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Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015

Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Box

Moxie Box is a new subscription box from Moxie Boutique. I first found out about it about a month ago when they offered a Living Social deal, so I decided to sign up! (FYI – Living Social deal no longer available).

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription.

Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Items

The Box: Moxie Box

The Cost: $30 a month plus $2.99 shipping (less with longer subscription length plans)

The Products: “When you sign up for Moxie Box, every month you will receive different personalized gifts based off the questionnaire above you provided.  Each box will be hand-selected and delivered to your door the beginning of each month.  Some examples of things you will receive include:  graphic tees, scarves, earrings and bracelets, necklaces, wallets, and more!  You will never receive the same item twice and items will change and represent each season and the trends that are popular at the time.”

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Info

This box came with a card detailing the items included.

Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Chevron

Chevron Pouch – Retail Value $15

(FYI – nothing in this box is branded, so I’m listing the retail values based on the info card they provided).

This pouch measures 5 by 6 inches. It is lined and the canvas chevron material feels substantial, but the suggested retail price still seems a little high to me.

Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Necklace

The Love Necklace – Retail Value $22

This piece isn’t my style so it will be swapped or gifted. The quality of the “love” word feels a little lacking too.

Moxie Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Matches

Wayne and Bird We’re The Perfect Match Postcards (Set of $5) – Retail Value $10

(I should mention that this box arrived before Valentine’s Day, but not with enough time to send these for Valentine’s Day). These postcards are cute, but they feel a little promotional for Wayne and Bird to me. If I saw these without any context, I would assume they were free postcards promoting the launch of Wayne and Bird, not a set you buy.

Verdict: I won’t be continuing this subscription now that my Living Social discounted subscription has ended. The value isn’t there for me, and if I had spent $33 on this box I would have been disappointed. I hope I’m not being too harsh on this box – but it just isn’t something I could recommend at this point.

(This is a new subscription from a small business, so I hope that they improve over the next few months – I’d love to see them succeed!)

What do you think of Moxie Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (32)

  1. I am surprised by this review as I got a gold necklace with that was small a round with my personal initial on it, a gray and lace top, and a really cute little bag…I do not do living social but did use a coupon. I also got a personally written thank you note…

  2. I am another person who will not be renewing this box. I have one more month left. I am completely disappointed in the boxes I’ve received. This month’s was worse than the last. The pouch was cute but not worth the “suggested” price. The necklace is not something I would wear. I am thinking of putting it in the treasure box in my classroom. The postcards should have been different designs instead of 5 of the same. I would have never purchased this LS deal if I had known it was not going to be the same quality as their regular box. This was a waste of money and a disappointment. I really thought it could be something good.

  3. I did not subscribe to this one, thank goodness. I’ve subbed to some new subs before, initially they seemed great. Yet within a few months the great went to fare to bad. In general not referring to 1 specific sub: It seems that some subs don’t realize what they are getting into expense wise and the return on investment is not all that high, especially more so initially. Instead they try and increase their profit margins, not realizing that increasing the profit margins and value, could lead to decreased profits verses increased profits. I know at times it is a lot cheaper to sub to boxes for more then a month at a time, verses a yearly or 6 month subscription. That is something I’ve never felt comfortable doing especially if the sub has not been consistently higher value and good for at least a year. To much of a risk for me to take.

  4. I’ve been following the reviews because I almost bought the LS voucher. The items offered are not what I am looking to receive. I wasn’t understanding Liz’s comment about the postcards until I clicked on the link. I’m not even sure what they are planning to sell.

    Also I noticed that other bloggers received totally different boxes which I like. I don’t understand the owner’s marketing plan because there is no way I would buy the boxes after seeing the LS boxes. I also dislike companies that treat LS customers different than other customers.

