Bespoke Post Brim


Warm up as the weather cools down.

The temps are dropping, the leaves are bursting with color, and the days have gotten shorter. Fall’s back, and it’s time to get outfitted for the season since the cold weather isn’t going away anytime soon. A good coat and a six pack of pumpkin ale are a good start, but here are the finishing touches.

Melton Wool Cap, Quintin Co.

These US-made caps are stitched up with high grade, hard-wearing melton wool (an extra durable and wind-resistant weave) plus a sturdy leather adjustable band, taking the whole thing miles beyond the versions from your Little League days. Pull it on with a reliable denim jacket, a heavy gauge sweater, or a tweed blazer and a tee — anything shy of a suit, really — and you’ll be ready to face any autumn day.

Personalize your pick by choosing from any of the five available colors:

Mason Jar Mugs, Set of 2, Gotham Textile

Warm up with a cup of coffee, spiced cider, or hot chocolate (more on that in a sec) in this useful makeshift mug. We took a wide mouth 16oz mason jar — a handy addition to any kitchen or desk — and added a drum-dried, waterproof leather wrap with a handle that’s custom made for us here in the US. Take it on a fall foliage camping trip, keep it around the house for your morning cup, or stow it at the office for a daily drip of caffeine. Or if you want to pack it for your commute, pour your drink and screw on the top to turn it into a travel mug.

Spicy Hot Chocolate, Marie Belle

A classic cold weather drink, but with a big kick. Marie Belle’s hot chocolate blends are crazy good to begin with thanks to super high quality pure chocolate from the whole bean (true to the original Aztec tradition). So no knockoff cocoa powder — just single origin South American cacao beans, distilled into a delicious blend. This version uses a hit of chipotle Ancho chili, cinnamon, and nutmeg to bring things to the next level.

Brave the autumn chill with style that’ll outlast the season.

Bespoke Post Slate


Lay out the ultimate spread.

These small-batch delicacies are sure to impress when you’re hosting friends… if you can manage to avoid eating it all yourself. Serve them all on the rugged-meets-refined slate board and your holiday party will be off to a very successful start.

Natural Slate Serving Board, 10″x14″, Brooklyn Slate

These hand-cut, rough-edged slate slabs are sourced from a family-run quarry in upstate New York. Each one has its own slight surface imperfections, adding to the tough vibe and making every board unique. Top it with your favorite cheese and charcuterie for a distinctive, rustic display. You can even clue your guests into what’s what with the included soapstone chalk.

Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 oz, Old Town Oil

This is the good stuff. Classic olive flavors form a mild yet complex base with refined flavor reminiscent of almonds, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Simply put, it’s miles above your normal supermarket fare. Pick up a fresh baguette, tear off a piece, and get to dipping.

Barrel-Aged 18-yr Style Balsamic Vinegar, 5 oz, Old Town Oil

This barrel-aged reserve has got the texture of honey, the complexity of a top shelf single malt, and an unreal sweetness and tang. Toss some on salads, meat, or even fruit.

Next up – choose whether you want to dress up your box with salami or spicy green beans


Sopressata Salami, 5.5 oz Creminelli
All of Creminelli’s award-winning artisan charcuterie is delicious, but this sopressata — hand-tied and slowly cured in a natural casing — is our very favorite. Garlic and red wine notes give it a robust flavor that’s dangerously good.



Spicy Pickled Green Beans, 16 oz,Pernicious Pickling Co.
An addictive addition for the vegetarian crowd. They’re pickled with garlic, habanero, thai chile, and spices to give ’em a tongue-punching flavor. Eat them plain, mix them into a salad, or garnish a bloody mary, and then use the brine in a vinaigrette once you’re done.

Bourbon Brittle, Buffalo Trace

A smoky and sweet take on peanut brittle made with booze from Buffalo Trace, the oldest continuously operating bourbon distillery in the states. That’s because they kept on distilling though prohibition in order to make whiskey for “medicinal purposes”.

Garlic Dill Mustard, Mustard and Co.

A minimally processed mustard that’s made the old school way. The time honored technique keeps the mustard seed intact to preserve the sharp flavor, then uses quality local ingredients like organic olive oil, fresh dill, and lots of garlic. It makes for a rounded flavor that’ll punch up any spread.

#22 Bourbon Toothpicks, Daneson

You weren’t going to eat everything with your fingers, were you? These sleek toothpicks are made from A-grade American white birch and then soaked in six year Kentucky bourbon, so that your cheese and charcuterie gets a boozy nuance.

All you’ve got to supply is the appetite.



Bring some class to your morning routine.

Your dopp kit — and the grooming gear you pack inside — should be just as sharp as the rest of your life. Combine ‘em, and your morning will have a stylish breath of fresh air. You’ll look clean, polished, and put-together both at home and when it’s time to hit the road.

Dopp Kit, 10″x6″x4″, Blue Claw Co.

Blue Claw’s Dopp bag is as resistant to blending in as it is to wearing down. They were designed exclusively for us, and are crafted with care here in the States. The sturdy exterior uses a heavy 15oz waxed canvas sourced from family-run American mills, and the full-grain leather handle and pull tab, bronze rivets and zipper, and signature blue ballistic nylon lining lend some polish. We’ve got it in two colorways: a rustic olive green, and British tan.

But where’s the fun in an empty dopp? We filled it up with a roster of grooming add-ons for your routine.

Heavy Hitter Shampoo, MITCH by Paul Mitchell

Get the gunk out of your mane. MITCH’s take cleans deep down to get rid of dirt and product, but won’t strip away the natural oils that keep your hair soft and shiny. And the refreshing cedar & agave scent will leave your hair smelling as good as it looks.

Construction Paste, MITCH by Paul Mitchell

Finish your look by giving your hair some help. This stuff is easy to apply and dries soft for when you just want a bit of flexible texture that doesn’t look overdone.

Handmade Gold Moss Scrub Soap, 5 oz, Dr. Squatch

These all-natural soaps are made by cold-pressing olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, organic shea butter, sea salt, and fragrance oils. The Gold Moss version — our personal favorite — has a woodsy, fresh scent that’ll bring out your inner ape.

Face Wash, 4.4oz, Cremo Company

This well-balanced facial cleanser is pH neutral with a concentrated foaming gel that leaves your face looking and feeling so fresh and so clean clean.

Lotion 0.75 oz + Body Powder 1 oz, Gold Bond

It’s time to stop dipping into other people’s moisturizer and get one of your own — we like the all-around nature of Gold Bond’s Everday lotion since it can be used on your hands, body and face. And to stay fresh throughout the day, dash on some body powder to stave off sweat.

Drinker’s Detox, drinkwel

Replenish your nutrients and help your body process alcohol-induced toxins while supporting a healthy liver function. Take these headache-savers after your next late night – your body and mind will thank you.

Toothpaste, Marvis

A minty import from Italy, packed in an old school, apothecary inspired tube. It’ll leave your mouth sparkling and your medicine chest looking good.

You and your bathroom shelf are both about to get a serious upgrade.


Which box are you getting this month? (Refresh is a great box if you haven’t tried it when it was available last year. Check out my Refresh review to see exactly what’s in it).