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Bare Bliss Box Subscriptions on Sale at Gilt City!

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Bare Bliss Box on Sale!

Bare Bliss Box subscriptions are on sale today at Gilt City! (Thanks Mary Jane for letting us know about this deal!) UPDATE – there is a $3 per month shipping fee charged by Bare Bliss on their site when you redeem this offer.

Here are the deal options:

1 month for $12 (Regularly $20)

3 months for $29 (Regularly $54)

6 months for $45 (Regularly $79)

(Check out my Bare Bliss box reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wonder if it’s like a Welcome box. It looks like over the last few months subscribers first boxes have had similar items to what I just received in my first box.
    If next month’s box is full of leftovers instead of what’s featured then I’m going to get grumpy.
    I got Adorn nail polish, palmettoderma eye cream, box naturals wipes, lip balm and body wash. I like it for $9.75 but $20?

  2. Liz, you might let your subscribers know that if you signed up through Gilt – you’re potentially getting a completely different box than regular subscribers. I got four things featured in the Sept – Oct box and one new item. There wasn’t anything from the featured brand for February box that was on the Bare Bliss Facebook page. I made an upset inquiry on their Facebook page but wanted to get everyone else a heads-up! I feel ripped off.

    • I am so mad. I was very upset about the hidden shipping costs, but they refused to give me a refund. Now, we did not receive the two featured products on their facebook page. I cannot believe Bare Bliss Box.

      • Ooh, I’m curious what I will get in my box. I have a regular sub with them not through gilt city which I have had since Oct. I should get my box early this week. I’ll post what I get here.

        • It’d be great if you post it, I wonder if it will be different.

  3. What is going on with Bare Bliss? I read on a different blog that someone received 3 items from the September box and one item from the October box along with a new to everyone item for her Feb box. The blogger did not realize that 4 items were from previous boxes. At least the items aren’t expired. Did regular subscribers receive items from past boxes too?

    Time to cross this one off of my watch list. I was hoping it would come back and improve. Oh well.

    • I received my first box yesterday (ordered via Gilt City) and was surprised that it didn’t have the featured brands for February that were listed on their Facebook page. My February box from Bare Bliss included: PURE by She She; S.W. Basics-Vegan Cocoa Balm; Palmetto Derma Retinol Sample; Box Naturals Feminine Towelettes; and Adorn Nails Nail Polish. I didn’t know that I would get products from past boxes. Disappointed. Hopefully this will not be how all of my boxes will be.

      • I got the same…very disappointing.

  4. I actually always received a good customer service from Bare Bliss Box. Every my mail was quickly answered by Shelli and she was always very helpful…

    • I emailed them at least a dozen times about the missing polish. Finally received it two months later after a bunch of excuses. Now it’s bed over a week of me sending emails everyday and I’ve gotten one email in return. That email was also full of excuses. Such as she has a hundred emails to get through (probably bc she never checks her email), and overlooking sending my box. That’s not good customer service. I’m on the verge of contacting the fraud dept at my credit card- that’s how bad my experience has been since I signed up when they launched.

  5. I bought this on 2-3 and went to redeem the voucher yesterday and got back a link that says 18 shipping for 6 month. They will not cancel my order or refund my money. I spoke to a supervisor and told him that I bought for deal price and didnt think there would really be a shipping cost since one was not posted (an amount just that not included) and bare bliss site did not have one. he said that no it had 3.00 shipping deal post and it was never changed. I thought I was going crazy! I was able to get on the computer after the call and 3.00 shipping per box was not there before. Dude straight lied and now I a stuck with something I do not want. Shady company for sure. 1st time my love of sub boxes got me into trouble.

  6. I sub to a dozen boxes, and I’ve had more problems with this one then the rest combined. Their CS is awful, it takes posting a message in their fb page to get them to respond after multiple emails sent over the course of a week or more. When the polish was missing from my box it took two months of nonstop hassle to get them to send me the polish. They charged me a month early when they re-upped my sub. And if I didn’t read this site I’d never have noticed they’d “overlooked” sending my January box. Seriously. Their CS told me they’d overlooked sending my box today in an email. How unprofessional is that? They refunded me for January, but at this point I just want my last three prepaid months refunded. The last thing I want is the added stress of having to do their job for them. Remembering to send me a box, lmao. If they don’t respond to my emails soon I might call my card and ask about having Chase go after them for a refund. If the box is that unorganized, and they can’t send what I’ve paid for, it’s fraud.

    • Sorry for venting. 🙁

      • Oof, that sounds horrible! I bought the six month subscription before I found out about the hidden shipping fees. When I complained, they gave me site credit. I was thinking about getting it anyways, cause I don’t know what else I’d want from their site, but that makes me nervous…

  7. I purchased the 6 month box after seeing the deal on this website and I also didn’t read the fine print. After reading a lot of the comments on here today I was wary of asking for a refund. I did not redeem the voucher so I was hopeful. I emailed [email protected] and explained to them that I was very disappointed and pretty much told them I thought it was a sham and they should have been more clear. Within 10 minutes they emailed me back stating they cancelled my order and I would get a refund in 3-5 days. I hope this helps.

