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Quarterly Limited Edition “Must Have” Mystery Boxes

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Quarterly Limited Edition "Must Have" Mystery Box

Quarterly is offering 5 different limited edition boxes (Find them at the bottom of the Curators page). Each box may contain a different variety of items.

(These boxes will likely be a mix of items from previous Quarterly curated boxes).



Quarterly Limited Edition "Must Have" Mystery Boxes For Her Quarterly Limited Edition "Must Have" Mystery Boxes Books


Are you grabbing any? All boxes are guaranteed to arrive by December 25th for US shipping addresses.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For those of you who ordered one of these boxes for Christmas gifting, you may want to check your account. Based on the description, which was heavy on holiday references such as “ultimate stocking stuffer”, I ordered the “For Kids Holiday Box” yesterday. HOWEVER, when I just checked under my account it stated that the box’s shipping date is March 2015…so not a stocking stuffer at all unless Santa visits your kids in March. I wondered if perhaps I had already bought the holiday box and thus the displayed shipping date was for the next quarterly kids box, but there’s nothing under “orders” in my account, my credit card was never charged, and when I clicked again on the pink “buy the ‘For Kids’ holiday box”, it goes to the input your info page and displays a “package ships in March” message (which I missed the first time). Anyway, I just cancelled the order but feel I was lucky to catch this. I mean yes, it’s written in plain view but the copy enticing one to boy this box no where mentions this and is very heavy on the holiday push. This sentence comes, directly from that page: “The ultimate gift for the kids (and big kids at heart) this holiday season, treat yourself, gift it or break it up and use it as the ultimate stocking stuffer.” But not really…

    • Quarterly never charges until they ship; that’s standard policy for all of their boxes. It said elsewhere on the site that the boxes are scheduled for delivery by 12/25. For all of my Quarterly subs if you’re looking at your account in the shipping month it always shows the next shipment date (for the next quarterly box), not the current month’s shipment date. You might want to call and check in case they’re actually shipping in Dec as advertised.

      • I figured the March date was there because indeed it was indeed showing the next shipping date (though isn’t this a one-time box???) However,when I tried to buy the holiday box again, it clearly stated that the box would be shipped in March. This is on the page that comes up immediately after you click on the purchase the For Kids Holiday box button. Now I realize this page’s message could have been in error, but it was an iffy purchase for me in the first place so I just cancelled it, though I did explain all the above in the “why did you cancel?” request from Quarterly. The delays in shipping of some of the other boxes also frankly led me to be less inclined to take another Quarterly risk.

        • It just occurred to me that I should probably add my last name initial to my posts just in case anyone is confused…

  2. I got the It Girl and Foodie. Not sure I will keep the It Girl because of the 100.00 + value as Im paying $83.00 because of the shipping and Im not thrilled with the wallet and nail polish pictures. Hope that Quarterly starts shipping boxes before I change my mind.

  3. I was really excited about the foodie one at first. Then I started reading on their website: “Please note each box will contain a different combination of items from past Quarterly boxes.

    Sounds like it will be a modgepodge of stuff from their leftover/old boxes. Not real sure how I feel about that. Kinda makes me nervous.
    Guess I will be skipping out.

  4. I was initially quite excited but realized that if the women’s box is $75 for $100 worth of stuff that’s only 25% off full retail – better to just pick out things I really want on sale! (Of course they say $100+ but with each box being different it’s still a gamble).

  5. I am attracted to Quarterly Co. Boxes in general but the promise of $100+ for my actual $75 is not that much of an enticement and I am easily able to click ” no thank you”.

  6. I was interested in the Foodie box, but it is already sold out and I was quite interested in grabbing myself one of the For Men boxes, but the price is just too steep for me.I know they have to make their profit, and since we don’t know what is in each box, we can’t say how much they will make per box, but after ordering the Toy and collectible box and Quarterly stating the value of the contents versus what the retail value is, the For Men box doesn’t seem to make out so well in the box cost versus retail value category. Of course, since I would be robbing my Christmas gift budget of a good amount to grab that box, I couldn’t do it anyway.

    • Me too! I was only really excited about the Foodie Box, which is now unfortunately sold out. The men’s box is just too much money for me to spend on a whim. The kids box is difficult since it’s not for a specific age group – how do I know I’ll get age-appropriate gifts? (I don’t, so I’ll pass.) :: sigh ::

      • That’s the same reason I didn’t look too hard at the for kids box. For anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on how big a box I want for a given kid in the family, I can go to J & K Stuff for one of their Boxes of Stuff. I can pick a theme, let them know it is for a child and put the age in the detailed instrucctions page. I can tell them no trading cards, he or she likes figures or likes a particular character, whatever info I want to give to widen or narrow the range and they will then fill a box with a random assortment of items all within the parameters. I haven’t tried one yet, but I am seriously considering them for several kids and adults in the family and think I might sneak one in for myself,probably after recovering from Christmas spending so I can give myself a big box. I have heard from several people who were really impressed, they seem to go out of their way to make it fun for the person described to them rather than just to fill up a box and get it out the door. I wish someone would review one, though I guess they might not count as subscription boxes. I seem to always think of them anytime I am discussing Quarterly Co and vice Versa, it seems that both companies are going for the same effect with different measures. One uses individual preferences and personalities of their customer to get a great individualized experience, while the other tries to select curators that can come up with an assortment of items that will make a good sized population of fans happy. With the Boxes of Stuff, i find myself hoping they will add even more options for franchises and genres to use as themes and hopefully that they might mix it up and come up with some unusual themes while I hope that Quarterly Co might do better about time tables and continue to attract new and interesting curators.

        Oh, random side note, as I sat here editorializing, I got an email from LootCrate about a sale they are having on Kid Robot figures, something that got me jumping to check on. Apparently the reaction has crashed their site. None of the sale pages will load, the gift store page won’t load, and even their main page, which I thought was on another server, won’t load. Tells me I probably have about as much chance of getting in on those deals as I did on the rogues and Rebels special crate.

  7. If anyone else sees a mostly blank post here (I do when I’m using Chrome but not Internet Explorer), it says that Quarterly is offering 5 different mystery boxes, guaranteed to arrive by 12/25, and you can find them at the very bottom of the Quarterly Curators page ( They’re labeled “For Him,” “For Her,” “For Kids,” “For Foodies,” and “For Bookworms.”

    Hope this helps!

    • OK, I was wondering about that. Happens from time to time with me in Firefox when I’m browsing this site. (Not often enough for me to bother switching browsers — if there’s something I’m really interested in seeing, though, now I know what to do.)

    • My adblock blocks all the quarterly posts for some reason, so there’s only a few words.

      • Maybe it’s the Adblock for me, too. I have that installed both at home and at work.

        • It was adblock for me too! Good to know!

  8. I got a “best of” box last year, and it wasn’t so great. First of all it was packaged horribly. They sent me a box of 8 pencils and only 2 were left in the box…the rest fell out during shipping, to give you an idea of how bad the packaging was. They also sent not one, not two…but FOUR flash drives. It just felt like a box of leftover stuff they, literally, threw into a shipping box and sent my way. At least they returned it when I called them out on it.

  9. Could you provide the link, nothing shows on my computer screen. THX!!

  10. I just bought one after I got the email. I got the food one, I’m hoping for some great kitchen gadgets.

  11. Hi Liz, Thanks for all the updates today, and all weekend long. I know you are awesome at keeping us updated on your MSA box, but do you happen to know if we will have it before Christmas? And have you heard anything about Design Sponge being here before Christmas too? Thanks 🙂

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