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POPSUGAR Must Have Target Fitness Box Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the Target + POPSUGAR Must Have Fit, Fresh, Fun Limited Edition Box! (Thanks Leah and Laurie for letting me know! Spoiler credit goes to Instagram user authorstephanietyler)

FYI – this box sold out within 2 days of announcement, so unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase.

Each box will include:


Gaiam Icy Marrakesh Yoga Mat – Value $22

Laneige Advanced Hydration Trial Kit – (package says $21 Value)

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband – Value $100

Brita Sport Bottle – Value $8

Simply Balanced Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix – Value $7

Burts Bees White Tea Facial Cleansing Towelettes – Value $3

C9 by Champion Headband – Value $7

+ a $20 Champion/Target Gift Card


What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got my box today. Would like to sell Fitbit, as I have one, could let me know your email, thanks debbie

    • Would you be interested in trading the Fitbit Flex?

  2. I have not received my box yet but would totally be willing to sell my Fitbit and mat as I already have those…

    • Could I buy your fitbit?

    • Monika, I’d love to buy the fitbit off of you! My name is Nisha Kim on the swap site.

    • I would also be interested in purchasing the Fitbit and/or mat. My name is the same on the swap site. If your interested you can contact me there or leave me your email address. Thanks!

      • Id love to purchase as well! My name is “Greer” on the swap sight!

  3. Bravo PSMH! Nice stunt! It shows you finally invested the $$$ from special edition boxes to good use. Still, I’m not convinced to buy from you again. However, I know TONS of customers (enough
    to make a difference) will take you back! Not me though.

  4. I would love love love to buy this entire box off someone if they are willing to sell it! Or swap for the fitbit!

  5. Is there a way to be immediately notified if and when these boxes are back in stock? This box is amazing and I’m so sad I missed out!

  6. I will be willing to buy the whole box or swap, if anyone is interested.

  7. If anyone is willing to sell their box (or FitBit and yoga mat) I will swap generously or purchase!

  8. Anyone interested in swapping or selling the whole box? Or even just the FitBit or yoga mat? I’m so disappointed I missed out because this is actually one box where I would use everything in it instead of swapping over half. They must have only really had a small quantity to sell out so soon as most people were waiting for spoilers after the last special edition box.

    • I will swap the Fitbit!

      • Id love to swap, Ruth! LOVE TO! Anything you’re seeking?!

      • GREAT! My name is the same on the swap site. You can list it first or I’ll give you my email. Are you looking for anything in particular?

  9. I just opened my box, I think it is a great box for January.
    I have a yoga mat but it is old and kind of icky so I’m happy to get a cute new one. Same with my water bottle, can always use a new one of those!

    Headband, can never have too many of those!
    $20 GC, will get used for sure!
    And the other stuff will also get used except for the fitbit because I already have one. So I’ll try to swap or sell it to recoup some value from the box.
    I still love the box but wish I didn’t already have a fitbit!

    • Starting to sound like a broken record, but would love to generously swap/talk purchase of fitbit! 🙂

      • I’m willing to talk sale or swap.

        How should we do this?
        Do you want me to list it on here and we can start that way?

        • Would love that! I’m PT on swap site! Thank YOU!

          • I’m willing to purchase!

        • I’m willing to purchase as well!

  10. They did a great job! I don’t feel as though I missed out since I am unsure about wearing a wireless device constantly. I probably would have gave it a try if I ordered the box. I think it’s a great box and with the FitBit being the main item it will either be welcomed or easily traded.

  11. This is an awesome box! Well done PSMH!! I am not sad I missed out on this since I received a FitBit Flex for Christmas, which is the “wow” item and I got the cleansing cloths (which I love) in my Target box. Everything else is good, though – so if I had ordered I would have been very excited and happy 🙂

  12. if someone wants to sell their whole box let me know!!

  13. Something tells me they didn’t really have that many of these boxes.
    Next time I’ll get it right away..Kinda sad I didn’t get it (was just about to order) came back three hours later and it was sold out. Could have used the fitbit..

    • Will trade a sparkle pop necklace and gray/gold scarf (from December ox unused or worn for the fitbit from the Target box.

      • Hey Kelly!

