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Escape Monthly November Box Spoilers & 50% Off Coupon

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Escape Monthly November Box Spoilers & 50% Off Coupon!

Thanks to Christine for sharing this deal with us! Use coupon code SNEAKPEEK to save 50% off your first month of Escape Monthly, then $10 off every month going forward.

Here’s a sneak peek of the items in the upcoming Hawaii November box too:

Escape Monthly November Box Spoilers & 50% Off Coupon Items

It looks like they changed the advertised value of this box. On November 3rd, they were advertising that this box has the highest value ever ($113.95), but now the retail value is $89.95. I’m going to reach out and try to learn more about this –Β I’m a little concerned.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Wow! Guess what sub I’m glad I’ve now been warned about?!?!!

  2. Liz, have you gotten your box yet?

    • Yes – should have a review up today.

      • Thanks, love your site and reviews. It really helps me find the best boxes for me and to see what is out there πŸ™‚

  3. Extremely disappointed with the November Hawaii Escape Box!

    Half of the items from this box are the exact same products as the last Hawaii Box back from October 2013. Apparently someone from their company has “misinformed” a subscriber on Facebook that “these will be entirely new products than the previous Hawaii box” (see Facebook post)

    I’m also curious on the value they placed on these items. (see pamphlet from 2013)
    Honey Girl Gift Bundle – 2013 retail $62.00, 2014 retail $38.00
    Royal Hawaiian Crunch – 2013 retail $4.15, 2014 retail $6.00
    Personal Paradise body wash – 2013 retail $9.95, 2014 retail $3.00
    Seashell Lei – 2013 retail $5.99, 2014 retail $10.00

    I have a huge problem with the retail value put on the shell necklace. This is a necklace that can be found for less than $1.00 in most stores in Hawaii. Where did they get $10.00 retail?

  4. I just got my mini box and not super thrilled with it. I thought it would have coffee in it but no, I got coffee glazed macadamia nuts. The shell necklace, bath salts, pineapple loofah soap, pineapple papaya body lotion and shampoo. I hate the smell of pineapple, so this box is pretty disappointing to me. I had higher hopes based off last years box. I want to cancel, but next month is a luxury European Christmas. I could like the box, but I could also hate it.

  5. I just received the November Escape Monthly box. To say I am disappointed is a distinct understatement. I am not interested in a guidebook for Maui, the snacks and bath salts can be found in any A-B-C Store (I live in a city where there are several of these), as can the cheezy shell necklace, which they give away for free anywhere you go in Hawaii. Mini tubes of shampoo, body lotion, and face cream? So not worth the price of the box. It almost feels as if they intended to put something more in the box but then didn’t…? I cancelled this subscription once before, I think I’m going to have to do it again.

    • I cancelled after the horrible September box and feel like I dodged a bullet by not wasting my money on the London or Hawaii box. I can’t imagine that this company will be able to stay in business with these overpriced boxes and disappointed customers. It makes it even more unbelievable that each box is their “best one yet”.

      • I guess the same ideology for an old car applies to subscription boxes like this one. “If I just put a bit more money into this, things will turn around.” I must admit that I am tempted every time they send out their E-mails about the next box being the best one yet and having the highest value ever, so I’ve had to remove myself from their list and make sure my E-mail program moves any of their marketing material out of my Inbox before I get a chance to open it.

  6. NEWSFLASH: This box does not say HAWAII, in fact it says I got these chocolates from Costco, or the ANY airport. How unique…..

    • ALSO, Liz- can you block people on this website? I think it’s creepy that “Rebecca” from escape monthly is posting to all user comments. As a user this makes me feel like a can’t express my comments or concerns honestly, with escape monthly watching over our backs.

      • Hi Misha,

        I always want you to feel comfortable commenting on the site. It seems like I need to figure out a policy for subscription boxes to comment on posts. In some cases I think it’s very helpful. (I think Bianca Jade’s comments are great and helpful). But agree in other cases it isn’t appropriate.

        Any suggestions for the policy are welcome! πŸ™‚

  7. I should have cancelled after Puerto Rico but kept on because I got engaged in London and wanted that box. It was disappointing but I had just gotten married in Hawaii so I kept my subscription for one more month.

    These spoilers are pointing me in the direction of finally cancelling. Maybe things will pick up again for the in the New Year.

