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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition for Her Spoiler

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For Her Spoiler

We have a spoiler for the POPSUGAR Special Edition Must Have Holiday Box for Her! Each box will include:


A Turkish-T Diamond Throw! This one is designed exclusively by POPSUGAR, but assuming it’s similar to the ones on Turkish-T’s site, then the value is about $78!

What do you think of the spoiler? I’m a fan!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. does anyone know when this box will ship?

    • Their website FAQs indicates a ship date of this Friday, December 5. Considering however that I haven’t even received my November box yet , I am not holding my breath! 🙂

  2. Kim – I regularly win products from the allure monthly giveaway and never receive a consent request via email. BUT I’m pretty sure it’s in their terms and conditions as part of my online entry.

  3. Love this throw! I’m sending the Nina Garcia box back and ordering this one. The spoiler alone makes up for the horrible Nina box.

    • I would order this but am still waiting for one of my November boxes I ordered. I ordered 2 of them, one under a different email (for a gift) which I have done in the past with them. Sent 2 emails asking an ETA since they charged my card for it a few weeks ago. I have not heard back and I sent the email about 10 days ago. When I receive that box I will likely sign up for this one too. I ordered and Loved the Fall Box so I hope they send my Nov box and respond to me email as I am gifting it. PSMH is one of the 4 boxes I plan on sticking with for a long time if they start responding to my emails.

  4. Liz – I’m not sure where to post this and perhaps there should be a separate discussion group addressing this, but I am SHOCKED and alarmed by the release I received last night from PopSugar regarding the ‘grand prize’ of $15 that I (and many other MSA followers, I believe) supposedly won. In order to claim this $15 ‘grand prize’, Sarah at PopSugar indicated that I would need to sign a release which would be sent separately. I thought that a bit odd, but waited to see what exactly I was ‘releasing’ before making a decision.

    Well, for $15 PopSugar is requiring each ‘winner’ to release all rights to “the unrestricted, absolute, perpetual, worldwide right and license to use my name, address, photograph, likeness, voice, biographical and personal background information, statements, and Competition entry, and, without limitation, any notes, photograph, film, or video or audio tape that may be taken of me or of such materials (the foregoing, collectively, the “Content”), without further compensation, consideration, or notice or permission to me or to any third party, and to reproduce, copy, modify, create derivative works of, display, perform, exhibit, distribute, transmit or broadcast, publicly or otherwise, or otherwise use and permit to be used the Content or any part thereof, whether alone or in combination with other materials (including but not limited to text, data, images, photographs, illustrations, and graphics, video or audio segments of any nature), in any media or embodiment now known or hereafter developed (including but not limited to any format of any computer-based, Internet-based, electronic, magnetic, digital, laser or optical-based media), in connection with any Sponsor (or its designee)’s advertising, publicity, trade, competitions, activities, or materials.” WOW!!! I certainly hope everyone who received this release is actually reading it before signing away the rights to all of this for $15!! What is more, I’m surprised and disappointed in PopSugar for attempting to do this in the first place. It makes me seriously question what type of company they are, and whether I should even be doing business with them in the first place.

    I’m very interested to know what other people think about this.

    • I think that’s sort of standard. I think the intent is so they can give a shoutout on facebook or other media saying that you won the prize i.e. “Congrats to So-and-So from Wherever on winning this prize!”

      That being said, PopSugar has been so dicey lately, I put nothing past them.

    • I have own money/stuff before and never had to sign anything like that. That is INSANE and would never sign that for any amount of money. Especially because I am an artist and with that wording I worry they could use that to steal and use my creative work an designs for their own profit without paying me and giving me credit.

      • * I have WON money, is what I meant.

    • I have won things previously as well of much higher value than $15, and I have never been required to sign a release. I would understand being required to sign some sort of release if the prize was $1,500, but for $15? It may very well be so PopSugar can post the winners’ names and photos, but what they are asking winners to release is far more than that.

      • Yikes I thought this was standard when you win things. I dont mind them releasing a winners name but now im a tad concerned. Anyone with insight to this on a higher level?

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this was ridiculous for a $15 prize. I don’t think I’ll be signing. They just seem to be wanting way too much for this little prize!

  5. I caved…uugghh! And I’m still waiting on my November box, which makes me feel a bit foolish, but I’m hoping that it’s worth it based on the throw spoiler! I didn’t get my October box until November…feeling even more foolish, but this will be my deciding factor on whether I stay with PSMH or cancel. We shall see!! 😉 I also ordered the MSA box, so even though I live in Hawaii, I will stay warm(er) with all of the throws! Ha!

  6. Why is there so often a throw as a spoiler? Borrring…. There are plenty of cute and comfy throws & blankets at Target for cheaper or at Kohls that I can stack coupons to get. I mean really? I guarantee they’d have all their boxes sold out if they put in another palette like they had way back when. (It feels so long ago now).

