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Allure Winter 2014 Beauty Box Reveal!

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Allure Winter Beauty Box

The Winter 2014 Allure Beauty Box has been revealed! It goes on sale November 25th at noon EST. The cost is $44.95 plus shipping and the value is over $250.

The Box includes:

What do you think of the box?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anyone know how much shipping is??

    • I just got the box, I paid $54.95

  2. I am actually delighted to see, that a lot of people are standing this box out. I am in the military, and every time this box has been on sale, I have been underway. Our internet connection, from the middle of the ocean, isn’t always reliable. So, I have never had one of these boxes! I am really looking forward to, trying to purchase one tomorrow!! Thank you, for all of the great updates, Liz! πŸ™‚ -CM

  3. How do you pre pay or pre order?

  4. I actually like that they have mostly skin+hair products. Skin and hair is first what is being judged in the appearance. I think this is most essential for beauty, as most of us probably have tons of makeup. Most often random makeup that comes in a beauty box is is being left unused cos shades and quality is not what I would choose personally for myself. Regarding Allure box, I probably would prefer less hair products nonetheless.

  5. After seeing what was in the fall box, I was greatly anticipating being able to snag a winter box, but I’m SOOO underwhelmed. I already have a ton of lotion, and since that’s the majority of the box, I’m passing. With it being winter, I was hoping they’d include several skin care items for the face. That would have made this box worth it.

  6. I got the fall’s box and I am hoping Ill be able to get this one too. The products are your every day essentials and I am always happy to get those stock. There are some things that are not my go to like the hair chalk but for the price and what I would spend at the store buying it is totally worth it.

  7. I can’t believe they included 8(!) lotions/moisturizers!! But only 2 cosmetics (blush and polish). And the rest is mostly hair. The boxes have always been heavy on hair products but this one is ridiculous. They should call it the hair and lotion box since they seem to have missed the beauty part this time. Very disappointing. Seriously, eight lotions? I couldn’t go through that much in 2 years.

    • Agreed! Skipping this one because I received a lot of the same the last box!

  8. I’m cursed when it comes to getting this box. I’ve tried many times, been logged on early, and it never works fast enough. I don’t know whether it’s even worth the trouble of spending an hour yelling at multiple devices trying to get one of them to load the page.

  9. Well I didn’t buy falls box and wont buy this one either. Too many items I will not use. I still have a ton of backstock of bath/hair products. When they include more makeup I may purchase again. I hope everyone who wants one can get in and ordered quickly.

  10. YAY! I’m so excited! I would use everything in this box, I think. And if there isn’t anything that works I am sure my sister or mother or someone I know could use it. This will be my first one! I hope I get it!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the box preview.
    I have been watching for an Allure winter box date for several weeks now.
    At first I was completely let down when I read it will be on Tuesday as I will be on the road to visit family for Thanksgiving and am certainly going to miss it, although I will be a passenger, as mobile purchases have never really gone well while on the road. After looking at the preview I feel less sad about missing it since most of those items are not my colors and I am allergic to some of them.

  12. The Allure box is such a great price, it’s hard to pass up. But after 2 years of being a sub box subscriber to lots of different boxes (Popsugar, Birchbox, Ipsy, Yuzen, Beauty Bar, Blush, Glossybox, and many more), I just have WAY TOO MUCH stuff. Seriously, like more than I can ever use. I have a huge box of samples that I just haven’t used that I put up on eBay for bidding at a really low price just to get rid of it. I feel like I am on stuff overload from all these boxes.

    I love getting the boxes, but at some point it just has become too much, so I cut my subs down tremendously. Now, I only keep my very faves – Popsugar, MSA, Glossybox (only because I did a year subscription), Yuzen and Nina Garcia (if we ever get that one). I am on the fence about canceling Birchbox. For me, my boxes have been kind of duds month after month. The only reason I keep it is for the Birchbox points system. But, it may be the next to go.

    All that to say that I will pass on the Allure box. I just don’t know what I’d do with all that stuff. πŸ™‚

    • Just a thought, if you have things you wont use and you want to get rid of it donate them to a family shelter, those ladies would be more than happy to get some nice stuff πŸ™‚

  13. They always have so many hair products….

    • Agreed. And lotion! I’ve been buying these boxes for year and they used to contain a lot more cosmetics; mascara, lip products, eyeshadow.

