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Little Lace Box February 2015 Spoilers!

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Little Lace Box Subscription Review & Coupon - August

We have Little Lace Box spoilers for the February 2015 box thanks to Instagram user Orlandomag:

orlandomag instagram photo

What do you think of the February Little Lace Box spoilers?

Here is what I’ve identified so far:

Whitley Designs earrings

Dancing Goat item

Tub Truffle Variety Pack



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I want to repeat something that Nana below wrote because I really do think it reflects my feelings about this box.

    Nana: “I think you make a good point, and perhaps unwittingly reveal the big problem with this box: it’s boring and formulaic. It has a lotion, a bath product, a random pair of earrings, a card, and some chocolate. Add a scarf and a candle and you could call it “the cliche box”. At least that would have been humorous.
    I did take a long time to read the reviews of former LLB boxes, which is why this one was so disappointed. All the other ones seemed to have clear themes and contained non-generic subscription box items. I didn’t love every single box – the December box was not my cup of tea -, but I found them all interesting. They included stuff I didn’t already have at home.
    You are right that this is supposed to be fun. And that, ultimately, is the problem. Getting this box is disappointing. Not because I spent money on it, I could, after all, just sell it back – but because I was looking forward to something like one of the past boxes….”

    • Yea, but geez. What do people want? There are only so many things you can do and so many product categories to choose from!! That is precisely why boxes VARY from month to month. If they did the same thing that they did in past months then guess what – that would ALSO become “boring” and predictable. These companies can’t win for losing.

      • I agree with your comment completely. The tone on here has become something different than just opinionated and the expectations of LLB seem beyond the realm of reality. I believe they are currently the best at what they do. Yes, that is just an opinion. That being said, there are only so many categories and pieces they may find and be able to get in a given month.

      • I agree. I feel like a lot of the complaints are coming from women who subscribe to tons of boxes and are swimming in products.

        Well, not all of us are in that position. I don’t have any of the items that are coming in this box at the moment. It’s not my fault that some people spend hundreds of dollars on other boxes every month. The products LLB did choose in those categories are not generic at all.

    • But to be fair, I did change my feelings after I found the “theme” to this box: “the lovers, the dreamers and me”.

      Seeing the box as a celebration of the artisans and dreamers who have rather recently started these businesses, putting their love and dreams behind them, makes each particular item more special. I haven’t gotten the box yet, so I don’t know if this is even what they meant and if it’s explored in the information sheet in the box, but I think it’s worth exploring the companies represented:

      – Beekman 1802 Mercantile was founded by two guys who stumbled upon an old farm and decided to revive it and make a company around it. “we collaborate with local farmers, craftspersons & artisans to produce most of what you find both online and in our physical Mercantile on Main Street in Sharon Springs, NY. We pay fair prices for quality goods. ”

      – Whitley, two sisters who love each other and designing jewelry got together to start this business.

      – Kitsch, started by a woman who had a passion for making jewelry since she was a kid.

      – CeeCeeandBee, another sisters-company that started with the owner wanting to use up all the lavender trimmings from her garden.

      – P. Press, a woman with experience in retail/wholesale sales decided to give it a go and start her own paper business.

      – Dancin Goat, started by a woman who combined her family experience raising goats with her own passion for wellness.

      Now, there are thousands of small entrepeneurs dreaming of making it big, and definitely others have items I would have liked more, but I’m going to take the joy of sharing in these entrepeneur’s dreams of making it big and using products that I, actually, would not otherwise have bought.

      • I really appreciate your perspective and thank you for giving us some background on the artisans involved in producing this month’s box. I also appreciate the debate and think overall that it has been very respectful to everyone’s opinions.

        • I just received my box and I think it is beautiful and well curated. I received the silver earrings, orange fudge, stationary, bath salts and Dancing Goat lotion. A nice little luxury box of thoughtful items that I normally would not splurge on and every product will be used and enjoyed 🙂

      • I am sooooo happy you said this, because I was starting to feel a little let down by this box this month. But you’ve reminded me that the people these women are bringing to my door are fascinating, hard-working and inspiring people that I have so much respect for! I realize I will not always love the items in this box but I absolutely appreciate the designers who are making these products, some of them even by hand! I actually found the Whitley sisters Instagram “whitelydesigns” and you can see them putting those earrings together by hand! And that, is a beautiful thing. Some people can be so mean in their responses. I can’t imagine running a business with my own sister, so I think these 3 LLB sisters are doing a stand up job! I look forward to “seeing the sun” next month! Thank you again for a wonderful reminder!

  2. On a brighter note, I can’t wait to see what their March theme is!

    • LOL…I’ve been checking their website like crazy in hopes of getting a sneak peak into the March box theme!

      • Me too! I wonder when they’ll post it!

        • I would LOVE to see a box similar to last month’s Downton Abbey box curated with a mid-century Mad Men theme. The series finale is upcoming, so the theme would be timely. Are you reading this LLB? 🙂

          • That was a fantastic theme – I really wish I had subscribed a few months ago. I loved the last two boxes! This one was well done, just not as much my thing. I’m hoping it’ll be another unique theme.

