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Little Lace Box Subscriptions UPDATE

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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.33.20 PM

First an update for current Little Lace Box subscribers – due to the weather this month boxes are shipping out a little later than expected – all boxes will ship out this week. (Thanks for the heads up PA Anna!)

Next, if you have been waiting to sign up for a monthly subscription (they are currently sold out), the monthly subscriptions may be opening up today:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.28.17 PM

UPDATE: Monthly subscriptions are NOT opening up today, and likely won’t be opening for a few weeks, so the only way to currently subscribe is to buy an annual subscription up front.

Last time they opened their subscriptions it started at 4 PM EST, but I don’t have any confirmation on that. Also Little Lace Box posted this on their Facebook page today:
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.47.56 PM


So there may be a delay in when they open monthly subscriptions as well. I’ll update with a new post as soon as I learn more!

Little Lace Box Monthly Subscription Annual

FYI – the annual subscription which has a 20% discount is always available if you are able to commit to a year price upfront.

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $39.99 a month

COUPON: Use coupon codeΒ mysubscriptionaddiction10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. USPS has delivered my packages today and LLB was not one of them. BOO! Now I have to avoid the spoilers for an additional day.

    BTW, I contacted them and received a reply with my tracking right away. However, it was not updated overnight.

    • Boy, that large number of comments on the spoiler thread has me a little nervous…….

      • MUHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Mine says Saturday delivery, but isn’t updated on where it is either, just that it left from Florida. I am NOT looking at any spoilers either, I want to be totally surprised! That’s the fun of sub boxes for me, it’s like Christmas πŸ™‚

  3. First, has posting been wonky for anyone else in the past couple days?

    Back to the reason for the post: If anyone wants to peek there is apparently a picture of the box on instagram.

    I am trying to be surprised. Since the box is due tomorrow, I really want to hold out for the next 24 hours for the surprise.

    • You’re right. I saw it on Instagram!

      • Since they’re due tomorrow, please keep the surprise for those of us who need a surprise!

        • Comment

        • Well, maybe just a little hint to tide us over…

          Were any of the three guesses of possible products causing the delay correct? No need to state which one, but just yes/no. Thanks!

        • I’ve never been that person who spoils the surprise lol enjoy this teasing wait πŸ˜‰ wish I can subscribe myself soon.

  4. Comment

  5. For the past 2 days it still says “Sent to USPS” and hasn’t updated since. It won’t even tell me where it’s at or when it’s going to get here. πŸ™ I do live in the same State as them so hopefully it’ll be in my hands tomorrow.

    • Mine says preshippment info sent to usps and nothing has changed since the 24th. It is not showing that it has shipped or a delivery date. Is this what other people are seeing as well? Should I still get the box tomorrow or the next day? This is my first box from them and I’m not sure if this is typical??

  6. I contacted LLB about the tracking number issue. They are aware of the problem. All the boxes shipped the same day and should arrive Friday or Saturday (if you are in a rural area). I will receive my box on Friday, and my sister will receive hers on Saturday because she is in a rural area.

    I’m looking forward to the box! I love chocolates so I can’t help but hope we have Lake Champlain Chocolates coming since they are located in Vermont (Northeast delay) πŸ™‚

    • Anna, I just contacted LLB and received the exact same info. So, it’s nice to know they are consistent with their answers!

      I also emailed about the billing and I think that it’s exactly what Liz updated us on early. Their customer service asked me to pass this onto everyone. (Hope I’m not overstepping any bounds.)

      “We won’t be charging anyone’s credit cards for March until March 15, so please disregard the next payment date on your account. We shut down the renewal program because we didn’t want anyone to be charged earlier than we had to.”

      So, us first-timers will definitely get a nice, long look at February’s box before we are

    • Ooooh! That is another good choice as a possible delay caused item. My thought was Tata Harper cosmetics, also from VT. Of course, there is also Taza chocolate made in MA. I believe MA was the worst-hit state as far as havoc being wreaked this past month. I believe Taza is also a smaller company than Lake Champlain also. However, I do prefer Champlain chocolate vs. Taza.

      I bet you are right, though, that it is a chocolate item since it is February.

      I haven’t received shipping notice but I see here that someone was told all shipped the same day. So, hopefully I will be surprised tomorrow!

