site! If you (or anyone) has an example of forum structures you recommend, please let me know! πŸ™‚

    • I used to live at the forum Staci mentions but ever since the revamp it’s been awful. I go there once a month at most now and don’t even swap there anymore. Liz, if you could copy how that forum was around Spring 2014 that would be amazing!

  5. I voted for the app. The forum idea kind of scares me because there can be a ton of drama on swap forums, and I still have nightmares about the LBB chat room (lolzzz kidding but it was bad).

    • Awww, I miss LBB chat! Actually, I miss the whole LBB…

  6. This may have been mentioned, but I’d love to be able to counter a first request. For example, I receive a request for fout items. I find something on their list that I’d love to swap for two of my item, but not all four. If I could counter at first reply, it would remove a lot of messaging back and forth or canceling swaps to start smaller ones.

    But seriously, this whole site is amazing and swapping is one of my biggest hobbies! Thank you!!

  7. I would love a forum. Having comments on specific boxes is so scattered. It’s hard to follow conversations. Also not every comment is is specific to a sub box.

    As an example, I’ve had a shirt for months that I would love to identify because I have no idea what sub box I got it from. Yes, a first world problem if ever there was one! lol Therefore I have no way to ask! So now I can’t post it as a swap.

    As others have said, having forum would give me even more reasons to visit the site. A forum would probably create a HUGE jump in your numbers.

    Finally, I would love, love, love if t-shirts were organized by size somehow. 90% of the swappers on my matchmaking list want shirts I have…only in the wrong size for what I’m offering. I’ve stopped using the matchmaker because of this. And yet I know it has such great potential.

    By the way, Liz, ever since you got the never ending loading problem fixed in FireFox the pages load up SUPER fast. Greatly appreciated!!!

  8. I strongly vote for a forum. No matter how good an app is it’s still being shown on a tiny screen which is my pet peeve about apps (but of course that can’t be helped) Many companies I deal with have mobile apps but I tend to only use those in emergency situations.

    Also in a forum there could be a thread about freebies (Liz you remember that was one of my wishes LOL) There are many things I would be happy to send to people for nothing in return……I just mailed the last of my pom pom hats to someone back east and it cost me $2.

    Oh and something to remind swappers to delete items such as gift cards that have expired

    Thanks again for all you (and Eric ) do. Your website is amazing and very helpful

    • Now I’m curious what shirt it is. πŸ˜›

      • Don’t want to hijack this very exciting thread. I put the shirt on eBay since I couldn’t figure it out. lol Here’s the listing number if you want to check it out: 311287755860

        You can contact me there if you have a clue. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t find another one like it here, on eBay, or any where else!

        • Found it, I’ll message you there.

  9. I agree– forum! It’s much more accessible to everyone, regardless of if they have a smartphone or not. An app would be ok too, but what little I know about app development I think it’s a *major* amount of work to develop ones for each platform (Android, Apple, etc.).

  10. A forum would be excellent! It would be a great way to talk to people more than if they replied to you in a comment or not. πŸ˜€

  11. An app would be so amazing and perfect for your site!

  12. Thanks for the site, and for your hard work in continuing to improve it! A lot of good suggestions have already been mentioned, so I won’t repeat them.

    Would it be impossible to implement some sort of identity verification on the swap site? Right now it’s unclear if someone who is banned could just sign up under a fake account easily, or not. Maybe if it were tied to a phone number or facebook or something it could be more secure. It sounds complicated but I’d definitely love it and it would help deter bad apples.

  13. I agree with all the previous suggestions of an app which would push timely notifications (Target Beauty Box, etc.) to us. And if Liz would consider her own subscription box again, it would be heavenly. I am still kicking myself for not getting her boxes via Quarterly! Thanks Liz – I am addicted to your site.

  14. I would really love some Canadian subscription reviews. I know you are based in the states so most of your readers are American, and it would be difficult for you to get Canadian sub boxes, but it would be so amazing if you could get a Canadian reviewer or something. I love your website more than other sub box review websites that are Canadian based.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! If anyone wants to review boxes that only ship to Canada for MSA send me an email πŸ™‚

  15. It would be great if Gift and Promo cards are dropped from a person’s swap items once the expiration date has passed. Many swappers forget to remove items that are expired. Thanks.

    • And food!

