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Little Lace Box Subscriptions are Open!

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Little Lace Box Subscriptions are Open

Thanks Lily for letting us know that Little Lace Box has opened subscriptions again! (Subscriptions start with the January box). Make sure to use coupon code mysubscriptionaddiction10 to save $10 off your first box! (Thanks Anna!)

Here is some spoiler info about “The Dining Car” January box inspired by Downton Abbey:

There was once a time when traveling by steamship, railroad (or Graf Zeppelin) was the preferred method of travel. And in those days, the dining car was much more than just a physical location where people met to eat a meal. It was an elegant event often attended by celebrities and dignitaries, and the service rivaled high-end restaurants. Just imagine elegant surroundings and amazing menus combined with exterior visuals that change constantly as you race down the tracks.

We chose The Dining Car for January to commemorate the beginning of the fifth season of Downton Abbey on PBS. If you haven’t become hooked on Downton Abbey yet, you haven’t experienced great television. Smartly written, witty and authentic, Downton Abbey transports us back to the early 20th century. It’s there where we find beautiful ladies dressed in magnificent gowns with white gloves, and dapper gentlemen who knew to rise whenever a woman entered a room or upon her departure. It’s also there where we will find the curation for the January Little Lace Box.

The Dining Car is all about vintage and beauty and you.  This box will include hidden gems for you AND your home. 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got an email stating my box is shipping January 26.

  2. OK so Oui please or Little Lace Box? Oui Please is $175 if you just want one box………..or $650 for the whole year. (6 boxes) LLB is $384 for 12 boxes and it seems if you really want them you need to do the year’s sub….

    • Hmm, difficult choice. I have both and love both! LLB is always great (my opinion ) but Ouiplease we have only see one introduction box. Next boxes might have lesser value.

      • What is it that you are looking for? Both subs are vastly different IMO. Check LLB’s shop to see if you like their products and past reviews. Also read the Oui Please thread.

        1. Arrives monthly
        2. Has interesting themes
        3. Little variation in boxes although that may change since they sent out an email about preferences. For example some people do not earrings or may prefer gold tones over silver tones.
        4. You can review each item for points that can be used in their shop.
        5. They are responsive to emails. I have ordered from their shop and never had an issue.
        6. IMO their emphasis is in a well-curated box.

        Oui Please – I decided not to order this sub
        1. Arrives every other month.
        2. Responsive to all my emails during a busy time when everyone was signing up.
        3. I did not like some of the TOS and Privacy terms.
        4. Unable to accommodate a no earring request. This ultimately was a deal breaker for me. LLB can do it, PopSugar can do it, but a $150 box can’t??? They did send out boxes without earrings so I don’t understand the issue.

        Once shipped
        1. Boxes had values ranging from $350-$450.
        2. Reading different threads – they have been responsive to people whose values did not hit the $400.00 amount.
        3. I was disappointed to read that people who took the time to fill out the preferences which include your clothing size still received the wrong sizes.
        4. Overall, the consensus seems to be that it was a great debut box.
        5. You do receive a book showing everything that was sent out. There could be the feeling of being cheated because of not receiving something that was of interest.

        I would had ordered the year when they were offering the discount if they were willing to accommodate the no earring request. I know it sounds silly, but if I am paying that much for a box I expect to be able to use the items especially if they offer a preference section on their website and sent out boxes with no earrings!!!

        • That was a well thought out response. Thank you. It was quite helpful to me.

  3. Does anyone know when they usually ship? I am excited for my first box! Thanks.

    • The website says they start shipping on the 21st. I live in PA and received my boxes 10/25, 11/19 (shipped early to avoid Thanksgiving travel), and 12/17 (maybe because of the holidays or the box was ready to go??)

      It’s hard to wait!

      • Thank you PA Anna. That was very helpful. And, yes, it is hard to wait!

        • I went on their website today because I wanted to see if the box will arrive prior to a business conference I am attending at the end of the month. LLB states the box will be shipping between 1/23-1/26. I leave 1/25 🙁 I hope it comes before then.

          • I hope so, too! Where does the shipping originate? I have no experience with this box.

          • FL. 2 day shipping.

          • LOVE 2-day shipping! Thanks.

  4. If anyone is selling their December box, or just the planner for that matter please let me know 🙂

    • Hey Ashley I just responded to you saying my box was still available but it oohs like one of the original people that asked e-mailed me about it. Please email me also at [email protected] and if it falls through I will consider you next if that’s okay!

