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ModCloth Holiday Stylish Surprise Available Now!

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Stylish Surprise

The ModCloth Stylish Surprise Holiday Edition is live! FYI- these sell out super quickly so order ASAP if you are interested!

Also good to know: there site is really slow right now because of this deal, so you may have to reload pages a few times. And – there is free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. K I’m kinda peeved. I had to place my order over the phone. I got 3 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes for my mom since all they had was a size 6. My card ha been charged and I’ve been waiting on shipping notification. Today I get a shipping email and a I’m sorry we couldn’t fulfill all of your order so now I’m getting one dress and the shoes. So when will I be refunded my money. Not happy with this service had I known they were sold out in sz medium i would have went with a size large since they had plenty of those available after my order was placed. πŸ™

    • Ok correction. Just got off the phone with them, I’m not getting any of my dresses and I’m getting two pairs of shoes that won’t even fit me. I am really not pleased with this experience. They need to have a more accurate count of their merchandise before they put a sale on that they later discover they can’t fulfill. I have already been charged the full amount plus the exchange rate since I bank in Canada. Seriously bummed right now. They should have contacted me and said they were unable to fulfill my order and asked if I’d still like to proceed.

      Leaves me feeling they have a Lack of courtesy and consideration for the customer. If mediums were sold out I would have bought a large. But no they place my order for mediums and let me think for 2 weeks that my order is fine, take my money but on the day they ship they say sorry your only getting this. My email says I’m getting a dress and 2 pairs of shoes, but after speaking with them on the phone turns out I’m only getting the shoes. This was not worth the headache of ordering and I doubt I’ll do this again. πŸ™

      • Maybe that’s why I still haven’t received ANY update on my order. I also ordered some medium dresses, and my card has been charged. I tried contacting modcloth, but no reply! This is really frustrating!

        • Update: Apparently my order is going to be cancelled because modcloth oversold the stylish surprise items. So much for the 5 dresses I bought! I am really frustrated about this. Why be able to buy it if they don’t have enough stock!? I hope they refund my money quickly.

  2. My sister picked up her packages today from the post office. I am trying to remember what her dress looks like beyond it was perfect for her. It was an A line dress that is either green or blue with white polka dots and a belt. It had higher neckline and a jewel or a pendant in the middle with short sleeves. I’m not doing a good job explaining it. She’s happy with it.

  3. I received my one dress on Saturday. It’s from the brand Glamourous in the UK. I ordered a large, received a size 10, took one look at it and gave it to my sister to try on. She is a 4 and it fits her fine. It’s an orange and black slinky dress.

    Are UK sizes the same as USA sizes? There is no way that dress is a USA size 10.

    • No, US and UK sizes aren’t the same. I read a lot of overseas knitting and crochet magazines, and a UK size 10 could be a US 4 or 6, depending on the designer. So, a small instead of a large!

      • Thank you for letting me know. That makes sense. I gave her the dress and am not going to worry about it since it is $10.00.

  4. I got mine today and 4/5 of them are so pretty! The meh one looks like a wedding dress lol! I may just donate that one. How do you find out the price of the items? I don’t have any tags on my dresses except for the designer name.

  5. I received my box today. Out of 5 dresses there is one that I love, two that are okay and two that are too small. None of them have crazy wild prints but one of the too small dresses is made out of very cheap material. Really curious to know what everyone else received!

  6. omgggg. noooo! i saw this too late. ): i’m so bummed.

  7. I have a tracking number! That was fast.

  8. Oh no! I placed 2 orders yesterday and both went through, showed up on my bank account, in my modcloth account and I got confirmation emails for both. This morning one of the charges is gone from my bank account. I hope hope hope that they didn’t cancel one! And both were for the same $ amount so I don’t even know which one it is! Please Please Please don’t be my shoes!!! AAHHH the stress!

  9. This is my first time actually being able to grab this deal. Has anyone had any luck selling or swapping anything they don’t want. I guess I’m afraid I will end up with 5 dresses that don’t work for me and be stuck.

    • I think it really depends on if you are a common size or not. Typically the things they send out are pretty outrageous, so SOMEONE is going to look at it and fall in love (and everyone else is going to be happy they didn’t get it!) so it’s just luck if the person that likes it is the same size as you. I’ve listed a pair of shoes, an apparel item and 2 dresses on the swap site, so far I’ve been able to swap the shoes (size 7.5) and one of the 2 dresses (M). I think it also depends on the perspective of the swappers, some people get a dress with an original retail of $100 and want to swap it for that, others know that they only spent $10 and are happy with that value (I fall into the second category and I think people that would like the items sometimes don’t ask because they assume I’m looking for full retail). In any case, I hope that you don’t have to swap anything because you love it all!

      • Thanks Annie. I hope everything fits my body and style. I ordered all Larges so they should be an easy size to swap? I’m new to the swapping stuff so I don’t understand all of the retail value vs paid value. I would be happy to swap for something I love regardless of retail value.

