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POPSUGAR Must Have + Target Fit, Fresh, Fun Box

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Target and POPSUGAR have collaborated on the newest POPSUGAR Must Have limited edition box!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have + Target Fit, Fresh, Fun Box

The Cost: $65

The Products: POPSUGAR and Target collaborated to bring you everything you’ll need to make 2015 your healthiest yet. Enjoy fun fitness finds and fresh beauty essentials that will keep you energized and happy for the new year and beyond!
Limited quantities available. Boxes will ship by January 30.

Are you grabbing one? I’m pretty excited about this collaboration!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Pictures are up on instagram…including mine!

    • Wow that was fast – thanks for the heads up!

  2. Got mine!!! Amazing value!! I’m so happy I took a chance on this one!

  3. MUT has spoilers posted – so psyched I bought this!

  4. By this logic the people who haven’t had accidents in their GMC’s should be irritated by the recalls. I’m talking serious fraud and illegal practices, if you chose to support those companies fine. Not everyone has ethics. I’m not saying anything for my benefit, I’m done with PS I don’t need a warning. I didn’t call Liz names, I didn’t attack her personally, I made a comment on her practices which I disagree with. BELIEVE IT OR NOT PEOPLE CAN DISAGREE AND BE CIVIL. That has created a discussion which has lead to suggestions to help alert consumers. So by my experience and as seen here communication is a wonderful thing even if you don’t agree with what is being said.

  5. I enjoy PopSugar and look forward to updates and spoilers. I’ve had more problems with other boxes and next to none with PopSugar. We shouldn’t yuck someone else’s yum. If you don’t like the box, stop subscribing to it and move on. If you didn’t like a certain dish at a restaurant, you wouldn’t continue to go to that same restaurant and order that same meal each time, so why do it with your subs?

  6. Believe it or not, some of us have never had a problem with Popsugar. I always wait til I know if I’ll like a box or not, then I sub with a code. I always get my box on time (considering when I bought the box), and the one time I had a spilt item, Popsugar fixed it asap.

    Not everyone has a terrible experience, and you people shouldn’t expect a public site to cater to your own personal negative experience. I, and so many others, would be very upset if Liz stopped posting about Popsugar!

    I like the below comment that says we can thumbs up and thumbs down certain aspects of a company. Then maybe some of you can jump off Liz’s back!

    • I totally agree. I’ve only had one problem with popsugar and they more than made up for the problem I had. So I honestly think its just that new system. I think everyone needs to be patient while they are working out the kinks.

    • Same! All my boxes have come on time, all the items have been intact, and I’ve loved everything about the experience!

    • well if you are only looking out for yourself that is great logic

  7. AHHH.. I need a spoiler….when do you think they will release a spoiler… I’m so excited I can’t wait!

  8. I checked the blog last night and saw someone posted it was sold out. Oh well. I wasn’t too sure about buying it anyways. I can’t wait to see what is in the review.

    I like the suggestion about being able to rate boxes based on different categories. I can’t see Liz not posting about PopSugar. She states it’s one of her favorite boxes. It’s really popular. I think there is value in thinking about do you support a company that has a good track record of 2 + years while it is going through changes that has negative results for some of their customer base? I don’t have that type of relationship or history with PS, but there are others that do.

    • When I first came this site and starting subscribing to boxes I chose PopSugar based on Liz’s praise and it being one of her top picks. Since that time I have given them probably close to $750 of my money. Not everyone has the time to read all the comments and past reviews to get the full picture of the issues they are having with delivering what they promise. Now I am very particular of who I will order from but it has been based on comments. I love that Liz is receptive to including our reviews. That is wonderful. Thank you Liz for listening to us.

      • Always grateful for feedback and happy to listen! This site is a work in progress and I want it to be as helpful as possible! I’m not sure how much technical work will need to be done for this change yet, but we’ll get working on it! 🙂

  9. I understand that this is Liz’s site and her right to put what ever she wants on it. However in my opinion, I feel it is negligent to your readers to profit or benefit from referring people to a company whose practice are not just bad, but illegal. I’m not talking about not like what arrives in the box, I’m referring to boxes never arriving and people being charged after cancellation. Obviously this is not a consumer sight but I don’t think that is necessary for ethics. So yes, I can chose to no longer purchase through Liz’s links and she also has the option to remove my comments.