        I have both the sparkle necklace and the sparkle scarf from the December box new and never worn if you’re still interested in trading the fitbit! Just let me know 🙂

    • They wait listed me

      • When did you order it, that same day? Just curious

  14. PopSugar really redeemed itself with this one. Now I hope the future LE boxes have as much value. Very disappointed with the LEs in the past year but the monthly ones have been excellent lately. Fitbit is coming out with some new models soon but it still is a great box because of the other items.

  15. I think it’s sort of funny this is a much better box than the Neiman box. Seems to be more universally pleasing too.

  16. Already have a my FitBit & love it one of the reasons decided to not order in case it did have a Fitbit. This is a good box, good job Popsugar. Hope they do more of these type of Boxes.

  17. The box was sold out when I tried to buy one. Love all the stuff. Wish I would have been able to get one. However, great for everyone that got it. Next time I will know to get right away if there is another collaboration with Target.

  18. I’m SUPER excited about this one!!! I have a Fitbit One that I love—although I spent about 500 steps searching for where I misplaced it this morning. I’ve been considering a Charge HR, but they haven’t released the color I want yet. Supper, Super excited to try out a wrist one before I splurge on the Charge HR. Drat, I just bought a yoga mat, but this one will probably be nicer. Wow! I can’t wait for this box to get here! I got a shipping notice from Popsugar and thought that I forgot to cancel one of my subscriptions or something got messed up with my monthly box—but maybe it’s the Fitness box. 🙂 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

  19. Really regretting not getting the spots. I was just about to go to target and buy that exact yoga mat too! 🙁 glad to see that pop sugar still has great taste and value (at least for me!)

  20. If PopSugar’s goal was to get all those waiting on the fence for spoilers to buy without them this box was certainly a step in the right direction! I don’t really *need* anything in the box but wow, the value is certainly there!

  21. Wow! This seems like an amazing value. When people were talking about hoping for fitbits in the box, I thought that was crazy, since that item alone is worth way more than the cost of the box. Ultimately though, I’m glad I didn’t go for this. I would have only ended up selling the FitBit, and I already have the other items or variations of them.

  22. Argh, I already have a fitbit and a gaiam yoga mat so this is kind of a bummer. I regularly buy a lot of the other items though so basically it’s like I did a regular Target run and got two really nice extra items for free. And I can sell those two items and get more than what I paid for the box back, so it’s a financial win even if it wasn’t an excitement win.

    • Laura I would be totally interested in the fitbit if you want to sell =]

    • Would also swap for/talk purchase of the fitbit! 🙂

  23. Wow that one sold out super fast, did they only have a limited number??

  24. This is the only LE box that I have purchased where feel like I will use every item (and would have possibly purchased each of these items at Target at some point). I think the box is right on for the price point. I have a Jawbone Up bracelet that is getting wonky – so it couldn’t have come at a better time! S

  25. This is a great box – I kinda wish I had bought one, but it’s no big deal. I have a yoga mat, and an UP24 already. I hope they do more collaborations with Target in the future!

    • ditto

      Do they ever restock these type of boxes?

    • If anyone wants to swap or sell their box I’m interested!

      • I’m definitely swapping the fitbit because I already have the same one. But I’ll probably keep the rest of the box.

        • Ruth (or others) – searching for anything specific? Would LOVE to swap generously for the fitbit!

  26. Great box but probably for the best overall that I didn’t go for it. I already got the BB wipes in the Target box and bought that same Laneige kit at Target last month. Have water bottles and yoga mats for days and don’t need the snack mix/headband. Will be keeping an eye out on the seap board for the Fitbit for those who already have one and/or don’t want one though.

  27. NOOOOOOO!!!! I’m so bummed! I totally would have bought this if I had known about it earlier! ;o; so sad.

  28. Kind of disappointed that I didn’t grab this one, but my distrust of PopSugar kept me away.

  29. I was gunna sign up for this but just missed out. I am glad tho cuz i wouldnt use the fitbit. Does anyone else feel like its prob not a good idea to have a wireless device attached to you 24/7?

    • That’s my concern with the FitBit.