    • I agree with you about treating LS customers differently – it doesn’t make any sense to me! The point of selling subscriptions at a discount on sites like Living Social is gain new customers and impress them with your service so that they want to keep subscribing at full price. I know sites like Living Social take a huge cut, so while I’m sure Moxie Box didn’t make money on these subscriptions, they didn’t use the opportunity correctly. What a shame for everyone involved! 🙁

  5. Agree to all points above, and disappointed as well… One of the worst things about this sub I think has been the lack of any sincerity or true empathy from the owner. She has given the same rote excuse for every complaint or issue that we’ve seen… even if her intent was sincere in the least, her actions don’t show that because if she truly cared, it would show in her words and at least an attempt to improve. The same excuses, the same trying to justify the horribly cheap, bulk China items instead of a simple, honest apology, and worst, her directly misleading and lying to all who subbed by being so dishonest in the Living Social description. Sadly, I think all she cared about was collecting our money and using this horribly “curated” box as a means to dump clearance and non selling items. I guarantee any of us or even a tween girl could take $30 to Claire’s (or any random retail store/strip mall import clubwear type store) and get more bang for our bucks than this box ever delivered in the 3 months total. Sad but true.

    To the lawyer who posted, would it make any difference to LS in your opinion if a bunch of buyers of this deal were to express our disappointment about the deception?

    *sorry for any typos or grammatical errors, I’m terribly ill at the moment and don’t often post but I had to honestly express my disappointment in this sub.

    • I’m not the lawyer, but I found LivingSocial to be sympathetic and helpful to me with a different sub box voucher. LS does prefer that you work with the vendor first which seems that happened already by some people. I was happy with the resolution that LS provided me.

      I hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks, Anna… I appreciate your well wishes and insight.
        This was my first time every purchasing thru LS, so it’s good to have some insight as to how they handle customer concerns.
        Regarding your other comment above, I wonder if the Moxie company owner knew that specific boxes were going to bloggers and if they were unfairly sent intentionally higher quality boxes in exchange for a better review?
        Seems most of us here have received 3 boxes pretty consistent with Liz’s and no one has been at all thrilled or even satisfied with them. Just seems shady.

  6. For some reason I received two boxes in January (same crap in both boxes). Wondering if I will receive a February box. I am just glad this subscription is done. Probably one of the worst marketing fails I have ever seen. Is there anyone who liked the boxes?

  7. I forgot I was getting another Moxie Box & was totally surprised when it showed up after Valentine’s Day. The items in this box were over-valued and IMHO are geared toward someone much younger than me. I will not continue receiving this box.

  8. I am so disappointed in this subscription. I think it is lame that they are trying to say that the box was “love themed.” It was clearly a Valentine’s box that they shipped out too late. The box feels like like leftover clearance items.

    I cannot believe they offered LS deal members lower price boxes. If I knew that, I certainly would not have bought the deal. I don’t even think it is worth the LS deal price.

    I don’t even know how this box can recover. I would not recommend this box to anyone.

  9. I have to wonder how “personalized” these boxes are. I know you would have signed up for gold not silver.

  10. I agree with lowering the price and marketing this towards tweens. They should look at similar boxes to see what they are doing, since they’re still new they can turn this around and reinvent themselves. I just think they should at least feature one brand in each box. I don’t know, I’d be disappointed with this box as well.

  11. Won’t be re-subbing either. The first box was ok, first box of a new sub, I’ll deal. Plus, my scarf was really cute and I did enjoy the candle. Earrings were like something from off the sale rack at Claire’s when I was a teen. The second was meh. A cheap beyond see through tank that is unwearable and sized for babies (seriously, I got a medium which is normally big on me, and there’s just no way), and a hideous and cheap bracelet. Nothing I’d even use in the entire box. This third one? Garbage. An insult almost. My bag came smudged with something (didn’t bother CS because it’s a cheap bag–I have a ton from Ipsy that are the same quality), five of the same lame post cards, and a cheap necklace –seriously, no one would pay $22 for that. Customized my *@&#%. We all got the same horrible box. I got gold jewelry one month, silver another–despite my pick for one (NOT the mix). Not worth the money from the LS deal, let alone full price for the sub!