  10. Total sellout, all categories.

  11. How often do they offer these? I always miss out

  12. am i the only one who generally finds modcloth to be an overpriced F21? sometimes they carry some decent brands but their modcloth styles are pretty junky. That being said, $5/$10 is about the right price for their stuff.

    • Agreed!

    • I love their RIDICULOUS shoes. The sillier they are the more they make me smile. For $50, $60 or $70? No. Not a chance. For $10? Heck yeah!

  13. I’m typically a size Medium in dresses, but I ordered 3 size small ones just to see what happens! And hey, you never know. I’m starting P90 next week so maybe I’ll drop a size!

  14. I ordered 3 ‘apparel’. What exactly is included in this category? I assume not dresses since they have their own category. Also, about how long do these take to ship? Thanks!

  15. I got an error checking out with PayPal so I tried again later, only to realize that the first order actually went through. So I had to call to cancel my repeat order and I asked about the stylish surprise event. They said they had an accidental leak so almost everything was gone before it was supposed to start! That makes me very sad πŸ™ that’s not fair at all

  16. Yay, I finally snagged one! ^^ Just got one dress.

  17. so mad i missed out again!!! overtime i get there, there are only dresses left. of course i ordered some dresses, but i was really hoping to get some shoes!!!

  18. I’ve never done one of these before but I was able to get in on the dresses at least. I bought 5 for $50. Pretty great deal especially if you compare it to Golden Tote. πŸ™‚

  19. All that was left was dresses, but I was able to grab a couple. πŸ™‚ The last ones were really pretty, so I can’t wait to see what comes this time! πŸ˜€

  20. Missed out again! All they have left are dresses, which I never wear. Poo.

  21. Last time I got two dresses that didnt fit. So this time only getting one and luckily they have the one size larger that I needed. Hopefully I have better luck this time.

  22. Dresses size S-L still available. I’m sad I missed out on most items I wanted but I’m glad I got to get dresses for me and shoes for my mom. This is my first time ordering from mod cloth , I’m excited to see what we get. $50 for 3 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes is a steal!!

  23. Had two shoes and three accessories in my cart (which took over a half hour to get to mind you), got to the paypal website and poof all gone. πŸ™

  24. Finally! I got 5 dresses in a size smaller than I wanted but last time I got some they were way to big so hopefully it still works I had to make new account and keep refreshing before I got all the way through the checkout it took me 45 minutes originally I wanted the 1x dresses but right after adding them to my cart they were taken away and all the xl were gone so I went with large ideally I would have liked the xl but since that hadn’t been an option right away I went up but then those disappeared

  25. Okay, can someone clue me in on how to find out about this chaotic shopping race beforehand? I managed to pick up 3 dresses, because I had $24.00 in credit from one of the last Stylish Surprises after they canceled my order. Seriously, how in the world do people know about this so quickly? It’s madness!!

    • I stalk Liz’s site. If you have the mobile app they do give you a heads up, but I got the push notification about 5 minutes before Liz posted it. Its really right place right time. Thankfully I had just gotten back from lunch and wasn’t ready to start working again yet πŸ˜€

      • Thanks for the comment, Annie! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on some kind of “gird your loins, we’re going into Modcloth Stylish Surprise battle” type of update. Right place, right time? Seems fair πŸ™‚

    • My understanding is that the mobile app alerts many people before the general public is told at least that’s what happened last time. I had gotten the app so I would be alerted this time but for some reason it didn’t alert me so not sure if it worked for others

      • I have the mobile app and it sent me (and my coworker) the notification 35 minutes after the sale started. I lucked out and started checking the website at 11. Not sure why the mobile app was so late, but after we got it, I noticed the website started crashing.

      • I downloaded the app but they never sent me the push notification either.

  26. All they have left are dresses!! I was able to snag 2 medium for myself and one large for my mom. I won’t be able to wear them when I get them (5 months pregnant), but they’ll be perfect for a nice pick-me-up when I’m in my feeling-not-so-pretty PP stage. πŸ™‚

  27. I just bought 5 dresses. I hope they are cute!

  28. I spent an hour and nothing! !!! :-/ terrible!

  29. I just ordered 5 dresses size L and everything worked fine. Shoes were down to just size 6.

  30. Looks like I missed out on this. Oh well, I really didn’t have the money. And I’ve been kind of hesitant ever since people were getting multiple (sometimes of the same) wedding dresses last time…

    • I ended up with 4 of the same dress , but they refunded me for 3 of them, so I only paid for one. I kept one, gave one to a friend, swapped one, and am probably going to sell the last one on eBay. Not bad for $10!

  31. I saw this too late, they still have XS-L available.

  32. I was so jazzed. I had shoes in my cart in my size, and I went to check out. And then: poof. 503 error, and they were gone.

  33. Well I keep getting a cannot verify CC when trying to place my order but when I check my online bank it has been charged three times yet I still have not gotten past the place order button and have no confirmation.

