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Try The World Coupon Code – 50% Off Your First Box!

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Try The World On Sale

Use coupon code GOURMETBOX50 to save 50% off your first box from Try The World! (If you aren’t familiar with this box, they send you gourmet food from a different destination every two months.)

Check our our reviews of Try The World to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I tried out this box with their BOGO thing. Not only were shipping times outrageous, but I have tried twice now to cancel my subscription.

    The first time was in June. I was billed and didn’t have the money, so I requested a stop payment. They claimed that they couldn’t do that, once the account was billed, that was that. And then they said, per my request, that they would cancel my account.

    I was just charged today for another box, despite having requested a cancellation. I’ve now gone to my bank to dispute the charge, and will be requesting a block on future charges, and I have gone through the website to cancel ONCE AGAIN in addition to sending an email to their cancellation personnel.

    My two cents? DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. Their customer service is terrible, the boxes aren’t worth it, and apparently it’s a pain in the butt to cancel, because they’re liars.

    • Wish I seen this before I subscribed. Customer Service is very slow and I’m assuming I’m gonna get hit with another payment. At this point I wouldn’t recommend subscribing unless you have no intentions of canceling or using their customer service. Subscribe at your own risk.

  2. I feel like this box should also come with a “read reviews” recommendation.
    I ordered (through this site) the BOGO deal. On their own site they say that boxes will ship within 7-10 days of payment. So when I ordered during the FIRST week of January and still hadn’t received a shipping email on the LAST week of January, I started emailing. After 2 more weeks (a month and a half after I was charged), I got a response telling me that the weather in the northeast had held up my order. That’s interesting because had the boxes shipped according to their site, weather would not have been an issue at all. Also, I’m in NC so it probably seemed like an excuse I’d believe. However I JUST moved to NC from Boston and things don’t come to a screeching halt when it snows in New England. They back peddled real quick when I pointed this out, but never offered any other reason, excuse. I got the feeling that they thought I was stupid and I cancelled. They emailed and offered 25% off the next box if I stay. I emailed back and said that they may have been an appropriate offer when I emailed about the boxes being so late. Had they offered that or ANYTHING besides absurd excuses and flimsy apologies, I MIGHT have considered giving them another chance. There are just better companies that make you feel valued, Try the World doesn’t seem worth the aggravation.

    • Agreed!!! Before you subscribe to TTW take the time to read past and present reviews. It won’t take you half as long as trying to get what you paid for or to hear back from anyone at TTW. Absolutely absurd way to treat anyone let alone your customers.

      • This box is a giant rip off. They seems to be really struggling as now they have their crappy Venice box free with the Marrakesh (I know that the spelling is wrong) box. You could not pay me to take one of their boxes

        • i still never got the second box i paided for i am done with try the world they are a big rip off in my view buyer be ware i wil;l not buy from them again xoxo dorothy

  3. It looks like this company runs buy one get one box free promo quite often. I ordered Paris box and got free Holiday box. For BOGO, I thought the value was not so bad. I cannot remember the shipping issues, so I think they were shipped within reasonable time.

    Then I emailed customer service to cancel because I felt their regular price seemed too high for what we get. They offered me 30% discount for my next box in February which was the Venice box. I got excited, so I decided to give one more box. They charged my CC on 2/5 or 2/6 and I never received shipping notification. I contacted customer service and they said my box will ship at the end of Feb. and it looks like it just got shipped. Taking a month to receive a box (not here yet as of today).

    I saw more negative reviews than positive, so I decided to check out their FB and some unboxing videos on YouTube. Since they ship the box every other month, they run the same box for 2 month, I think. They sent out Rome box in the past and the content of the boxes are similar to Venice box. I was not expecting “Venice” and was going to be ok with “Italy”… but hope their products are fresh, not left over from their past Rome box.

    Customer Service reply did take a few days. Sometimes they avoid the exact question I have asked. I have asked the variation of Venice box and they avoided the answer to that.

    I love the concept of this box, but I think I am leaning towards cancellation after reviewing my Venice box due to the shipping issue, value and poor customer service.

    I just wanted to share my experience here. Hope this will help someone.

    • i tried and tried to get in touch with them they never sent my second box of veince food that i paided for they do not answer the phone and no coffee sent in the first box i was willing to pay and keep going but its to much for me for almost 40 dollars thier are better boxes for me if they do not have a phone number or do not answer the phone they will get no bussiness from me not buying from this company again xoxo dorothy

      • Dorothy, I am sorry you are experiencing way worse service than me. I think you tried enough to reach out to customer service. If I were you, I would call your credit card company and dispute the charge (not sure if you got the promo deal or bought 2 boxes) and also block future changes from this company while you try to cancel the subscription. I may even call Better Business Bureau to report. I think not answering paying customer in a timely fashion is not acceptable for any online business.

        As I type this, I finally received my Venice box. My coffee was just a sample package, nothing like the big container showing on their Facebook page. Even though I got 30% discount, I feel like I got the cheaper version of the box. I saw some reviews and all the blogger boxes were better. I guess I am writing to customer service again and cancel for sure.

        • Kay thank you so much . i odered 2 venice boxes and paided for them i thought my brother my brother would enjoy one haha but they never sent the second one . this afternoon they tried to bill my credit card card again for the new box but was not able to as they are blocked on my card and they had the nerve to write me a note to ask me to update my criedt card so they can bill me for the new box . i tolded them again they owe me the venice box no reply yet . i am done with try the world. xoxo dorothy

  4. I don’t recommend this box for free!! They bill a long time before shipping and what the actually ship bares little resemblance to what they show in the photos. They are impossible to get hold of and if you post anything negative on their facebook page they delete it and block you from further posts

  5. Try the World has a buy one get one free for signing up today on their website

    • never got my second venice box i odered and paided for so i am neer odering from them again xoxoxo dorothy

    • Be careful and read the reviews before you bite!

