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POPSUGAR Must Have Holiday Limited Edition Boxes Available Now

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POPSUGAR Must Have Holiday Limited Edition Boxes Available!

The Special Edition Holiday POPSUGAR Must Have boxes are available now – they have $100 options for both men and women.

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: A collection of items selected by POPSUGAR editors with gifting in mind.

Are you grabbing one or both?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Are these guaranteed to ship before Christmas?

    • I’m surprised there haven’t been more spoilers. At $100 a box I need to see more. Just wondering when they start shipping? Seems like some should be getting there boxes soon and can share contents.

  2. Yeah for me, I just got an email that I won a gift card from them for filling out a survey a while ago. I think I’ll put it towards a box. I never win anything anything so this is a nice treat!

    • Sorry lisad here typing on my phone on the commuter train lol…

      • Did anyone else get an email about winning a gift card for doing a survey with them?

        • I did, for $15, but I wasn’t sure if it was real. It said something like I would have to sign my name on some digital site or something and that sounds very suspicious to me.

  3. I might actually buy these boxes, but I’m holding out for spoilers. If they came before Christmas, I’m sure there would be some great stocking stuffer and last-minute gift options in them! And even though the repeats can get annoying, the amount I pay ($40/month) usually more than covers the things I keep And what I don’t keep makes for lovely “free” gifts!

    I, too, wouldn’t mind a coupon or offer to those loyal subscribers who have been with them for years and who had to deal with the October box annoyances and credit card issues. However, they’re trying to run a business, so I understand that might not be financially feasible. I think a lot of people want PSMH to bend over backwards to retain their business, but asking for a free box or for returns on the NM LE box seems to maybe take it a bit far.

    I guess I’m in the minority here. They messed up, sure, but I also get heavily discounted stuff from them month after month and will continue to subscribe because I love the “surprise” element of it and actually use the majority of what they provide – yes, I love mascara, candles and clutches. πŸ™‚

    I do hope that these LE boxes appeal to people as they seem to be taking a lot of heat for things that are out of their control (i.e.- the coupon at Neiman Marcus.)

    • Marie,

      I jumped on the holiday LE for HER, but am holding out on the HIM. If it has things like last year, my husband wouldn’t be very excited. That being said I tend to agree with you, I would love a coupon from PS but understand not receiving one.

      I also got the Neiman Marcus box and while I agree I wish it had been more like last years (which I didn’t receive, but wish I had), I still see the value. They can’t please everyone, plus I’ll probably use everything! (and the $88 candle, even though I’m awaiting a replacement because mine broke in shipping, smells delicious! I would never spend that much on a candle myself, but I’m sure enjoying the scent.)

      Here’s hoping the Holiday LE’s are wonderful! πŸ™‚

      • My Missoni Candle in my NM box arrived broken too! I saw other people posted on Facebook that their candle was broken as well. I’m curious from other MSA readers how many had broken candles? Mine didn’t have any bubble wrap around it as PS usually does. They usually put bubble wrap and then the black tissue. Anyway, did anyone else have a broken candle?

        • Sounds like a lot of the candles were broken. Sorry to hear yours was too! I would definitely contact them (either NM or PSMH – whoever you ordered it through.) Recent customer service issues aside, Popsugar has always been really great about replacing damaged items for. I’m sure they’ll get you a replacement or similar candle. Good luck!

        • My candle was in one piece, but my box was missing the Lancer and Chantecaille items.

      • Yes! Here is to hoping they are wonderful. And thanks to Liz’s reviews, I was able to take a peek at what was in last year’s LE Holiday box for him. I don’t think my guy would be into that kind of stuff either, so I am glad you mentioned something! πŸ™‚

      • yea, mine was broken too! but I emailed them and had a response and promise of replacement within an hour πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t understand why people didn’t like the Fall LE box this year. I thought it was great. A cozy knit hat, pretty scarf, nice perfume, lipstick in a great fall shade and a fabulous face cleanser. What’s wrong with that? By contrast, last years’ had pine scented bubble bath and a notebook. πŸ˜›

    • I agree, I really enjoyed the Fall box. That was my first Pop Sugar box and I was not disappointed at all.

