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$50 Off POPSUGAR Must Have Neiman Marcus Box!

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$50 Off POPSUGAR Must Have Neiman Marcus Box

As someone who already paid full price for this box, this is a little frustrating – but Neiman Marcus is currently offering $50 off any purchase of $200 or more – making the Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box only $200! Use coupon code NOV50 – this offer is good through tomorrow!

Thank you Leng for letting us know about this deal!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Well my experience has been less than luxurious or “holiday” feeling!! My NM box arrived today and half my items are damaged. My Missoni candle is shattered inside the box and tissue so please everyone inspect yours before gifting or swapping! The glass fell out all over when I unwrapped it. :(. My mirrored box is scratched and chipped with a panel sticking out and off the box. The cocoa tin is all dented on one side, the box the frame came in is all dented, dirty and scratched up ( I was too mad to look any further before leaving to pick up my kids!) Even the big NM box is ripped apart in3 places on the lid and corners so I can’t even use it. This is really unacceptable for an online purchase of any type especially $250 and associated with NM. What kind of company fills orders like this? It certainly was no fun after opening the $88 candle first and get a pile of glass shards falling all over the place then having to inspect everything else for the damages and take photos immediately. I knew when seeing the ripped up black box that something wasn’t right. I’m so disappointed and upset. If they don’t take care of it quickly, I think I’m just going to contact amex to handle it. I’m done with psmh now. πŸ™ sorry to vent here !!

    • Wow! It seems like A LOT of people have had the same problem with damaged items. I do know they will replace the damaged items. At least that was the response I saw from them to several people on facebook.

      • Thanks, I hope so. I posted on their Facebook page early this week and they asked me to contact them by email. I emailed them and sent photos thursday morning. Unfortunately, the only reply I’ve gotten after 3 days has been their auto reply email. I have seen other people on Facebook say they’ve gotten replies same day or within 24 hours and are very happy with customer service, but I haven’t, so it makes me wonder about those posts….

  2. I went to NM and saw and handled the items. myself. I know people are unhappy about the kind of items that are in this years box, as they are the same type as many other subscription boxes, but there is a significant difference. It is quality. Every item is top notch and high end. For example, one may find spending $100.00 on a frame excessive but many people do, especially for wedding gifts, and that holds true for the other items in the boxes. The retail value is there, they are true prices for typical high end products that NM sells.

  3. I have been a loyal Neiman Marcus customer for more than 25 years and I should see this coming. But missing out last years’, I bought it the first day. I emailed Popsugar and I got the generic response that some people posted. Well I just have to console myself that I am only out $27 more since I live in Texas and NM charges taxes and Popsugar does not. I, too am disappointed in this box, with the RB of Mc? blue clutch, the nov box blue wallet and another blue? Blue is at the bottom of my color spectrum. I do not buy any thing in blue except jeans and things for Sunny, one of my dogs. He is golden in color and wears a blue collar, and have a blue winter coat and blue rain coat. sigh… I am waiting on spoilers before I take another $100 bet.

  4. Related to swap. I notice that Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box has been flagged as a non subscription box item, and therefore not showing up when I do a general search, or Popsugar listing. Is there’s a way to un-flag?

  5. I wonder if I did a ” return to sender” on the LE box if they would refund me once they receive it? I’m almost tempted to purchase the box on Neiman Marcus with the $50 discount and try it. $50 bucks is $50 bucks.

  6. Just got an email from Quarterly that shows the cardamom coffe scrub for your box and the Nude face oil for Nina Garcia’s box. Is the body scrub in your second box as well? Looking forward to getting the November box!

    • No repeat coffee scrubs – I was surprised to see that! πŸ™‚

      • I did see though that quarterly confirmed the Ariana huffington spolier in the email on their FB. The blue urbanears headphones will be in her upcoming box.