    • Excuse the typos, I haven’t had coffee yet. But if you are taking suggestions, ability to edit would be great 😉

    • She posts about Glossybox who have horrible shipping times and Julep who has a history of being difficult to cancel amongst other issues (holy BBB complaints batman). These boxes are still popular with many people and it is still beneficial to *some* readers so there is no need to not review them. I choose to skip over the reviews of the boxes I don’t care about. The Popsugar posts seem to have the most comments of any other type of sub box, so there are many who still want this information. Liz, if you read this I love the site, mostly because you focus on the positive and I have never seen you act overly sensitive about anything!

      • Thanks Jessica! I’m so glad you love the site!! 🙂

    • If she stopped making posts about a service everytime someone has a problem, there would be no boxes left. There are real people running these companies and sometimes they mess up. I see sooooo many rants about Popsugar, Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Boxycharm, BeautyBox5… etc. All of these companies at some point or another eventually get a back up of orders, lack communication, or have issues with billing & refunds. It’s just what happens because beauty sub boxes are still a fairly new thing and 2013/14 exploded with new customers. They aren’t companies who have been stable for decades. Especially with coupon codes, people constantly unsubbing and resubbing, sending hoards of emails, complaining about every detail… it can get overwhelming for a company.

      Personally, Im glad she looks past (for the most part) bad experiences of the few and continually gives updates, coupons, and interesting reviews because believe it or not, there are people out there who have had no beef with any of these companies.

  10. Since we are making suggestions is there a way to make the comments flow so that the chronological order of when they were posted doesn’t jump around? I know it happens when you reply to a specific post rather than just general reply but I feel like I’m missing posts because they’re not all just in order. Other than that I think your site rocks Liz. I’ll send you the bill now that I’m hooked on subs!

    • Yes, I totally second this! Whenever I want to see new comments I have to go searching through the posts and look at time stamps. This is especially tough on the most discussed posts, which are obviously the ones where I want to read new comments 🙂

    • Maybe give options for sorting, if that’s possible. Because while I do like to read the latest comments, there are some mini-conversations that wouldn’t make the least bit of sense without other related comments nearby.

  11. oh no!! i just convinced myself i “needed” the box!!

  12. Wow! This box has sold out already – that was fast!!

    • I imagine that they had a very limited number available so that they were guaranteed to sell out fast.

      Or at least, that’s what I would have done had I been in their shoes. Otherwise, after the NM and holiday boxes, their LE boxes would lose more and more of their “must have” nature as people wait longer and longer for lower and lower prices. They have to do something to refuel our urges to buy immediately!

      • Yes, exactly. Brilliant.

      • I feel pretty bummed out that it sold out so fast since I had it sitting in my cart since Wednesday afternoon. I was hesitating on whether to just buy it without waiting for a spoiler. Now I kind of feel like I should have just gone for it.

  13. Anybody think the name of this box is a little uninspired – or rather, obviously inspired by Fab Fit Fun?

    • That was the first thing the name of the box made me think of!

  14. I am interested in the box since Target is collaborating too. Hopefully that means it will be easy to possibly replenish items I try and like. I almost bought it immediately, then realized every time I have done this there has been a coupon code not long after the release. I am holding out for a coupon code. If it sells out before that (which I kind of doubt given the last few months of unhappiness customers have had) then it wasn’t meant to be anyway. Thanks for the heads up on it, Liz! Now I can track it and hope for a coupon! 🙂

  15. I understand wanting to wait to purchase this due to PSMH’s post-release coupon history, but I don’t understand why people seem so angry about it. Hasn’t an item you bought in a store ever gone on sale before? The complaints about poor CS are more understandable, but prior to the big website switcheroo PSMH’s CS was absolutely fantastic. I really hope they are past that and turn things around. I have been subbed since January 2012 and this is seriously my favorite box. The special edition boxes have been less consistent than the monthly, but I’m thinking that this one will be a great value because there won’t be any overpriced luxury items ($80 candle, $100 frame etc) making people feel like they didn’t get enough bang for their buck. I can’t wait to see what is inside! Keep posting about PSMH, Liz!