    • I agree with the palette comment- the Too Faced one that they sent out last April (I believe) has been my favorite Popsugar item so far. I use it all the time. I’d be willing to pony up (even if there weren’t coupon codes) if the box had another palette.

  7. This isn’t doing anything for me. I was hoping the spoiler would be jewelry or a makeup palette. Plus, I’m still waiting on the items that were missing from my NM box, so…no.

    • Update — I have received the items that were missing from my NM box –the Chantecaille & Lancer items — so PS is working their way back into my good graces.

  8. so I caved and bought this box, I love throws and can’t wait to try this one out along with the one from MSA box.

    Even tho popsugar has had quite a few issues. I received a few damaged items in my NM box and after several emails & FB messages they informed me they will be replacing them. So I figure I’ll give them one more shot. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the curation of NM box the value was there and my father loved the Candle…. mine arrived smashed so I’m waiting on a new one. It will make a great gift for him.

    Any Idea when a spoiler for Holiday Mens box will come out. I might grab one for him if the spoiler is great. If they reveal more items in the Womens box I might grab another one for a gift.

  9. It just seems so predictable that they would do a throw for this box, after all the drama around the NM box. On one hand, I’m happy they are listening to customers. On the other hand, this kind of makes me roll my eyes. I’m REALLY looking forward to the MSA box and the blanket, and I’m just not terribly intrigued by this box, as it seems less like thoughtful curation and more like pandering to the disgruntled masses. I will skip it for sure.

  10. I have to say, I much prefer the Faribault MSA02 throw! I have a Faribault throw that I bought at a flea market and even as vintage….soft, strong and last forever. and Made In the USA!!!!

  11. I went to the website, as I didn’t know the price of this box. A suggestion to list prices. 🙂 I don’t think I can do it for $100. That’s a lot, especially since I want to be able to give gifts this holiday season. But the Turkish towel is gorgeous. Huge fan! I am not sure what the rest of the box is going to consist of so I couldn’t risk it. Plus I have family and friends to buy for. I am so broke right now so this is going to be a hard holiday. But I love the Turkish towel and if you can do it, looks like a great spoiler so far. 🙂

  12. I’m happy for those that are excited about the throw. I will need another spoiler to be convinced. Now if there is a men’s spoiler and it was something that my husband likes I would purchase it.

  13. I think the throw is really cute but it will now be the third Turkish towel item in a popsugar box. They know other companies make cotton towel/blanket products right? I prefer my blankets big, fluff and cozy so I am much more excited about the one coming in the MSA box. But I do think that it looks like it will be coming in this color only bc otherwise they usually put a note that says color may vary. Still not enough to get me to buy, and this will be the first LE I have missed.

  14. I actually have a lot of Turkish T (12 of them in 3 different styles) towels and some are suggested on the site that they could also be used as throws. I love the quality but for me personally, I’d rather just wait for a Turkish T sale and buy exactly what I want. Unless they release another spoiler that I HAVE to have, I think this will be the first PSMH box I won’t order.

  15. I caved. Darn it!

    There better NOT be any sort of clutch, bag, makeup case or anything with a zipper!

    • I did too! I’ll be so mad if I get another blue clutch.

  16. Well…I caved! I love the spoiler and can’t wait to see the rest of what’s inside my Christmas present to myself! So glad I know I’ll be getting two awesome throws next month….I’m also getting the MSA box and can’t wait, it’s gonna be hard for Liz to beat the first masterpiece she put together ( I loved everything!!) but I know she can do it!! Well, hope everyone has a Happy Turkey day as I probably won’t be commenting again until after thanksgiving! Thanks for all you do Liz!!

  17. I don’t much care for the color of this throw. So, it’s a meh spoiler for me. I’m done with them for the forseeable future thanks to their crummy shipping and abysmal customer service. I’ll enjoy my November Box and continue to subscribe to FFF. I like that stuff better anyhow.

  18. I am not impressed by the throw. It’s 100% cotton and does not look very thick or heavy in the photos on the website, nor does it look wintery to me. I would not want any of the bright colors either. I also don’t think a 100% cotton throw is very luxurious. I would much rather have a plush, faux fur one or a soft wool one-and one in more of a dark, autumn, rich color. These just look so summery to me. As someone posted above, I could go to Marshalls or TJ Max and get a very nice designer type throw and just what I want for around $40.

    • Veering a bit off topic, but for those who like warm, plush throws I wanted to mention that Costco has the most amazing “ultimate faux sherpa throw” blanket in right now. It is a plush cream sherpa on one side and a microsherpa (I think that’s what they called it) on the reverse in a solid color or a tone on tone pattern (variety of colors offered). It’s less than $20 and it is the softest, coziest, warmest blanket I’ve ever found and it washes up beautifully. We loved it so much after buying one for my son’s bed that we went back and bought one for each of my girls, and one for my husband, one for me, one for the family room couch (we all sleep with out personal ones-they’re quite generous in size). Then my parents saw it and bought two (they’re currently contemplating a third) as well as one for each of my siblings’ families. It’s really that great a throw blanket for winter (IMO). My kids drag theirs around the house with them everywhere they go to cuddle up in.

