Oui Please February Spoiler #2

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Oui Please spoilers!

Thanks Melissa for sharing this Oui Please spoiler with us! Some boxes will include:

Zadig & Voltaire scarf


Zadig & Voltaire scarf. FYI – the fine print at the bottom of this image says, “scarves are placed in parcels at random & not all members are guaranteed a Zadig & Voltaire product.”

What do you think of the spoiler? I can’t wait for this box to ship!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received:
    White Sweater
    Black knee-high socks
    Gold-plated earrings
    BB Hair Cream
    Sothys Black Mascara
    Talika Eye Gel
    Nominoe Foam Face Cleanser
    Hediard Metal Box Caramel
    Orange Blossom Green Tea
    Love, love, love my parcel!! The sweater fits perfectly and is so soft. I love hair masks so that is a win. Tea and caramels, seriously, what’s not to like. Thrilled!

  2. Finally got my box today – so exciting! I was hoping for the sweater and got the scarf (blue version) but it’s beautiful and so soft so I’m definitely still happy.

    $471 Value total:
    Zadig & Voltaire Blue Scarf $175
    Ozone Knee-High Socks $25
    Florence De La Peschardiere Necklace $60
    le dernier sou rope bracelet $25
    Charly James Gold-Plated Earrings $50
    Sothys Paris Black Mascara $26
    Talika Eye Gel $50
    Nominoe Foam Face Cleanser $20
    Hediard Metal Box Caramels $25
    Palais Des Thes Lemon Black Tea $15

    I have to say the jewelry is much nicer looking in person than I thought it would be from pictures I’ve seen, especially the earrings – I wasn’t sure about them at all but I really like them on. The coin bracelet is actually very cute – though a bit tricky to get on tight enough without help – I thought I wouldn’t like it at all but I do. The necklace hangs beautifully and the beading is quite pretty up close.

    I am very impressed with the value and there isn’t a thing is this box I won’t use! Can’t wait for 1.3!

  3. Got my box today also. I liked it all but not as much as the first box. I received the following:

    1. Scarf (it’s quite large and lovely; received blue version)
    2. A long beaded necklace (it’s unusual but I like it)
    3. The black and gold leather earrings (not my style but I’ll try them)
    4. Leather coin keychain (unique but nothing I’d seek out)
    5. Sothys mascara (really like the formula and brush)
    6. Face wash (seems rather small to be full size but I’ll use regardless)
    7. Under eye serum (a nice, quick drying formula)
    8. Gray knee socks (love them)
    9. Tea (it’s actually my favorite brand so a win, orange version)
    10. Caramels (quite good but not what I think of when I think France)

    After seeing the variations I’m happy/relieved that I received the items I did. It appears that there is no longer a “home” component to the box as originally advertised. Last month it was filled by the candle which was a nice touch and rounded out the box well. I was a little bummed to not get a home item this time around. It’s part of what made this unique from the average beauty sub box, and competitive with PopSugar (albeit at a significantly higher price point- around 4x the PS monthly price). And while I understand that Sothys is a main sponsor/partner I’d still prefer to see other brands and not have it included every month. Last time all 3 beauty products were from Sothys so this was a huge improvement in terms of brand variety. The other two brands I received are new to me so that’s good (although I’m a bit weary of receiving face wash-type products as I haven’t even opened the makeup remover they sent last month). It’s a rather small package but i have no frame of reference to determine if it’s full size. The under eye serum is also a fun to test item, in keeping with my box expectations for sure. I wasn’t aware that Tea Verte is a French product so that’s a newly discovered fact, plus the tea itself is bagged versus the usual loose tea I buy from the brand so it’s a nice change of pace. I love the knee socks and didn’t expect something like them so they were an interesting (and fitting) surprise. I like the beaded necklace and the fact it can be worn in different ways. The earrings aren’t my taste but you can’t win them all right? The scarf is large and aside from the large brand name printed in white across one end, it’s light, lovely and very wearable. The caramels are very good, just not something I expected based on what was sent last month (gourmet olive oil and baking mix). But I suppose I should revel in the fact I’m enjoying $25 luxe caramels, lol. Really, they are good. The little obsolete coin keychain is definitely unique but not something I would ever buy for myself. As a souvenir it works, if only I actually bought it in France….