      • Thanks! Just sent you an email in case

    • Hi! I would be willing to sell my planner. Let me know what you were thinking at ameier23 at

  5. I love December box. Will use every single item. I love gold jewelry and pearls are so classic. I think you can wear pearls in every age. My soap smells great and I have never seen better planner.
    I didn’t expect another November. I have seen reviews of this box since they started and November was extraordinary. The value of December box is over $130 (without shipping ) and there is no filers or cheap items. Just four handpicked high quality items. More than enough for me.
    I also think you can write to them with your preferences (silver jewelry over gold, no earrings etc) and I think they will try to adjust…

  6. I will sell the whole Dec box if anyone is interested. This box is very hit or miss with me, loved the last one and won’t use anything in this one…. I find the age comment interesting also. They sent out the clutch which seems super young and then this month they sent out pearls which to me reads super old!

    • Erica,
      I’ll buy via PP if still available. Thanks.

    • I dont have a website an im new to this but i would love to buy the Dec box, email my name is Angelina let me know what u would like and if its not too expensive i will try my best.

  7. I was upset I missed out on signing up for the January box but after reading the comments here and on MUT by LLB I’m not too sad about it any longer. It seems way to Big Brother to me. As hard as it must be, business owners have to separate their personal feelings and treat this as any other business when someone has a complaint. Getting emotional and snarky (“oh boy”) antagonizes and alienates present and potential customers and is never a good idea.

  8. I just tried to get the LLB, but it said it was sold out…I checked the link for the yearly (vs. the monthly, which is what I tried first) and it was available. I’m confused on why they have a yearly subscription open for the box, but not the monthly?? Anyone else notice this?

    • The yearly fine print says it will start with next month’s box if the current month is sold out. Essentially you are purchasing February early to guarantee you get one, plus the next eleven months.

    • Meme,
      I too ran into this problem. I decided to bite the bullet and go for the whole year since it’s a 25% savings. When I got their confirmation email it said my subscription would start with the January box. I’m thinking maybe they hold some current month’s boxes back for annual subscribers. Not sure, just happy. 🙂

  9. So bummed this is already sold out. I was so excited about the theme. 🙁

  10. LLB works with new, upcoming designers and sometimes it is difficult for them to produce so many items. That’s why they have limited quantity of boxes and sell out so quickly. I am guessing they will open for new subscribtion every month, when some people don’t renew their month to month subscription

  11. Did anyone not get there dec box today. Mine is still showing in transit?

  12. I got an email confirming my new subscription. In the email, they ask for a reply so they can update ‘preferences’ in your profile. What kinds of things have subscribers put into their preferences? Being sort of new to this type of boxes, I am at a loss for ideas.

    • They are one of the few subs that asks for preferences. An example is no earrings. Another preference is if you are allergic to a scent or a metal. I think it is nice of them to be willing to do that.

  13. I’ve tried to buy this subscription twice now and haven’t been able to because December and January sold out so fast. I think if a box is sold out in 1 day then they should be making way more products then they are now.

  14. Little Lace Box, January is already sold out. So glad I did not wait to get it.

    I hope it is better then December box, I saw what was in it on online, I liked the November box sooo much better. Seemed more fun to me.

  15. Anyone feel like buying my January box from me? (39.99)

    I got my Erin Condren planner in yesterday and saw the spoilers for LLB minutes later. It would just make more sense for me at this point to sell the box to someone that missed out and really loves this one.

    • Correction: December box not January

      • Hey Barbie, I would be interested. What was in it?

        • You can see a review of it at Jennifer’s blog, Ramblingsofasuburbanmom . com for pics.

          It is gold/pearly pieces of jewelry, a beautiful day planner (wish I had held out longer on buying one cause I really do like it), and soap.

          The value is $137.00.

          • Thanks, I haven’t gotten mine yet, but not excited now. I don’t like gold jewelry at all or bars of soap. Can’t wait for January’s box!

    • I just looked at the pics…I would love the Dec box as I love pearls!

      • Michelle or LC- If you would like to buy it for the 39.99 via Paypal, let me know. Michelle expressed interest first so if I don’t hear from her, LC I would consider you next.


        • Hey Barbie,

          Thank you for letting me know where to find the pictures of what was in the box. While I love the pieces that were in there I will pass. If I bring home one more piece of jewelry, I think that my husband will kill me!!!

