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November POPSUGAR Must Have Box – 50% Off at RueLaLa!

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November POPSUGAR Must Have Box - 50% Off at RueLaLa

The November 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have box is on sale for 50% off at RueLaLa! (Find it in the Women’s Section). Check out my review of the November box to see what your first box will be. (Thanks Debra and Jen for the heads up on this deal!)

Make sure to sign up for a free RueLaLa account if you don’t already have one – many readers have received $25 credit in their account after a few weeks!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t know why I bother with PSMH, ever! I emailed them, I know, stupid, about the voucher codes not working. They say they are good until Feb 4. but for some reason they do not work. So far, there is no answer.

    • My voucher code isn’t working either and I have emailed them three times about it, but still no response…. So frustrating!

  2. My box arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to start trying out recipes from the cookbook. Probably next week since this week is all about Christmas cooking. The wallet is perfect for those times when I don’t need to carry a lot. Everything is useful. My little guy can’t wait to use the “window markers”. I write my husband love notes so this stationary is perfect. I’m still a little unsure about the handcream.

    The popcorn is delicious and certified gluten-free which is great for my sister. We’ve been munching on it for a few days. It’s delicious πŸ™‚ We grow our own popcorn so it is strange to eat it from a bag.

  3. I got mine today, like 5 days before FedEx said it would come. I’m excited about the cookbook — I hear it requires tons of odd equipment, most of which I have (ice cream maker? check! deep fryer? check! etc.) but rarely get to use.

    Not sure what I’ll do with the wine glass markers but oh well. Note cards will get used eventually. Lotion will get used eventually. Needed a little wallet/purse thing for times when I don’t want to lug around a large handbag. Popcorn won’t last the weekend…

    • Lucky you! I am most excited about the cookbook and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive.

      • As predicted, the popcorn did not last the weekend. Haven’t had much time to go through the cookbook yet.

  4. Is it just me, or does it seem odd to only be for the november box when it is good until Feb 4?

  5. Well, I just checked tracking for mine and it will be here December 26 (ordered through the RLL deal). Not a big deal for me, but I hope no one was expecting to get it prior to Christmas.

    • Same here.

      • Tracking updated and box should arrive on Saturday πŸ™‚

        • FedEx is a tease LOL. Now it is arrive 12/24.

  6. Love this box!! I just received mine today and everything is of great quality. I saw this deal on Rue la la and received it within a week or so of ordering. It took a few days before I received my confirmation email and shipment email. I too, reached out to the company to give a status on my shipping.. they said they were really busy with orders and apologized for the delay. I plan to hold on to the box (minus the popcorn) and give to my sister in law for her bday! So happy I found this deal for only $19.97!

  7. Has anyone received shipping information on this box?

    A question for anyone who used the RueLaLA voucher before. My voucher shows in the order section, but not the subscription section. Is that the way it should be displayed? I don’t want to email PopSugar about this unless it is an issue.

    • I’m still waiting for shipping confirmation and no activity at all since I placed the order for 3 Nov Boxes on 12/4. I also ordered a Dec Box on Cyber Monday 12/1 and still nothing on that order as well. I emailed Popsugar on Monday for status….NO RESPONSE πŸ™ Worst part is these are Christmas gifts for all my family and friends. I just have a feeling that PopSugar is not going to hold up to the promise of delivery by Christmas. Please Popsugar don’t let me down!

    • I have a tracking number for my November RueLaLa box!

      • Maybe I spoke too soon. It’s stuck on label created. This is the first time I seen this with a PopSugar tracking number. Do I email them?

        Lauren – I hope yours are mailed.

    • Mine says it will arrive the 26th. I’m a little bummed… I thought I had several gifts done!

  8. Just a tip for anyone who orders this box- the adorable tinyprints cards include a code for $25 off your order. There are some restrictions, but I was able to get a personalized glass photo ornament for $14 πŸ™‚

  9. Is it sold out? I’m looking at the women’s section and I don’t see it πŸ™

    • I found it! I’m so excited. This is such a good deal!

      • I couldn’t find it either? Where was it? Thanks!

  10. Just purchased popsugar box from ru la la yesterday. So I recovered my confirmation but not the voucher yet my understanding that’s a separate email right?

    • Me too, my order still says pending and no credit yet either. No voucher email.

  11. What am I doing wrong? I tried to use my voucher a few times and it keeps coming up it coupon doesn’t work with item in the cart. Am I missing something?

    • Did you use the link in the voucher e-mail? That’s what I did, and it took me to a page where I could only buy the November box. So I added that to my cart and applied the voucher.

      They tried to add a monthly subscription to my cart, too, but I was able to remove that by editing the cart.

      • Thank you. I forgot it was at the bottom of the email. I kept thinking this morning that I had to click on something and nothing work.

  12. I purchased two…oddly enough I was able to use one with my existing account yesterday even though it was before the start date of December fourth. But it won’t let me use the second one. I had to create a new account to do so.