    Overall a good, solid box. I feel lucky to have received the specific variations I did. I would have selected them for myself had I had the option to choose. At least this month I’m not suffering box envy. There were fewer total product variations and among them they were all of comparable value, unlike last month. I’m calling this a win for sure.

  4. Completely random question…Is the green scarf the one they show in the “ET VOILA” book with the wolves on it and the blue scarf the tie die like one? I haven’t seen anyone reference that they got the green one I don’t think…probably because everyone wants to believe they have the higher value one?

    • Someone on MUT said they got the green scarf and it’s one color with no writing on it. I haven’t heard of anyone getting the wolf pattern.

      • That spoiler still bugs me. I feel like a spoiler should be for something that’s in all boxes. But then I never loved the concept of “no 2 boxes alike”, and the inevitable box envy. BUT to give a spoiler that it seems like NOBODY got – that’s crummy. That means I admired, and coveted, and hoped for an item I had ZERO CHANCE of getting??

        • Unlike most other people I prefer there to be variations in the boxes. That way we can swap with other Oui Please subscribers for bigger ticket items. If we all get the same thing how do we trade something away? I don’t want to trade $50 earrings for a bunch of smaller beauty items. Although I was really happy with my Normandie box, I preferred the first box’s variety. There were more luxurious, unique items in it, and I traded for my favorites. I’m having a harder time trading now since so many people got the same items.

          • I think just like you, I love the variations in the boxes, as long as there are good quality items I’ll be happy to get any of them and if I don’t I will just trade!

        • I agree. A spoiler should be in the boxes.

  5. I just got my box today and it is really cool, I definitely loved it. I got:

    White sweater $200
    Black Ozone knee socks $25-35
    Charlie James earrings $50
    BB cream $40
    Sothys Mascara $26
    Talika eye gel $50
    Nominoe Face cleanser $20
    Hediard Caramels $25
    Lemon Black Tea $15

    Total comes to an impressive amount of $451-461, I’m not sure how much are the socks, that’s why it could be 10 dlls more or less. I don’t really care for the earrings, the mascara and eye gel, I posted them in the swap section already and will get something I absolutely love. I think it was a great deal. I love the fact that the boxes are different that way I can trade the things I don’t like for things that I love!

    • My box came today & it was similar to yours, Ana, except I received the red & blue sweater (which I love & the medium fits me nicely, a US size 10) and also received the mint-licorice toothpaste instead of the BB cream. I would have liked the BB cream instead of the so-not-me earrings, but the unusual-flavored toothpaste will be fun anyway. Here’s what was in my box:

      * Les Petites Red & blue sweater $200.00
      * Ozone Art of socks over-the-knee gray socks $35.00
      * Charly James gold-plated earrings w/black leather $50.00
      * Sothy’s Black Mascara $26.00
      * Lebon toothpaste (mint –licorice) $ 10.00
      * Talika Eye Gel $50.00
      * Noninoe Foam Face cleanser $20.00
      * Hediard metal box caramels $25.00
      * Palais des Thes lemon black tea $15.00
      Total value of box: $431.00

      I was a little nervous about getting clothing again from Les Petites, as I received the not-at-all attractive or impressive “Peut-Etre” blue sweater (c’mon guys, it’s a SWEATSHIRT) in the first box. Though I thought that was the lesser of the three evils shown in the booklet that I might have received. Well, it’s hideous, actually; I sewed a strip of decorative embroidered trim across the iron-on letting as I would never wear a garment emblazoned with anything that could be read as “PEW” ( or P-YU, if you please). I’ve washed it twice and it shrinks a little more after each laundering. Currently the sleeves reach down to about 4 inches above my wrists and will soon be called a crop-top after the third wash. Then on to the Good WilI bin once it hits “tween” size, I guess. I am SO GLAD for the improvement in quality and style of this box’s Les Petites sweater. Also unbelievably relieved that I didnt get any of the godawful “unseven” crap – PLEASE, that is a nasty joke that doesn’t belong in a box of this caliber. It reminds me more of something a NYC “artist” would try to sell off a folding table at a sidewalk art show.

