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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday Box GWP Offer!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Holiday Promo!

Now through 12/16, use coupon code JOY to get a free December POPSUGAR Must Have Box when you purchase either the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday or Special Edition Holiday for Him box!

How to use the code:

  1. Add a Special Edition Holiday or Special Edition Holiday for Him box to your cart.
  2. Add a regular Monthly Box to your cart.
  3. Apply coupon code JOY to your cart. (This code will not work unless both a Special Edition Holiday box and a Monthly Box are in the cart).

Details from POPSUGAR on this offer:

  • Promotion valid through 12/16, or while supplies last.
  • Promotion cannot be applied to past Special Edition Holiday purchases. Any duplicate duplicate or December boxes received will not be refunded and cannot be returned for credit. Promotion code can only be used once.
  • All monthly box purchases made with this promo code will not auto-renew.
  • Guaranteed Delivery by December 23rd for both boxes.

Make sure to check out my review of the December POPSUGAR Must Have box to see what your free gift will be! (I think it makes an excellent holiday gift on it’s own or broken down into separate item gifts). (And check out the spoilers for both boxes too!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. December boxes are all sold out so this offer is no good any more. Bummer, I decided at the last minute to get one for my brother but only if I could get another December box (I LOVE everything in that one).

  2. I purchased 2 Holiday Boxes in November and immediately sent an email when I saw this posting. They responded as they did to others, saying they would gladly honor the GWP promotion. However, my account is showing a billing of 50% of the cost. Isn’t the December box supposed to be free? Has anyone else run into this problem?

    • Hi Marsha,

      If you have a subscription, you will pay for your December box as usual and you get a free addition December box for your holiday box purchase

      • Thank you for the quick response. Will there be a tracking number for the 2nd December GWP box? I do not see that on my account.

        • Hi Marsha! I’m not sure, I received my holiday box yesterday but still no December boxes. I just emailed them about he status of my two boxes so hopefully I hear back soon. I hope your box arrives to you soon.

  3. I came back here today after work to see what everyone had been saying about the new coupon. I just emailed PopSugar and got a reply back in about five minutes, just good timing I think:

    Thanks for reaching out. We would be more than happy to send you an additional December box and we hope that you enjoy. Please note that this is a one-time gift, so this will not create another subscription or extend your current one. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

    Happy Holidays!

    POPSUGAR Support

    Though I like the Holiday box, I won’t use everything in it, so extending the value is a real plus for me. Thanks PopSugar for not penalizing early buyers!

  4. I also e-mailed and got the same response, I’m getting a December box as a gift with my LE Holiday box! I was so upset yesterday, and so sure I would either not hear back at all or get the standard no answer, but I am so pleasantly surprised to see PopSugar stepping up and honoring this code. It feels like a step in the right direction, and I hope they can keep it up.

  5. OK, I emailed them this morning and they said they’d be happy to send me another December box for free!
    So good for them for honoring the deal for those of us that purchased early.

  6. I ordered my LE box on 12/4, so I emailed them today and asked, very politely, if they would honor the GWP. Well, they emailed back and said, “YES”!!! I am so excited to have an extra December box for gifting. I am keeping my monthly sub to myself! lol You guys that bought the holiday boxes early should email and ask. All they can say is no. I suspect that they have a limited supply of extra December boxes, so you should get on that soon. Good luck!

  7. Code isn’t working. I get an error saying it’s not valid for the items in my shopping cart (I only have the holiday box for her in my cart). Very frustrating

    • Ignore my comment. I messed up by not also adding the December box to the cart.

      • Thank you for posting about adding a December box to the cart! I don’t have time to read through all the comments so I appreciate yours 🙂

  8. I ordered BOTH Special Edition Boxes right after they announced them… And the December Box. And now I find out I could have the Special Editions plus 2 free December Boxes?! *sigh* Why are you doing this Popsugar? I just wrote them via FB since the Customer Service on their website is not working. I hope they still apply the code.

  9. I’m having a nightmare of a time dealing with them. I placed the order using the code last night. I KNOW i clicked the FOR HER box- went through checkout fine. Confirmation email says FOR HIM. I immediately emailed and messaged on FB. They promised to fix it in the morning. I messaged again just now as I hadn’t heard anything. Their response was to REFUND the purchase and told me to reorder. I went to webpage and of course the JOY code didnt work. So I message them again when seeing on my account it shows as an active subscription. They didn’t cancel it. Shows I’m still getting the mens box- so the order was not cancelled. I dont know what to do. Their CS has been terrible- I’m honestly considering just calling the CC company and getting it resolved that way. Except that I actually WANT this one.

    • My email just says “special edition holiday” on both the confirmation and under the orders tab. Although the picture of the order is the women’s box. Hoping that will be enough verification.

    • Haha Jenna I’m in a Facebook battle with them and am hoping this gets resolved. I really don’t understand why they’re making us go through a refund and reorder process when they could make everything simple by just flipping which box they ship us. I’m concerned that the joy code will be sold out when I get home from work. I work in customer experience for a huge company so this is probably my biggest pet peeve

  10. I just got my reply from PS support, and they ARE honoring the promo for past purchases if you e-mail them! They just won my love back!