      • LC if you would like to buy the box, or anyone else for that matter but you’d get first dibs, my e-mail is [email protected]


        • Barbie, is this still available?

  16. I’d love to buy the January box, but it seems like its sold out already? Can someone fill us in on what’s up with the website?

  17. I saw someones Dec. box and it looked terrible! There was only 4 items and they included free shipping as the 5th item, that’s terrible. The nov box looked so good but after I saw the dec. box, I will not sub to this.

    • Did it look terrible b/c of the actual items included in the box or b/c there were only 4 items? I saw the box on IG. I’m not a fan of pearls, but I think it was really well curated.

      • It was terrible because they including the free shipping as a 5th item. It was literally on the description card along with all the other items.

        • oh wow, well that’s new lol…

          I was going to subscribe finally but everyone is saying its sold out. My co worker talks about Downton Abbey ALL the time. While she hasn’t convinced me to see what all the fuss is about, I was thinking about getting a box for her.

          • I didn’t read into that as it was a 5th item, they were just noting it…. I got the box and I thought it was really nice. I’m one for quality over quantity and I don’t care if I got 4 or 5 physical items, the overall value is still there.

          • Lisa, I agree. I don’t think it was a fifth item. They have been doing that since I first subscribed. I think they want you to know that they ship it out using priority mail so that it gets to you in 2 or 3 days, and that cost a lot of money. I have other subs that take a full 7 days to get to me (if they get to me). I live in a very rural area.

        • The free shipping is not the 5th item. That comment about free shipping has always been on the card at least since I been a subscriber (October). You are welcome to look back at the other comments in past posts to see my comments about the free shipping. They do include it in the value, rightly so IMO, because it is something that you are receiving. I have no problems with this because it takes most subs 8-10 days to reach me.

          • It very much comes across as being a box item. I don’t need to be reminded every month, or any month, how much a sub spends on shipping me my full price box. If it’s an expense problem for the business, then I’d rather just pay for the shipping separately than have the value deducted from my box contents. If that is happening, then it needs to be disclosed BEFORE people click “subscribe.” To not disclose it would be dishonest and could be legally tantamount to failing to disclose a mandatory sales term (depending on applicable state law of course; I’m only licensed in 3 states and can’t speak for the other 47). As a practical matter and a point of general professionalism, subscribers don’t need to see how the sausage is made, so to speak, to enjoy and appreciate it.

          • LOVE your reply Erin!

          • Erin – I know emails are subjective and tones can’t be heard. I’m truly curious. Is there a difference between it being in addition to the value of the box compare to it being the value deducted from the box? If their accounting is showing it as COGS does that make it different than a mandatory sales term? I don’t know how LLB does it. I am curious because I am 🙂 I know that the standard sub model is to write it as a COGS, but we seen subs discuss how much boxes and packaging cost before which is another COGS although I haven’t seen those costs being listed on a card.

            I’m still appreciative of the 2-day shipping.

          • Erin – Also, I don’t think I’ve seen you post on the Oui Please thread. That sub has some off-the-wall terms & privacy agreement. I pointed it out a few times on the original thread. I’ll be curious what you think of them if you ever have time.

          • I should add that OuiPLease stated in an email that they are a French Discovery Service. Keep that in mind when reading those terms.

  18. Oh no, double post – so sorry!

  19. I think what has scared me the most about reading this thread is that it doesn’t look like my current addiction to all things boxes will get better as I get older, looks like I am hooked for life. 🙂

  20. Anyone else having trouble actually purchasing this? I keep receiving this error: “Sorry, we do not have enough “Monthly Little Lace Box Subscription” in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 10080 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” 🙁

  21. I’m hoping someone can help me out – I’m trying to sign up starting with January. I click “learn more’ under the January box description, sign on to secure server then it shows my cart with the December Box saying “sorry, we do not have enough boxes to fulfill your order. I don’t want to start with December – I want January! LBB peeps, please help!!

  22. Please, is anyone else having a hard time signing up for January? I’ve tried several times using the ” click for more info ” under the description of the Jan box. It takes me to the checkout than shoes a pic of the Dec box and says “I’m sorry, we do not have enough boxes in stock to fufill your order now”
    Clearly it thinks I want the Dec box, I’m stuck! HELP LLB people!

  23. Dec. was my third box, and my least favorite. None of the items in the box I will use. LOVED October and November though!