    • I think most people’s problem with the Fall box is that it didn’t feel like a Fall box at all. The hat was something most people thought was for Winter and felt like a bait and switch with the spoiler compared to what was on Joie’s website. The scarf was SUPER overpriced for something that was very cheap feeling. The food item was the gummies when we wish they had done something pumpkin, cozy, something Fall related. The lipstick was just meh. Plus they put one less item in than they normally do. Most people liked the cleanser though. I felt like I paid $100 for cleanser and had no use for anything else in the box. I know a lot of others felt this way too.

      But, glad you liked the Fall box. For me, the Fall box was the first time I had wished I hadn’t wasted my money. So, I’m not a big complainer and get that they can’t make everyone happy.

    • It’s grown on me since I first received it. I’ve been wearing the perfume the last few weeks and it smells delicious! I’m getting a lot of wear out of the scarf, too. And the Joie cap is going to make a great holiday gift.

  5. I am also on team wait for spoilers, though I doubt I’ll purchase either of these boxes. (I did buy two November boxes after seeing spoilers.) My only LE box purchase was Summer 2014, and with that box I think I realized that I’m just not the luxury type. I personally don’t value an $80 candle (or frame, or lip gloss, or planner) any more than a $24 one so it doesn’t make sense for me to pay $100 (or $250) for the same types of items that come in our $40 monthly boxes. If the LE boxes had more items, rather than following the same curation guidelines at a higher price point, I would be all over them.

    • I’ve realized I’m the same way. I’ve tried PopSugar a few times, and though I’m excited by the November spoilers, the boxes are usually meh for me. An $80 candle is just as crazy to me as a $25 one. I’m just too Plain Jane for PSMH, I think.

    • This is so smart! You totally just put your finger on my feelings about the luxury boxes — thank you for putting into words so well! This will be my new mantra when I’m tempted by expensive boxes.

      • i am totally with you. the word “value” is great. value is in the eye of each person. its not the same as price tag. i cant eat gluten. every single item i get in a box containing gluten has 0 value to me no matter the price tag. if anything its negative value cuz it takes the place of something i could have used/eaten. If you hate lipgloss, every lip gloss you get is of no value to you, etc. i too just cant see spending this much on items that to me are not necessarily any better than their counterparts…i mean i see the value in cashmere vs cotton and in items that will last a long time…but candles..its so hard cuz they will burn up and just be gone. yes some burn better than others but im with you…$80 for a candle is just to much for me!

  6. I really loved last year’s holiday boxes, but I need to see some spoilers for each one. I got a lot of great gifts out of them. Whatever I didn’t use, I easily resold. I dropped money on the NM box and I’m not sure yet if I’m going to love it. The clutch looks gorgeous, but the value is questionable.

    I don’t need full spoilers, but one item from each box one help me find the budget.

  7. After reading all the comments, I think I’ve come to a realization: there is a shelf-life for subscription boxes, no matter how loved. For those who spend the money, they are getting tired spending a chunk of repetitive items. And for those curating, there are so many high-value-lower-cost items that they can provide that a certain percentage of their audience will love. We all love this concept because it’s a treat and a surprise, but it’s lost some of its original interest, because we all have boxes full of unused items!

    • Sorry, *chunk of money

    • I get what your day and I agree with you, but I feel
      like popsugar has been particularly bad with repeating items they sent out more recently. I wish they would start repeating items from past boxes. Instead the NM box has a picture frame when the just had one in the oct box and there is a blue clutch in this months psmh and one in NM. It just feels particularly lazy.

    • I don’t have an inherent problem with repeat items – but it feels like PopSugar recently has been repeating the same items for a couple months in a row. And it would be one thing if it was always candles (which do burn down and you need more of), food items, or even jewelry which can have a variety (jewelry always seems to be the common component of the favorite PopSugar months). It’s tough to receive two blue clutches in the same month, or two foldover bags a couple months apart, or multiple picture frames. Couple that with the customer service issues, and it’s frustrating.

  8. I refuse to buy another LE box without a complete spoiler. I bought the NM box and I’m really annoyed over the contents! No more money until I see PS disclosures. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME! No way, no how, PS!

    • I was thinking the same thing. If I’m going to gift this, then I want to know what’s in it first. PS shipping in mid-December doesn’t give us enough time to ship to others for gifting. That’s assuming it arrives then. I don’t know that I would count on receiving this after Octoberageddon. End of November/beginning of December would be a more thoughtful delivery date.