  13. Hi Liz,

    Do you know if they’ll be doing a spoiler post for the Mens Holiday box? I ordered the Women’s, but won’t order the mens until I see what will/might be in it.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  14. I did it and it is absolutely the LAST thing I am using a credit card for all year, minus my car insurance.

    They were sneaky and tried to put a monthly sub in my cart. I’m not sure if I had added it at some point in the past and not gone through with the purchase or what. I was able to remove it, though. Anyway, pay attention when you check out with the voucher (which worked on December 3 even though RLL’s e-mails said the valid date range started tomorrow). I did have to enter cc info., but was not charged.

  15. So, are you all ordering this with an active account? Or starting new accounts in order to avail yourself of this deal? I am hoping it will work with an existing account.


  16. Done! I can’t wait to get it.

  17. I’m tempted because it covers the cost of the cookbook and everything else is a bonus.

    • I can’t believe I did this. It’s ordered. I wonder which is coming first – my November or December box.

  18. Is there any way to get the $25 credit if you have an iPhone?

  19. I used the MSA coupon so I got the November box for $30, plus I got the Kendra Scott necklace in the box, plus today they just delivered me another Kendra Scott necklace! So I am pretty happy! And I used the Cyber Monday coupon for the December box for $20!! πŸ™‚ I would have totally bought the cookbook from the November box so it was an awesome deal for me. I gave the hand cream to a friend, brought the wine markers to Thanksgiving, ate the popcorn, haha. The wallet and the notecards I am keeping and I already ordered something with my TinyPrints credit too πŸ™‚

  20. I am so HAPPY! I always wait for Pop Sugar boxes to be on sale on Rue La La! I can’t wait to get my box. This is such a great deal. The popcorn alone sold me!

  21. I got an email that RLL is offering a $25 credit if you check out on their Android app using Google wallet so I figured I made 5 bucks towards another gift I need to buy someone by buying this.

    • I have never used their app or GoogleWallet. Is the promotion for anyone or only for existing customers? Thank you.

      • I checked the fine print and it looks like anyone as long as you use the android app and check out with Google Wallet before tomorrow night. It says the credit will be issued on Saturday the 6th (the credits tend to expire quickly from my experience so use it up fast!)

        • This is probably stupid, but…… what can we then use the coupon towards? I will download the app on my tablet if that will work. Thanks for the assist.

          • Not stupid! πŸ™‚ It’s a $25 Rue La La credit. So towards anything for sale on their site.

  22. Great deal! Hope you get a referral for all of us who clicked your link for this amazing deal! Love the wallet!

    • Skip the plastic and get a $25 Rue Credit* when you choose Buy with Google on the Rue La La app for Android between November 20 and December 4.

  23. … really? They have enough leftover November boxes to run a RLL promo, but they can’t figure out how to deliver said November boxes to their customers that paid for them over a month ago? I don’t even know what to say. I have yet to receive tracking information for my Nov box after FedExgate. I’m so incredibly disappointed.

    • Me too, I’m still waiting for November and it’s beyond frustrating to see this. I paid for my Nov. PopSugar with a RLL voucher that I bought back in Sept. Customer service has been dismal. I love the Popsugar boxes, but this will be my last one for awhile. It takes so much out of the fun out of the whole sub box thing if you have to wait forever and keep contacting customer service. (sigh)

    • What is FedExgate? I have had exactly the same problem. I thought it was just my order–and no one has replied to countless e-mails. Any updates on when they will be sending the boxes?

      • PS claims that a number of boxes were happily packed, addressed, and waiting for pickup – except FedEx never picked them up and they were sitting in the warehouse and PS wasn’t aware of it until customers started complaining on FB. They’ve responded to FB complaints saying that the fault lies with FedEx. Now, they’re sending out “replacements” (it’s not a replacement of the first one was never delivered, but I digress) and we’ve all been waiting for 2 weeks for said replacements to ship. The whole thing sounds really suspicious to me (how do you not know that a lot of boxes are still sitting in your warehouse? And more importantly – why would it take 2+ weeks to get any movement on those boxes unless they magically disappeared?). I do know that some people have started receiving their promised “replacements” – but I’m among the customers who still have nothing. Very frustrating. πŸ™

        • It’s a Christmas miracle! My label created on 11/14, had been picked up today and is scheduled for delivery 12/10!!

    • Good to know I am not the only one still waiting for the november box. I actually did get a tracking number o november 14, but it says label created and the movement stopped with that. I’ve contacted PS twice, the first time they said they didn’t know what had happened and would ship me a new box, over a week later no such box has been shipped and PS decided not to answer my second email. I am sooo pissed at PS I’ll probably be canceling my subscription with the horrible service I’m receiving from costumer service.

      • After doing some research, I found that they are very responsive to posts on their Facebook. I posted on their page and within hours they had reimbursed me and sent me a new tracking code and it read as “in transit” and to arrive tomorrow.

        I’m not much of a squeaky wheel for this kind of stuff, but it worked. to do it in this instance.