      • Taza is made the next town over from me – fingers crossed! I just got some in this month’s Tea Box Express – coconut. The thing with Taza is that it’s very dark and stone-ground, so it’s got a pretty distinctive flavor and texture. That being said, I will happily take chocolate from MA, VT, or anywhere in between or beyond.

        Yes, we’ve been inundated here in MA – we’ve officially hit 100 inches, and the majority of it has been in the next month. The snowdrifts are higher than all but the tallest people, and this is the first week we’ve been in work all five days.

        • Laurie, you and I are very close geographically. We have absolutely been crushed with the weather this year.

        • * last* month

  7. Mine says it will arrive on Friday, but unfortunately I am going away for the weekend and won’t get to see it πŸ™ Hopefully someone posts pictures of what’s in the box so I can see!

  8. I hadn’t received my shipping confirmation email, contacted LLB and they quickly confirm shipment. Hoping my arrives by monday (on makeuptalk a few people mentioned they were expecting theirs on friday so looking forward to spoilers)

    • Mine’s supposed to be here tomorrow, but I tracked it this morning, and it was in Florida. I live in Arkansas, so I’m not holding my breath. lol I’m so anxious to get this box! It’ll be my first LLB.

    • Same here! They responded with my tracking info within about 10 minutes and also sent a follow up email to confirm it was received. I’m super impressed with their customer service so far. My package is set to arrive on Friday but I’m out of town until Monday – awesome welcome home gift for me! Now to see if I can resist the temptation to look at spoilers over the weekend! πŸ˜€

  9. I ordered the Feb. box, and canceled my subscription later because I am buying a house (and going back to school) and canceled all subs. I am still getting Feb, but I emailed them, and I have to say, between their quick response and their boxes so far, if I can add a box back in, it will most likely be this. I would love to do a year sub with them if I can.

  10. I got my tracking number yesterday I think & today it updated saying it’ll be delivered on Friday πŸ™‚ which is awesome because that’s my birthday!

    • Hannah – I am excited for you. Happy Birthday!

      I haven’t received my payment confirmation email or tracking number although I’ve been charged. I’m hoping it is an email glitch and a LLB box will be on my doorstep on Friday.

    • Same here. Scheduled to arrive Friday!

  11. I haven’t received an email saying my order was completed yet or tracking πŸ™ I’m dying to get this box. But my Hammock Pack box sent a shipping email a week ago almost and it still says shipping label created in Brooklyn. I’m dying to get both of these boxes!!

  12. Still haven’t received tracking info *tears*

  13. Just on the site, hoping for information on when feb box will ship. Noticed yearly subscriptions are also sold out now.

  14. I received an email notice this morning that my LLB is on the way! With tracking number. Yay!

    • Me too! So excited!

    • I only got an email saying my order is finally complete. I placed the order and was charged on January 30th. I will be so sad if I’m not getting the February box!

      • I always receive that email prior to my tracking number.

  15. It makes me crazy when companies only communicate to their customers on Facebook. I don’t mind at all that they’re shipping late, but they should have sent an email to their subscribers about it in addition to the Facebook post. Other than this pet peeve, I really like LLB and I’m looking forward to receiving the box.

    • Agree! I left Facebook more than 3 years ago and have no intention to return. But I loved last month’s LLB so I can forgive that one indiscretion.

  16. I’ve been trying to subscribe to this box for months now :/

  17. I’m on the fence about LLB right now. The last box came stuffed full of styrofoam peanuts, which are horrible for the environment. I’m still finding them on the floor. They also shift during travel. The teapot came cracked, and I emailed them and they told me not very nicely to send them photo proof. By that point my husband had already thrown it away. Now I have a cup and a plate and no teapot, and no photo to send them. Sigh.

    • Do you really expect them to sent a replacement out without any sort of proof that it was broken? You may be honest, but lots of people are not. And complaining about packing peanuts? Seriously?!

      • The saucer of my teapot was broken. I took a photo of it and sent them a message and photo on FB. They sent me an entirely new teapot set. They provided excellent customer service to me.

        • The saucer in mine was also broken. I took a picture, and they send me a replacement saucer only along with some items I ordered from the store.

      • LLB is the only box that I’ve ever received with as much packaging as this one had. The large amount of packing peanuts were in addition to all of the regular packing materials boxes use, and there were a lot of them. Styrofoam is really bad for the environment- it doesn’t degrade in landfills in the way that other options do. I do worry about the environmental impact that a lot of individual boxes sent to my house has, and receiving boxes with unnecessary packaging doesn’t help that concern. If the box had been packed better there may not have been the shifting that resulted in broken items. If you’re not aware of the problems with styrofoam I strongly recommend looking into it. If multiple subscribers wrote in with their concern they may be more willing to switch to better packaging methods.