      Last years winter box had a lot more in the cosmetic dept. The Almay lip balm/gloss was great, never would have purchased it without trying it first and finding out how much I loved it. Plus the NYX eyeshadow palette, ELF blush/bronzer and Julep nail polishes. I really loved that box. This is just meh.

      I know beauty products encompass a range, but when I think of Allure, I think makeup. I really hope future boxes contain better stuff. This is a definite pass.

  14. I got the last box & I will be getting this one (or try to get it). Out of all the products the hair chalk is the only one I will give away. I guess the next comments are for the people who are saying the box has a ton of repeats. The Brilliant Brunette was in the last box, but it was the shampoo not the conditioner. Most people need to replace their toothbrush every 3 months so I see no problem getting another. Toothpaste is a different brand & I will need toothpaste within the next month. The Jergens Glow is a repeat but I use lotion every day so I am due for another. The Curel lotion is also a repeat & it is a huge bottle. I don’t need another so I can live without that one but oh well! I’ll have lotion for life.

    I have never opened an Allure Box & found anything life changing but these are all great staple products to have…provided you use a lot of products. Lol. Even though not one item is a huge splurge, the box is always a great value.

    • You pretty much summed up my exact feelings on this box. I always try to get one. I end up using almost everything, and my daughter uses what I can’t. I do end up finding great products each time, and I consider the deep discount on the products as the real value.

  15. Oh and off topic but just wondering Liz if you know if any spots will be opening up for your second box? If so, is the best way to sign up through the wait list or is it best to just keep checking?

  16. Hmm I’m debating on this one. . There are a lot of things I would like to try but like others, I already have so many products to try out from my gazillion subscription boxes so I don’t know!!

    I’ll have to sit down and really see how many items I would use and how many I could gift go see if it’s worth it or not.

  17. I’ve gotten this box the past two times it has came out, and still have MORE than enough products!
    I LOVE this box, and think its always a great value-
    but with MSA and Rosario Quarterly shipping in dec, and a couple others, im sitting this one out! good luck folks!

  18. Pass

  19. Great value, but it doesn’t meet my needs right now.

    Side note: does anyone know if Hautelook is doing a beauty bag any time soon? Seems like it should be time…

    • Yes! I’m curious about the Hautelook beauty bag too if anyone has heard of anything.

      • No word yet πŸ™

  20. Way too many duplicates from last quarters box including the Colgate toothbrush, Brilliant brunette hair products, Jergens and more. This is one that I’ll probably be skipping…

    • The Brilliant Brunette was the shampoo, not the conditioner & the toothbrush & toothpaste was Arm & Hammer brand. But you are right, the Jergens & the Curel lotion are repeats. But all those things I use daily so I guess it just depends on how much you use on a day to day basis to make it worth your money.

  21. I’m on the fence about this one. There’s some stuff from the spring box that I use all the time and a bunch of stuff I haven’t touched. I wish there was more makeup.

  22. My fondness of these boxes has grown. I have been subbing to every box I can get my hands on for about two years now. Over the last 4 months I have started cancelling them one by one. I have held on to a few favorites, PS, wantable intimates, ipsy and birchbox but all of the rest have gone. When I started with sub boxes it was so exciting to get a good deal and come home to a package each day, that appeal has worn off for me personally. I like the value of the Allure boxes, I like that the items are full size, I have enough sample size beauty items to out last a zombie apocalypse. I don’t care for the nail products they put in the boxes but I gift those. For me this is an easy way to get a great value on a large amount of full size items, but that might change next month.

    On a side note has anyone been able to use the wantable link that was sent out in the email yesterday and today. It does work for me.

    • It worked for me yesterday. I already have a makeup subscription but signed up for accessories for only $18.

    • I am having that problem too!

      • Me too, I haven’t been able to get the link to work all day. Bummer, I would order the jewelry one at that price.

        • Is the link not opening up a Wantable page at all? Or is the discount just not showing up? I’ll try to figure out what’s going wrong. Thanks!

