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Boxycharm November 2014 Spoilers!

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September 2014 BoxyCharm Spoilers!

Thanks Lauren for alerting us to these Boxycharm November spoilers!

Each box will include:

Boxycharm November 2014 Spoilers! OFRA

OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Paradise Pink – Value $24.95 (On sale for $19.96)

Boxycharm November 2014 Spoilers! Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Color Bug in White, Purple, or Gold – Value $20-$25

What do you think of the spoilers so far? Are you going to try the temporary color bug hair dye?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Well…got my box. Have to say I am underwhelmed. The blush is very chalky – and it has glitter. The hair chalk (I got gold) is very powdery and oily at the same time – definitely a no-go for me. The white eyeliner has
    PINK glitter in it. The eye shadow – very glittery and looks like it would have major fall-out. The eye primer seems good – but it is REALLY overpriced – $45 for a little pot. I’ll give them another month and then I’m done. Does someone have Barbie’s number? Tell her I have her box.

    • I am with you !! It looks like they sent us clown make up !!

  2. The newest spoiler is a black or white glitter eye liner…. I personally could never wear a white liner, even with gold.

    • White eyeliner is perfect for creating a seamless look especially with potent shadow color. You could pull it off any day of the week!

  3. I just got off of the waitlist a few days ago, and I’m SO excited for this box!

    I’m in need of a bit more blush variety, and I think this color will pair perfectly with my super fair skin. Perfect!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the gold Colorbug!

    • I just realized the color bug is hair chalk, I thought it was eye-shadow. That’s a bit disappointing.

  4. The OFRA blush looks good – although it does seem to be VERY pigmented – and sort of a summer color. I can just keep it until then if it doesn’t work for winter. The Color Bug ….. really?? Looks like it would be a hot mess. Seen the Amy Poehler Old Navy Coat Commercial?? Not for most adults that have to work in a professional setting. The 8 year old who lives next door to me will be getting it.

  5. Hair chalk? I get that it’s trendy, but it’s still more trendy for a younger crowd, say pre teen to 22. I’m 33 and consider myself a young 33 who likes to be trendy but I have absolutely no use for this, I think it’s lame. I have medium to dark brown hair, if anything I think the purple would be okay, but my husband would think something was wrong with me if he saw me sporting hair chalk. In my salon, not a one stylist has it and I RARELY see it on anyone over 25..maybe im just..not that cool. Lol.

    • I am 20, and I won’t use the hair chalk. I think it’s for an even younger crowd. I know none of my friends would use it either. Maybe 13-16 year olds…

  6. It is hair chalk and while I am all for trying a new highlight(s) chalk is messy and makes your hair kinda look dry. I like trying new things so I may give it a go. I saw a video of the white though and it looks chalky not really white and just pale and horrible.

    I am really suprised that they included an item like this but if I decide not to use it I am sure I have someone on my gift list that will like it.

    I wanted a new blush and I like Ofra cosmetics so I am excited for the blush. Was hoping for a peachy coral color; I have a few pinks already but excited because I have yet to find a holy grail blush.

    I noticed the theme for boxycharm and ipsy are so similar or identical so I hope not to receive a ton of glittery products but the spoilers so far look great for ipsy so I am excited! 🙂

  7. So the videos on the color bug are kind of neat – the white one looks great on blond hair and can be used as dry shampoo apparently ( and the shimmer one (there is a video on his site for this too) looks pretty with slicked back brunette hair….fun look for a holiday party!

    I’ll be looking to swap for the shimmer!

    • Thanks for posting the video! I didn’t know how it worked, still don’t think it will work for my curly hair though.

  8. After watching the video, I’m actually excited for the hair chalk (and I’m 40.) I was a new subscriber off the waitlist for October – was charged at the start of the month, still haven’t gotten that box and have already been charged for this month’s box. Any idea if they’re normally this slow? I sent an email to them today about it.

    • Shelley – I got off the wait list for October as well, and I just received my box today. Hopefully yours arrives soon.

    • They are super slow!! I hot charged for my 1st box on the 1st of the month, then I got charged for my 2nd box on the 15th of the month and the 1st charge I got the previous months box and the second charge on the 15th, I got the current months..1 day before Halloween. This month, I’ve yet to be charged. They need to re configure their billing and shipping system, it’s confusing and all over the board.