        • I can’t remember with 100% certainty, but I *think* their packing peanuts are the ones that are natural and degrade easily. That’s what most companies use now. I haven’t seen an actual styrofoam peanut in years.

          • You are complaining about there being too many packing materials… when you should be complaining that maybe there wasn’t enough considering your tea pot was broken πŸ˜‰

            Also, I’m pretty certain they use the corn starch based peanuts which are biodegradable .

          • They weren’t the kind you are referring to. But, fortunately, they heard my concerns and have switched to shredded crinkle paper. And as for the comment below, packing peanuts, when used wrong, shift during travel. A box inside a larger box that is partially full of packing peanuts will shift a lot. Try it.

  18. Thanks for the update! It’s very understandable and always great CS to give us a heads up. Been super excited about LLB, as it took a while for openings to sign up, so this just builds up the anticipation… definitely hoping this box makes up for some of the crummy disappointment the epic fails of Moxie & FB were!

  19. This might be a stupid question, but my account says “processing” and has said that since I signed up mid-January. Is that just what the accounts say until the boxes are shipped each month? I emailed them and they have not replied yet. Really confused about whether I paid to be on a waitlist or whether I will be getting the February box.

    • I’m not sure, mine doesn’t say “processing”, it says “active”. I signed up January 27th. Has your card been charged? Mine was charged immediately when I signed up.

    • I signed up in mid-January too, and my card was charged immediately. However, my status said processing until about 2 days ago. I think if you were not getting a February box, you would have known when you signed up.

  20. I’m in Virginia & we just got a foot of snow on Saturday, when we were only predicted to get 4 inches, so I can definitely see why there are delays this month on a lot of different subscription boxes. I was really hoping this one wouldn’t be though, because my birthday is on Friday & I thought it might show up by then. But oh well, I can look forward to opening it next week instead πŸ™‚

  21. I wonder why they’re able to offer yearly subscriptions but not monthly? I’m new to subscription boxes and don’t understand.

    • They get discounts on the things in the box from the brands based on the number of items they’re buying. I’m guessing they’re looking to ensure the demand to keep the price point where they want.

    • CJ- Little Lace box is a small-size subscription box company. I’m guessing they may have around 300-500 subscribers. Compare that to PopSugar which Lisa Sugar has stated before has around 4000 subscribers.

      LLB soared into popularity because of their ability to curate boxes. At the same time Popsugar experienced a few missteps leaving some subscribers to look for a new box. This led to an influx of subscribers that LLB had to cap because they use small artisians that can’t meet demands of providing an extra 100 units in a few weeks.

      They try to make it fair in the sense that there are x amount of monthly subs and x amount yearly subs available a month depending on how many spots are open. The monthly subs have been selling out quickly. At the time of shipping, they move any boxes reserved for yearly subs that haven’t been claimed to the waiting list of people for monthly subs.

      That’s why as of now there are no monthly subs available. New monthly subscriptions beginning in March should open in a few days or a week.

      • Thanks Krista and PA Anna.

  22. I took the reason for delay to mean that there is an artisan in the Northeast whose product was delayed in shipping to LLB due to winter storms. That area has received a lot of snow in the past few weeks. I rather wait a few days and receive all the amazing items. I didn’t receive an email about it, but did see it on FaceBook. I’ll have to find out if I am on the email list which I will after they are done shipping boxes.

    • That’s what I read between the lines also. I am in the Northeast and we got about 60 inches of snow in 17 days. It is absolutely crazy here!

      • Crazy sleet/ice weather in Dallas last night and this morning! I had to cancel a doctor’s appt. that I’ve had for months. There is no way the mailman is making it to my house today! πŸ™

        • I got mail today in Dallas! πŸ™‚

      • It’s been so bad here it effectively shut down mass transit for all but the very inner city for more than a week. It’s been utter chaos and danger at every turn: roofs leaking, roofs collapsing from weight of snow, individuals being struck by autos and/or busses because they cannot be seen coming out of a sidewalk, and car accidents as well. The snow on sidewalks is taller than the average adult so, even if it is plowed (and most are not), when one steps out to cross the street, there is no notice given to cars because there is no evidence of a person on the sidewalk until they abruptly appear on the side of the street (out from the snowbanks)–if that makes sense. Also, leaving the driveway is taking your life in your hand as you cannot see whether or not anything is coming down the street and they cannot see there is a car trying to get out until the car is in the street. Additionally, the snow in the sidewalks in most cases extends out into the corners of streets which means that cars making a turn have to pull out further into the lane (and possible oncoming traffic) to make the turn but cannot see what is coming because of the snowbank on the opposite side of the street one is traversing.