    • The theme for March is “Here Comes the Sun”. 🙂

      • Really? Thanks, that sounds promising! Where did you see that?

        • It’s in the letter that accompanied this month’s box. It said that we could expect special items for the mind, body and soul.

  3. Good morning!!!!

    I find it interesting that so many people are so upset by this box. On the other threads that I have seen for LLB, people were SO upset that they could not subscribe and that the site was down and so on. I seems to me that there is an element of being negative just for the sake of being negative. I think that these subscription boxes are supposed to be fun and if you are subscribing to so many boxes that you are getting the same types of things…..then stop subscribing. Seems reasonable to me. I personally enjoy the boxes that I have received. Please stop being joy-killers for the rest of us that enjoy these boxes. Have a great day everyone.

    • I don’t know about you, but I am always jazzed about most boxes…because of the stuff that is not to my personal tastes, I always have great little gifts to stockpile and give!

    • I think some of the disapointment may be coming from that very fact of LLB suddenly becoming THE box to get because of their fabulous January curation. I am a new subscriber, one of the ones who fought to get the box when the website went down, so I have been very excited to see what they will send. These items while nice, don’t compare to January , so I feel a little let down. However, I agree that disappointment before actually receiving the box can be a negative influence on the perception of others. I am looking forward to reading the letter that explains their curation and hopefully gives me a reason for wanting to continue. 0n a side note, I read similar evaluations of the December box. The planner (which was a major source of dissapointment for some) now sells on ebay for $225.

      • Really? Good god. Do you think I could sell mine for half of that if only three pages were written in? 🙂

  4. OK, I was wrong about this box. I’m actually looking forward to getting it now.

    Before I went to sleep I re-read the lyrics to the Rainbow song, and then went and looked at the actual items in the box (listed in the ramblings blog). The whole “the lovers, the dreamers and me” theme has to do with the people who started the companies who make the products in the boxes. They are passionate about their products, they are pursuing a dream, and we get to have a taste of it. It’s most evident in the Beekman 1802, but all the companies have similar stories.

    While the items themselves may not excite me, I am excited to share on their passion for a little bit. From that perspective, I plan to enjoy this box.

    • Nice!

    • That sounds great! I really enjoy their thoughtful curation. They seem to go above and beyond in their efforts. Yay!

    • Love your comment, Nice!!!

  5. I just have to ask, and it’s an honest question, not meant to be snarky, but what was everyone expecting given the theme? When I first saw it all I could think was okay, what the heck fits that theme?

    • meant to add that I’m not a subscriber to LBB but the theme had me intrigued and I was dying to see spoilers 🙂

    • I’m not sure what other people though, but when I heard “gems” for yourself and the home I figured some type of jewlery with a stone and some home decor?

  6. If I may, and I probably shouldn’t, I would like to say a few things about the temperature of this thread. First of all, there is about four times the traffic on this site as there is on the other blog mentioned (at least based on the number of posts on this particular topic), so, of course, there are going to be more opinions that differ from yours. It’s also helpful to remember that people come here to share their thoughts. No one is personally attacking another person by saying that this particular curation doesn’t fit their lifestyle, or that they expected a special request to be honored by the subscription box company. I’ve never understood why people take differing opinions so personally. I think this site is great. I enjoy reading the many different opinions from women with whom I share a common interest. If everyone had glowing reviews of every sub box out there, I’d need three jobs! lol My humble request is that the posters here try to respect all of the opinions that are shared, whether you agree with them or not. It’s a lot more enjoyable that way. 🙂

    • The thing is, there is opinions and then there is negative vitriol. There are more positive ways to express that something is not to your tastes. I mean, there are only so many items and categories a box can send. But to whine and moan over a *mystery* box – where the point is to get surprise items that may not please everyone – is ridiculous. What is worse, why complain and gripe and moan over something they don’t even have yet?

    • I agree! Let people say what they want. If this site turns into a positive feedback only site, then it is no longer a good resource.

    • Your writing is wonderful. I don’t often see good writing anymore.

      • Thank you, Amy! Your compliment made my day!

    • Well said I absolutely agree, bravo for you. ☺

  7. I think this looks like a great luxury box for the price point. I don’t see what people are so unhappy about? I don’t have pierced ears, so I’m a little sad that I will probably get earrings, but it’s a mystery box and they will make a lovely gift. I have a feeling that when the box arrives and I get the items in my hands, I’ll really love them. That has been the trend with all LLB boxes I’ve received so far.

  8. I posted this on another site, but wanted to post it here too – maybe to lighten the mood a little….
    The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me:
    Those who love this box
    Those who dream about the other box
    And Me – all I care about is the Resort Box…


    • Hahaha, that was good! ;-D I am going to wait for my box to see which variation I will get and how I feel when I will see it in person. I am hoping for gold earrings, would love to swap silver for gold if I will receive silver.