  8. Ok can someone help to explain this to me? I purchased the 6 month deal with the additional 10% off code and was charged $40.50 to my credit card by Gilt City. THEN, I received my special code via email and asked them to activate it, then when I went to the site and used the code, Bare Bliss charged another $32.94 to my credit card?!? What happened??

  9. I signed up for the deal also and was considering gifting one also to someone. Glad I didn’t, nothing like getting a present you have to pay for to use:(
    I think it would be great if Bare Bliss would just add an extra product or two to our first box to compensate for the shipping misunderstanding. Since everyone is a new customer there wouldn’t be any repeat of products from previous boxes.
    Just an idea;)

  10. So does this auto renew or no?

    • I haven’t read the fine print, but usually these types of deals do auto-renew.

      • Nevermind, someone else below me commented and said it *doesn’t* auto-renew.

  11. I’ve contacted Gilt and the CSR said they’re escalating this situation to their Vendor Management and they will let me know they find out in 3-5 days. Here’s to wishful thinking on the shipping part!

  12. I rather wish I had read this thread before I signed up for the (not-so-much-of-a) deal!! The extra $3.00 shipping charge is sneaky!! (And probably pure profit for Gilt City!!) I wonder if that is how GC makes money on subscription box deals? The boxes may be willing to put up with it because it gets them so many new subscribers, a fair percentage of which will continue their subscriptions once the Gilt City deal ends.

    Ultimately, I decided that if I was considering buying the sub at $79.00 (which I was), then $63.00 is still better than $79.00. This is, however, the last sub I’ll buy through Gilt City until they change their terms.

  13. I did see that they would charge for shipping in the fine print before I pulled the trigger. Wasn’t sure how much they were planning on charging for the shipping but even with the shipping the per month cost is still almost the same as the Birchbox sub. (ends up being $10.50 per box) I think to try it out in conjunction with my Birchbox samples, I was willing to see how well I liked it with a 6 month sub. I think the regular sub is listed as $16.99 with free shipping. And that still makes the savings per month to be 38%. (the accountant in me is always looking to save a buck and calculate the pros and cons) It is a deal though that the sub box companies strike with the online sites like Groupon, Amazon Local and Gilt City where they negotiate the savings that they are willing to post which is why we had to email [email protected] bc that is where Bare Bliss can see how many vouchers were sold/redeemed on the websites against the subscriptions that they reserved especially for those new accounts.

  14. In an email request for a refund or compensation for this “deal”, this is the response I received from Gilt (directly copy and pasted – so typos are theirs). The screen shots are of the deal from their website.. nothing groundbreaking:

    Thanks so much fro reaching out.

    Gosh, I’m sorry to hear this! I have taken a look into this for you and I can see that it does state on the sales page for this, as well as on the voucher that the shipping is not included and it will be charged upon redemption of this voucher. Please see the attached screenshots below.

    My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  15. I hope bare bliss sees this somehow, this too is a sub I would’ve tries if it were a good and fair deal. You’ve got to be up front about your fees!!

  16. I’m a bit confused on who is charging shipping. Is it Bare Bliss or Gilt? It sounds like it’s the sub doing it. Either way it’s definitely misleading, even in a legal sense, because Gilt failed to fully disclose a term of the sale (saying it would be charged but not saying how much) and also because the advertised percent off does not come out to be 40% off once shipping charges are factored in. If Gilt tries to deny cancellations they will be on shaky legal ground (not from lawsuits but from credit card companies doing chargebacks against Gilt, which requires Gilt to pay a fee each time it happens as they have no legitimate defense to their actions). I ask who is really charging the fee because with 2 other subs I’ve purchased via Gilt deals I’ve had to pay the same $3/month fee to the sub when I redeemed the codes. It sounds like it’s a Gilt requirement and not one the sub imposed. I could be wrong but it’s a heck of a coincidence that the other deals charged the same amount for shipping when neither of the subs regularly charged for shipping. Regardless it doesn’t help the sub company’s reputation when they’re viewed as participating in unfair sales tactics, their own or their partner’s. To the customer they’re one in the same. I was tempted to buy the 3 month deal but then remembered the extra shipping fees from my last deals and chose not to pull the trigger.

    • That is interesting about the charges for shipping with other subs purchased through Gilt. I had assumed it was the sub, and blamed them for that part. Either way, based on the fact that there is usually no shipping charge for the box, I think Gilt should have done more than a generic shipping fine print throw-away warning, it should have been up front – you’re paying $X here, but it will be $3 more per box when you redeem it.