  24. But if they remove the disclaimer now, don’t you think the North Koreans have won?

    • bwahahahaha

  25. Here’s the customer service thing…..if you use language that excludes anyone ( by age, taste etc) then people are going to feel…..excluded. And that’s not a good feeling, and not a successful business practice. Words can’t convey tone and people can take what you write, a whole lot of different ways. Anyone with half a brain (young, old whatever) will be reading your reviews/spoilers etc and making a decision based on what they see and read, and not based on disclaimers.
    Congrats on such a successful business at such a young age!!!

  26. I was super disappointed in the box. I am in that age range and nothing in the box appealed to me. The daily planner is not something that most people would use, everyone has phones and does everything on their phone now days. If they are targeting a younger group that group would especially use their phones and not a paper daily planner. I will be re- gifting all of my items and cancelling the subscription. Not for me!

  27. I’m a subscriber who’s definitely not a twenty something anymore, and I never took offense at the age disclaimer (I always thought, “Awesome, I must be young at heart.”), but I do agree that there are probably more elegant and inclusive ways of making the point about your taste and who it might appeal to. Plus, now that there are tons of reviews of your past boxes online, subscribers can get an idea about your aesthetic without spoiling the box they might receive as a new subscriber. BTW, I loved December (not every month can be as crazy awesome as November, but December was sweet and solid and I will use everything!). Super excited about the January theme! Keep on rocking it, LLB!

  28. Could not resist. Trying it out with this code. Thanks!

  29. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the “disclaimer” – It wasn’t meant to alienate anyone, and it wasn’t rude. It was obvious that they must have received some complaints about their boxes, and wanted to explain why their boxes may not be a fit for everyone. They didn’t say people outside of that age range can’t join, or wouldn’t like it – they just said it was a possibility, which it is. Anyone who took such offense is probably outside of their target demographic as well.

    • Oh boy…

      • Snarky comments say a lot about an individual and the company they represent….especially to potential customers.

    • I am outside their target demographic (apparently) AND I am not offended AND I love LLB and support them AND I think they are savvy enough at marketing to find a way to retool that disclaimer so that fabulous, chic women of all ages will know what to expect from the box AND still feel welcome and included.

    • Did I miss something?? I don’t read anything about excluding ages or excluding anyone. I can’t wait for January’s box, I love vintage things and miss the elegance of yesteryear. It sounds like an awesome box, I’m in my late 20’s and definitely have more money to spend than I did in my early 20’s, especially for things like subscription boxes.

    • A better way of handling this type of complaint would be to encourage the customer to be open about trying new things at any age, and to suggest new ways of styling the items that the customer may not have thought of. If all else fails, let the customer know that they realize not every trend will fit every person, they’ll keep the feedback in mind, and that they hope that with fresh offerings each month, the customer will find something that resonates with them.

      Privately, they can analyze why they’re attracting so many customers outside their intended demographic. Is it the pricepoint, the box contents, the marketing? They may need to fine-tune their message to appeal more to a younger audience. The important point is that attracting the ‘wrong’ audience is not the customers’ fault.

      It would be in their best interest to get someone on staff who really understands marketing. They’ve proven they can sell out boxes; now they just have to make sure they’re selling them to the right people. They have loads of potential, they’re off to a great start, and when they work out these issues, they’ll be even better.

    • Brooke, this was definitely not meant as a snarky comment, and I hope you didn’t take it as such. I was reading your post and agreed with everything , until I got to, ” Anyone who took such offense is probably outside of their target demographic as well.” And that’s when I sank in my seat. I was going to say, “thank you, but this is not helping me,” as a joke reply, but I didn’t think you would sense the correct tonality in my comment. So I decided on “oh, boy…” because I felt it was innocuous and funny. It is definitely not easy to convey tone and humor. Not to mention, this is a tough crowd, so I will keep my sense of humor to myself. Sorry Brooke! Have a great day!

    • Brooke, I agree with you. I don’t think it is bad for a company to have an age disclaimer on things like this. It just simply makes the consumer aware.
      It isn’t like they were restricting others from purchasing it..
      I mean.. all kinds of board games have age disclaimers as well..
      With any product there are going to be target audiences/consumers.. that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t enjoy it as well.

      Just my thoughts.

  30. I will be 42 next month, I am not the target audience for many of the lifestyle boxes (most actually) but I love them and if an item happens to be just too “trendy” for me my 23 yr old daughter is more than happy to take it off my hands.