    • Clever! and funny 🙂

      I’m dreaming of Petit Vour’s next special addition box (no release date yet)….

      • I didn’t know that PV had a new LE box coming out in the near future. Did they mention it in a recent email? FB? My interest is definitely peaked at the possibility!

  9. I think it seems like a really good box, just unlucky for me since it’s stuff that I just wouldn’t use (for ex: I only take showers). That’s the risk with a box though…I just wish I’d started subscribing last month!

    The one thing that bothers me a bit though is that I really don’t seem the theme in it?

    • The theme is baffling me too!. I am ready to put my hands on it and read the thoughtful explanations that usually come with the products. I think that will seal the deal for me, lol.

      • They say in the letter that they weren’t able to do the theme like they wanted to due to shipping delays and winter weather.

  10. I didn’t know if anyone else hadn’t received their tracking number yet either, I had to email them to get mine. I never got a receipt for my purchase or a tracking email. But they responded to me within a few hours and said my box has been shipped and gave me a tracking number. Still can’t wait to get mine, hoping I’ll get silver jewelry.

  11. This is so cute and well put together. I don’t really understand what everyone else was hoping for, but everything in this box looks lux. I’ve never tried bath bombs or salts, so I’m excited for the chance to finally try them! They’re something I wouldn’t normally spend money on, which is what I’m hoping for in a mystery box I guess. 😀 Yay!

  12. I live in FL and received my box today. I got the exact box pictured. You can smell the tub truffles before opening the box. I have a teenager who loves those types of products – loves them! I got the gold earrings not my style but someone will wear them. The fudge is the edible kind of fudge – no candle there. The stationery is by P.Press Papers – very nice. The Hula Bliss is a “bonus” – stated on insert – sample sized. I’m happy with the box.

  13. Wow. It is absolutely NIGHT AND DAY difference between all of these absolutely negative ripping the box apart comments verses ramblings of a suburban mom blog thoughtful takes. MSA is my favorite site but I was dismayed by these comments so I am writing a book and you can be dismayed with me, I guess. All the negativity makes anyone who reads these comments start to feel bad or worse than they felt before about this box. Negativity breeds negativity. This mystery box is $40. There isn’t going to be 100% gold jewelry in a $40 box. Yes they shouldn’t have asked about pierced ears but don’t punish the majority of adults who have pierced ears. Plus you may get the bracelet instead. Orange chocolate sauce is different BUT all of the negative blasting commentators here most likely have said in posts on boxes…”it’s about trying new things that you wouldn’t normally buy or try new brands.” Well here is a new one for you to try. Take it or leave it but it was about trying it, right? Of course there would be good/snack. Nothing is wrong with bath or body products…it’s February for goodness sakes. But I read…I don’t like bath products they could break my jets for example, take a bath and dont turn them on like I do or gift them to someone without tub jet phobia. “I don’t like lotion”..whaaaat? It’s winter. We NEED it or if you have angel kissed baby soft naturally silky skin without it I am 1. jealous. Totally jealous and 2. Give it as a great gift to us dry skin, winter kissed or winter slapped people. It’s about pampering yourself. I personally am not in love with the spoilers after seeing past boxes and WAITING to have an opening to subscribe and finally doing so. I have the $40 to spend on this box and it’s about the surprise and unveiling my personal box. I get excited about spoilers and have logged in to MSA DAILY to see WHEN will LLB be posted… If it’s a blown $40 oh well. If it is too much $, don’t blow it on mystery boxes. Buy 1 or two items alone you did want instead. Wait to buy or trade when there is one already out and you like. Yes you are allowed your opinion but again, night and day difference. Do yourself and stress level on non enjoyment of this box a favor and read the comments here then on ramblings blog and you may see a different light, not be so angry and enjoy this a little more and gosh hoping, come back with a less negative comment. The items you don’t like, swap in Liz’s swap site since there will be plenty of people to swap for LLB items. But wow did the whining go far here. Sorry if I’m upsetting you too but geesh it was soooooooooo negative and a downer.

    • Ditto, everything you just said!! Some of the complaints leave me baffled why that person is even getting mystery sub boxes. It’s like hanging out with the negative person at work, the more they complain the more you see wrong too.

      • Thank you steph! I 1st looked at the picture and was like hmmmmm don’t love love like past boxes but each item is $8 bucks, okay. But when I was reading comments I was starting to feel so negative and had to step back and was baffled too. When I read another blog, there were more thoughtful takes on the box. It was so surprising the difference and the issues people have. Again it’s $8 an item.

        • I think that’s the problem, there is not one item there that I would pay $8 for.

          But yes, I gambled, I lost – but what’s wrong with sharing my pain for having lost in the only forum where people wouldn’t think this is super trivial? Are we supposed to be stoic about everything in life? Sheesh.

      • I wonder the same thing. When someone states that they don’t like candles or bath stuff or jewelry OR food (food?!), all of which are sub box staples, you have to wonder just what exactly it is people *do* expect to receive. LLB is $40, not $400. I think they do an amazing for the price point, especially since they work with smaller companies and independent artisans who I’m sure don’t give product away for promo purposes.