  7. Last year the box sold out on the first day. I wonder if NM and PS thought it would be a non-issue. I can understand why people are upset because $50.00 is a lot of money. The timing is unfortunate because the discount is probably part of a Veteran Day sale. It seems a lot is going wrong with PS lately and this adds to it.

  8. I emailed PS today asking for either a) a $50 refund or b) a $50 credit toward my next purchase of a limited or special edition box, and this is the response I got (basically the same canned response I’ve gotten in response to all other CS issues I’ve had with them):

    Thank you for reaching out and expressing your concerns. Unfortunately, we’re unable to apply the discount as this promotion is made specifically for purchases made in Neiman Marcus stores and on their website. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We value you as a loyal Must Have subscriber and appreciate your long term relationship with PopSugar. We hope you will continue to give us the opportunity to improve our product and another chance to wow you.

  9. Just got an email for $100 holiday boxes. I have a lot of trouble saying no to popsugar!

  10. I sort of feel bad for Popsugar, as they probably never thought about the consequences of letting their box be sold directly by NM. The information was out there fairly early (at least on makeup chat boards) about this box being sold at the NM stores. But of course, Popsugar didn’t advertise that on their website so I’m guessing the majority of people bought directly from PS.

    This is the time of year when retailers will generally have big promos and sales (Veteran’s Day, black Friday, etc.) so I’m not really surprised about the NM discount. For Popsugar, the timing of it all is very unfortunate. . . but as other people have pointed out, they should have considered a scenario such as this. I’m guessing the margins on this box are very small & that’s why they can’t give a discount, but this is a PR disaster for Popsugar and they’re losing loyal customers.

    If I had purchased the box for $250, I’m sure I’d also be upset because $50 is a lot of money. I think Popsugar will need to adjust their strategy and improve customer service if they want to be successful. On a positive note, I think the regular November box looks great and I’ll enjoy everything in it. Maybe they just need to focus their energies on making the monthly box the best one out there. It seems like they might have too many irons in the fire . . .

  11. To everyone who did NOT purchase this $250 box and who is being critical of those of who did, please understand that we have a right to feel disappointed, or even angry, over the contents of this box. We also have a right to express our dissatisfaction here (assuming Liz approves our comments, obviously) or elsewhere. We did not give PS our $250 just because we wanted something to complain about. We gave it because we expected to receive appropriate value for our money, and that didn’t happen.

    While PS has draconian refund policies, there is no reason why they could not have honored the wishes of their customers and cancelled the orders before they were shipped. If PS truly believes this box is exceptional, then they would not have had any problems selling the cancelled boxes to other customers.

    • Dear Stephanie,

      You said this beautifully, truthfully and gracefully. As a PS box lover, I sat this one out and I feel badly for everyone who feels duped. Regarding comments, about different price points. Yes and No. An honest company who values their customers will make good on a price point. I never expected NM to offer this with a discount. I feel PS needs to refund everyone $50 or reset their price. PS doesn’t have to do anything of course. But if they don’t reimburse, I will cancel, on principal.

    • I did not (thankfully) buy a box, because PS will never get a penny from me again, but I completely agree that those who did buy certainly have a right to expect some exceptional products for a LE box that costs $250, and certainly have a right to complain about not getting that.

    • PopSugar must not have thought through the consequences of not allowing early purchasers to cancel their Neiman-Marcus box. What incentive do people have to buy the box early? Do they think loyal customers will continue to subscribe and order special boxes? PopSugar needs to understand that loyalty is a two-way street. Arrogance is never attractive in people and is a poor business practice . . . with consequences.

      • Well said, Barbara.

  12. What do you expect when you buy these surprise mystery boxes?! It’s like gambling. You can’t ask for your money back if you lose!

  13. Popsuar and NM should have come to a pricing agreement. It would be the like all the exclusions on the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon. My issue is that I was unaware that the box would be sold retail. A bonus for the boxes bought blind would have been nice (like a NM gift card). Why would you buy in advance if you pick it up in store? I feel like a sucker. All the problems in October, now this. Ugh. Don’t like!!