    • I emailed them this morning and have not heard back. Glad to hear this though. Thanks.

      • You will probably hear back later today. I sent my e-mail last night. 🙂

    • Very glad to hear this.

      Now I hope they adjust my account so I don’t get THREE December boxes. I bought a 6-month sub with the Black Friday coupon. I only had a monthly $39.95 “sub” so I assumed it would just be tacked onto/ replace that (I unchecked the wait list option). Instead, I now have two subscriptions – the monthly and the 6 month – in the same account, and they just shipped me two December boxes. Since I also ordered a Holiday box and they’re now honoring this deal for past members, maybe they’ll just refund me $39.95 and tell me to keep the second box that already shipped as my freebie.

    • SO wait they are honoring the joy code…i ordered my box like right after thanksgiving, this means i will get the dec box as well?

      • I contacted PS last night and got a email this afternoon saying they’re sending me an additional box 🙂 yay! They have just redeemed themselves.
        Ashley, I would email them and ask if they can apply the code to your order to ensure you receive it as I don’t know if they are automatically sending everyone who ordered previously a box or just those who contact them about it. So Id play it safe and contact them if I were you!

    • I also e-mailed them and they are sending me an extra December box and it’s already showed up on my account! It’s always worth staying positive and asking! 🙂

    • I emailed them this morning and they just got back to me with the same message, Yay!

      • I emailed them like 4 am this morning and 12 hours later still no reply. Hope I get that free Dec box. I thought I had 8 altogether as gifts, but I counted one short since I forgot to count myself.

  11. I also ordered both holiday boxes when they first came out and I got the discounted 6 month subscription on black Friday so I already have the December box coming to me.

    But I still want my 2 free boxes I’m entitled to. I’ll just have a lovely set of silver bowls, bake lots of cupcakes and gift or swap the other duplicates.

    I emailed customer service but have not heard back yet. Has anyone heard anything? I guess I’ve learned my lesson, good things come to those who wait…

  12. Ok, I am so done with Popsugar! I didn’t learn my lesson with the NM box (paid $250, then a week later is was only $200 on NM site) and I went ahead and bought a For her box only 5 days ago (December 4th) and they offer a free December box a few days later?!?!? I am sooooo done with them. I emailed them my concerns and requested that they honor the GWP box, so we’ll see what happens. If they honor it, I will remain loyal. If not, I am done with them. I am really irritated and tired of giving them my money.

  13. I went to their fb page, and of course there were lots of complaints, PS replied by asking people to send emails to customer service. I sent mine and I would be very surprised to get an extra Dec box. I might buy a second box and split them up as gifts for next year.

  14. I think the colors are pretty in the Her box. It doesn’t interest me because I would not use most of the items. I would have back in my 20s. There are only so many clutches/different purses I use nowadays.

    I thought about using the offer for the Him box. My 15 year old would use all the items. It doesn’t interest my husband. I’m done shopping for my children so no box for him. Now if they had dropped the Him box to $75 or less I would buy it for him.

    This is a great deal for those who can use or gift the items. I do still feel bad for those that bought the box earlier in good faith. I know they had no control over the NM discount, but it must be irritating to buy the boxes at full price and then see others receive a discount or GWP.

  15. To say I’m peeved would be a great understatement. I bought the “her” holiday box weeks ago when it was first launched. I’ve written PS about honouring the code to my previous order since the box hasn’t even shipped yet. I personally believe that everyone who ordered this box should get a december box. Its only fair. Since discovering PS back in May I have purchased every limited edition box. I purchased the NM box and 3 of my items arrived damaged. yet I still continued to be a subscriber. I was annoyed when NM offered a $50 discount on the same box but understood PS had no control over their Promos, However this is a promotion PS is putting on and they can honour it to their loyal customers. If PS doesn’t make it right I think I’ll have to place my money elsewhere. I subscribed to the Oui Please box, and already they are blowing PS out of the water. They are honouring their Promo code to previous orders bringing a $150 box to $120 and their box is said to have a 400+ value. If a new company can treat everyone equally then surely PS can do the same. I’m highly disappointed in the service they are provided everyone. Co’mon PS get it together and treat all your customers RIGHT.. not just the new. SMH

    • I hope they are able to resolve this for everyone who has an order in already.

      • They emailed me back and are honoring the code. They’ve just won me back. Way to make it right PS!

  16. This was the last straw for me. They have absolutely no appreciation for their existing loyal customers. I have supported them and had a subscription as well as bought special editions. They only offer promotions to get new customers. Hope they got some. They lost me. If they don’t need me, I am gone. I just cancelled.

  17. After having the worst let down of 2014 with the nemain marcus box I vowed to finish out my pre paid sub and not go back until I see spoilers _ had I bought this bought out blindly I would have been upset, however I did take advantage of the $20 december box when the spoilers came out. I think I should follow that from now on to escape the disappointment.