        • What you expect to receive is a box that has enough value so that if you don’t like half the things on the box, you still get at least what you paid. That would have been true for me for past LLB boxes.

          I am noticing, however, that in general this is not true of MOST boxes, which is why I’m finding it hard to find subscriptions I actually want to keep.

          • Here are my thoughts on this…

            I am glad LLB is not afraid to mix up what they put in their boxes. If all sub boxes were the same, it would be boring. If a company is willing to make their boxes so different from each other month over month, customers are going to love some months and not love others. There is really no way around this. You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time, etc. If LLB just stuck to the basic formula of what to include in a sub box from the beginning and didn’t try to branch out/push the limits a little, they wouldn’t be particularly memorable and the demand for their box would be nowhere near what it is now.

            Personally, I LOVED last month’s LLB, this box I am fine with since the value is there and the items are easily gifted/swapped, but it is not my favorite. As others have mentioned, that is the risk you take with subscription boxes. If you want to entirely avoid the risk that you will not like what you receive, don’t buy sub boxes! In my case, I minimize the risk by looking at reviews for at least a month or two to see what the box has contained in the past, its $ value, and value to me. If I find that there is a certain box that I keep coming back to/thinking about or regularly swapping for items from, I will usually then decide to try out a month or two at first to see if I like it before signing up for a longer subscription especially if there is a coupon to try it out. This further minimizes my risk. (Once in a while a box comes along that is a no-brainer for me based on cost and what I am interested in so I will jump on that box right away, e.g. most recently RawSpiceBar. Contrast this with BuluBox’s 3 months for $10 current offer. Sounds like a great deal, but I can tell from past months that I wouldn’t use the items so it would be a complete waste of money for me.)

            Sub boxes are supposed to be fun. If there is something specific I absolutely NEED, I wouldn’t look to a sub box to get this item since there are really no guarantees that I will get exactly what I want. For me, sub boxes are kind of a hobby/entertainment. Any items I receive that I don’t want can likely be used for a gift for a friend, swapped, or donated so someone else can enjoy them. At the end of the day, if the value to me hasn’t been there in past months or I can’t afford to take the risk, I won’t make the purchase. If I think about them this way, it removes any pressure and sub boxes can just be about fun.

          • Chris

            I think you make a good point, and perhaps unwittingly reveal the big problem with this box: it’s boring and formulaic. It has a lotion, a bath product, a random pair of earrings, a card, and some chocolate. Add a scarf and a candle and you could call it “the cliche box”. At least that would have been humorous.

            I did take a long time to read the reviews of former LLB boxes, which is why this one was so disappointed. All the other ones seemed to have clear themes and contained non-generic subscription box items. I didn’t love every single box – the December box was not my cup of tea -, but I found them all interesting. They included stuff I didn’t already have at home.

            You are right that this is supposed to be fun. And that, ultimately, is the problem. Getting this box is disappointing. Not because I spent money on it, I could, after all, just sell it back – but because I was looking forward to something like one of the past boxes – specially after the Frenchbox fiasco.

            Maybe I’m not enough of a gambler, and subscription boxes are just not for me.

    • I almost wrote the same thing earlier and decided not to post. The negativity is astounding! I just don’t understand what people want from what is essentially a mystery box. Guess what – there will always be misses and what is a miss for you may be a hit for me. If people want specific items then they should buy them. Sub boxes are a risk. That is the FUN of it.

      The loudest people are those who live to complain and unfortunately MSA has become very negative. It is like a competition of who can whine the most. I could no believe how REASONABLE the comments on Ramblings were. People who realise you can’t please everyone and if you don’t like it swap or gift.

      • Agreed Kkaatt. Shockingly different, right?

        • I’m with you on this. I’m also baffled about all of the negative popsugar comments I’m seeing as well.

      • Did you by any chance look on the “Ramblings…” FB page? Under the LLB post there were 4 out of 6 posts that didn’t seem too thrilled with the spoilers. “Lame,” “disappointing,” and “bummed” were mentioned. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and my feeling is that when you pay for something you are certainly entitled to throw in your two cents, hopefully in a civilized manner. Not everyone will like everything– part of the interest here is reading all of the diverse thoughts– how boring would this be if everyone loved every item?? The main reason that MSA might seem a bit “negative” lately is because of the FrenchBox fiasco feedback…

    • I agree. I have been excited all week! When I saw the spoiler I quickly scrolled down to comments to avoid the photo (at first, haha!). After reading a few I started to feel a tad disappointed. Then it hit me that if this box showed up at my house and my view of it had not been “tainted” that I would be thrilled with it!

      I am hoping I get the gold earrings but either way I always enjoy jewelry – such a treat and great for gifting! I think sometimes people just forget to have fun with it. This is supposed to be fun and the hit or miss is a part of the gamble! =)

    • Honestly the most negative sounding was actually your post. I think the majority comments were about the earrings being included despite being given the opportunity to request not getting them, and about not understanding how everything fit the theme. Perhaps the letter will better tie everything together.