  30. Goes to show just how much markup there is on fitbits. Hopefully they cleared up the whole rash issue.

  31. AMEN! I am so excited now that I’ve seen the spoilers! I was nervous but still had faith. My box arrives today too! Yipee!!!

  32. WAHOOO!!!! I’m so freaking excited!!! yes….so excited….can you tell im excited> I hope its pink! ahhhhhh! whooo

    • If yours isn’t pink, you can buy pink wristbands/holders on the Fitbit website. I think they are about $15. DH bought me this Fitbit a year ago for Christmas and I went online and got a pink band.

  33. Wow! That is a very nice box!

  34. I regret not getting one. I need or could use every single item. Especially the FitBit, which I’ve been debating getting. *sigh*

    • Me too! I’m kicking myself for not buying it when I first got their email. I had it in my cart and I finally decided to buy it. I was waiting to get home that evening to buy when I saw it sold out earlier in the afternoon!

  35. Even though I have a FItbit One, I’m really excited to be getting a Flex because (1) I keep forgetting to wear the One (to my trainer’s chagrin) and (2) the One is really tiny and I appear to have misplaced it. :p The yoga mat is gorgeous – so much nicer than the one I currently have. I’m going to use everything in this box…so happy I got it!

  36. Wow. That’s the first PSMH LE box that I’ve been impressed with. I would have used every last thing in the box (even though I have a fitbit zip). Leave it up to Target to be the one to impress me 🙂

  37. Weird, though it says it’s sold out, i can still add to my cart and get pretty far in the checkout process. I didn’t go ALL the way through the process because I’m a little worried I’ll be charged $65 for nothing!

    • I tried that the day it sold out, and it won’t let you complete the transaction.

      • I was tempted to do it since it was still sitting in my card even though it said “Out of Stock”. I’m so disappointed 🙁

  38. I would have been so bummed if I didn’t already have a Fitbit Flex. I can see where a lot of people will be disappointed if they bought one and already have a Fitbit.

  39. I love this box. My fitbit broke last month so the timing is perfect. Tons of value too.

  40. Crap I would have loved this box! I hope they release more!!!

  41. I was starting to feel bad that I hadn’t jumped on this but now glad I didn’t I already have the FItit Surge so the real value of this box would have been lost on me. That being said, for those that got it, its a great box for the money. I used to use the Flex and its an awesome device.

    • Sheryl, how do you like the surge? I have the flex and not sure if I should upgrade. I don’t know anyone that has a surge.

      • I would like to know too, Sheryl. I have a Fitbit One & sometimes I forget to unclip from my clothes. I was thinking of getting a Charge HR or Surge. I thought about getting a HR monitor long ago, but these combine the functions of both devices in 1 device (plus the caller ID).

      • I like everything about it except the size. It feels a bit bulky to me after having the flex for years. Though I am getting used to it. I do miss being able to leave it on all the time since the flex was waterproof. Used it for zumba last night and it tracked heart rate, steps, calories pretty accurately, i think. Love the sleep feature without having to turn it on/off. Also getting my texts and call notifications is pretty cool too. I did end up exchanging it for a bigger size, went from small to the large. As they say for accurate HR should be 1 finger past wrist bone and for exercise, 3 fingers. Though I tried putting it higher on my arm during class and it didnt stay there, so I put it back to its normal position.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Surge. I’m still debating between the Charge HR and Surge. I wasn’t sure between the small or large band, but I might go with the larger band since the small might end up too snug om my wrist.

  42. I feel like the target audience for a box like this VERY likely already has a FitBit or other like device- but the value is certainly good so you could always swap/gift/keep as a backup.

  43. I think this box is amazing and it was sent with two day shipping! I kept talking myself out of buying a Fitbit for some reason, so I’m really glad it was included. Plus the $20 Target gift card just puts this over the top. The comments on the announcement post were SO negative that I’m happy this exceeds expectations!

  44. i would be suuuuuper upset about missing out on this box if i didn’t already have a fitbit flex, but i do, so alas, i don’t feel silly for not grabbing one of these boxes

  45. I like the stuff but I don’t need any of it. I already have two yoga mats and a Fitbit One. I would not have been disappointed if I’d bought it and received the stuff pictured above, but I don’t feel like I missed out by not buying it, either.

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