    • Ack! Check your email for confirmation. I hit the ‘place order’ button and then got an error code, but it DID go through. you should also be able to look in your account section to see any orders placed. You may have a ton of awesomeness headed your way! (or scary grandma weirdness – you never know with Modcloth!!)

      • This made me laugh! No email confirmation so I am live chatting with someone now

    • Well.. if you are a size s or m with a foot size of 9 to 9.5… and you really have 3 orders coming to you. I be more than happy to buy an order or two from you.

      • Sadly after all that I will be getting nothing. According to them the order never went through and the charges will just drop off my CC in the next 24 hours. Kind of a bummer!

        You would think they would honor the order since they charged me.

        • Nah, that happened to me last Spring. I had snagged several apparel surprises, order went through, card charged, and a week later they sent me an email cancelling my order because apparently they ran out of stock (how??!!) Mind you this was after chatting with CS to verify that the order was fine and I would be receiving a shipping notice shortly. Modcloth can be a little cold when it comes to Stylish Surprise. Sorry they did that πŸ™

  34. I wasn’t going to order anything, but I couldn’t resist for $14.00 (one dress plus shipping).

    • My sister bought a dress too. She paid by CC and I paid by PayPal.

  35. OMG that was ridiculously fast! LOL

    • I know.. everything was in stock.. I was doing great and the POW! Nothing left.

  36. Was having a ton of problems.. Then just as I clicked the last button to pay… Things were flying out of me cart. I got nothing…. Started with 2 shoes, 5 shirts, 2 dresses, and then nothing πŸ™

  37. persistance! i just kept refreshing over and over. after i hit submit order, it gave me the error 503 again, but i checked my bank online and the charge went through. i scooped up 5 pairs of shoes, and when that went through i went back for 4 accessories and 3 apparel. YAY!!!! now it it working better and is showing both orders in my account.

  38. Finally got on the site, added items to my cart. But can’t check out!! πŸ™ soo frustrating. Has anyone been able to order successfully?

  39. It’s working great now but one is already sold out (jewelry).

  40. It had me all the way to the point of entering payment info, then I got the 503 error message again! Agh!

    • Finally! After many many refreshes, I placed my order! Persistence is key!

      • Same here! It kept timing out (Winston, over and over again!) so as a last case resort I closed the app and reopened it. Surprisingly all 5 items were still in my cart – I swear I got at least 30 timeout errors, just clicking and reclicking.

        Originally I was only planning on one dress and one apparel, decided to add another apparel with the +, but it wasn’t working so I tried it on the dress. Nope, timing out. I got so frustrated, that’s when I closed and reopened the app and not only were my items were still here checkout FINALLY came up – 3 apparel and 2 dresses! I felt I’d risk losing the entire cart if I subtracted any so I just bought them all. It seriously felt like I was casino gambling or something haha.

        I wonder how many people bought more than they planned because of that same problem… I’m somehow doubting I’m the only one!

  41. I can’t get on the site either I could at first but couldn’t add anything to my cart and now I can’t get on at all

  42. I signed up for push notifications on their app because they said that was the fastest way to know when this went live – but no notifications yet! Super lame. Their website seems pretty overloaded now – I finally got what I wanted (2 apparel, 4 dresses) into my cart but can’t check out :/

    • Ugh, apparel sold out in S while I was checking out so I ended up buying 6 dresses instead but I did finally get through (confirmation email and all) – keep trying!

  43. I’m having terrible luck with the site too. Everything will be gone by the time I can get to my cart!

    • Update: I was after shoes, after it decided to work the 9.5 were all gone.
      Sad day.

  44. Anyone else having a hard time accessing the Stylish Surprises!? πŸ™

    • I keep getting an error message – “Error 503 backend read error”

      • Ditto :/

  45. Hi Liz,

    The links don’t seem to work, I think their site might be down because i keep getting a error message when I click on the links or try to go to the site. πŸ™ hope they get it fixed soon so I can purchase one of these !

    • It’s finally working for me now. Let me know if you are having any luck

      • I still can’t get on the website. Keep getting the following message: error 503 backend read error

        • I finally had to call them, items were in my cart but I couldn’t check out.

          The only thing that was left by the time I got someone on the phone were dresses and shoes, but only size 6 shoes so I grabbed two pairs for my mom and ordered me 3 dresses. I was going to get two of each mystery which would have been 70 but instead I saved 30 and only spent 50. Still a great deal, just wish Id been able to grab the others too.

    • I had about 5 things in my cart which took about 15 minutes to add.. but it won’t let me get past the check out part, just kept timing out. I gave up. lol must be fate πŸ™‚

      • That’s the problem I’m having now. Items are in my cart, but I can’t check out! πŸ™

      • Lol, same here! I’m taking it as fate too. I didn’t have luck with the last one and although I wanted to try an accessory, I guess I should just pass.

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