      There have been far worse comments on French Box or Popsugar than these, but this is a forum meant to let everyone express their opinions so every single box isn’t going to have puppies and rainbow comments.

      • I think the main thing is the tone. Some people jump at the chance be be negative. There are other ways to voice that something is not for you without bejng a complete debby downer. “I don’t eat chocolate but my sister will live it!” – “Can’t wear earrings but I can always swap!” “I wish they had taken my profile into account about the earrings but I understand they are growing fast and trying to keep up. Otherwise it is a great box and these will swap!” Etc

        • Yes!! Tone is everything. There’s a way to express disappointment without making everyone else feel bad about it, too. And I’m not saying I’ve never had anything negative to say about a box. I was vocal about my initial disappointment w/the Nieman Marcus box, but that was *before* I got it in my hands, and I ended up liking, using or gifting everything. That taught me to wait until I actually get a box to pass judgment. I’ve found that if I don’t really like the look of the spoilers, I almost always like the box more once I actually receive it. And if I’m excited by the spoilers, I end up being blown away with the actual contents. Just something to consider for those who have already written off this box (or any box) as being wrong them based solely on spoilers.

    • Hildon very well said

    • Yes. I actually complained to Liz because MSA comments are (increasingly) negative to a breathtaking extreme. A difference of opinion is one thing, but a negative bandwagon like those I keep seeing on here are a completely different thing.

      • I’ve noticed this, too. I don’t so much mind the “negative bandwagons” as the increasing level of argument and judgment between different camps of opinions. The recent 1Up Box, Popsugar March spoiler thread, and this are just a few this week where there’s been a lot of aggression between commenters. This is a shopping blog! What is everyone so mad about?

        • Exactly! The fact we can all afford such luxuries should translate to all-around happiness, lol. I mean, this is frivolous stuff here, folks.

    • I totally agree. MSA is borderline toxic to read compared to other sites. It’s really disheartening that comments ruin an otherwise great sources of information. I’m just overall disappointed with the community posting here and think it has gotten much worse recently.

      • If anyone has any suggestions for me on how to improve this please email me (liz @ mysubscriptionaddiction . com). I always want MSA to be a helpful, positive and honest place!

        • Not that I think anything should be done, but I’m very interested to see what people would suggest.

    • I like reading both positive and negative comments about items. I’m not offended if someone thinks an item I like is ugly, because everyone has different tastes. I’m still carrying the fringe bag from NGQ04, so clearly my tastes are different from many people’s, and that’s ok. If we all loved the same things, life would be boring – and the swap site would be dead.

      The comments about the ‘negativity’ are directed towards people, not things. They’re saying people who participate here are whining, just here to complain, etc. To me, that’s more offensive than saying that bath bombs clog jets in the tub. Why not counter the negative opinions with positive ones? Why not encourage people to look at the items in a new way, by suggesting other uses or ideas about how to gift it? The way to be positive is to be an example and express positivity, not put others down.

  14. All this waiting and excitement for a box of truffles, fudge, and bath soap? And I can’t even wear earrings because my ears are stretched nor do I have a tub. This is my first box and I’m disappointed. I hope there is more because this box does make me happy whatsoever. I hope it’s different once in my hands but it doesn’t look promising.

  15. I thought about it and am still looking forward to my box even though it is not quite what I expected. I never heard of bath truffles before. I need to start taking baths so I can enjoy the bath products I’ve been receiving.

    It’s been a rough month for sub boxes. Long shoreman strikes, snow storms, etc. My younger son has not received his Kiwi Crate yet this month because of the long shoreman strike. I wonder how many boxes had to shift what they were going to put in their boxes for Jan or Feb?

    • Yes! Do try the occasional bath! I mainly shower but every couple of weeks I like to fill the tub up with some hot water and soaps and leisurely soak. I have found it is one of the few places I can really unwind and hear myself think. I leave the phone, ipad, radio out of the room and just relax with my thoughts. Also a great time to try new product!

  16. I’ll admit that I’m not blown away by this spoiler. The previous boxes were so much more what I was looking for. This feels very different and I feel let down by the theme. How does this fit with theme Rainbow Connection? I guess the theme misled me. I was also hoping for an item for the home.

  17. It sounds like there are variations so I’m going to hold out until I get my box in my hands. I also cannot wear earrings but if I get them they will make a nice gift. I enjoy LLB so it’s a win either way with me.

  18. Was considering signing up for this sub but after seeing this I’ll pass.

  19. The only thing I don’t see here is the hidden gem for the home as someone mentioned before. Aside from that, the box is yet another good one from the LLB team.

    • I agree! Now I just have to remind myself not to eat the entire jar of fudge sauce!

  20. Eh, I’m pretty disappointed in this. I barely can wear earnings (they usually irritate my ears), i can’t remember the last time I’ve used stationary, I don’t take baths, and I’ve been eating well. I do love Dancin Goat, but that’s a small part. The value is there, it just was a really unlucky month for me to sign up.

