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POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoiler & Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have September spoilers!!

We have the first spoiler for the November POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thank you Ami!) Each box will include…

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoiler & Coupon! Book

A copy of Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes

More info on this book from Amazon:

Dominique Ansel is the creator of the Cronut™, the croissant-doughnut hybrid that has taken the world by storm. But he’s no one-hit wonder. Classically trained in Paris, responsible for a four-star kitchen in New York, and now the proprietor of New York’s highest rated bakery, Ansel has become a modern-day Willy Wonka: the creator of wildly creative, extraordinarily delicious, and unbelievably popular desserts.

Now, in his hotly anticipated debut cookbook, Ansel shares the secret to transforming the most humble ingredients into the most extraordinary, tempting, and satisfying pastries imaginable. Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes reveals the stories and recipes behind his most sought-after creations and teaches lovers of dessert everywhere how to make magic in their own kitchens.

What do you think of the first November POPSUGAR spoiler? I always like getting new recipe books, plus it’s a great gift item, so I’m happy with the box so far!

If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off the November box! (And make sure to uncheck the waitlist box if you don’t want to possibly get the October box).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ugh, not excited about this after reading the reviews on It sounds very unpractical for most people based on the time and equipment that would be required.

    I started my PSMH subscription in August and was THRILLED with that box (the earrings, the shower gel, the lipgloss!!! Etc.) but every box since then has gone downhill for me. Might have to cancel my sub after this Nov. box….

  2. I’m going to have to cancel my sub… I’ve sent three inquiries regarding an issue with my October box and still no response. This doesn’t bode well for me…

  3. Ok…mine initiated today and it’s 9.1 POUNDS?!?! What is in this box?! LOL, I’m kind of excited…

    • Wait…was told that was the Neiman Marcus box. Please ignore me, wish I could delete this! LOL!

      • I hope you can post what you receive in the Neiman Marcus box. I was debating if i should spend the $250. The throw (value at $200) from last year looked so comfy and that was the only item I would actually use and I would never pay $200 for a throw =P

  4. I’m torn…i really don’t bake and have no desire to…and i don’t know anyone who does bake…so i don’t really see a point in getting this. But i can turn it in for credit at the used book store and maybe there will be nice stuff in the box as well…

    • I bake and I’m still not excited for this. It’s my first PopSugar box. Maybe if they were signed copies that would make it more interesting.

  5. This book looks fantastic! I wish that I could trust popsugar enough to renew my subscription. I was double charged in October and still have not been refunded! I sent my original request to customer service on October 19 and FINALLY heard back from Lisa yesterday asking me to send bank information to prove that I was double charged. I cannot even consider signing up right now until I am refunded, so maybe I will just buy myself this book 🙁

  6. just what every person who must avoid gluten wants…a book about pastries with flour all over the front 🙂
    I gues i will be gifting this 🙂

    • I feel your pain! I’m hoping there are some non-pastry recipes though! 🙂

      • There are ways to make it gluten free, healthier, or anything you want. It is all about tweaking and knowing what you can substitute ( I love coconut flour). A good blender/food processor and you can make your own flour! Or you can gift it.

  7. I love cookbooks so this is a total win for me! I am getting pretty overloaded with make up and skincare at this point and I’m excited to see a good gift/home item!

  8. I resubscribed to Popsugar because of the spoiler. Not sure if I’ll keep my subscription long term though as I got out at the right time (when they increased the price and the quality went down. some months so bad I was so glad I had unsubscribed when I did). Still a little optimistic but we shall see…

  9. I was totally excited about this book until I went on Amazon and read the first review. I love baking but the reviewer says you basically need specific equiptment for each recipe, and most recipes take 2 days to make!