  8. Reviews of the Hawaii box last October were so great that I decided to splurge in November and get the Vermont box as a birthday gift to myself. I wanted to go to Vermont (still do) and was very pleased with the box. I also ended up getting the one for Colorado and had lots of fun with that one too. In particular, the mud bath was such a treat for my significant other and I. However, I canceled after that because I was blind and felt that I was wasting paper as I couldn’t use the books and ended up recycling them. Unfortunately, it appears that this box no longer delivers the quality it once did and I would be better off saving the money for a real vacation. I hope that Escape is able to return to its former glory because it definitely was a great box with lots of luxury beauty products and some fun food products to try. I’m most saddened by the fact that you can no longer win a trip to the chosen destination. That, though I didn’t win, was one of the thrills I got when I opened the box.

  9. The spoilers for the Hawaii November box doesn’t look too bad, plus that coupon code is a great deal as well, I think I might subscribe.

  10. Well, this is all very odd. Guess which box I won’t be getting?

  11. I canceled after the deplorable Puerto Rico box, and I’m glad I did. Hey Rebecca, why are you trolling? Perhaps you should spend your time doing proper customer service via email instead of posting insipid, fluffy comments.

    • Yes. That was a tad awkward. Haha. Im not ashamed for my comments. perhaps knowing how a portion of the customer base honestly feels may help some future improvements for better boxes.

    • I can’t stand this kind of lurking by subs. Especially one where there are so many issues. It feels like being gas lighted, as in “the box is great, you must be confused, that never happened….” whenever someone legitimately complains. Um, yes it did. And when there are tons of issues with products/value/timely shipping, CS shouldn’t be trolling on blogs with this kind of drivel. Focus on fixing the problems. This just reinforces the image of the company living in la la land and being totally out of touch with their customers. And reality. I don’t like feeling like I can’t be honest and candid when posting my opinions. It’s shady and feels almost like preemptive censorship. I’m not crazy and I’m 100% positive the spoiler shows at least 3 products that are repeats from this year. I still have them, duh, so please don’t argue with me over something so obvious!

  12. If I sign up now can I start with the December box and use the coupon code? The Hawaii box doesn’t interest me as much as the upcoming Europe box.

    • I tried using Sneakpeak to sign up and it says coupon code invalid.

      • Oops – sorry that was a pretty bad typo on my part. It should be SNEAKPEEK

        • Thanks for much for clearing that up!

        • Lol Liz! Thanks for the fix!

          This is the Full Hawaii box right? Not just some spoilers?

          I got married in Hawaii also and when I heard there would be a Hawaii box, I thought for sure I’d be interested. But I’m not.

          I see the next destination is Europe and I’m excited to try that one.

  13. I hope the box is better in person than this spoiler. Depending on the destination in December, I may cancel. In my opinion, this box has not been worth it for me. I think it is not a bad sub, but maybe I am just too picky since half of the items I just don’t care about. I have a ton of soaps and lotions and don’t want anymore. I really want interesting products that you can’t find on Amazon. Ugh, first world problems, huh.

    • Update: I got my box, not impressed. I lived in Hawaii and the necklace is of the quality of what was given away to tourists at Hilo Hattie’s. For free. $10… No way, no way in Hilo Hell. The body products are tiny, like the size they give you at hotels tiny. The night cream is the size that department stores give you to sample a product….again give you, for free. Tiny, one use maybe two uses from it. ugh I hate to be negative but they advertised this as the best box, but I have found others to be way better. I’m not going to cancel yet because I’m a sucker for European Christmas stuff, but on the fence for January.

  14. Based on the above spoiler, 4 items in this box are repeats from the first time they did Hawaii. The shell necklace, the Royal Hawaiian mix (it was a different flavor last year) and the two Honey Girl Organics products were all in last years’ box. The Honey Girl Organics products were awesome, but I’m kind of glad I cancelled this sub.

  15. This was on their facebook page: There was a confusion over an item in the original email – our team thought one of the items in a gift set was a full size product, when it’s really a smaller trial size. We do apologize for the confusion, and you’ll still receive the same number and variety of items, with a total box value at about $90 We hope you love it!

    I did sign up for this yesterday, and on the 1st page it told me that it would renew in Dec. at 34.95. The second page told me my recurring fee was $49.95, and then right under that it said my December charge would also be $24.95. I’m so confused…

    • Hi Stacey! Please feel encouraged to reach out to us. We’re so sorry the price is coming through wonky during checkout, but the price should stick correctly. You can reach us at [email protected] πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Rebecca, I sent an e-mail

  16. I had high hopes for this box but they left a bad taste in my mouth. I cancelled after being charged for a box and told them to cancel my subscription but I understood I’d still get that box I paid for. They wrote back wanting to know why I was cancelling. I told them i wasn’t happy about something. They wrote again trying to defend what I wasn’t happy with. I had already emailed them twice about canceling so I didn’t respond with a third email because I’m not going to argue with a company via email. They charged me anyway. I was livid, I had cancelled with one email, then sent them the second email they wanted with the reason. So I emailed again, third time now, and they wrote back “Per our last conversation…” then tells me essentially my concern over what I wasn’t happy with had been resolved by their response to me (no, it hadn’t, I told you to cancel once then again said I’m unhappy with your business practices) and then they said “Do you recall that conversation?”. They were rude, condescending, and I’m done. I did get the refund but the way they handled this and spoke to me was offensive.