    I really don’t see the theme shine through here though.

  21. Complainers gotta complain, I guess. The majority of this box looks great to me, and SINCE I PAID LESS THAN $40 FOR ABOUT $100 WORTH OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE, I have to believe that this was worth the monetary risk I took on by purchasing it. Thank you, LLB!

    • If you like the box, good for you. It might not be worth the $100 value for everybody, so they should be able to voice their opinions.

    • Agreed. The value is definitely there. They will not hit it out of the park for everyone, every time, but they have done a great job so far, and I thoroughly enjoy the surprise. I just worry that the demand will prompt them to grow so much that the “specialness” will be lost. That is a balance and challenge with any business like this.

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. The aesthetic, type, and quality of the items is the same as the other boxes. They’ve sent out jewelry and bath items in most of the other boxes, so I’m not sure why that’s a surprise to anyone.

      • The surprise is that they specifically gave earrings as an example of something that could be customized, encouraged people to let them know if this was an issue, and then sent them anyway. I knew they sent earrings in the past, but I thought maybe there were variations.

        • Yeah, that part was misleading. When I saw the question asking about preferences I assumed that they were trying to figure out future boxes rather than individually customizing them. But I can see why other people would have thought differently due to how it was worded.

          • This is what they said:

            “Ok, now tell us something about yourself. For example, I can’t wear earrings or I can’t have anything that is a mint flavor, etc. Send it to [email protected] and we will add it to your profile. Thank you”

            And I did that, and they said it was added to my profile. I don’t want to make too big a deal out of it, because I know their customer service is fantastic and I’m excited about this box. But, it’s definitely confusing and I’m glad they’re removing that line if it’s not something they can do anymore.

          • I read the spoilers and posts. I’m going to wait and see how I feel about my box tomorrow. I do love Dancin’ Goat products.

    • I agree with you. There will never be a sub box that can satisfy everyone, every time. That is always the risk – but I think the rewards outweigh the risks. If I don’t like something out of a sub box, I just consider it money saved on a future birthday or Christmas gift!

      • Yes, Naomi! Great gifts that I can fit with the right friend or relative.

        • Yep, me too. I didn’t care for the silver arrow necklace in this month’s Popsugar box. I sent it to my niece for Valentine’s and scored big auntie points. She loves it!

    • Because of your tone and writing in all caps I feel sort of like you are yelling at people, and I think its unnecessary. (Please feel free to let me know if I misinterpreted.)

      We are all here to share our thoughts, we should all be able to express our concerns and complaints as well as our praise and excitement without people implying that someone’s concerns are not valid because they are a “complainer”.

    • I agree maybe I have a different view on sub boxes but I usually look at the items in there as something to try cause I wouldn’t ever spend the money on them individually like the scarf from oui please I would never spend 200 on a scarf so even if I don’t like it the value it there I love LLB and the funny thing is usually the stuff I like every one dislikes and vice versa so it’s easy for me to swap 🙂

    • Dude. What is up with people on this forum who like something putting down the people who don’t like it? Ridiculous. What is so freaking hard about expressing your opinion without insulting someone else?!

      • Maybe because the whining and complaining about everything is getting waaaay old. If people are going to moan over every little thing they don’t like before they even get it then maybe mystery boxes aren’t for them. It takes a real audacious and ridiculous person to complain about not getting 100% gold in a $40 box.

  22. I received another response from LLB in response to the question, why bother asking if …. This was a more thoughtful response and makes sense. My advice – no earrings in boxes that can’t be customized. From Kristin at LLB:

    “Understood, and we’ve since taken that fun little example off our sign up response page. In the beginning it was easy to perhaps “swap things out” or make changes per box but we’ve grown quickly and cannot possibly do this. We actually did attempt to do that with this box but our designers must have a specific amount of time to create the product so we had a cutoff.

    We appreciate your comments and will take them under advisement.”

  23. Hmm this will be my first box and I’m not too thrilled so far. Kind of bummed, I’m not quite getting the theme in it, what is for the home??

    I hardly wear stud earrings so dangling is a no go for me, not to mention I can only wear gold, anything else irritates my ears. Bath salts might be ok, but not those fizzies if that have stuff stuck on them, I only have a whirlpool tub so I wouldn’t want anything causing problems with the jets. The lotion looks ok but looks more deluxe sample sized, not full size? Fudge, meh, might be ok. Is the card “a” card or a set?

    Bummed since the last few looked so good, I’ll stick around another month but will have to see if its worth $40 to have no idea what will be in the box.

  24. I have to say, I will be pretty upset in the (likely) event there are earrings in my box. Never before have I felt this way. Usually I think sub boxes are a way to try new things and I go into it assuming that I will dislike some things in each box. That is fine. I have never before thought I should receive anything different from what every one else is getting.