  14. Off topic, but there is an unboxing video for the November box up on Youtube. Has anyone received their box yet?

    • I was JUST about to mention this. This is what makes me SO frustrated. Youtubers getting their Nov box when some people haven’t even received last months yet! I haven’t even been charged for this month yet. I get these boxes because I want to be surprised. I try really hard to avoid the spoilers BUT when some people are getting the boxes 3-5 weeks before others it gets hard not to see whats in them.

      • And let’s not forget, now they have LE Hoilday boxes for sale…while we are waiting for shipping.

  15. I read some of the comments on their Facebook page, I don’t understand why people are taking things out on Popsugar just b/c NM offered a discount. Its akin to buying an expensive necklace from a designers website, who also sells jewelry on NM, then going to the designers facebook page to demand a $50 refund just b/c NM is offering a coupon for their entire online store.

    • I’m not sure if you purchased this box for $250, but for many of us, we are still upset that we gave our $250 to PS even before spoilers were released. When we saw the spoilers, we realized that we just threw our money out the window. Many of us wanted to cancel well before the boxes shipped, but we were not allowed to so. And now our unwanted boxes are being shipped, and we learn that this same box is for sale at a 20% discount.

      BTW, many retailers offer price matches.

      • I thought the coupon was off of any purchase of $200 or more on their website, not just the box. I do skim from time to time, so maybe I’ve got it wrong.

        Also, I was speaking more to the brands that are being sold in NM. Like buying a Kate Spade bag from, then asking Kate Spade to give you a 20% refund after you see that same bag discounted on NMs’ website a week or so later. I know I can go in Walmart and get some yogurt a little cheaper when I bring in a Target sales ad, but I’ve never tried this at department stores. I need to look more into this, I may be cheating myself…

        • FWIW – Kate Spade would likely give you a refund if you asked. Nordstrom price matches (even if Walmart had anything cheaper, I personally would never give them my money). It’s about good customer service. Nothing is stopping PopSugar from price matching, other than lack of good customer service which they’ve had in spades lately.

          • This is true. In fact, I’ve received refunds from both Kate Spade and Nordstroms for this exact issue (among others, like recently Steve Madden). Further, I’ve received refunds from sub boxes for a similar situation, like Stitch Fix just last week ($70).

  16. Thank God for their f’d up website! I went in to check my order status and my NM box order was never received. I went ahead and canceled my subscription. Until they understand customer loyalty and service I won’t be purchasing this box.

  17. in all fairness, this is a neiman marcus coupon code that applies to all full price items in their store and on their website. this is not a popsugar coupon code.

    • I agree. Although I think we’re in the minority here.
      It’s true that PS has been less than ideal lately with their customer service and quality of boxes, but ultimately this is a NM coupon to be used on their website on qualifying items, one of which HAPPENS to be the PS box. NM would’ve offered a promotion/sale/coupon of some sort regardless of whether or not they were selling a box.
      And no one was forced to buy a box. Everyone who bought one before the spoilers or discounts willingly added it to their cart understanding the gamble of a mystery box, hit the Checkout button, entered their CC info and clicked Submit. I can’t imagine there was a gun to anyone’s head during this process. PS shouldn’t be responsible for buyer’s remorse.

      • Exactly. I can’t imagine that a $250 NM PS box is anyone’s first mystery box. There are always spoilers, and the chance of the boxes selling out before the spoilers hit is fairly slim. I understand being frustrated, but it’s also partly on the people that purchased the box to understand that things like this happen all the time. I’m sure PS wasn’t pleased about the discount either, since it made their customers more frustrated with them.

      • Except it’s not much of a mystery when it’s another clutch, another candle, another picture frame, another lip gloss, another mascara– I think that that is the concern of most here. And I believe that even when buying a HOUSE or a CAR you are given three business days in which you can change your mind… but I could be wrong…

      • Buyer’s remorse is something entirely different from what happened with PopSugar and Neiman Marcus. Check out Business 101 if you think it is. Nothing like blaming the victim.