    • The phone number for Try the World is 765.889.2691 but the recording says, “we are currently in a remote part of the world and service isn’t available…” REALLY???

      I decided to try this based upon what I saw recommended and advertised int the March issues of Food Network. What I received looks NOTHING like this.

  6. I did receive my Venice box and was highly disappointed. Absolutely nothing in it is Venetian. Italian yes Venetian no. Why not sardines, or risotto or peach puree to make Bellinis? So many other things. When I complained about this I was told well they use the things we sent to cook with. Using honey in cooking is like saying peanut butter is a unique ingredient
    Also –there are different items in different boxes. I did not receive the coffee and that was their response
    Lastly I found the only way to get any answers was via their facebook site

    • I had a similar disappointing and frustrating experience w/ Try the World. I’ve written several emails with no response and there is no phone number to call. I finally had to dispute the charges with my credit card company and block any future transactions from TTW on my CC account. I did not receive items that were advertised and what I actually did receive was no where near the value they advertised (junk IMHO). I was also charged for a box I never received. It is really too bad because it is a great idea.

      • I posted my concerns on their Facebook page and my post was taken down and I’m blocked from posting. This is further confirmation that I did the right thing by canceling by sub and alerting my CC company to deny any further payments to this company. Buyer beware!

  7. odered 2 venice boxes one for me one for my brother got one box produts missing never got the second box if i do not recive my box soon i will cancel and never oder again dorothy xoxoxo

    • I am cancelling for sure. If you take my money 5 weeks ago I should have a box by now that you promised weeks ago. I was supposed to get the France box and then the new Venice box. I don’t have either
      I got one email blaming everything on the snow storm in NYC then the next day it was oh we are waiting on goods
      Poor communication

      • Today on instagram they are saying the FDA held up one of their products from Italy. But….definitely the boxes shipped this week and I’ll get my tracking number by tomorrow. It shouldn’t bother me so much but there are other boxes that I know about now that I would rather have spent the money on.

        • That’s interesting because when I emailed them about the delay on boxes they billed me for TWO months earlier they blamed it on the snow in the northeast. I’m in NC so it probably seemed like an excuse I’d believe. However I JUST moved to NC from Boston and two months earlier when my boxes were supposed to ship, the snow hadn’t even happened yet. and since when do companies delay shipment in anticipation of a storm?!? I got the feeling that they thought I was stupid and I cancelled.

      • try the world wanted to bill me for another box when they still owe me a box i did recive one of the venice boxes i odered with coffee missing the other box i odered for my brother still havnt got not happy with this company right now not paying another dime until i get my venice box xoxo dorothy

  8. I’m fuming! I still not have received the last two boxes though of course I have been charged for them. I get the run around ….lately it’s oh we are waiting for items from Venice. Yet I get emails from them offering the Venice box!!
    Has anyone received the Venice box?

    • I totally agree with you on how bad their customer service is and how long it takes to get a response (over a week or longer). I never received the first box, even after escalating the issue through numerous back and forth replies.

      Try The World seems like a great concept, but they need to get their customer service act together. Replying to your customers e-mails a week or two later is insulting.

  9. the food is good i do like that they do have discounts to me that is another imporant thing thier are so many boxes to chose from that is a big factor on boxes that i am chosing beauty product boxes not so much because you get more than you spend for the box but for me the food boxes has to have a code for me to try that way if i do not like the food i can pass it without feeling i did not get my moneys worth the phone i feel needs inprovement for me to stay a customer for good even with the discount i also would like more sneak peeks that helps with the more pricey boxes xoxoxo dorothy

  10. i tried thier stuff i found it to be a great box i did write thier customer serivce slow but nice i decided to give it one more chance because the food is good i do think they need the discount because it is not worth 40 dollars it should be between 30 and 35 dollars since they do not answer the phone at most need they do need someone to answer thier phone all the time the box is nice and the food is good but the not answering thier phone is a big problem for me xoxo dorothy xoxo

  11. No matter how good the deal sounds, I cannot recommend this box or company to anyone. Their customer service is atrocious and the value is not there! I got the black friday deal where you purchased the paris box and got the holiday box for free. They guaranteed all purchases made before 12/15 would be delivered by Christmas. I received my holiday box after three weeks and me inquiring about it constantly (they only responded to some emails). I have yet to receive the paris box. They gave me a tracking number on 12/23 and it hasn’t been updated since. I’ve tried contacting them through email, phone, and chat and they do not respond. I ended up cancelling the payment through my credit card company. The worst sub experience I’ve had and I was really excited about them. It’s a shame.

    • Almost same experience as Janine. I received the Paris box, but not the Holiday box. I hear from CS after several emails and they have no idea what I am talking about (Black Friday Deal). Unfortunately I will be contacting my credit card company about this one.

      • I think they are relatively new and were overwhelmed by the response to their Black Friday deal (and since most of their items are international, they would be doubly behind). I had a similar experience, receiving only the Holiday box, but not the Paris box, and then no communication for a long time. However, I think they are catching up and seeking to make amends, because today I received an email with a code for a $30 credit to their shop (most items are $4-$10) and when I used it, I also had free shipping! Definitely worth giving them a second chance!

        • I had the exact same experience as everyone above. After over a month of calling them to figure out what was going on with my Paris box and just to try to unsubscribe, I got a bit of a pitch. They didn’t want to let me subscribe just yet and offered additional discount codes for me beyond the $30 vouched and pushed back my billing date if I would just consider continuing my subscription in February. I’m not 100% decided now if I’m going to cancel after all but only because of the pitch they gave me and really $40/box is more than I would ever normally spend on any subscription box.

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