      I totally agree about Gilt refunding due to customers being able to dispute the charges on their credit card. That’s what I told Gilt when they were initially like “oh bummer thanks for the feedback that you’re unhappy with the fine print” – I said, look I’d prefer to get a refund directly from you than to have to file a dispute with my CC, and all of a sudden they were willing to cancel my order.

      • They cancelled my order too, but I only got site credit, be careful in what they say/ how they word things, they are super shady IMO.

  17. If anyone has luck returing, can you please post? I bought it on a deal. Not 18 dollars extra for shipping

  18. Just FYI there are shipping charges of $3 per month when buying any of the Gilt deals. The standard Bare Bliss subscription has free shipping so the Gilt discount is somewhat misleading. However, the Gilt subscription does not auto renew.

    • That is super misleading. 🙁 Thanks for letting us know. I’m updating the post.

      • Yes, super misleading, considering it’s actually only a %20 discount, when you get the 6 box package. How can they advertise %40? I should have read the fine print. I normally do, but didn’t think they could be that shady.

        • I skimmed the fine print and totally missed it since there wasn’t a dollar amount attached to it. I think it is so sketch to not list how much the additional shipping cost will be at point of sale. I know Gilt says the voucher is non-returnable, but that deal is advertised in a way that isn’t clear at all, and I think they will take returns on this one. Or at least they should.

          • I just complained and they (gilt) cancelled my order. I had to insist, but once I did (and explained that I had only ordered very recently and my card had likely not even processed it) they did cancel it. Good on Gilt City for being reasonable about that.

          • I’m happy to hear it. This really was a bait and switch deal and Gilt City shouldn’t do these kind of “deals.”

        • I did live chat, they said because the deal is still live, they are canceling and invalidating my voucher. They are giving me account credit, better than 18 more, but I don’t need anything. I hate deal sites

    • That’s so frustrating! Really makes me suspicious of the sub.

    • Oh wow, that is misleading and incredibly irritating. That adds $18 to the price – not even close to a great deal anymore. And of course I went to my account and it says the voucher is not returnable. I skimmed the fine print but assumed there was no shipping charge as I hadn’t seen a separate one in the reviews of the box.

      • I’m really annoyed and wish I could cancel! Ordered the 6 box package and it’s not a good deal now.

    • This is so beyond shady! I bought a 6-month deal. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to demand a refund. Maybe the boxes are still worth $9.75, which will be what I end up paying for them after the $3. I looked at Liz’s past reviews. They were worth $6.75, but I’m just not sure now. 🙁

      How did you guys cancel? You emailed Bare Bliss and told them you didn’t agree with the fine print? Or did Gilt do the refunding? Also, had you already emailed Bare Bliss to activate your Gilt code? I have emailed them about mine, but they haven’t emailed back yet to say it’s activated. So, I haven’t entered it in their site yet.

    • So are you sure it won’t auto renew? I only think I’m interested if that is the case. I don’t want to be charged for another 6 months at full price down the line

  19. Question, I emailed [email protected], and they gave me instructions, but when I go to check out on the Bare Bliss Box page, I still get charged shipping even after my code is in, does this happen for anyone else?

    • I read the fine print and it says that shipping would be charged at the time of redemption. How much is the shipping, if you don’t mind me asking?

  20. I’m interested in trying this while it’s on sale, but I’m also worried. All your reviews say 5-6 items per month but at least 2 of them only came with 4 items. I’m just not sure about it. Have you been happy with it?

    • Their website says 4-6 items. Perhaps it changed at some point?

      • It definitely said 5-6 until as recently as 2 weeks ago. There have been lots of complaints about not delivering on the quantity. Instead of meeting the advertised quantity (there have been at least 2, maybe 3 months that had less than 5 items, once I think there were only 3), they changed the total amount to be sent. At least it’s honest that way, as long as the promise of 4-6 items doesn’t translate to 2-3 like 5-6 apparently meant 3-4….

  21. I used the following code “QW33RT” and received 10% off. I paid $40 for 6 months. Great price. Excited to try this subscription. Thanks Liz for the information. Even without the code it is a great deal!

    • Thanks, that worked! I was iffy about this box, but this brings the value down to 6.75 per box. I figure that’s worth trying.

    • Cynthia,

      Thank you for the code

    • I just used the QW33RT code also. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, I used the code to knock it down to 40 too!

    • Thanks for the code! It worked for me too and pushed me from “Hmm” to “it’s worth a try!” I’m taking a break from birchbox, so I’d been debating one of the natural beauty product subscriptions. Hopefully this box will continue to be more like the January box, which looked great.

  22. The fine print says that it can’t be combined with any additional Gilt City promos but it is still an awesome price to get 6 months with each box being $7.50 each!

    • Oh – thanks for helping me figure it out! Agree it is still a great deal 🙂

  23. I just tried the promo code Welcome20 with new account and it didn’t work. Any other code? Thanks

    • I tried it as well and it didn’t work for me either.

    • Thanks for letting me know – sorry about that. I guess it expired. 🙁

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