  18. Very disappointed. I don’t have anything new to add beyond what others have said, but the entire experience with this box will make me question whether to buy anything from Pop Sugar again.

    • I agree. The retail price on these items is around $600 so it’s a good “value” in that sense, but a box of expensive unappealing items which came damaged for some people and was subsequently price cut by NM has taught me a lesson: I’ll never be a POPSUGAR subscriber. I bought the NM box on a lark and I got burned. Lesson learned.

  19. I would be so sad and frustrated if I purchased this box..first the spoilers come out and they are awful, then this?! Yikes! I’m not sure what is going on with PSMH but it is not looking good!! I usually have pretty spot on gut feelings and I really feel this company is going under quick. And I’m pretty sure it’s no one’s fault but their own!

    It’s really disappointing considering this WAS one of the best sub boxes out there. πŸ™

  20. Just… WOW…Talk about rubbing salt into a wound… can’t believe that PS wouldn’t offer some “relief” from their end since they were basically the ones fielding the complaints.
    What a disappointment…

  21. Well, this was one very expensive (and very stupid) mistake for me. It’s also one I will not be repeating. I have cancelled my monthly PS sub, and I will not longer purchase any LE boxes until full spoilers are posted. I hope others who are disappointed will do the same. The only way to make sure PS hears us it close our wallets until they get their act together.

    This box still feels like a rip-off at $200. NM is going to have a hard time getting rid of these boxes, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price go down more once this promotion is over.

  22. I have to say, as a first time LE popsugar subscriber, I was sick to my stomach when I saw the spoiler of the entire box contents. I couldn’t be more disappointed if it was a box of cereal. This has really made me consider whether I wish to subscribe to PSMH monthly moving forward. And definitely doubtful about future LE boxes from anyone.
    I’ve emailed PSMH customer support (knowing i have a 0.1% change of getting a reply, asking for a full re-fund. Wish me luck).

    • I emailed PS this morning. I was actually happy with the contents of my box. What upset me was the discount offered by NM. I don’t understand why PS would go into an agreement to have them sell the box and offer a discount on it.
      This is the response I got from PS:POPSUGAR Support, Nov 11 10:01 AM:
      Hi Claudia,

      Thank you for reaching out and expressing your concerns. Unfortunately, we’re unable to apply the discount as this promotion is made specifically by Neiman Marcus for purchases made in their stores and on their website. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, as well as the experience you’ve received thus far. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to improve our service and that you as a customer, matter. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to further assist.


      POPSUGAR Support

  23. I cancelled my PS box, which makes me so sad because it was my favorite. I AM SUPER excited for Liz’ box, since I missed out on the last one. I LOVE supporting someone who has been a customer and is now a curator.

  24. For all those thinking that Popsugar didn’t have anything to do with this, think a minute. They collaborated with Neiman Marcus to put the box together. They could have said this box with stay this price no matter what. Instead they (PSMH) actually undermined themselves and us by not doing this. They didn’t stand up for their customer base and therefore screwed us and now are screwing themselves cause we are peeved at them. Please excuse my wording, but this has really made me very upset at PS.

    • Agree to disagree, but I think that between the two organizations, Neiman Marcus has a little more muscle. I would bet PS didn’t even KNOW NM was going to put out a coupon – but even if they had tried to get Neiman’s to exclude the box somehow, I’m not convinced that NM would have any reason to kowtow to them.

  25. even with the coupon, it’s still not worth it, the box is awful

    • I mostly agree, I do think the little box is super cute, but candle/picture frame/lip gloss/mascara is not what we hope for in these high end boxes IMO. We get all of that stuff from the mid-range ones.

  26. PSMH LE Men’s and Women’s Holiday boxes are now for sale! πŸ™‚

    • Do you have a link? I can’t find them on their site. Thanks!