    From the review: “Many of these recipes do call for “specialized” or uncommon kitchen equipment, like specific molds, an airbrush, tart rings, blowtorch, smoking gun, apple wood chips, precision scale, piping bags, fine/medium-fine sieves, deep-fryer (Cronut), Ateco/Wilton tips, ring cutters, terrine mold, ice cream machine, etc… ”

    I dont know about everyone else.. but I do not have a single one of these items and try to not have so much kitchen clutter for items I only use once in awhile.

    • I was wondering about that. Might be a great box if it was themed around the cook book. Including some of the unusual items needed for the recipes in the box; a blow torch, piping bag and tips, or cute ramekins. I dunno. I just envision getting a cook book, lip gloss, a hair product, and ear buds. I’d be bummed. Lol

      • Your earbuds, lipgloss comment made me laugh out loud. TOO true. I really hope they think outside the box (see what I did there?)

        I do like the book. I can gift it if nothing else.

    • I said I would avoid spoiler posts, apparently I have no self-control whatsoever!

      I’m slightly bummed, not much, just a tiny bit. I’m not a baker, but I’m still willing to give it a try. I’d rather not have to go out and buy specialty ingredients or baking tools though. I will try to practice more self control and stay out of future Popsugar posts.

    • Haha, I don’t subscribe, but I have like half that stuff — ice cream machine, deep fryer, sieves, Wilton tips, creme brulee torch (works as blowtorch), piping bags, ramekins, a tart pan, etc. I have collected so many kitchen gadgets I had to have an extra shelf built in my laundry room to store the larger ones.

  10. While my idea of hard labor is having to cook anything more complicated than soup in a microwave, I was very pleased to see that this book isn’t all pastry recipes. As long as they don’t require anything more exotic than vanilla extract, I might be able to use the book for more than a door stop.

    • Oh well if its more than just baking, I should have read more, this will make a great gift for my little brother. He’s an aspiring chef and LOVES to cook!

      Bummed no more, hahaha…

  11. Good job, Pop Sugar! I hope November will all be curated so well after Oct — and have 100% faith it will. 🙂 An upscale cookbook fits the demographic here. Give it the Oprah test… Would Oprah love it? Ps. PopSugar, jewelry and high end make-up make women forget all kinds of past woes. 😉

    I would love to see in this box the cookbook, a jewelry item, a fall snack, one classic make-up item or a brush (ooh, a foundation brush!), a household thing like the adorable Jonathan Adler dishes… I can dream! Excited to see Nov, since the company is working so hard to renegade their base.

  12. This is awesome! I always wanted to be a pastry chef, yes, I did!!!

  13. How disappointing! I used to collect cookbooks, but why kill a tree when you can look something up quicker, and with many more options, online. If they don’t come up with some much better spoilers I guess I’ll just have to pass on this stinker.

  14. I’m on the fence. I wish there was an option to get it electronically. I’ve eliminated so much clutter by having books on my tablet. That said, I do love to bake — but it would also make a great gift for my friend who runs a cake business…

  15. I’m kind of excited about this box now. After so many disappointing boxes with PopSugar, I hope this box pans out to something awesome for the holidays. I love cooking and cookbooks, I just hope it’s not too hard.

  16. I am excited about this! Baking fancy pastries is so fun for me, and I don’t do it often enough.

  17. I’m so so on this item for myself but I feel like it could be easily turned into a good Christmas or housewarming gift by just throwing in a few more items

  18. I am so excited about this!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking and cookbooks! This is a total win for me! I do wish there was a way to take advantage of the $10 off coupons that pop up without unsubscribing and re subscribing all the time. ( I have never actually done this) I wish there were perks for people who just keep the subscription and get charged monthly. Oh well even for $40 this box is usually always a win for me!

  19. I’m surprisingly excited about this. Just getting more into baking and cooking, and I think this might be enough to motivate me to conquer my fear of pastry-making.

  20. I like this one…it is something a bit different.

  21. This is a total win for me!!! The recipe for cronuts is almost professional level so I would assume that most of this book will not be for beginners FYI. I have had them and they are divine.