  18. What does waitlist mean when checking out. Please explain.

    • I sent PS an email about this. I wonder if we don’t get anything?

  19. Oh no they didn’t.

    • Exactly what I said before I HAD to go sign up. Thanks Liz!

  20. Wth, PS? I purchased both the men’s and women’s boxes way back in November when they were first announced. So I could have received two freebie boxes if I’d waited?? Well. That’ll teach me. Waiting until full spoilers and any accompanying offers from now on.

  21. Thanks for sharing the code! Just picked up the men’s box for the hubby and the extra Dec box for gifts! I am actually pleasantly surprised by both LE boxes and can’t wait to receive them.

  22. Seriously Popsugar?! One day I’m going to learn to stop giving you my money. This just hacks me off. How about the loyal customers?! I’ve about had it with them. I keep saying that, but UGH.

  23. I love the spoilers, but I’m bummed that I ordered early because of the coupon. I think Popsugar is hurting for customers because they used to always sell out of these special edition boxes. I got suckered in with the Black Friday code and got a 6 month subscription…hopefully Popsugar doesn’t go out of business before the 6 months is up.

  24. Well this just confirms that I really made a great choice to order the ouiplease box and not continue with popsugar

    The popsugar box is meh- how many clutches and candles can one person need? At least try to send them out so it’s not right in a row!

    The dollar value of the box isn’t as good as the ouiplease box is promising

    Plus, the customer service is atrocious! The ouiplease box put out their discount code and offered to honor it for anyone who had already purchased the box. I’m sure if I wrote popsugar to complain that they have yet again cheated their loyal customers, in 2-3 months I will get a canned response saying that they know I will love the box once it is in my hands and that it makes a great gift!

    Thank goodness there are lots of options for sub boxes!

    Anyway, the coupon code ouibyrdie is good for another day I think if anyone else is interested in bailing off the pop- titanic

  25. I bought one when they released the blanket spoiler. Now once again I am totally disappointed by them for doing this.

  26. After feeling burned by the NM box, I made myself sit on on my hands for this one until complete spoilers were revealed, so I lucked out on this offer. But I agree it’s a slap in the face to those who ordered in good faith.

  27. I never thought I would see this.

    PopSugar must be struggling. I feel bad for all those that purchased the box in good faith. I’m still not interested in the box.

  28. OH NO! I just ordered this after seeing this deal and was SO excited to receive the women’s box. But I accidentally purchased the men’s box!!! I emailed them right away but does anyone know if they will switch it for me?!

  29. Total bummer for people who already ordered the box, that’s so annoying and I would be pissed as well. That being said, I didn’t so I’m going to take advantage of this deal. The Popsugar deals this holiday season have been insane, I can’t stop giving them my money.

  30. I bought both the him and her boxes, and the December box. I hope the new customers they lure in with this is worth the old customers they lose, because I’m certainly not going to buy anything from popsugar again. Jerks.

  31. Yet again PopSugar shows that when they need to sell boxes they’re willing to do anything to get new customers, but nothing to keep the old ones.

    • 100% true. I already bought a box in good faith, so glad they are doing a giveaway for people who waited for spoilers. I feel so valued.

    • This is perfectly put!!! Popsugar really needs to show more appreciation to their existing customers. Some of us have stuck through the BS of the last few months and, let’s face it, some pretty disappointing SE boxes from 2014. Show us you appreciate us, Popsugar! Make us loyal customers! Or we’re all going to jump ship.

  32. I’m dissapointed. I bought the for her box as soon as it became available and now there is this offer, I expect now it will sell out. Never buying another special edition right away, i will join all the people who wait for spoilers.

  33. I think this stinks! I ordered one of each right away despite all the crap and complaining from the bad service and disappointing previous LE box contents, I still took the gamble. Now, the day that spoilers leak, and people aren’t taking a chance (because they know what’s in it), they get to get a bonus. This was not very nice of them. Nothing I can do, at least I like the contents of both LE boxes.

  34. Yeah that sucks I already ordered the holiday box and then ordered the December box on Black Friday. Oh well figured Popsugar would screw me over. I really liked November and December’s boxes though, not thrilled with the holiday box though.

  35. I’m learning delayed gratification is the way to go 🙂

    • I’m going to email popsugar and see if I can still get the Dec box. Hopefully they will be like oui please and extend the coupon to early buyers.

    • Note to self, from popsugar – NEVER order before seeing the spoilers or until the last last minute and still wait for the code.

  36. I’m so annoyed, I hate that I am getting the box and now there is this offer, they should realize how this makes everyone who ordered early feel, and next time less people will order early or at all. They would offer something to those who ordered early like some other boxes have been doing with their offers. Otherwise why bother ordering early.

    • I completely agree. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered last week, and now I found out if I had waited just a little longer I could have gotten an extra December box… it’s just so disappointing. I really hate that they won’t honor this code for people who ordered the box sooner, it would make me like them a lot more, because I’ve been pretty iffy about them for a the past few months. Put this one in the minus column for me.

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