      • My husband just bought me that as a surprise present – I throw it in the dryer almost every night, LOVE IT!

  19. This looks gorgeous! I’m excited for this box now.

  20. I’m torn. What to do? Oh the struggle! If only I didn’t love – hate popsugar right now.

  21. I’m also in the “done” with popsugar group. Yes throws this time of year are great, but the popsugar customer service is just garbage. I canceled my sub with them in October and got the confirmation email saying it was canceled and I was still billed this month and a box shipped. Tried to email customer service and haven’t heard anything back from them.

    • Yep I also got the confirmation email and still received the November box. Also, going on 2 weeks with no response from their customer service 🙁

  22. I would consider buying this box if I wasn’t so frustrated with Popsugar. Still waiting on this months box to ship! I would rather spend my money with a company that has better customer service and ships on time.

  23. I have never purchased a special box but I always love my monthly boxes so I am going for it. So excited for this throw!

  24. I could go both ways on this one. I actually really love the throw, but only in that soft gray color! If I got one of the bright colors it wouldn’t match my decor and would need to be gifted. Can’t make up my mind whether I’m ordering or not, so I’d love to see another spoiler.

    It just feels so self-indulgent to purchase this around the holidays when I have others to buy for, but if received in time, I’m sure there would be some great presents in the box.

    • Oh no, is it coming in other colors? If so, then I’m going to be so upset if I don’t get the grey. Thats the reason I ordered is the color. LOL

  25. Still a no for me – I’m WAY more excited/interested in the blanket in MSA Quarterly. Thanks Liz!

    • UGH, why would you put what the MSA spoiler here?? Since I’m getting that box, I’m staying away from that spoiler thread. How frustrating!!!!! I like be surprised by my subscription boxes. Everyone should keep their spoiler comments in that thread!

  26. I just ordered it. I was going to anyways, but after the Neiman Marcus fiasco, I thought I might as well play safe with a spoiler. I love the fall box. I would have never bought that color lipstick, but looks good on me,and I am fair. I love everything in the NM box except the color of the clutch.

  27. I’d rather go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, ugh… The throw looks really nice, but I’m over Popsugar right now.

  28. I still feel the burn from the NM box and I don’t think that I will jump on this just yet….I need another spoiler before I commit to giving PS any more of my money.

  29. Hmmmm… Could be nice, hard to say. The blankets you linked to are actual blankets (82 x 98) and the spoiler calls this a throw…. So I’m assuming it’s smaller and of less value?

    It also doesn’t look overly soft, but again it’s hard to say. I think I will not bite on this….

  30. This throw looks great. I like this spoiler a lot.

  31. I don’t even like Popsugar, still haven’t received my November box, and was trying not to order a limited edition as they’ve been so awful. But this spoiler is making me very weak, I’d love a throw, but I’m already getting one in your MSA box.

    • I havent received my November box either although it has shipped. Which is annoying considering I cancelled my subscription on November 7 after getting a run around with the October box with the $10 off deal and the kendra Scott necklace. So never received that. And then saw I was charged regular price for November with no deal or free gift which I had ready cancelled!
      This company is horrendous, I have never had customer service this bad, ever. And I’m so disappointed because I was really excited to start this subscription. Sorry to vent…the throw actually looks wonderful but there is no way I would be buying from this company again, on principal.

      • I had a similar issue – I cancelled but still received and was charged for the October box. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and the charge was immediately removed.

  32. Love the throw and glad I got the box anywho! Can’t wait!

  33. I can’t help but think this looks like a Turkish towel by another name. It’s very pretty, but with a value of $78, that means they’d have to offer me another $22 of items I love just to break even. I’m just not sure that’s going to happen. Also, their shipping is so miserable right now that while I’m tempted to send one as a gift, I’m not sure I trust them to get it there by the start or end of Chanukah.

  34. Bought it the day it came out. I have a feeling that they will be selling out fast now. This is wonderful. Cant wait to get it.

  35. Praise Popsugar that it’s NOT a scarf!! I LOVE THIS THROW and we need one!

  36. I was disappointed by the last special edition, so I told myself I wasn’t going to buy another one, but now…. I need this throw like a hole in my head, but if it’s as soft as it looks I’m in LOVE.

  37. I am so happy I bought this box. Something told me it was going to be a bit of a redemption of sorts. I hope it is. They are off to a good start!

    • I’m with you on this! I’m so happy I purchased this one. Let’s hope for more get items!

      • Since i am still waiting on my october box and tracking for November,yeah no thanks

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