        • Looks like that is their staging environment for testing before they deploy the new boxes to the site for customers. I’m guessing these will be available to buy soon though!

          • They are up now. Thought why they would choose to put these up for sale on the same day as this controversy is beyond me. Same as why I did not understand them putting up the neiman box during all of the regular month problems. It was like a giant we don’t care that you are having problems getting your every month box here is a box that you can give us $250 for.

          • Well I have definitely learned my lesson with them. I cancelled my monthly subscription, and will wait for full spoilers before I give them any more of my hard earned money. Even then, I might just buy the items I like off of Ebay. πŸ™‚

    • More LE boxes? ? ? Interesting! I’m guessing the sales on these boxes will be pretty low. After three disappointing LE boxes, I’m not taking the bait this time around. I don’t want to sound so negative, but Popsugar should really focus on fixing their monthly box issues (shipping/billing) first. Last month my box didn’t arrive until the first of the month. I had an address change at the end of last month (it was changed several weeks past the time I would have normally received my box). Anyway, it bounced back and forth between two states for ten days until it finally landed in my new post office. I had to pay $7.50 to pick it up, which really ticked me off (because PS uses the cheapest shipping method possible. . . I can understand that as normal practice, but when they ship boxes out so late, they should upgrade to priority, IMO).

  27. Liz! I love following all of your posts! When will you be doing your review of the October Little Lace Box?!? All of us love reading your reviews and LLB has become one of our new favs! Can’t wait to see your review!

    • It should be up today – I had to retake photos and I’m a little behind! πŸ™‚

  28. Totally peeved about this. I bought the box on the strength of the bag and was super excited, but ultimately let down by the rest of the spoilers. However, I was even more peeved to get my shipment confirmation on 11/5 only to see that they sent it the slowest mail possible and it is not projected to get here until 11/17…two weeks from shipping date! So much for luxury; they are apparently bringing it here by mule. Well…that will learn me! I did write to ask them to refund me $50. It’s one thing to be undercut by a competitor but to be undercut by the company they are partnering with on the box is ridiculous!

    • I’m sorry . . . I can understand how you feel. Even when the Resort box was shipped days late, PS still used Smarpost (slow as molasses) shipping. There was nothing more frustrating than seeing it arrive a few miles from my house, only to be shipped up north to another state and arrive days later. I feel like they should have upgraded shipping on LE boxes (especially a $250 box), and definitely should do that for late shipments.

  29. God I wish I had $150!

  30. WTF? That is all.

  31. Does anyone know if I send it back.. not opened.. just a return to sender.. what will happen??? Will they be required to give me a refund??

    This has really pissed me off enough to cancel with the company all together. I understand it’s NM offering the 50.00 off but I still think it is not okay. If you can’t get rid of “700.00” worth of merchandise for 250.00.. then you know what you are sending is trash.

  32. My box came last night with a dented tin of hot cocoa that could definitely not be re gifted. There was nothing “wrong” with the individual items beyond the fact that they are total repeats and nothing “special”. The highlight in the box was the glass box. That is something I haven’t gotten before in a sub box- candle, nude lipgloss, mascara, picture frame, lotion- all nice, but not unique or special in anyway and complete repeats from popsugar boxes in the past year. Handbag is much nicer than the trash bag quality bag they dumped in the resort box, but it is still the same basic bag. Oh wait we are getting another cobalt blue bag from popsugar in November??? Believe it or not there are colors other than cobalt blue.

    As someone else wrote, don’t buy this box now it will definitely be lowered down to $100 if not less to get rid of it. As a frequent NM shopper I can tell you there are so many other better gifts available there I wouldn’t have picked this box up.

    So when they send me my “sucker” forehead tattoo they are going to throw in a few dumdum lollipops as a free bonus, just to make up.

    Forgive the snarkiness- popsugar has brought out the worst in me

  33. To everyone flipping their lid on the beleaguered PopSugar folks – they didn’t do this. This is a Neiman Marcus coupon off anything from NM.