  6. Got my box today! Yay!

  7. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but my box was such a bummer for me. I got the sweater (it’s very soft and beautiful but at no time was I coveting it), not the scarf (I really wanted that scarf) so I believe the high value of the sweater caused the rest of the box to be mediocre (to me) the unseven bag and buttons, toothpaste, tea, the earrings, the bb, the coin bracelet, mascara. I think if I had even gotten the scarf plus all the other stuff I’d be ok with it. The only item I LOVE that I recv’d are the knee high socks! How pathetic is that. I feel like I could cry. I suppose if I sit with it for a bit I will see something redeeming.

    • Aww..sorry it was disappointing for you. 🙁 I have the scarf in blue that I’m debating about putting up for swap. I’d love to swap for the sweater – what color and size is yours? Also, I haven’t seen too many comments on the sweater fit…just if people like or don’t. For those who received, does it seem to run true to size?

      • Thanks Laura. I’m getting over the disappointment, lol. I guess I had all the items in my mind that I wanted and they didn’t correlate at all with what I recv’d. Especially the Godawful (to me) tote and buttons by unseven. Soooo not at all my thing. Is it anyone’s? I have it up for swap but not too sure anyone wants it! Anyway…I have a med sweater and it is true to size, it is roomy enough for sure on me and really comfy. The sleeves are kind of a dolman style. I’m fairly petite and I did choose med rather than small to account for euro sizing. I figured better bigger than too tight. I feel like I would probably only swap it for the white sweater (ideally) but there haven’t been any listed so far. Otherwise, I’ll probably keep it unless someone swaps me something pretty amazing, since it’s the ONLY high value item I got for my $150. I wanted the Z&V scarf, but specifically the green wolf head one. I have yet to hear that someone actually got the one from the spoiler pic tho! Which is weird.

  8. Ahhh! I noted in the delivery instructions to leave the package at my door if not home and put up a note to FedEx asking them to leave the package at my door if not home and I just got a Delivery Exception notification saying they did not leave the package. Boooo! I was so looking forward to this today…

  9. I got mine yesterday and I posted a picture on Instagram. I am glad I got the scarf and not the sweater. There is also another Instagram post yesterday with the sweater but all the items are meh. It even had the Unseven buttons. So I am thinking that the sweater is a higher value, so the rest of the items are not as good. There are some common items though, like the tea, mascara, cleanser. Search #ouiplease on Instagram.

    • Also if you sign up for an account with fedex, the minute your box is being picked up, you will get a notification from fedex.

    • I looked up #ouiplease and didn’t see your picture. Is your IG private?

      • Aly, I turned the private off.

    • Got the red sweater and it is darling. Very soft and comfortable. The rest of the items were meh, but the sweater was great.

  10. I have the annual sub (missed the first box unfortunately 🙁 ) and received my box yesterday in Houston, TX. Here’s what I got!

    Zadig & Voltaire scarf (blue tie dye) – $175
    Ozone socks (gray) – $25
    Florence De La Peschardiere necklace (gold w/ red and green beads) – $60
    Le Dernier Sou bracelet – $25
    Charly James earrings – $50
    Sothys mascara – $26
    Talika eye gel – $50
    Nominoe face cleanser – $20
    Hediard metal box caramels – $25
    Palais Des Thes lemon black tea – $15

    That’s a $471 value and I could NOT be more pleased. It seems like there are less box variations this time which I like, less box envy that way! I really wanted to try the Les Petites sweater and the Ripauste leather bracelet, but at the same time I am really glad I did not get the BB cream or that Unseven tote.

    My favorite items in the box are the Hediard caramels (how cute is that tin?!?), Talika eye gel, and who doesn’t like an expensive scarf (so soft).

    • Kelli, I got the exact same box but my grey socks were the over the knee version that were $35 when I looked on the Ozone website.

      The value is really excellent even if there are a couple of things that aren’t your style or you need to gift or swap them. Especially if you have an annual sub and/or you bought with a coupon code initially.

      I think OuiPlease really figured out that less is more. Having some variety is good. Having too much can lead to problems. It was so fun to review ‘Et Voila’ and see what other variety of things people might have ended up with. I avoided this thread and the swap site yesterday and today until I unboxed at home so I could have a surprise. How fun!