    • Hi Jamie! We’re so sorry for the confusion over your email, or if a message was missed. We hope you decide to try us again sometime πŸ™‚

      • Dear Rebecca,
        Thank you for your dismissive comment and non-apology to Jamie. That was all I needed to see to avoid purchasing this sub. I went through same crap with Taste Trunk. If a subscriber wants to cancel let them cancel, as it is our right to do so.

        • Awe, thank you Chelsea!

  17. I wonder what is going on with Escape Monthly? I hope they come back strong next year. I received some great products from them in the past. I even found a few items that I liked enough to order more. I hope they rebound next year.

    • I didn’t realize I was being redundant. I need to proofread before posting. I took a break while posting and it shows LOL.

    • Hi Anna! We’re sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed the boxes as much as hoped. As you may have heard, because we’re pushing for more international destinations, our retail prices may be slightly different from our first year. This is because we’re working with local manufacturers over seas and directly importing all the product. We really feel like our best boxes have been this year! We can’t wait for you to see December, and we hope you continue to vacation with us each month!

  18. Last year they already did a Hawaii box and it contained a bunch of the same items. I feel like they’re trying to get rid of their extra stuff. So for those of you who are thinking about trying this: keep in mind that almost everything is at least a year old at this point.

    • Hi Wendy! None of the products in this month’s box are from last years box, and nothing is being reused or is over a year old. Some of the top rated brands, chosen by subscribers, are being re-featured though πŸ™‚

  19. I have a feeling this will be my last month for Escape Monthly, didn’t like Puerto Rico’s box and the London box I gave it all away, I had high hopes for Hawaii, but I’m sure I’ll end up just disappointed. I think I’m going to cancel this one and sign up for Hammock Pack.

    • Hi Sara! We know you’ll love Hawaii πŸ™‚ We hope you decide to stick around!

  20. The special box they did a couple months ago that featured items from the last year–that box was my FAVORITE box ever! I subbed and got Paris (eh… Didn’t meet my expectations) and Puerto Rico (bummer box), so I decided to cancel. I’d they do another “yearly favorites” box, I’ll get it, bit otherwise, no.

    • Hi Angela! We really encourage you to check out our December box… it’s going to be amazing! We’d love to make it up to you and we hope you decide to join in πŸ˜€

  21. Yeah, I cancelled this box….. always disappointing.

    • Hi Michelle! We’re so sorry to hear you didn’t your boxes. We really encourage you to check us out again – we’ve got some amazing Escapes planned, especially for December πŸ˜€

  22. Do let us know what you find out re: the value change on the box! One of the reasons I recently unsubscribed from Escape Monthly was the constant discrepancies between their stated value for an item and the price I found for the item online (usually directly from the company website).

    • Hi Suzi! We were able to catch the brochures in time, so the value of the box ($90) is correctly listed in the box. One of our promotional emails has a mistaken price due to our team thinking one item in a gift set was full size, when it is a trial size (a hefty one at that!). We do apologize for the confusion! The box will still be incredible this month πŸ˜€

  23. Yeah, I find it rather…suspicious…that the value of the box went down $25 when they offered a $25 discount…hmmm….

  24. I took a break from Escape. And i’m happy i did. perhaps if they wind up in ireland again ill resub. The values seemed to be better and the items seemed to make you feel like a mini trip to that destination, but now maybe they changed who curates the box or really cut back. it just seems like cheap samples.

    • And they play shifty games. Stating a value and dramatically decreasing it, its not good business. if I subbed for the bragged about inflated value, Id demand a refund prior to shipment.

      • Hi Heather. The retail promise is fulfilled each month, with boxes average retail value up to $100. This month it’s $90. One of the items was misread by our team to be full, when it’s really a trial size. We’ve made the correction on our brochures, and it doesn’t affect the number or variety of items members will receive. We are people too, and occasionally and misread things. We do apologize for the confusion. The experience will still be extraordinary this month πŸ™‚ Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

        • OK, now you’re just being a jerk. Snarky, condescending comments to your (potential) subscribers will lead nowhere.

        • Wow, this comment from Rebecca made me back away from the submit button and stay far away from this sub. I haven’t been too thrilled with most of the boxes but was going to sub for the December box as it looks like it will be a great one. Thanks for making the decision for me Rebecca. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. πŸ˜‰

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