    • Yes, I just went to their site and its online only through Wed. Its not specific to Popsugar, its for “qualifying” purchases on their site which includes shoes, jewelry, bags, and much more. The slogan is “the more you spend, the more you save” (maybe some kind of Veteran’s Day promotion)…any excuse to get people to spend more $. I know it is tough to hear that you could have saved $50, but Popsugar most likely had nothing to do with this.

  34. I just looked at the deal and it is NOT PopSugar that is offering the $50 discount, but Neiman Marcus. You get the discount if you order direct from NM. I am thinking sales of this box have been slow- it is obvious it wasn’t too popular. NM is trying to move product as quick as it can to make room for better selling products in anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  35. Talk about adding insult to injury. Wow. PS screwed the pooch on this box from start to finish.

  36. Wow! I would be extremely frustrated if I paid full price, especially before seeing the contents. I was so tempted to get this but I decided to use my money and buy a couple limited edition boxes from birchbox which I had 20% off plus $20 birchbox points.
    Also it is completely insane some haven’t received last months box! I wish popsugar would be open and honest about what’s going on. I think people would be more sympathetic. I still haven’t been charged for this month which concerns me. I don’t understand how this company doesn’t charge and ship everyone on relatively the same day. Other companies that have triple the subscribers manage to do so. Makes me concerned that they don’t have many people doing the work. Why? Are they suffering financially and can’t hire more? I am starting to wonder if we are seeing the beginning of popsugar going out of business. Which would make me really sad because I really love my boxes (minus last month). I really hope things pick up. I decided to give Popsugar November and December and if things aren’t getting better by then I will cancel.

    • I have been charged for this month and didn’t want to be! Maybe they started with the people who tried to cancel first. Ha.

  37. It’s sale season so have to wait on deals. Every year this happens.

  38. So frustrating!!!!!?

  39. WOW really ? I am extremely angry with this. I paid $250 to be disappointed with the contents, and now I find out that I could have paid $50 less to be disappointed? (I would not have purchased had I known what was in it to begin with LOL) This is awful.
    I’m about one thread away from cancelling my regular subscription with them, which is sad because they were my absolute favorite box until this past month πŸ™

  40. Popsugar has lost my business over this. I was already upset at the contents of this box, but understood I took a risk. This makes a luxury box feel like a bargain bin and between this and the late shipping and other problems, I would rather take my money elsewhere. I have bought every limited edition/subscription box for about two years, and I would think they would treat their loyal customers better.

  41. I am still waiting for my OCTOBER box, got an email yesterday that they are waiting for inventory and then will overnight it, i was billed october 4th!!! Billed again november 3rd, and no shipping info is on my account.

    • Yep same thing here… And still no shipping notification!

      • It’s a little sad to see Popsugar go down in such a big way. I canceled my regular subscription back in April (which was actually a pretty awesome box to go out on) because I just wasn’t as excited as I used to be about their boxes. I skipped the Resort box, but picked up the Summer and Fall LE boxes – and while Summer was a win for me (I’m 24 so everything felt suited towards my age demographic), Fall fell flat. I was sooooo close to ordering the NM box because I regretted missing it last year – but you simply cannot compare the two boxes! I think it’s ridiculous that PSMH released the box without any spoilers (unlike last year when they previewed the chevron throw) and without any warning, making people scramble to order immediately because they sold out on the first day last year…idk I just feel like PSMH has gotten cheap and slimy in their business tactics. Customer service has also gone waaaaay downhill, not to mention all the shipping issues over the past few months. I can’t imagine them making it through another year of burning customers like this…

  42. to say that i’m perturbed is the understatement of the year. it would be nice to get an extra box or two added to our subscriptions as a mea culpa. they should have negotiated a no-discount agreement with NM. surely they know that we’re all going to be POd.