    As someone who’s subscribes to over 15 boxes every month I am still a target audience I would think since I spend in excess of $350 a month on subs…. You average 20 yr old typically does not have that kind of extra income …. But us older ladies, we have the disposable income 🙂

    • As a 21 year old full time university student, you bet your bottom dollar I don’t have that income lol. This box looks amazing but at $40 a month I’m holding out 🙁 just too hard right now. Which sucks because DOWNTON is my favorite show ever!!!!

    • Preach Kimberlee! 40-something disposable income FTW! 😉 I could never have afforded my sub box habit in my 20’s or even early 30’s.

      • It does make a difference. Also PopSugar used to have the same disclaimer up. I remember that when I bought my first box and was surprised to read that.

  31. I just received my first LLB yesterday. I honestly don’t enjoy any of the curated items this month. I have no use of them. I had to put all on the swap and decided to keep the cheapest item (soap) since I need to shower everyday and will eventually use it…
    Hope I will like the January box more.

  32. I never saw any age disclaimer, but if I had it would have been kinda odd to me too. I’m 46 (but feel 26) and I loved my LLB for December! I looked at the previous boxes and decided that this might be a subscription for me. What the heck does age have to do with it?? It’s almost insulting to think that a certain age demographic might be “excluded” from a sub box for gosh sakes! Tastes and styles are different with everyone.

  33. I got my December box (first LLB for me) yesterday. It was really fun to unbox something completely spoiler-free. I LOVED the contents of the December box. I will use all of the items, and it was a delightful surprise. A couple of the things were not something I would have picked out for myself necessarily, but it was like receiving a thoughtful gift from a friend … and the thoughtfulness and specialness of it makes me want to try it out. (And now that I have I’m super thrilled about all of the items!) Cannot wait for the Dining Car box in January. Yay!

    • …and FWIW, I’m 33.

      I didn’t find the disclaimer offensive at all, but I did find it a bit strange because this box has less to do with age and more to do with personal taste and a willingness to receive something new, less mainstream, etc.

      • That might be because you fall inside the “target range.” 😉 for those who don’t, it’s off putting. If folks don’t like the fact there’s an age based disclaimer, it doesn’t mean they’re being overly sensitive. But if subs want to drive away business from those with more significant disposable income, appearing to exclude those over 35 is a great way to go about it. I don’t think women over 35 like to be reminded by any business that they’re getting older. It’s just unnecessary. And guaranteed to create avoidable controversy. Like this.

        • This. Exactly. I am not offended per se. I just feel very young and I like very trendy/edgy stuff. Saying that those things are mostly appreciated by younger people and reminding me I’m getting old is off putting to me. I am 37 Not 94. Just because I’m close to 40 doesn’t mean I stop caring about fashion and liking trends. Plus even my 94 yr old grandmother loves the items in these boxes, more so than me.
          Looking at some of their passed boxes, they do not look like they are targeted towards younger people. I would have NEVER liked those things in my 20s. My sister (who is 25) said the boxes look like they are targeting older women in their 40s or so. They aren’t trendy like popsugar or fabfitfun are, which I like MUCH better! 🙂

  34. The age disclaimer is odd. I’m 32 and LLB doesn’t appeal to me. I think boxes are better suited to personality types than age ranges, myself.

    • It’s not really my kind of box, either, but I’m 37 so I guess I’m outside the range. (Whatever. I don’t think I would really have been into it five years ago, either. But that’s just me.) I agree completely about personality types versus age ranges.

    • I’m 72. I just felt warm inside as I opened my November/Christmas box. It is not an “age” thing, for sure.

  35. I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to make anybody upset with us. The reality is that we curate based on our taste, and we are all under the age of 26, so it makes sense that we will curate boxes that are not going to be a perfect fit for everyone. Our biggest complaints come from people outside our target demo of 20 to 35. We put that info on our site, because we felt it might be necessary to remind people who we are, since we NEVER do spoilers and aside from announcing the theme, we never tell anyone, outside of a handful of people who work with us, what is going to be in the next box.

    LLB was meant to be a surprise you would buy for yourself (which removes spoilers from the equation), and a lot of our subscribers feel like a sister in another state sent them this box. That’s exactly what we wanted it to be like. In October we picked a tribal print clutch for the holiday season. We knew we were taking a chance with tribal print, but holiday parties require a statement piece and that is what we picked out. Our mom, who is 50, hated that clutch, but we all knew it was the right clutch, so we ignored our mom (not the first time that has happened) and kept it in the box. It was a hit, and our subscriber base doubled in one month (which led to a whole host of other problems like selling out too quickly).