  11. I recieved:

    1. White sweater – very pretty!
    2. Ripauste red leather bracelet
    3. Le Dernier Sou leather keychain
    4. Unseven tote and buttons
    5. Myriam K BB cream
    6. Sothys mascara
    7. Lebon Toothpaste
    8. Talika eye gel
    9. Nominoe cleanser
    10. Lemon black tea

    I’m happy with my box!. Glad I didn’t get the earrings (not my style) but was looking forward to caramels. The tote is the only thing I don’t care for

    • Made myself a nice cup of tea — it is delicious and the little muslin teabags are adorable!

      • I’m dying to see pictures of the sweaters!

  12. I have an anual sub. I got my box today :). Hope they didn’t forget you 🙁

    • Got it today with no notification. Very happy with items! Love this sub!

  13. Has anyone with an annual sub received a shipping notification? I have received nothing I am wondering if they are waiting on shipping to annual subscribers or if they just forgot me. Has anyone else not received anything about shipping.

    • I have an annual sub. I tecieved my box today and love it!

    • I have an annual sub and received tracking info last week. My box arrives tomorrow.

      • Me too – can’t wait! 🙂

    • I have annual and no shipping notification 🙁

    • Have you checked their website? I can see my tracking info when I go to My Account and press the View button under the Recent Orders section.

    • I have an annual sub and have not heard anything yet. I don’t think I was in the first wave of the Dec boxes either

    • I have an annual subscription too, and haven’t received a shipping notification email yet either. I emailed ouiPlease this morning for an update, but have not yet received a response from them.

    • All of a sudden, this morning, I got an email saying my box is being delivered today. Never any notice before that it had even shipped.

    • I have an annual sub. I didn’t receive any shipping notice. I looked a couple times in my Oui Please account Sunday-Tuesday (not today or yesterday) and saw nothing, and my box came today. I’m not sure how any of the shipping is working.

  14. I love my selections!! About $460 value
    1. Zadig and Voltaire scarf (different than spoiler) beautiful black, navy, gray $175
    2. Florence De La Peschardiere necklace $60
    3. CJ earrings $50 (I don’t wear earrings, willing to trade)
    4. Myriam K BB Cream $40
    5. Southys mascara $26
    6. Talika eye gel $50
    7. Nominoe foam face cleanser $20
    8. Hediard caramels $25
    9. Palais des thes orange blossom green tea $15

    • Thanks for spoilers! Good to hear you love your selection 🙂 Enjoy! I still have no shipping notification but I do hope it was send with the second wave. Probably first boxes have scarfs, second wave sweaters. Of course I can be totally wrong ; -D

    • Thanks for listing your box Jocelyn! It sounds awesome. So glad you love it…and you got the scarf! Yay! (Can you tell I want one?). Mine is scheduled for this Thurs to arrive. Fingers crossed! : )

    • Jocelyn, my box arrived today and it is almost exactly what you received *except* instead of the BB hair cream, I received a pair of Ozone knee-high socks in grey. I think the value is amazing and I love almost everything except the CJ earrings (those are going up for swap.) Note to those who haven’t received a ship notification: the only way I did is that I am registered with FedEx who sent me texts.

  15. Book scans are on MUT for those that can’t wait.

  16. My shipping updated today and says I will receive box on Thursday (in Miami). Has anyone received theirs yet? Please share! I just can’t wait any longer! 🙂

    • I haven’t even received a shipping notice yet. I have the annual sub.

    • Mine has been on the Fed Ex truck since 2:30 AM, and it’s coming today. I have been waiting, staring at the front door all day 🙁

      • A bunch of us are right there with ya, Jocelyn! : )

        • Finally got it! Very very happy with my selections. I listed them in another post in this comments section! Worth the wait!!

  17. Has anyone’s tracking info updated yet? My tracking says shipment information was sent to FedEx on 2/26/15 and I have not had any updates since. It says my box is coming from Dallas and I live in Houston, so I’m hoping the shipment won’t take too long! This is my first box, I signed up for the yearly membership and beyond excited!!!

    Also FYI, it says my package weights 5 lbs.