    • Lots of stores have price adjustment policies… Makes people more confident about buying an item instead of speculating if the item will suffer a price reduction in the near future.

      • But lots of stores don’t have price adjustment policies as well, lol. Sephora and Ulta will sure laugh at you if you say, “This went on sale today, and I bought it 2 weeks ago, can I get the difference in cash?”

  16. I’m really losing interest in you site Liz as you keep promoting a company with such horrible customer service and care. It makes me feel like you are obviously looking out for the retailer and not the consumer and if it were presented as an advertisement site I would be okay with it, however I find this is very negligent to your readers.

    • On the flip side Liz, I would lose interest in your site if you didn’t keep me updated on PopSugar’s offerings. I’ve personally had much bigger CS issues with GlossyBox and FabFitFun. While PopSugar boxes are often hit or miss with me, the “hits” are awesome, and I have your site to thank for getting them.

    • Since this is a blog about subscription boxes specifically, and not customer service, it would be odd to restrict information about new box offerings.
      I’ve never had any issues with Popsugar and would be disappointed if this box and the invaluable discussions regarding each box were to be omitted.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it, and that definitely is not my intention. I know a lot of readers are interested in POPSUGAR spoilers, new boxes, coupons, etc. so I always want to share them as soon as I learn about them. (I personally am pretty obsessed with finding POPSUGAR spoilers each month – so sharing that info comes from a genuine place).

      If there’s a better way I should present the info, or additional info you think I should add to the posts, please let me know!

      • I personally have not experienced any issues with PSMH boxes and feel this comment is misplaced and unreasonable. The purpose of this blog is to provide subscribers with updates. If a subscriber is unhappy with a certain company/sub box, then he/she should unsubscribe from receiving further boxes and not follow updates on blogs regarding the company.

      • Liz: I wonder if your site could ever add a function whereby subscribers are able to put a thumbs up or down on a few simple categories like: Shipping Times, Customer Service, Quality of Products and the like. I know you try to be honest but also have a lot larger stakeholders to please so at least a user ranking system/”score” could allow those who read your reviews to know what the global temperature of the community has to say about these key aspects. Then of course people could scroll down to see the User comments if they want more detailed user feedback. I’m not a coder, but I imagine that’s no easy feat to pull off on a site…so understand if not doable. Thanks Liz!

        • Giving a thumbs up on this comment! 🙂

        • I really like this idea a lot! And I completely agree that getting votes from the community as a whole is the best way to get a full picture of the subscription box service.

          What do you think of these voting categories:

          Shipping (Does the box ship consistently about the same time each month? Does it arrive in the correct month? (i.e. getting a January box in February is disappointing). Does the subscription company provide tracking?)

          Customer Service (Is the response time to issues reasonable? Are issues handled correctly the first time?)

          Retail Value (How does the total retail value compare to the cost paid?)

          Quality of Products (Are the products high-quality items you find yourself using frequently?)

          Curation (Does the box feel like thought went into selecting all the items? Is there a theme each month?)

          Ease of Canceling (Is it easy or difficult to cancel a subscription?)

          Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see added to this list. And thank you again for this suggestion!

          • Maybe a “universal-ity” of the items – ie, can MOST people benefit or is it too young, contain sulfates/parabens/other bad chemical, usable by all ethnic groups, etc

          • I love this! I would give Popsugar 1 out of 10 for customer service but a 10 out of 10 for the products.

          • Yay! I’m blushing…so glad you liked the thought! I think the categories are great actually. Not too many so that they aren’t daunting, but also hitting on some of the major things that can make or break the box experience! =o) Happy Friday everyone!

          • Alright – next step… trying to figure out how to implement it on the site! Thanks again for the great suggestion! Keep the feedback coming 🙂

          • This would be an excellent feature if you were able to implement it. Collectively it would help us in our box sub decision making. If companies truly cared about improving they customer service, maybe they can pay attention and follow suit.

          • I’m glad you think so. We’re planning it out now! 🙂

        • This is SUCH a great idea!