    We also believe in value vs. “Stuff” The December box was worth $130 (without the shipping), so we only had four items in this box (four full-size items). If people are just looking for “stuff” we are not going to be a good fit for them either. We don’t take anyone’s comments to be personal attacks on us. This is business and we understand. I hope that no one took our “disclaimer” as anything personal. If so, we are truly sorry. Losing a customer is something that happens, but hurting people’s feelings is unacceptable, and we are sorry if we did that to anyone.

    • I love your boxes, keep up the good work!

      • 🙂

    • Ladies, the boxes are FABULOUS keep up the great work!! There is nothing wrong with defining your target demographic; its not offensive its marketing. Can’t wait for the Downton box!

      • 🙂

    • My mother’s nearly 70 and would totally rock that clutch. It’s good to know your target age demographic, but you may want to be a little careful about alienating people right on the sales page.

      There are more professional ways of getting the point across. You could say that you send bold, trendy items for women who aren’t afraid to stand out and try new things. Or that you send a mix of modern classics and cutting edge styles. Make it a positive statement that reinforces your brand.

      • Well said! Thank you

    • Does anyone else find it a little creepy or offputting when reps from the box (or individual vendors represented in a box, like one of the Petit Vour vendors a few months ago) respond here on MSA?

      It totally changes the tone of the forum, and not in a good way IMO.

      • For me, it depends. Mike from Wantable seems legitimately interested in helping people with customer service issues. Bianca Jade’s contributions to the Quarterly threads are OK with me, too — like she cares what we think and wants to make her boxes even better based on feedback given here.

        But I have definitely seen some that were off-putting, as well (can’t think of any good examples at the moment). I’m not sure where the responses from LLB in this thread fall for me, I guess I’m neutral at this point.

      • I don’t think it at all creepy, I think it shows that they care about their and business and what people think….if people are satisfied..etc…I respect reps that reach out like this!

        • Agreed.

      • I think responding on the forum is okay. A few months ago I wrote a less-than-favorable comment about Hazel Lane who then got my personal email from Liz and told me they were going to send me a “free goodie” in my next box. No free goodie was ever sent. I think it’s creepy that your personal email can be given to vendors just because they’re vendors and they want you to stop voicing your opinions.

        • Hi Crystal,

          I would never give any company or anyone someone’s personal email address without first checking with that person to get permission. Did they tell you they got your email address from me? I will follow up with them. The only other thing I could think of is that they were able to look you up by first name?

          Anyway – sorry about that, and I promise I never share email info!

          • Hi Liz,

            Sam and Ash specifically referenced my comment on YOUR site in their original email to me so I thought giving them access to your commenters was something that you regularly did. It made me very uncomfortable. (I had made a comment that the temporary tattoos they included in a box I had purchased as being too young for me and an odd pick for a pricier box and they emailed saying they’d make it up to me with a freebie and that even Beyonce wears temp tattoos. If I was Beyoncé I’d wear temporary tattoos too and then I’d have them gently rubbed off by my personal masseuse that flies with me wherever I travel, because I’d be Beyonce!) I’m happy to hear it isn’t a practice of yours and I’m happy that I no longer do business with them.

        • I’m fine with sub owners/reps responding on the blog. I’m also coming from a point of view of a business owner (not a sub box business owner) and can see how blogs can drive business to a sub and take away business if perceptions are not corrected. I don’t know what the happy medium is for that or if there should even be one. I’ve been reading a book about how review sites can impact businesses and it’s interesting.

          I had a couple email me privately. Nothing weird. Sometimes they’ll write on the card thank you for the comments which I think it is nice because they are reading and hopefully using feedback from everyone on the blogs to benefit their subscribers.

          • How do they associate your screen name here with your subscription in order to do that? That seems a little Big Brotherish to me.

          • Maybe it’s because I ordered from Gilt and said so in my post? My original comment is the one at the top.