    • I’m in the dreaded “label created” shipping state. 🙁

      • I haven’t received a shipping email for the 1.2 Normandy box at all, and there’s no shipping info for it on my account page. I signed up for the yearly subscription last 12/6 & received the first box via Fed Ex on 12/13 after having received the shipping email with the tracking number just two days prior. I was so impressed! I live in New York so that was FAST shipping! I’d been counting down the days to Feb 28th & shipment of Box #2, but…. nothing! I’m a little worried this time, thinking maybe I should contact them, but reading the posts here, I see pretty much everyone is in some state of shipment limbo this time around. Hope everyone sees some movement this week with their tracking numbers. Me, I’d be thrilled if I’d just get that shipment notification email at this point, at least I’d know they didnt forget about me and it’d be just a matter of time before my goodie box arrives……

    • I’m exactly the same. Shipping info sent 2/26. Weighs 5lbs (!). I emailed them re: the shipping info not moving forward and they responded that any delay was due to inclement weather. Which makes sense for me – buried in ice and snow for a month in NYC.

      • I’m in NYC too and my box has also been stuck in “Shipping Label Created” mode since Thursday! Enough getting in my way winter!!

        • Ugh. Tell me about it Kristen! More snow tomorrow…

          • Checked again and now FedEx says it’s set to be delivered by Wednesday! Yay!!

          • Thanks Kristen! I just checked mine, and it now says Thursday! Weird since we both live in NYC but maybe I’ll get it Wednesday? I hope! I can’t wait to hear what everyone gets once the boxes start rolling in. Totally part of the fun! : )

    • I just got a “picked up” notification from Fed Ex but N/A for actual delivery date. :/

    • My tracking was updated this afternoon to “picked up” with expected delivery March 4. Oh boy!

    • My package is coming tomorrow. So excited!

    • My tracking was updated this afternoon and says the package will arrive tomorrow (Tuesday). I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area so it makes sense I might get it early. I’ll post a list of what I receive tomorrow!

    • My tracking has been updated! It says my box was picked up in Irving, TX today and I should be getting it tomorrow in Houston. Yay!

    • My tracking info updated yesterday afternoon it’s suppose to be delivered today and I live around the L.A. area. Guess I’ll be posting what I got later 🙂

    • Mine is delivered and I am in Dallas. Mine is also 5 pounds. Cannot wait to get home from work.

      • Omg. I think I’d have to leave early : )

        • Got mine!!! I’m in Dallas/fort Worth. Love, love, love my selections. About $460 value.

        • I got mine!!!

  18. I am beyond excited for this box! It’s on it’s way. Anticipation! I really feel like I need that scarf. I am a scarf person though. Best of luck with your boxes, everyone!

  19. Awe, I guess no double box for me this month 🙁 maybe ill get a resort box now if they release a spoiler. I might also sign up for another Oui Please box so I get two in April. I can’t wait for this box to arrive!

    • No tracking for me yet. Have others not received their tracking – I feel like i am the only one who hasn’t. I am so looking forward to this box.

      • Hi Jerilynn,

        I think they ship in waves, so you might get your tracking a little later than me. I signed up at the beginning before the first box shipped and bought my annual sub in December. So they might be shipping according to sign up date?? Maybe I’m not sure. However they did state on their website that this box would start shipping February 28 so there’s still time to get your tracking 🙂

      • No tracking info for me either! And I did subscribe for the anual sub before the first box shipped. So I guess it has nothing to do with that….. anticipation is killing me! I just want to start looking at other boxes at least!

        • Yes, I don’t think it has to do with sign up date because I JUST signed up and I got my tracking with the first wave on Feb. 27th. But, I’m in the same boat as everyone else – stuck on “Label Created”

      • I have not received tracking information either. I subscribed to the annual subscription right when they launched. I sent an email earlier today to check on the shipping but I have not received a response. I am anxious because I will be out of town for a few days and need to make arrangements if it arrives while I’m gone.

  20. Received my tracking info as well. Can’t wait to see what’s in this box! Their website now also says 1.2 is sold out. 1.3 will be A Breath of Provence. Can’t help but already be excited for that one too!

  21. According to the Oui Please Facebook page, February v1.2 has sold out! So glad I signed up last month. Loved the first box.

  22. I received tracking today for my box. Whoop whoop!!

    • Ok my comment was longer than that. Not sure why it only posted a bit of what I wrote?

      Anyways I’m excited for this box. Can’t wait to see what goodies I get and I’m even more excited to see the new Oui Please listings on the swap board. I’m tryin to decide between getting a second Oui please box or buying the PS resort box. I guess I’ll decided once I see my box! Can’t wait :)!