    However- they specifically asked us to tell them if there is anything they need to know- and even used the example “I cant wear earrings.” I looked at that and thought,” wow, I cant wear earrings (I have plugs) and it is so awesome that they would sub out a big item like that for me.” If they weren’t going to sub out an item like the one they used in their example, a month later, then they shouldn’t have put it out there in the first place.

    When I first saw the spoilers I thought, “I wonder what I will get instead of the earrings.” Then I saw the response Amy got from LLB and I am so disappointed.

    Also, I think this would be less of a deal if the example was “I don’t eat chocolate” and then there was a chocolate bar in the box. A low value item would not be a big deal. In this case, the earrings are most of the value of the box, so it feels like there is very little value left.

    • As much as I love this sub, I have to agree with you here. Why ask in the first place? That just sets people up for disappointment.

      I expect things like that with, say, a popsugar box that never asked me what I liked/didn’t like. Oh well, I hope you at least get to enjoy some of your box or get an awesome swap item!

  25. Liz, are you sure that’s not your table in the first pic?

    I’m disappointed about the earrings, since my ears aren’t pierced. It’s frustrating that they ask you about it and then don’t listen. It’s not like it’s a general research poll, they ask for personalized feedback and say they make a note of it.

    Everything else looks good though, especially the chocolate. I can’t wait to get my box!

  26. I received my box today and I am very disappointed. I receive very tiny pair of silver heart studs that seems to be for a child. Not impress and this was my 1st box and not sure I am going to continue with the subscription. Bummer I was really excited waiting for this box 🙁

    • I discovered when I took a second look I was missing one of the earrings. I called customer service and the were awesome took care of my issue right away. I will definely contine was my subscription.

  27. I received a pair of triangular silver-colored studs, original flavor fudge sauce, bling-bling goat milk bath salt, pink arrow card, and the dancing goat lotion. I opened the box and each item already, but I didn’t try any of them yet. If anyone’s interested in buying it, please contact me. I’ll sell it for $29.99 + shipping. Thanks!

    • Thank you for posting what is in your box – Now I’m disliking the box more, I’ll be getting mine soon, since the fudge looks heavy I’ll skip swapping it, yet hope I can swap the rest of it.

    • Darn, I looked and I’m so disappointed now. That seems like a very low value box, how do people get to $100? Or even $40?

    • Hi Tachi!

      I’m interested in buying your box. Email me at Blessedmommi at hotmail.


  28. This will be my first box and I’m pretty happy! I was actually looking to try some indie lotion and bath bombs, so that’s perfect timing. I really like the look of the earrings and I don’t have anything quite like them.

    I’m not sure what the fifth item is, but I’m hoping for a journal. I don’t really use note cards very often (and already have quite a few), but if that’s what they are I’m sure I can gift them.

    I don’t think they hit it quite as far out of the park as they did last month, but I didn’t expect that they would be able to do that every month. Their tastes are extremely similar to mine, so I’ll be continuing this subscription. 🙂

  29. Love it already! I like that this subscription box is unlike any other. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and I hope I get gold earrings!

  30. So excited to receive this! The curation seems to be all about pampering and self-indulgence. I’ll be interested to read their letter that explains why they chose the items; they do such a nice job of explaining the thought behind every item.

  31. Why do they ask you to send preferences if they don’t acknowledge them? It specifically says don’t like earrings send us an email. I’m not impressed at all. This will be my first and last box

    • I just emailed LLB back with that very question. Grr.

  32. I just received an email from LLB in response to my question about getting earrings when I indicated in my preference notes that I don’t wear earrings. Here’s the response:

    “Our customer profile preferences is a guide as to what types of products our customers would like to see in future boxes. Unfortunately we cannot curate our boxes to specific customer requests. However, our boxes are curated with new designer and artisan products that near $100 in value. We hope that you enjoy your box and should you have any further concerns or questions please feel free to contact us again.”


  33. Am I the only one not seeing the theme in this stuff? It was supposed to be Rainbow Connection / The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me, right? That would be REALLY upsetting, since a big part of why I coughed up for a full year of this box is the exceptional curation…

    • No, you’re not.

    • No, you’re not the only one. I can see how it sort of applies to the theme, but overall the selections feel more like a general Valentine’s theme.

      Overall, I really like the box because everything they picked is something that I would select for myself. When I was considering subscribing I looked at all of their previous boxes and found that their overall taste fits my own to a “t” and that’s primarily why I subscribed. But I do agree with you. It doesn’t fix the theme nearly as well as last month’s box did.

    • Chocolate, fancy bath products, and nice jewelry all scream “The Lovers” to me? I figured that’s what this box would contain..

  34. If anyone wants to buy the box + pay shipping, let me know. I’ll receive my box tomorrow and can send it unopened.

  35. I think those may be blank letterpress cards (I have an identical set I purchased from a stationery store).

  36. Looks like the item with the highest value items is the earrings ….. Uggghhh, I hope they swap well

  37. I’m seeing a bubble bath and hot fudge sundae in my future! Everything looks very cute. I’m curious about the cards/mystery item, those will probably be going up on e-bay since I now have enough greeting cards to last me years thanks to sub boxes. Lotion will go into my backlog of products as well as the truffle bath bombs. I was just at Lush and picked up a few of their bath bombs the other day.