            Here is their email (that they initiated apparently based on my comment) to me (and no treat was ever received):
            Hi Crystal,

            We are so excited to take you on a 3 month journey through some of our favorite cities! I wanted to write you a personal email to say “Thank You” for choosing Hazel Lane and to also let you know that you can always email us if you have any questions, concerns or just want to say “Hi”! I saw on My Subscription Addiction, that you were slightly hesitant about receiving the Flash Tattoos ;). We completely understand that our members all have their own unique likes and dislikes and that some of our products might not fit everyones needs. We would love however, for you to give them a try ;). Sam and I are both in our 30’s, I’m a mom and believe me, I’m not prancing around my sons preschool bedazzled like Beyonce (which in fact she does wear Flash Tats) in Flash Tattoos every day…ha 😉 But…they are so unbelievable versatile it is actually surprising! Check out their instagram to get some ideas on how and where to use them. A small gold feather on the inside of your fore arm, on your ear lobes to mimic earrings, on your ankle. Just adds a little bit of gold sparkle to your day and fun while the summer is still here in beautiful Nor Cal (our home base too ;).

            At the end of the month we are featuring Charleston SC, and good old-fashioned “Southern Charm” is the overall theme. We love to switch up the items from month to month and let our members see how different each city can feel. We hope you enjoy the Austin box (shipping soon from our warehouse in Sac) and continue to discover new amazing items from cities around this gorgeous country.

            We would also like to include a little bonus gift this month for you…. Its a little special something we had one of our Austin partners make up for us. We usually don’t send out bonus gifts but we wanted to let you know that we do care about our members and want you to have a positive experience with Hazel Lane 🙂

            Let us know if you have any other questions and we look forward to you receiving your amazing city swag!

            With Love,
            Ashley and Sam

          • Crystal – I can see why that email bothered you. It would bother me too and creep me out a little bit. I never had anyone respond to me like that. Also I hate tattoos. I remember seeing that review and being glad I did not order the Gilt special.

            Erin – That’s creepy too. I never had anyone seek me out on a negative comment. That’s crossing the line.

            Cindy – IMO, I think it is easier to find me in the system because there might not be many Annas in PA subscribing. My experiences have never been creepy or offputting.

      • I find it creepy, very much so.

        • Speaking as someone who has been contacted directly by a sub box regarding a comment I made here, I find it grossly inappropriate when those kinds of interactions occur. If I wish to be contacted by a business, I’ll make that known to them directly, not on a separate blog. Hunting me down to argue with me is a sure way to guarantee I am a one month subscriber, if that. Also when subs are known to interact on blogs re reviews it absolutely has a chilling effect on honest feedback, to avoid “offending” the business. Truthfully, if you’re a legit business you won’t take feedback personally then throw a hissy fit about it via social media. On the subject of the age disclaimer, I find it unnecessary and more likely to drive away customers who can afford long tee, subscriptions. Tact or none, it just isn’t necessary. Period. Or in this case even accurate/relevant based on the numerous comments here from “non target age” customers. It’s great if you love a sub but those who have feedback have an equal right to voice their opinions. However, if feedback isn’t really wanted, such as would be indicated by defensive or unprofessional responses on outside sites like this, then there’s no point in wasting time providing an opinion in hopes of improving the next month. At least that’s how this 38 year old feels about it. And to any subs reading this comment, please, do NOT contact me directly via personal email. It’s unwelcome and to me inappropriate if I didn’t initiate the interaction.

          • OK, so it’s not just me thinking it’s weird!

            Like a few others, I was very interested in this box, but the weird interactions on social media and that age disclaimer turned me right off. I’m in my late 30s and am finally enjoying the disposable income I never had when I was in my 20s. If someone had asked me the age range of this box before last week, I would have said 30-70.

            And I was thinking last night: I think it’s great that Liz comments in threads here on MSA about her own subscription box. This is her forum and I find her engagement very reassuring: she’s standing behind her brand, building relationships, providing customer service. If she showed up and commented on MUT or another forum (and I doubt she would do that in a million-billion years because she’s so professional), it would feel out of place.

            These subscription boxes… They’re not just a consumer product. The curation and collection of them is such a personal and subjective thing that it feels like a line is crossed. It’s almost like authors responding to Amazon or Goodreads reviews. (See Margo Howard, Emily Giffin, Kathleen Hale, etc.)

            While it’s great LLB and the other services read these forums (and they should make a point to regularly — this is an amazing community), I’m appalled that services would use this forum as a customer service vehicle, and even worse, contact subscribers based on comments made here.

      • The LLB comments are totally making me hate this box and I almost subscribed. I am in their target audience and am not impressed. Seriously bad business to put things like “oh boy…” in the comments from your company. Go to bed and sleep on it, LLB.