  16. 0) FIX SEARCH! If I search on several words they items will show up in the drop-down list BUT if I hit return to have it bring up a page full of items it tells me it doesn’t find anything. I
    1) Text alerts when hot boxes (modcloth stylish surprise, quarterly boxes that have been sold out, etc) are available
    2) Forum
    3) A few tweaks to the main swap boards:
    a) ability to show more than 10 items per page (all of them)
    b) ability a swap partners items by name, used/new and/or listing date
    c) required field of SIZE for clothing and ability to search by size
    d) ability to see listing date (important for food items, for example)
    e) change in the format of the counteroffer screen, at least enough to see the entire name of items
    f) ability to list items without pictures and all the white space
    g) ability to search swaps for name of partner and name of item OR
    h) ability to create a list of prior swaps with names and items
    4) Deduping items. There are a lot of items that are out there more than once with different pictures or sometimes even the same pictures. I would certainly be willing to spend some time going through the data and identifying dupes (same item, same box) and then choosing the best picture/text to consolidate items into one items. Some of these are quite easy to find. (for example if you type “caviar cc cream” into the search box, you find 8 versions of the Alterna Caviar CC cream – you miss one where CC was spelled out, for a total of 9 instances of this product. If there were a way on search to select each one and send you guys a message that “these are all the same item”, we could clean a LOT of this up quickly.)
    5) Improve Search – Allow for AND (Alterna AND Bamboo)
    6) Improve search results drop down to allow you to scroll through the item (if it is too far down it doesn’t show up but if you did a multi-word search it won’t come up when you hit return either)
    7) List navigation at both the top of the page and the bottom

    I know – that’s a lot. You asked, though…. πŸ™‚

    (None of this should imply that I don’t LOVE the site. Just that these are items I’ve noticed that would make me able to be more efficient in my use of it!)

    • Oh my gosh, Rebecca, your post is perfect! I’ve only been swapping since December but these are the very same things that bother me and make it hard to find just what I’m looking for. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this!

    • So what do you suggest when you have 2 (or more) of the same items?
      there isn’t a place to indicate that so if I have 2 of the same item due to multiple subscriptions then I list it twice. When one is gone I take that item down but the leave the one that is still available up

      • That’s not what I meant. If you type “Caviar CC Cream” and pause, the drop down appears with 8 items. If you just type in Caviar and hit return, you will see all the Caviar products and notice that there are several items that show up in there multiple times. You can use the same item to list if you have more than one of them; you don’t need a separate picture and entry in order to list a second item.

        It is a good point, however – if we could put a quantity in and specify how many of an item we wish to trade for. Then when a trade went through, it would essentially debit the quantity. (This is a more complicated feature…it has implications throughout the system….)

  17. I voted for the forum. I also think Members Review for the boxes not reviewed here would be great. There are soooooo many boxes out there that the members here will be able to fill the gap.

  18. Personally, I’dlovelove love a forum! And that’d probably get you even more daily readers, which would really up the need for an app after πŸ˜›

  19. I am almost certain that I wouldn’t use the app (because I have a Windows phone and virtually no apps are made for WP) but I’d love to see a forum!

    I know this is off topic, but a swap site wish: when I start a swap or when someone starts a swap with me, I’d love a visual sign of some kind to let me know if I’ve swapped with that person before, and I’d also like there to be an easy way to see what feedback I left them. I don’t like to leave neutral/negative feedback when a swap is fulfilled, but I’ll leave blank positives when someone is very slow or unpleasant to deal with. It would be awesome if I could see quickly that this is someone I’ve swapped with and don’t want to swap with again…sometimes I spend a lot of time trying to figure that out. Thanks for considering!

    • Wow, you mean I’m no the only person out there with a Windows phone?

      I know what you mean about the lack of apps. Curse you, Dunkin Donuts and your lack of an Windows app!

      • Try being a BlackBerry user. πŸ˜‰

        • You win.

          • We all lose, she just loses the most. πŸ˜‰

  20. I think a members review session would be great. I’ve found most of the boxes i’ve subscribed to through MSA, but there are others out there as well. In particular, boxes that would appeal to tween/teen girls aren’t very well covered here. Yeah, there are lots of unboxing videos, but I like reading reviews.