  9. My biggest concern with ordering these LE boxes is the ship date. We all know popsugar isn’t a shipping ace at the moment and mid-December is tough for even the most reliable companies. I think I will wait for spoilers.

    • one year my box came the day after christmas even though it was guaranteed to come by dec 24th, so they gave me my January monthly box free and a second item of whatever i wanted in the limited edition box.

  10. I guess I’m in the minority here. I got the NM box on Monday and I really love everything in it. The items are luxury and exactly what I’d expect from Neiman Marcus. I also really liked the October box (yes, it was late) and was able to use all of the items. So, I ordered the Holiday box as well. They always make great gifts and I’ve yet to be disappointed in an LE box.

  11. Unfortunately after the horrid let down with the Autumn and NM Box I won’t be partaking in this box. I am crossing my fingers to all the buyers of this box that you get a good one for you $100

  12. I can’t wait to get another special unique box from popsugar! Why wait for spoilers when you already know popsugary recipe for a perfect box
    The spoilers for this one are a Christmas scented candle, flavored popcorn, brand new lux mascara, an adorable clutch bag in everyone’s favorite cobalt blue, and of course a scarf!

    I’m probably totally off on my guess the scarf will be cobalt blue

    • If only there was a like button πŸ˜‰

  13. I’m not buying anything from them for more than $30 without complete spoilers. And maybe not anything after witnessing the disaster that is their customer service. I emailed them about the necklace promo in regards to the November box last Friday and I haven’t heard a peep from them since. I don’t know what’s going on over at Popsugar HQ, but whatever it is, it isn’t good.

    • I sent them 4 emails and never heard a peep. (I had opted not to be waitlisted for the Oct box and wanted my sub to start with the Nov box.)

      I went on their Facebook page, and added my comment along with the torrent of others complaining about the same thing: lack of response. That got their attention: they responded and resolved my issue by the end of the day. Try contacting them there instead.

  14. I am a little unsure about this box…I guess the benefit of so many people being disappointed is that they won’t sell out quickly and I can wait for spoilers to decide πŸ˜‰

  15. I’m going to need sneak peeks before I spend $100 a box.

  16. I wish the $50 off code worked for this box. I would risk it for $50, but I am not willing to risk $100 with Popsugar at this time.

    • I just got caught up on the Neiman Marcus thread and realize now that the $50 off was a code for Neiman Marcus not from PopSugar. My bad! I still will not risk my money at this point with out any spoilers.

  17. I have been looking forward to the PSMH limited edition boxes for months, especially after seeing what was in last year’s boxes. But now there is no way I will give them my money for a LE box. The way they’ve handled their business and their customers lately is horrible, and instead of trying to make things up to their current customers for their wrongs, they throw things like the Kendra Scott necklace at new customers. Then they do a horribly overpriced NM box with repeat items, and to make things worse NM offers a deal on it. They need to start making things up to their customers and putting better items in their boxes that make me want to buy from them, because right now I am disgusted.

    • You are spot on. According to my marketing guru, it costs a business 7x as much money to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing customer, yet PS is completely dropping the ball on keeping its current customers satisfied and feeling appreciated.

    • That new customer offer was the worst thing to me, too. When so many customers were upset that they still hadn’t received their October boxes, they completely ignored how angry their current customers were and offered a discount and free item to new customers that the existing customers were specifically blocked from getting.

      Offering a discount and bonus item in the November box to repeat customers who got burned by the October box fiasco would have soothed a lot of ruffled feathers, but they seem to have no strategy for customer retention.

  18. I really adored the holiday box we got last year (still use the planner, lotion, cheese board and will use the bangle again when i dress up), and the NM box last year. This year, the LE boxes since the resort box would have been a disappointment for me. I will wait for spoilers as i did with this years NM box and decide then if i want it, and take my chances they aren’t sold out by then

  19. This was on my must buy list along with the NM box until I received my Fall LE box. I’m not buying another LE box unless there are spoilers that I like. I’m not on the same page with PS on what should be in an LE box. It’s disappointing because I’ve been looking forward to the boxes since I learned about them in May.

  20. I have to say I am on the short list of people that does not hate popsugar right now. I sign up for the long term paying about 33 a month and never have I thought the box wasn’t worth the $33 I paid. While I had a bit of buyers remorse over the latest NM box, everything was very high quality and beautifully packaged I couldn’t even trade any of the items. I feel bad for all the backlash they are receiving and it is still my favorite box by a longshot.