        • ^^^^ This, exactly. It comes across as being unprofessional and not terribly mature.

        • You should see some of the emails I have received from them. Talk about WEIRD! They really turned me off from wanting to deal with this company anymore. I got one box and now I am strongly considering cancelling the next.

          • Please let me know if you cancel. I’m on their waiting list and I want to contact them to see if they will let me have your spot.

        • Batsy, I just saw a reply to the “oh boy” comment, that Ioriginally thought was a little off putting as well.. but if you read what they say, it says they agreed with what she was saying and the oh boy was supposed to be humorous, because it was then they realized they had messed up their original messaging. so the “oh boy..” was more like, “oh no..” Everyone seems to be attacking this company.. and I personally loved my box and I really enjoy what theses women are doing. This seems like an important lesson for everyone, that tone’s cannot be heard via the internet. Hope that helps clear it up a little, that’s just what I’ve gathered from this.

    • Well I absolutely adored this (my 1st) box from you. I’m the type of OCD that likes writing everything out by hand and physically crossing off my to-do list. This organization helps clear my mind and fits in with start a fresh new year. The other items are so beautiful and will make a perfect gift for a dear friend this holiday. I can’t wait to see what you deliver for January!

    • I think its fine to market your box the way you want it (after all you are the creator!). It seems that people get offended so easily these days if its not politics, its religion, its age, its race. Why can’t we all get along and enjoy! These boxes are our choice to buy so don’t buy it if you don’t want it but lets be nice and not complain.

      • Exactly! Some of those comments make me want to say “oh, boy” as well!

        • Yes, but you aren’t the curator of the box in question which makes a huge difference in the way people react to your comments.

    • I am impressed and am delighted that such thought and care goes into each box and that you are a close family. That warms my heart. I am 58 and look forward to the Little Lace Box as I think you deliver on your mission of “receiving a gift”. There are no age limitations on elegant, classic items. I will use everything in this box. Thank you and keep up the good work. I can hardly wait for the January item.

    • I am technically out of their demographic and I didn’t find the disclaimer offensive at all!! I understood why it was done and what they were trying to convey…..I think some people look for reasons to complain these days and get “upset” WAY to easily!!

    • The Dec box is my first box and I love it. Especially the planner. I do am disappointed that it is undated, since the undated version removes a lot of features from the dated one, like tabs, monthly views etc. I like it so much that I bought the dated version, which is only available at one retailer online, one print only too. Thanks. P.S. I am in my 40s!

  36. Liz: Thank you for the mention.

    Signed up for this box immediately since I missed out getting the December box. Looking forward to the January box. Based on the reviews, this box looks like it has a great variety to it, and the values are good.

  37. I agree. I actually emailed them and suggested they rephrase. I just turned 41 and love their boxes. I got my December box yesterday and LOVE it!!!!!!! Did not like thinking I was “too old” to be in the target demographic for the box.

  38. Eh. I’m ok with the age range being there. I think it’s done pretty tactfully as these things go. I don’t think they’ve got the age range correct though- it should at least go up to 40. At least.

  39. OK, that disclaimer is really weird (and as you said, a little offputting). I’m 50 and I absolutely LOVED their November box.

  40. I just received my Dec. box and I love, love, love it!!!

    • And I’m 41 😉

      • Lol, I didn’t care for the Dec box at all! (I’m 31!)

  41. Note: mysubscriptionaddiction10 is still working to get $10 off your first month!

  42. Is that disclaimer new on the website about the age range? Haven’t noticed it before. Can’t wait to see what their December box looks like, I love this box!

    • It’s new. My sister pointed out to me that I am beyond the age for Little Lace Box. Same with PopSugar. What can I say? I am young at heart 🙂

      I’m in my 40s and enjoy their boxes. I love every box that I received – October, November, and December. It was the review on September’s box that sold it to me.

      • ha, ha, me too! I received my December box yesterday and loved everything in it. This one continues to be one of my favorites!

    • I find that age disclaimer really off putting. It’s more about a woman’s interest and style, not their age as to whether or not this box would appeal to them. I also find it odd because I’m 38 and I always thought their boxes were something that would appeal more to my mom or grandma. Their themes/items don’t typically scream youthful or hip to me. But my style is more edgy/punk rock.
      I think they are better off letting women judge for themselves if this box is for them by looking at the previous boxes.

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