  21. App!! I can’t get the swap site to load properly on my Blackberry.

  22. Android app please!!! And upgrade the search function in the swaps!!!

  23. Defintiely an app!! I do EVERYTHING on my iPhone or iPad. My pot laptops are just gathering dust. An app would make it sooo much easier to do everything. Itd be great to have a lot of options within the app too. Like messaging, forums and notifications. Thanks Liz

  24. I vote for forum too. And I don’t know that it would even be feasible, but it would be very neat if the comments on posts were somehow merged with the forum. I miss out on a lot of comments that I would like to read because they are made days or weeks after the original post appeared. If each set of comments were actually a forum thread, it would be easy to visit the forum and see the latest.

    I have no clue if that’s even possible though!

  25. id love the app for swaps. I read the blog through bloglovin, so I’m not sure I’d use the app for that.

    The blog comments function a bit like a forum already, so that is lower on my list. Hope the app wins!!

  26. I vote for the forum as well. Another feature I would like is an ability to exclude someone from the swap matchmaker. If you propose a swap, and the person declines it, you still see it in your list every time. Would be nice if I could just exclude that person so new matches would show up. One last thing that I would love to see is the ability to type more than one word in the search window. This works for the dropdown that shows up, but not if you just click search. For popular brands, the item I am looking for may not show up in the dropdown because there are so many items, and there is no easy way to search for it (particularly if there are multiple shades or flavors). Thanks so much for all the great work and enhancements you have added over the last few months!

    • Yes!!! Everything JenR said!!! πŸ™‚

    • Yes! More than one word for searches!

  27. I’d like an app that allows photo uploads for swaps. I don’t think an app of just the blog would be useful, since I can still view the site on my phone. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but what I’d really love an app for is a notification of first spoilers for specific boxes. (Maybe those listed as my subscriptions or on my wishlist.)

    A forum would be great too. I’m on MuT, but the site isn’t well-designed and it has way too many ads. I like discussion in the threads, but I don’t always check back to see if anyone responded. I voted for a forum, but there are some challenges in running one that you should think about first. Feel free to email me if you want details about that – I am a moderator on a (completely unrelated) forum.

  28. I definitely think Forum first. You would get more people active on the site, regularly, and a lot of excitement around each new box/spoilers. You could attract more new people to the site with a Forum, especially with all the people recently leaving one particular forum I used to go to. Also, it would make sense to do an App after you get more visitors on the web. You would have a larger built in audience for the app. Also the mobile website kind of functions currently as an app. I can’t think of what new features could be added in an app that would make a huge difference over the mobile website. I think an app would divide your traffic, where a forum would add to your traffic. But, also you might be able to reach new people through the app if you use the right keywords and then they would go on to visit the website. It depends.

  29. The one thing I’d really love is to get instant alerts when a new post about a limited-time sale happens (like ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise, or Target’s beauty box, etc.). If you had a push alert for this in a mobile app, that would work great! Or if you had an email list just for people who wanted to be alerted to this types of posts right away. I subscribe to the daily email, which is fantastic and I click through every morning! But sometimes it’s the only way I hear about a limited-time sale that was posted about the day before, and I already missed the window to buy. You do such an amazing job of updating breaking news right away, but if I’m not checking the website all day, I’ll miss that info.

    So some type of alert system for these types of posts would be amazing and very much appreciated!

    Thanks for asking what we’d like! You’re awesome.

    • I agree with the above. A text alert for HOT boxes!!

      • Add me to this one – a text alert when hot boxes show up (opt in of course) would be amazing!

    • agreed!

  30. I would love to see you guys update the wish list area. Sometimes I see really cool boxes here that I would like to try in the future, but there are no links for me to add them to my wish list. πŸ™

    • I agree with this. Also, to grey out the boxes that have been canceled! I was looking through food boxes yesterday and two of those listed as still active have been canceled according to their websites/FB pages.

      • I agree– I think graying out the boxes and moving them down to the bottom of the page would be great. I’m a big fan of reducing visual clutter!

  31. So exciting, thanks for asking us! I would love a forum. I would love to swap product recommendations with other people! But I would also use the heck our of an android app for the swap site!

  32. i want a forum so bad! I sometimes have a question about something from a past box that has no real place to discuss with fellow sub addicts. Like the teapot from the last little lace box – I want to keep it so bad so I wanted suggestions on how to repurpose it. I am thinking a jewelry holder of some sort bit feedback would be cool. Sometimes I also have questions about swap shipping – like how do ppl get PayPal shipping to work? I keep getting errors!