  12. Just throwing out some unsolicited though hopefully helpful advice for those who purchased the LS deal – unless the terms of the LS deal specifically stated subscribers via the deal would receive a different/lower overall value box each month of the deal, you can request a refund based on failure to disclose all applicable sales terms at the point of sale. The only recourse LS would have is to claim that if individual purchasers were unhappy with what they received AND had been formally notified they would be receiving lesser valued monthly boxes, the purchase price should be refunded. I’m not saying it will work nor am I fully familiar with the deal terms of sale, but generally speaking (legally anyway) failure to disclose advertised value can be a basis to void the sale entirely. I did this once successfully with a Groupon deal when the company failed to deliver as explicitly advertised pre-sale and got a full refund. If you feel you were promised a certain value at point of sale (per the terms of the deal you purchased) but have received boxes at an admittedly (by the sub company) lesser guaranteed monthly value, contractually you would be entitled to a refund. That could entail returning box contents (if you still have them) or not as that would again be dictated by LS terms, but if you have no need for the low value/lesser quality items you received, then it’s worth asking. Just my free (and unsolicited) lawyer’s two cents’ worth. 🙂

    • They said this in response to someone:

      “The regular priced boxes do get more detailed to your personal preferences so I am not sure why there is confusion.”

      This was never stated on the LS deal.

      • I posted on their Facebook that I was disappointed that we were not told that Living Social boxes would be different and the owner posted that all boxes are the same so that I must have been misinformed. —- THIS IS THE WORST SUB BOX EVER!

  13. I’m not continuing my sub with this company either. This month was seriously lacking in both value and quality! My necklace came broken, but I didn’t even bother to send an email as I would never wear it. It looks like something you would buy for $5 in a store at 14 years old. I threw it away. I almost tossed the postcards on accident as I assumed they were promotional… The chevron pouch is just okay, but definitely not worth the price of the box.

  14. I could not be more disappointed in this sub. In three months, there’s not a single item I’ll use, and since they’re not tagged or branded, I can’t really gift anything. I sincerely don’t even feel like these boxes were worth the amount I paid for the LivingSocial deal.

  15. I think you could have been a little harsher… That is looking like a $10.00 sub, and even then I’d think the items look cheap.

  16. I’m in agreement with everyone above, and posted my comments to their Facebook page. This is what they said:

    “HI Lyndsay—I apologize that you were unhappy with your Feb. box. Those are all items we sell at Moxie at the prices that were listed. The postcards are one-of-a-kind designed and we sell them year-round here. They are cute to send to friends, grandparents, to hang at work, thinking of you, etc. It was more of a “love” themed box not just for Valentine’s Day. The chevron makeup bag I had designed and picked out the colors myself. They are fully lined and are cute in your handbag or your suitcase. None of the items were overestimated retail values based on the cost of the items….we strive to provide the best possible experience and are disappointed you were unhappy. We always welcome suggestions of items you would like to see in the boxes. You can email me at [email protected] if you would like to suggest anything. Thank you!

    • Nothing says reputable business like a yahoo email address!!

  17. I didn’t like anything in three months of boxes. It can’t be all that ‘customized’ since I do not have pierced ears and received three pairs of earrings in three boxes. This month was the worst — the items had been tossed into the large empty box with no packing material at all. The necklace was just loose in there and arrived with the chain hopelessly knotted on itself. All three months’ worth of items weren’t worth $15, let alone $99.

  18. This is the last month of Living Social deal. Do we have to cancel? I don’t remember if I put my credit card info or not?

    • No – from what I recall I didn’t give Moxie Box any credit card info.

  19. You are not being harsh. This sub is a hot mess.

  20. I would NOT subscribe based on this. Looks way overpriced for what’s included.

  21. Another person who won’t be resubscribing. I would suggest they go with a smaller box. The boxes are disappointing in part due to the curation/items themselves and in part because they are so empty. A smaller box would lower expectations of how many things are inside.

    The postcards were also weird to me. Why four identical ones? How many people am I a “perfect match” with?

    • LOL! Those postcards cracked me up! Five of them? For your five boyfriends!

      • I know, haha!! My fiance looked at them and was like, are you gonna send it to your Mom? I suppose they will work for best friends too…

  22. I feel the same way. This box lacked luster, or rather it lacked any excitement, for me. I’d be devastated if I were to pay full price for it. Besides, it is more suitable for teens than adults, IMHO, and the price should reflect that. If I had a teenage daughter, I maybe would pay $10-15 (incl. shipping) for this. Honestly though, not a single item excited me in the three months of Moxie that I received…

  23. I won’t be continuing now that the third and last box via Living Social has been sent out.
    I haven’t kept a single item from any of the boxes. The overall quality is poor. I hope that The Moxie folk up their game and produce better boxes in the future.

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