  22. Kind of looking forward to this interesting choice… There are only 31 recipes spread over 272 pages so it probably has a lot of essays? or photos? This should be a heavier box as the book alone is 2.7 lbs…

    • I would bet a lot of pictures on the step by step of things. I am betting this is heavy on pastry dough etc.

    • Someone wrote an informative view on Amazon about the book explaining what recipes were including etc.

  23. This is a total win! I wanted to buy this cookbook anyway, and now I’ll get it in the box. I was upset about last month and was waiting until the spoiler to decide if I was going to cancel or not, but it looks like I’m keeping the subscription, at least for now. I hope they’ve worked out the kinks on their website and with their customer service, because then I may decide to actually keep this for good.

  24. I first read on MUT that you posted a spoiler and that it was a cookbook and was a little disappointed but when I got to your site and read more about it I am so excited. I haven’t gotten a Must Have box for a year and have only done two special editions. Since it is my birthday month I decided to treat myself using the coupon you posted with the necklace and I am so happy I did. Since I did it on a whim I was a little nervous I wasn’t going to like this box but after this spoiler I am really looking forward to the box. I love baking so this is perfect. A regular cookbook probably would have gotten swapped or given as a gift but this is so awesome. I can’t wait to get it and start baking. Thank you so much for the spoiler.

  25. Ugh total miss for me, as was last month. Plus their customer service and shipping really were horrible for me last time as well. I hope there is a higher value item this time around.

  26. I’m so thrilled for this! This would be a great gift for Christmas

  27. So, I’m a dork. I didn’t understand the waitlist. I thought it meant just to subscribe. It’s November, right? So when I signed up today, for a one-month subscription, I noticed the word “waitlist” but didn’t realize I could uncheck it. They don’t make it clear AT ALL on the website. I figured they just had a lot of subscribers, so it meant I would have to wait for November’s box. That’s what was up on the order page.

    Anyway, I’ve emailed their customer service (I know, good luck, right?) and let them know I am absolutely NOT interested in the October box, and that I signed up to get the November box. Fingers crossed.

    • I read most things electronically…but you still can’t beat a hard copy cookbook! Don’t like cooking with electronics nearby, haha! So excited for this…less excited about the waistline it’s going to lead to!

    • That was not supposed to be a reply…lol! As far as CS goes…they’re usually pretty good about fixing problems once they get back to you, it’s just the time of response that’s been really frustrating! I recommend sending them a facebook message…I did that and got a response to my e-mail within the hour.

  28. I read the reviews on Amazon. I enjoy baking and being challenged in the kitchen. This book sounds great, but I am still a little leery of PopSugar. I am holding off until I see how things progressed. The book makes the box tempting.

  29. LOVE IT!! I’m usually not really into the books or cookbooks in PS boxes but this looks awesome and is a perfect gift. Yay, great job, Popsugar!

  30. So exciting! I love cookbooks!

  31. YAY!!! I’m super excited to get this cookbook! Great spoiler!

  32. I am super excited for this book, it’s perfect as we go into holiday baking season and would make a really great gift too!

  33. Hmm… I wish the first spoiler would have been something a little more exciting 🙁 This will make a good gift for my cousin who is a chef though 🙂 My baking skills extend to cupcakes and co
    okies… that’s about it haha.

    • My cooking skills consist of melting various cheeses on various breads. Needless to say, this will be gifted or swapped!

  34. This is a miss for me. I knew I should have signed up last month, since I really wanted that candle. I just love anything with a chalkboard.

    • I think you can check the wait list option and still get the Oct. box. I liked the Oct. box, unlike most people it seems. Lots of great gifts in there to dole out this Christmas!!

  35. Love it! Hopefully the rest of the box is great too!

  36. Wow the book is 21$ on amazon. I’m pretty excited about the spoiler. 9$ more for a gift box of unkowns…

  37. Great gift. But personally I would rather an actual hot-out-of-the-oven CRONUT!!

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