  23. I am so sad that I missed out on the first box, and HAD to get the annual subscription. The yearly discount plus 20% off made this way too good of a deal to pass up. Here’s to hoping the boxes stay as amazing as the first one!

  24. This box looks so amazing I had to splurge and buy the year subscription! I kinda like the idea of the boxes not all being the same. Box-envy is part of the fun 🙂

    • One part that I like of the boxes not being the same is that even if I see spoiler boxes before I get my box, I’m still surprised when I open it! (As much as I can’t resist spoilers, it is fun to get a surprise as I unbox!)

  25. I loooove luxury scarves and these look really pretty, I hope i receive one!!! If not I hope someone will trade me for one!

  26. Loved my first box and am dying in anticipation of the second box. I think the trick with Oui Please is to be happy with the items you get, not lament over what you don’t get.

    • Agree. Or you can always try to swap for a item you love. in the worse scenario you can buy it in their boutique.

    • “I think the trick with Oui Please is to be happy with the items you get, not lament over what you don’t get.”

      I think that is the trick with life, too. 🙂

  27. The only reason I can see doing varied boxes is if it takes your preferences into account. Variations within a product for different colors or scents makes sense too. Unless they decide to allow you to choose your items or in some other way take out the inconsistencies I will never subscribe to this box.

  28. I feel like I got so lucky with the first box, I loved everything in my box (pic on Instagram under NYCNole)! So based on how my luck works, this upcoming box won’t be as great. I’m super excited to see what comes though. Just the packaging made me feel special.

  29. I actually really enjoy the fact that the have variation in the box-to me it feels more unique and I really like that! I do agree though-spoilers are kind of pointless if not everyone is getting that item! I still adore oui please and am so excited to receive the next box!

  30. I don’t understand what makes it exclusive. Is the print available only in France? There are Zadig & Voltaire stores in the US and the line is carried in US stores. I would be annoyed to receive a scarf that I could buy in Nordstrom in a French Discovery box especially if it’s half the value of the box.

    • Also it appears the home office is located in Paris.

    • Bonjour,

      The scarf Zadig & Voltaire is an exclusive product for Oui Please Vol1.2 parcel, they cannot be find anywhere else.
      They will be different scarves of Z&V but also many other surprise!
      The coupon ouinormandie is active, get 20%discount on your subscription.
      We love hearing feedback from our members don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

      Oui Please Team.

      • Thank you for the clarification.

      • Aw, I just missed out on this coupon code 🙁

      • Ahhh!!! I should have waited a week to subscribe. I hate when coupon codes come out after I take the plunge.

  31. I keep wanting to subscribe to this box but the variations in goods and value stops me. If I got this scarf and the cost (their cost) was counted towards the overall value of the box I’d be really upset. And the “maybe ” you will get this approach is unfair. Glad I am saving my money so far

  32. Can’t wait to see the next box, either way.

    I’m not a scarf person but my intellectual curiosity at what a 200$ scarf feels like in one’s hand leaves me a-ok whether I get it or not.

    It’d be neat if they could do a wish-list – preview the next box’s brands and let existing subscribers pick one brand that they absolutely want to find in their box. I think it’d go a long way in alleviating box-envy, too.

  33. I ❤️ the scarf but I won’t be disappointed if it’s not in my box. I don’t wear scarfs too often & when I do, J have a plethora to choose from thanks to all my sub Boxes 🙂

  34. is that the scarf in the background?

  35. What is with sub boxes and scarves…..i’ve yet to see a scarf that i’ve loved in a box. then again, i’ve worn scarfs like, twice in my life.

    Clothing is such a personal thing. I didn’t like any of the clothing options in the first box.

    • You’ve worn scarves two more times than I have! (Well, I wear ugly ones I knitted myself every day when walking the dog in the cold, but that’s different.)

      Somehow I have made it this far, including subscribing to boxes for over a year, and never received a scarf.

  36. So excited to receive my first OuiPlease box BUT I really, really wish they didn’t have variations!

    • Me too! I just signed up…going to be super disappointed if I don’t get one of these scarves 🙁 If they are doing variations, I feel like they shouldn’t do spoilers.

      • I agree. I don’t understand spoilers for this type of box, UNLESS the spoilers are items that would be included in everyone’s box. It’d be hard for me to get excited if that wasn’t the case.

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