          • Yesterday the link would open and a little window would pop up stating 50% good through (I think) 11/19/14 at noon and coupon applied. Today the link opens to the website however no little window noting the sale. When I go to check out it’s showing the full price.

          • What Megan said is what is happening to me too. Yesterday I did get a pop up – but I had to run out of the house before I did anymore, and today – no pop up and I can’t get the checkout screen to reflect the 50%. Thanks Liz for looking into it!

            I, too, believe it said 11/19/14.

          • Same problem here. Hope there’s a solution!

          • Try opening the link in a different browser – that’s been working for some people. Hope it works!

          • Thanks for the suggestion, Liz, but I’ve tried three browsers, and no dice. I’m taking this as a sign that I’ve spent enough money on subscriptions this month. πŸ˜‰

          • I have tried my cell phone, tablet, pc in chrome and internet explorer none of them will open the link with the coupon code applied. On to the next deal. πŸ™‚

  23. Yeah, I will probably have to try to get this box! I use enough of these items that I would normally spend more than $50 on anyway, the rest is just bonus!

  24. I love these boxes plus I’m addicted and can’t help it. Even if there are items a person won’t use the cost comes out to “less than $3/item” . Since I can’t get that price at the drug store I will be buying this box and the items I don’t need or want will be given away as nice little extras in Christmas gifts. I say that I will purchase…… but that’s only if the site doesn’t crash and it doesn’t sell out quick πŸ™‚

  25. Hi, I am new to this box, are they all full size or sample sizes?


    • All Full Size!

  26. I’m tempted, if only because I found my HG conditioner in the last box (Organic Doctor Argan Oil), but I still haven’t used most of the products from the last box. I think I’ll sit this one out too and hope someone else gets it that needs it more than I do!

  27. Seems like 98% drugstore brands in unimpressed! I’ll pass

  28. OMG, thank you!! I’ve been looking everywhere for this!! I so need this box lol

  29. I want it, because I have no self-control lol, but I think I am going to just sit this one out. I have so much from that last boxes not to mention all the other subs to use up and I think I would rather put the $50 to the black Friday tote that The Body Shop does every year. Good Luck everyone!

  30. I got the last two boxes and ended up with too many products that I’ll never use. I’ve given some away and some have been good. It is very “drugstore” as was stated above. I’ll ne sitting this one out. Some of the products are the same from the precious box, the Sally Hansen nail polish, jergens gradual tan, maybe more

  31. I am SO excited about this box!! I really hope I score one! I do need some drugstore-type stuff as well as the high-end stuff, and this is everything I need for my hair at a fraction of the price….the whitening toothpaste and tanning lotion are bonuses! The only disappointment for me is that Rusk Texture spray, which has showed up in almost every sub box in the last 6 months. And that product sucks….I think they are trying to get rid of it….haha

    • Does the Rusk texture really not work? I have wanted to try but have not gotten a sample in any of my boxes.

      • Personally, I like the Rusk texture spray. It works really well with my hair which is very thick and wavy, but fine at the same time. It works especially well in the winter when the air is so dry!

  32. Woohoo!! Been waiting on word of this!! Thx, Liz. Hope to get one.

  33. Somewhat underwhelming. I always expect more from Allure, since they have ready access to pretty much every high-end product in the world, yet lately their boxes have looked like a trip to CVS or Walmart (although at least the last subscription box was good). Think I’ll pass on this one. Too much competition out there, especially at the holidays when I can get a wicked good gift with purchase at the department store.

  34. I think this box looks great! But I’m tired of the John Frieda, you can’t give that stuff away. I hope I can get one!

  35. I’ll be sitting out on this one. The value is there, but I don’t see anything that I don’t have something similar to already. I hope all the ladies getting one enjoy them!!

  36. I’m underwhelmed. Last winters box was awesome but the last two boxes have felt increasingly boring and very drug store. I prepaid for all 3 boxes this year and don’t think I’ll be doing that again. Too much stuff that I just don’t want or need. Although the monetary value is there is actual use value isn’t.

    • If you decide to swap or all it please let me know : )

      • *sell

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