      • *got not hot =)

  9. Excited about the hair chalk hopefully I get purple! I dye my hair black so I don’t think gold or white would be good. I hate blush since I already have very red/pink undertones and very red acne cheeks so I won’t be using that. I’m opposite from most people posting

  10. When I first heard about the color bug I was disappointed just like most of the comments until I looked more into the product and I’m very excited for it. The gold is not a shimmery gold like confetti it’s actually meant for brunettes and it adds gold highlights to your hair that looks really pretty. The white is meant for blondes and it adds a very light blonde highlight as well. The purple will go on as purple and it looks really fun. I’m looking forward to the blush and the color bugs 🙂

    • I’m. a redhead… I am curious what color would work for me… and what color I’ll get. I teach junior high, so the students will get a kick out of it, no matter what. Not thrilled with the blush though; have enough red in my cheeks already. Oh well, win some, lose some.

  11. I cancelled after I realized I wasn’t able to use anything from the October box which was my fault. I bought it for the main spoiler without realizing it had witch hazel in it. I’m in my 40s and think the color bug looks fun. Hair chalk is big in my area. I can see myself wearing purple. I’m not going to put myself back on the waitlist for it, but a part of me wishes I didn’t cancel.

  12. The blush looks to be a lovely shade and should be very wearable. I like the color bug, I think it’s a fun and different item for them to include. Of course, I’m hoping for the gold as I think that would be the best for my blonde hair.

    Kevin Murphy is a high end brand that is sold in fancy salons, so I think it’s great they’re including a quality brand. I am a little worried about the repetition of brands over the last few months, so hopefully the rest of the box will have even more diversity of brands.

    Of course, they already have a waiting list, so it’s not like they need to advertise their best spoilers now in order to get subscribers for this month. That could mean the rest of the box will be just as good!

  13. Yesterday I cancelled Julep, Glossybox and Splendies. I think I might at Boxycharm to the list. I’m pretty meh about both of these spoilers, and didn’t care much for last month’s box either.

  14. the blush I will definitely use but that hair color bug, really? I think they might be losing their touch. I would think the boxes would be getting better not worse during the holiday season. This does not seem like a normal item any box would give out, even Ipsy. I really hope the rest of the products are things most of us can use. They only have one more month to impress me and I’m out!

  15. Meh about the blush but super excited about hair chalk! Has nothing to do with age…more about personality and taste differences…My mom (50+) and I (29) love fun hair colors!

  16. I am loving the blush and I am very excited try it. The hair chalk will be perfect for my 10 year old daughter … Thinking great stocking stuffer. I can’t see myself ever using it!!!

  17. Excited about the blush! Meh about the hair color, as someone with the blondest hair possible, I don’t trust hair coloring stuff, haha. I am sure I can find someone who would have fun with this though, even if just my niece. I am still a fan of BoxyCharm for now!

  18. I think the blush is a gorgeous shade, I can’t wait to get it. But yeah I’m not too excited about the hair chalk, but I’m sure my niece will love it, she’s 5.

  19. Hair Chalk Interesting – If only it would come in regular hair colors to cover up grey. – The gold I can sorta understand, if someone is going to a festive holiday party, it might be fun to ad a bit of hair sparkle. Not the other colors.

    • Could not agree more with you

  20. BoxyCharm has me a little worried… They had two AMAZING months followed by two months of ‘meh.’ I kind of feel like they are curating boxes for younger girls (teen-young adults) I’m a little old to be sporting hair chalk.

    • So agreeing with you on this one. If it was before Halloween, I’d be ok with the hair chalk but it does feel very young. I’m mid-thirties and in my life, I can’t imagine finding an occasion to use this. That being said, I have a 13 y.o. niece who will love it!

    • I agree! I feel like the hair color would have been better off in October’s box. I would have zero use for it outside of a costume. I’m either to old or just not cool enough for it lol

  21. Excited about the OFRA blush… not so excited over the color bug. I cannot think of an occasion where I as a mid-40’s professional business person would need to put this type of color in my hair – I will definitely gift that item to a niece.

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