    • It really bothered me to see this comment. This is a free site to us as readers. While we help Liz, in the form of views, obtain free boxes and advertising money, it is ultimately her site to do with as she pleases. If we enjoy it – we come back, if we don’t enjoy it, then we should stop reading.

      I DO think it’s great to give feedback – otherwise how would Liz know what to improve on or do next? I just wish your comment had been more carefully worded. I think it should be obvious that the current site is aimed at box awareness and reviews. It is not a site that features Liz solely posting about boxes she likes, and only companies she would buy from. She solicits opinions on new boxes, and while she may not personally buy or like a box, she tries very hard to give us, the readers, a chance to decide for ourselves. This is a research tool site.

      Personally, there are many boxes I would not subscribe to based on customer service. But I like knowing when they have a new box, and what is in the new box, and sometimes the company changes my mind. Best part? It is all at no risk to me! I just have to look at this free site! It would go against the current site format to have Liz tell us what boxes we should and shouldn’t support.

      Also, Liz wouldn’t be negligent even if she did become “advertisement” site, to be negligent, she would have to owe us a duty – and she doesn’t. She could absolutely suffer if she lost viewers – but there still is no duty and therefore, no negligence.

      *I assume the company you have a problem with is PopSugar. Many people really like Target and might be willing to try this box because of Target’s involvement.

      **The suggestion to add thumbs buttons is an interesting idea! I think that could be kind of neat.

  17. My theory on all non-monthly PS boxes is to wait it out until there are spoilers AND until I feel confident there won’t be any (further) price reductions. I think the only way PS is ever going to learn from their mistakes (i.e., stop making them) is for those burned in the past to not pull the trigger and buy immediately. With poor CS, persistent shipping issues, and pricing discrepancies where those first to buy are penalized, something needs to change. Ok, lots of things need to change. The only way that happens, short of a takeover by another company, is when customers vote with their feet, so to speak. I’m never a fan of talking myself into liking a pricy LE box and that’s what the majority have required this past year. So when you’re stuck justifying the purchase to yourself/giving away things in a box originally meant for yourself and then learn you overpaid, it’s time to pull back. The monthly boxes have been a safer bet for the past 2 years, over all. The LE boxes? Not so much.

    • Then maybe they will make fewer boxes to ensure they sell out quickly thus going back to the “better get it right when it comes out” mentality.

  18. I plan to hold off on this, at least until there is a spoiler. It is very tempting but I can get a lot of bang for my buck at Target already, and I have enough active subscriptions (PSMH, LLB, Birchbox x2, and MSA) as it is. Not sure I need this box.

  19. The other thing is can it compare against the MizzFit box which is Bianca Jade’s Quarterly box. I’m not sure if I want to pay for 2 fitness boxes in the space of a month or two.

    Hoping for a spoiler. Also the lack of a dollar value is concerning to me.

    I want it, but I did not like the Fall LE box that much. I did not like the Holiday box or NM box enough to order it. Chances are that I will not like this box even though it is with Target. I like Last Call (NM) too although it has been years since I shopped there. I don’t live near a Last Call anymore.

  20. No way!!!

    I am still burned by all the popsugar nonsense of the past few months, especially the nieman marcus disaster.
    Hasn’t anyone noticed that they haven’t even put a dollar value on this add??? Usually they will say worth over $100. Pretty fishy to me.

    I can spend $65 at target and get an actual outfit in my size and a new work out video, small piece of equipment, and a new “healthy snack” all on my own- plus probably have money left over for a Starbucks treat on the way out of the store

    No longer a pop sucker

  21. I would love a good fitness box, but the truth is that everything I’ve been coveting would be too expensive (fitness tracker), too size specific (shoes, clothes) and too heavy (weights, kettlebell) to see in this box.

    I predict it will be a mix of accessories that we’ve already seen from PopSugar and elsewhere: earbuds, water bottle, hair elastics/stretchy headband, socks, a lightweight tote (probably without a zip closure), dry shampoo, and makeup wipes.

    Do I need all of those things? Yes. Am I excited about them? Not so much. Will I purchase it anyway? Probably. I’m hopeless 🙂

    • 🙂

    • I love this comment because it’s exactly how I feel. I bought it anyway!