        • I created a facebook account to purely deal with my oct and nov boxes. 12 times i have posted,they either do not respond or deleate the post. Getting them to repond on there is luck of the draw.

          • The only thing I use twitter for is customer service complaints. So I know where you’re coming from!

    • And this is why I fight the temptation in spite of a good deal.

    • Still waiting for my November box too. So long as I get Decembers in December, I will be happy.

  24. I noted in the fine print that it states ‘for new customers only’ and also that you will receive it ‘five to seven business days from voucher redemption’. I do want this box but am not a new customer. I currently have one ‘working subscription’ and one ‘cancelled subscription’.

    • These were the terms and conditions listed on the voucher I received. Doesn’t say anything about new customers. I see where it says it on the actual site but after purchasing these were the conditions in the email itself. Maybe call RueLaLa to clarify?

      Terms & Conditions
      β€’ Please note: This is a final-sale item. No cancelations, refunds, or modifications are allowed.
      β€’ Validity: December 4, 2014, through February 4, 2015, unless prohibited by law. Applicable taxes and shipping are included. Limited to one voucher per household; one voucher per transaction. Vouchers are transferable. Expect your Must Have Box (from the November selection) within five to seven business days after voucher redemption.
      β€’ Voucher is valid for one-time use only, unless prohibited by law. Merchant is responsible for voucher redemption.
      β€’ Vouchers have no cash value and are not redeemable for any remaining value in cash or credit, unless required by law.
      β€’ Attempts to redeem voucher inconsistent with the terms and conditions may render the voucher void.
      β€’ Not valid for prior purchases, prior balances, or purchases of gift cards. Voucher may not be duplicated, sold, or traded unless permitted by merchant or required by law.
      β€’ Voucher may not be combined with any other discounts, vouchers, special or promotional rates, or value-added programs.
      β€’ We’re sorry that we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen vouchers. Use of offer is subject to Rue La La’s Terms of Use located at
      β€’ For questions, contact your Rue La La Concierge at 1-888-992-LALA (5252).

  25. I just knocked out 4 peoples Christmas gifts with 2 boxes….grand total: $39.94!! Such a great deal and so cute for gifting.

  26. I still haven’t gotten my November box πŸ™ and now I see people getting their December boxes. So frustrating. I love PSMH but I may cancel based on this. It’s infuriating to feel like your buisness means nothing to them.

    • I haven’t gotten my box either. I am really upset with them as well. I’ve gotten 2 tracking numbers and neither of them have been shipped. What is going on at PopSugar Liz? Do you have any idea?

    • +1

  27. I’m confused. You have until Feb to redeem to code for a box. So wouldn’t that mean you’d get the box that’s available at the time you redeemed the code and not necessarily the nov box?

    • The voucher from RueLaLa emails you a direct link to only purchase the November box. It seems to be set-up like a LE or Holiday box one-time purchase.

      • I ordered the November box from Rue La La and paid for it because I really wanted it. Now I just got a voucher to get the November box for free. But I just bought and paid for it! I don’t want ANOTHER one. I guess this is my only choice is to get the box for free and sell or gift the contents (other than the popcorn which I will EAT!).

  28. Tell me about it,I am waiting on October as well as November.
    I also can’t stand seeing all of their salesvemauls,limited edition box emails etc in my inbox when they can not be botheted to answer their paying customers.

  29. I bought it on their app and used my Google wallet. Rue la la gave me 25 dollars back. I’ll get paid for getting the box. πŸ™‚

    • Is that a special promo or something for the $25?

      • Yes if you used the android app for the first time.

        • If I can get this to work in my Android emulator on my laptop, I’ll go for it!

    • Is anyone else having their Google Wallet purchase showing up as a Discover card purchase (not what I used in google anyway)? I got the notice/pop up of the $25 credit afterwards and checked my order history, which shows I used a Discover card. Obviously I’d have to wait my 24 hours to see if the credit shows up, but wondering if anyone has their method of payment show up as something else entirely.

      I honestly only bought this box to get the ruelala credit since I can gift this box. I’d be pretty annoyed if I didn’t get the credit =(

      • Yeah, mine is coming up a Discover, too. Weird. Last four numbers and expiration date are wrong. Maybe that’s a security thing through Google Wallet?

        • Thanks for responding. I messaged them on FB privately. I’ll see what they say, but I’m not that hopeful based on what others have said about their CS =(

          • I got a pop-up before my purchase stating that the last four digits of the card number would be different (a virtual credit card number) for this purchase only, and my original card information (for return, order detail) would be attached to the purchase as normal. Not that exact wording, but something like that… Maybe a Google wallet thing, or security measure?

  30. I agree. They never sent me my Nov box and when I complained, they claimed something was wrong with my card (which I’ve used everywhere else with no problem), then they said, oh well, we’ll try again in December… when I wanted that Nov box!

    FYI: the “fine print” says this box is NOT guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.

  31. It’s sort of aggravating to see this on sale for others when I still haven’t gotten mine….but I’m being patient, for now πŸ™‚

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