    • I really wanted to give them a chance and buy the NM box, but after reading all the posts on here, MUT and FB I can no longer in good conscious give them my money until they learn to respect their customers. I love my monthly box and I’m going to miss it, but a good deal doesn’t come at the expense of values.

    • I totally agree. I didn’t order the Neiman Marcus limited edition box, but I did really appreciate the last two limited edition boxes that I got. Yes, October was somewhat of a debacle, but it didn’t prevent me from getting one of each of these πŸ™‚ I’m also debating getting baby boy and baby girl boxes for friend of mine who is expecting twins.

  21. Comment

  22. Bwahahahaha, um no.
    Popsugar really has a way of rubbing salt in the wound when it’s customers are unhappy. Hey, that crappy box we sent out, it’s $50 off now, but hey give us more of your money. At this point I’m actually considering cancelling my monthly subscription because of their appalling customer service, curation and ethics. I’ll purchase from quarterly in the future.

    • Quarterly was quick to respond when I wanted to return the Eva Scrivo box. It was done very quickly. Yes, it’s their policy and not PS’s, but it made me stay with my three boxes at Quarterly.

      • I’m expecting:
        Rosario Dawson
        Design Sponge
        Nina Garcia
        I’m way more excited about these than the PSNM or the holiday boxes. I also just cancelled my monthly subscription. I can’t in good conscious support a company with such horrid practices. Now they just seem greedy.

        • I’m also so happy I didn’t buy the NM box, maybe if it goes on further sale, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to find the items I want on ebay.

  23. I agree. If the PSNM box had not been a major fail (contents and customer service) or I would have been able to send back the box (since it’s available in the store, as well), I would have picked up both of these in a second. No more PopSugar without spoilers.

  24. More like…. None!

  25. I think PS is going to be in for a rude awakening with this box. For a lot of people – me, included – this would have been an auto-buy up until a few weeks ago. However, I’m still kicking myself for throwing away $250 on the NM box. There is NO WAY I’m purchasing this box unless and until full spoilers are posted, and they would have to be incredibly impressive.

  26. I agree, I will wait to see some decent spoilers on this before investing.. after seeing the contents of the last 2 boxes, it really does seem like there’s been too many repeats in every one of their boxes lately :/

  27. I will not take my chances on this box. Maybe if they reveal some good spoilers. But I really don’t want a another clutch, candle, frame, or mascara and I’m willing to bet one of those is in there. πŸ™‚ I spent my money on two of the Birchbox limited editions and they might release another soon.

  28. For some reason I feel like this is going to be a good box, gotta wait for spoilers though.

  29. After the crap in the Newman Marcus boxes totally taking a pass on this one there are so many candles and frames a person needs

    • Nora,

      I thought the exact same thing. After the disappointing Resort box, I figured for sure the Summer box would be better. Nope, it was worse. So I figured the Fall box would be great. Nope, it was the worst one ever. Then, I thought after all the grief they got for the Resort, Summer and Fall boxes, and all the promises they made that each would be better than the last, surely the Neiman Marcus box would be amazing. Sadly, another let down. Normally, I buy the LE boxes the instant I find out about them, no questions asked. But, I’ve finally learned my lesson and will wait for spoilers. I just can’t trust Popsugar’s curation anymore to buy the LE boxes blindly.

  30. I don’t know Liz…some argue the nm box was a complete miss and October’s mess, well people aren’t happy. Last year’s box was beautiful but so was last year’s nm. I’m having a hard time pushing buy.

    • I would have thought that they would send an extra, or a coupon, something anyway, for customers that were affected by the October debacle.

  31. I would like one, but Popsugar boxes aren’t as good lately as they had been. The Neiman Marcus box (which I’m relieved I didn’t purchase) wasn’t what I had hoped, and the monthly ones have gone a little down hill. How is Popsugar going to expect customer’s that have lost faith in them, and rightfully so, to keep throwing money at them, without some incentives of some sort?

    • I agree Jessica. Give me a reason to press buy PopSugar. I feel it’s overdue.

  32. After seeing the full spoilers of the Neiman Marcus box, I was so glad I didn’t get it…I’ll wait on these, too.

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