  38. This looks fabulous as always. Can’t wait!!!

  39. Tub truffles look to be from CeeCee and Bee. Nice!

    • $22 dollars?? That’s like liquid gold bath fizzies.

  40. The spoilers are not exciting. I purchased a subscription in early February and sent them a note that I don’t wear earrings. I hope they read it. I don’t like candles or food. It looks like one of the disappointing popsugar boxes. I hope the real box spoils the spoilers.

    • That is somebody’s actual box, posted on instagram, not just spoilers from the LLC. I imagine there will be some small differences in earrings or fudge flavors.

    • I just e-mailed LLB with the same concerns about the earrings and was told that, “Our subscription boxes are not curated by request but rather a sample selection of new designer products.”…and if I wanted to cancel they would gladly do that. So it sounds like any requests aren’t even looked at when things are boxed up and shipped out.

    • I agree. I’m so disappointed! This is my first box and I signed up based on all the great reviews from previous months (specifically Janaury) and this box looks like crap to me.

      I don’t like oranges flavored chocolate, I use to work for LUSH so I have an infinite supply of bath stuff, and I don’t wear costume jewelry that will irritate my skin and tarnish in a week. If I don’t see anything I like tommorow when I see the rest of the box I’m either selling or swapping the whole thing…

      Of course when I finally take the plunge to try out LLB my first box is a dud. Since it takes so long to get a spot, I might just keep the subscription and sell the boxes if I don’t like them. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen with PS Resort Box also.

      • I really don’t think the earrings are costume jewelry. If you look on the site, they are filled with 14k gold. They might not be to your taste, but they appear to be high quality earrings.

        • If it is not completly gold and it will wear and irritate my skin the same was costume jewerly does

          • Do you really expect that quality of jewelry in a $40 box?

          • No. That’s why I specifically asked for no earrings but as you have probably already heard they didn’t take that into consideration like they said they would and it’s the highest value item in the box

  41. Not excited about this box, I cant wear earrings. I discovered Dancing Goat in eco emi boxes I like the brand, yet am hoping it is not lotion. The Tub Truffle Variety Pack. looks like bath fizzies, cute yet not for me. LLB items seem to swap well. I wont cancel because it took me months to sign up monthly. Hoping there will other items I will use in this box.

    • I’m glad to hear that the items swap well. I actually might try to swap, or sell, the whole box. It’s my first LLB, and I’m a little bummed. I don’t use body lotion, don’t wear gold jewelry, don’t take baths, and I don’t like orange-flavored chocolate. It’s like they took all of my dislikes and made a box. haha I definitely won’t cancel, but this box isn’t for me. Now I have to wait a whole ‘nother month! lol

      • LOL – u had to mention orange chocolate – I missed that, yuck! If these where shower fizzies I would have been excited to get them. – I think I’m also going to put my entire box up for swap.

      • I’m feeling the same way. Hope there is something I end up liking.

  42. The earrings are cute, wish they were silver though, I don’t like gold. I just got two Dancing Goat items in Eco Emi that were really nice, so can’t wait to try the lotion. The other thing looks like cards behind the Dancing Goat. The tub truffles are cute, but I don’t take baths. I wonder if that’s fudge sauce?

    • fudge sauce rather..

    • Please please please let them send the original and not one of the flavored ones. I really prefer my chocolate in it’s purest forms…

    • Ooh! Love Beekman 1802!

    • Ugh orange and chocolate do not go together for me. I just had some orange brittle in my Orange Glad box it was terrible. I’m praying for the Mexican hot fudge, hopefully there are variations.

  43. When I signed up with LLB, they said that I could note any preferences. I did write and mentioned that I wear cool colours only, so hoping that there’s a silver version of the earrings in the box.
    Could the item behind the Dancin’ Goat be a journal or large notecards?

    • A journal would be awesome! That would make me want to keep the entire box. Otherwise, I’ll probably just sell this.

  44. This is my first LL Box, do all the boxes get the same thing? I don’t have pierced ears so I’m bummed its not a necklace/bracelet or something everyone can wear.

  45. That looks so exciting! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  46. I am liking what I see! Earrings look beautiful and hooray for hot fudge! If the tub truffles are similar to the cocoa butter bath melts from Lush, I will consider this a big win and don’t even care what else might be included.

  47. This is my first box, I am not sure about being super excited on two food items, but the earrings are super cute. I can’t wait to get this and examine the contents fully!

    • I think the tub truffles are for the bath, not your stomach. I *think*. lol Also, I can’t tell if the fudge is really fudge or if it’s maybe a candle. I’m anxious to find out what the thing behind the Dancin’ Goat stuff is…

  48. The Dancin’ Goat item looks to be their Hula Bliss Goat Milk Lotion.

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