  22. Maybe it’s because I’m new to sub boxes, but I have enjoyed all of the PopSugar boxes. I’ve received 2 regular monthly boxes and the special edition NM box as well as the Holiday for Her Box. The items that weren’t for me made great gifts. I just ordered 2 Target boxes and can’t wait to see what’s in them!

    • Did you receive an order confirmation email right away? I placed an order a few hours ago and it is showing up on my Popsugar account but I never got an email. Just curious!

      • I still have not recieved an email nor has it been taken out of my account, but it is on my popsugarbox account

      • I finally received a confirmation e-mail a few hours after my purchase. It surprised me when it finally showed up.

  23. I bit on impulse. I figure I’ll need the extra motivation a month into my workout plan, when I start to plateau. Fun, new gear and snacks always help keep me on track. I love Target and I’ve been pretty consistently happy with Popsugar, so I hope this’ll bring me a boost! I Imagine it’ll be a mix of items target sells and more upscale fitness items from Popsugar.

  24. I was really tempted, but the more I thought about it, I realized that between my Red Card, Cartwheel app, coupons and weekly sales, I could do a lot with $65 in Target’s fitness section. I’d rather get exactly what I like and would use.

  25. I rather join a GYM!

  26. I’d rather spend the money on the protein powder love (but can’t buuy much because of the cost) and a year of Oxygen magazine

  27. Want this box sooo bad but on another note was you one else charged twice for the month of January popsugar charge my account twice this month

  28. Tempted…. Oh so tempted! But I’m still not over the PSMH Neiman Marcus anger. As the others I will wait for a promo or a spoiler. In the meantime, I know my fitness goodies cravings will be satisfied by Quarterly in the Bianca Jade MizzFit box.

    • I was wondering if I was still the only one dwelling on the PS Nieman Marcus waste of $250 .. I really need to GET OVER IT but I swear that it enters my head every day…

      • It’s not just you. All of my PopSugar purchases are viewed through my NM-colored glasses. I cannot foresee jumping in on any special boxes without a few decent spoilers.

  29. Ditto other folks on wanting to see spoilers. Because while I love Target, I also know I can just go into the store and buy $65 worth of stuff I actually like and not feel a bit peeved that I’m giving PopSugar more of my money after all their recent fiascos. Now…to answer the age-old question of why it is that I can go into Target for one thing and come out having spent that $65….lol.

  30. I googled to see if I could find more information. I found a blogger who posted last summer she received a Target gift card from PopSugar to purchase items from Target’s C9 athletic wear line.

    I’m curious, but like everyone else I want a spoiler!

  31. I liked the price point on this (not $100!) so I bit. Now reading comments and wondering if I jumped the gun!

    • You’re not alone, I did too. And I don’t feel bad about it!

      • Ditto. Target, why can’t I quit you??

  32. Not this time. I’ve been burned by PS when I buy immediately. It seems like those that wait are rewarded. Fool me twice, and all that. :-/

  33. I am really torn about this box. I love everything Target does, but given the low value of the PS Special Edition boxes, I am concerned about jumping in with this box. I think I am going to wait to see what spoilers are released before purchasing.

  34. This is interesting, but I’ll save my money after the Limited Edition box debacle. I’ll wait for spoilers and a coupon.

  35. I thought this collaboration was odd since PS tends to be a little higher end than Target. I’m kind of not sure what to expect. I do anticipate a lot of people holding out for a coupon code given the LE and December box sales for those who waited.

  36. I’m interested, but it’d be nice to have a bit more of an idea what exactly is going to be in it before dropping $65.

  37. I snagged one. If the $5 Target beauty box wows me then I can’t wait to see what $65 will do. Target is always on point!

    • Me too! I am confident it will be $65 well spent!

  38. Yeah, the post release coupon….ahhhh, forgot to mention that in my previous comment. Yeah, I’ll wait it out on this one.

  39. I have given Popsugar way too much of my money to invest in this without some spoilers that rock my world. I love Target, and while they put together some awesome boxes, that is not enough to jump in without spoilers.

  40. I want to buy this but I am worried they will release a coupon code after I buy it like they did for holiday box.

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