        Picture that?

        • Oooh, that sounds familiar – are you in Boston too?

  23. I shared the worry of many here: That I would be billed for the March box in 4 days (per their website) , without having ever received my Feb box, to see if I like it.

    I emailed them and they emailed back IMMEDIATELY, saying I would not be billed for the March box til 3/15. I’m impressed.

    • I emailed them too and they quickly replied the same thing. I’m impressed how quickly they responded and without issue/pressing pushed the billing date back. They really do seem like a great box.

  24. I’m in the same boat as others… I didn’t get an email explaining the shipping delay and as a new subscriber, I’m about to be charged for next month before ever receiving my first box. That being said, I think I am willing to risk it! I’ve been following reviews and have loved every box so far. But I can see why some would want to wait to be charged until AFTER they see their first box. I don’t feel like that is asking for too much.

    • I think I read on FB that they will not be charging for the next box until the 15th and that this box will be received prior to next billing. HTH

  25. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t get an email and I don’t see that I’ve been charged this month. My first month was last month. Have other monthly subscribers (not new) been charged?

  26. I appreciate them doing this. I would much rather wait a few extra days and get everything that they wanted to put in the box. I am sure that the delays have affected their vendors. I can’t wait to get my first box!

    • If they are waiting for something from the northeast, I am hoping they are putting in something from Tata Harper which is based in VT.

  27. I signed up for this box in January, got charged right away, and my account has said “On Hold” since then. Does that mean I’m on the waiting list? I can’t find anything about why else it would be on hold. I agree with that frustration others have expressed about being charged without knowing when we’d be getting the box!

    • The same thing happened to me. I reached out to them via the form on their website a few days ago and they haven’t replied yet.

  28. I get it, but I’m in the same state as they are. I wish I could just get mine on time lol..

    • The delay is probably with the companies/people shipping products to them so they can assemble the boxes.

      • Could be, either way its all good. I’m just a little anxious is al πŸ™‚

  29. I’ve been anxiously awaiting an email with tracking info and haven’t received it yet. Thanks for the update Liz! I don’t know why they wouldn’t email their subscribers that..

    • I got my email from LLB before I saw it on here – maybe they’re sending it out in shifts?

      • Hmm that’s strange, I never got an email. But my account is active and I got billed 2-19.

        • I didn’t receive an email either and I’ve been subbed since Nov.

  30. This will be my first LLB. Last night, I checked my account to see if shipping info was there, and I noticed that my next billing date was in 5 days (4 now). I realize the weather is beyond their control, but I really don’t like being charged for a second box before I’ve seen what their sub box is like. Reviews can only tell you so much, ya know? lol It seems like they could adjust their billing schedule to account for the shipping delay, but I don’t know how much trouble that is. I just went through this with Five Four Club, although they are offering me a refund on the second charge if I’m not happy with the contents of the first box. Anyway, it’s just a small annoyance, as I’m sure I’ll love my first LLB.

    • I had the same thought…Not for nothin’, but it’s not a cheap sub box. I’d like to know I want it again. Fingers crossed!

    • I feel the same way.

    • I thought the same thing. I was thinking about posting that on their facebook too…

    • Yes, me too! I was thinking about purchasing a full year, but I would like to have a box in my hands before I make the commitment.

    • I totally agree!! In fact I had just emailed them this morning before I came here to see this. I am due to be charged a second month in four days and I have never even seen a box! I don’t think that is right. They definitely need to hold off on charging for next month until we’ve had a chance to see this month and decide if we are pleased. I will have to cancel before I get billed again because there is no way I’m going to pay for something twice that I have never seen.

  31. Thanks for the update, I was wondering when it would ship! That’s disapointing, I’m really looking forward to my first box from them…but I am from the North East so I can sympathize.

  32. I was just wondering when I would be getting an email conformation would be coming, thank you for the heads up Liz.

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