  33. I would like to see an App, but across Android and Apple platforms. Here are some things that I would like to see:

    1. As a user i would like to see notifications for new MSA posts, new comments to a thread I posted on, newly added swap items, Hot Coupon Codes, Coupon codes for boxes on my wish list, when someone wants to swap an item with me (many more), so I can always be up to date on the MSA site.
    2. As a user I want to be able to take pictures of swap items with my phone and add them to the MSA site for easy swapping
    3. As a user I want an intuitive interface to be able to quickly see my information at a glance

    These are some of the things that I would like to see. This is very exciting for me as a product owner myself. I would love to help out on this project!

  34. A quick and easy list of all the current coupon codes would be nice in an app.

    • That’s a great idea – thank you!

  35. Forum definitely! It would make discussing a box easier. Searching through comments to reply to one is a bit cumbersome. Also, with a forum people could create threads on boxes not reviewed here, ie: pokecrate or trendy butler or other ones you don’t currently subscribe to.

  36. forum!

  37. I would vote for the forum. I think your website already shows up pretty good on my iPhone but a forum for strictly subs would be great!

  38. I like the idea of a forum. (I don’t have a smartphone so apps are not particularly useful to me.) But there are sometimes subscription-related issues that come up that don’t fit neatly into the comments on reviews/posts here, and it would be great to have a place to discuss them.

    • I thought I was the only one without a smartphone!! lol I couldn’t use an app, but a forum would be great. Or if people would write about their experiences more on the subscription box list. There are some I’d like to try and they have subscribers, but 0 is said about them, makes me a little nervous.

  39. I see I’m in the minority here, but I definitely vote for the app. I’d love to be able to read reviews and research possible new boxes while I’m on the go. Having the swap stuff as an app would also be nice, because then you could take pictures of things on your smart phone and just upload it right there, rather than having to email things around. I’d rather wait a little longer and have the app with the swap functionality.

    Also, following on what someone said above, even if we don’t have a forum, I would love it there were some way to have member reviews of boxes that aren’t already featured on the site. There are so many out there, how could you possibly stay on top of it all, but if we crowd-source it, we’d have even more great information available to all!

  40. I’m with the majority here, my vote is for a forum. I like MUT okay but would rather discuss boxes here if possible.

  41. I vote for a forum.

  42. As someone who enjoys commenting on your reviews and reading others’ comments, I think a forum would be a welcome and logical addition to this site. That gets my vote (before an app, which would also be great eventually.)

  43. Forum please! I’ve found myself wishing for a way to ask questions of other members multiple times this past year! Thank you for everything Liz!!

  44. I think both are needed, but I think I’d vote for the app first. πŸ˜‰ Its a bit painful to review the site and my swaps on my phone.

    • Thanks for the feedback! One question for you about a mobile app – would an app version of just the MSA blog and subscription box directory be helpful as an initial version of the app, or do you consider having swaps on the app to be necessary for the first version?

      (The reason I ask is that if an app with just the blog/box directory would be valuable, we could release that sooner).


      • In my opinion, an app for the swap site is what is needed. The MSA site shows up perfectly on my phone… But the swap site is slightly difficult to use from my phone. Thanks for asking!

        • Totally agree. The review site is fine on my mobile but the swap site is really hard to use.

        • Agreed. I have to keep emails w/ links to access my swaps/listings via mobile, otherwise no way to bring up, and no way to list a new item whatsoever. But then again, my phone is 4+ yrs old…
          Also, not as important and not sure what they’re called, but a “top” button in the bottom corner to bring viewer back to the top would be lovely.
          Thanx so much!

  45. I would love to see a Members Reviews section. I know that you have a bazillion boxes to review but like the Quarterly Co boxes, I don’t think you receive all of the curators boxes so if one of the Members subscribes then maybe they can post their review? Just a thought but I do love the MSA site and format. You and Eric are doing an amazing job. Thanks so much for all that you do!

    • I agree. I’d like to see what other people receive in boxes that aren’t generally reviewed here, like the cat subscription ones and the ones that vary in its contents such as Wantable, Golden Tote, Stitch Fix etc.

  46. With all the comments on each post, it would make so much sense to do a forum to make discussions easier. It takes a lot of work to sign in to comment, then search through comments. Forum all the way!

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