  43. Wow, I would be so mad if I bought this full price!

    Still not worth it to me at $200….I mean, seriously, I can’t get over the beauty items being mascara and lip gloss!

  44. Well, I can’t tell you how disheartened I am with PSMH, I guess they know it now as I posted a huge negative response over on FB. I have been with them for over 15 months, positively supported them, praised them, bought just about every box except the Men’s box and what do I get?? A slap in the face. Well ladies, I guess I let them know and will they do anything about it, NO, but at least I got it off my chest! Thanks Liz for letting me spill my guts here in the comment area. If you don’t like it it’s OK if you delete it, but it felt good to let others know how I felt!

    • You are always welcome to vent here! It’s definitely frustrating to see I paid $50 more than I needed to for this box. πŸ™

  45. Really ticked off as I ordered this already. Still haven’t heard back from them from over 3 weeks ago from customer service…except they are working on it and I’m important to them. I think I’ll be done with them after this box. So disappointing because I love the box…but not worth the frustration and hassle.

  46. I’m just a bit miffed about this. Especially since I didn’t receive my October box until the 31st. Seems as though they could have given those of us with late, or I should say EXTREMELY LATE shipments a discount if we’d already purchased this box. How about a credit or something?

  47. Super frustrating. My box haven’t arrived yet. Its been a higly controversial box I wouldnt be surprise if it goes for 150 or even 100 for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or after the holidays. I really hope Pop Sugar do something nice for their customers. Im sure all the angry customers would highly appreciate a $50 credit πŸ™‚

  48. We are all curious when our MSA quarterly box will ship!!!?

    • I’m so sorry – I hate that I don’t have a specific answer for you. Quarterly knows how frustrated I am with the experience for this box and they asked for 48 more hours as of last night. So I should have an update for you hopefully by Wednesday evening.

      • πŸ™‚ fingers crossed!

      • How about a full spoiler of the cozy item?

        • I really want to share the spoiler! I’ve been holding off because I don’t think it’s right for me to promote the MSA02 box until it is 100% finalized, and right now Quarterly is still working to secure the final item.

          It’s really frustrating and I’m sorry. I hope that reasoning makes sense.

      • Liz, do you think that they just have to many boxes that they are working on and that is were all these delays are now coming from?

        • I don’t have complete insight into all the delays – but I’m guessing the initial push to get all boxes shipping in November might have cut the timelines too short for some of the boxes. It also may have removed any buffer time for item issues. (For example: if a product arrives at the Quarterly warehouse and is short on units, or the company shipping the product has delays on their end).

          I plan on sharing all the background on this most recent box (including issues we’ve run into), but I’m holding off on that for now so that I don’t reveal spoilers of the box.

          I hope that makes sense!

          • I’m so excited for your box! I was so sad I missed out on the first one, it was curated so well. I have a feeling the second one will totally be worth the wait

      • Seems like Quarterly is also having some problems with all these overdue boxes! I’m still not sure what’s going on with the Nina Garcia box that’s almost 3 months late!

        What’s going on with all these subscription box companies?! Are subscription boxes slowly fading away and becoming a thing of the past?! I hope not!

        Another box that’s going downhill along with PSMH, is Sample Society! Definitely will be canceling!

        • I think the whole subscription box bus has lost its purpose due to all the available boxes. I will always love the business model of BB (the owners went to Harvard so Im not surprised that after 4 years they still have the company well put together). For me the whole point of subs boxes (the ones for samples) was to test drive products so one can finally buy the one that workd well for your skin (thats why, for me the points for the reviews and puechases are great and had made the BB store my primarly store). At some point the sub bus evolved and there were not only samples but expensive monthly deliveries that contained amazing values (didnt matter if we needed the item or not) in order to lure customers, but this all had to stop at one time since at the end of the day its a business and obviously profit has to be in the equation. So at the end I decided to stop all my subscriptions and kept only quarterly boxes, because I got tired if all the other boxes claimed value just to find the same items in SALE inn other places. I do love the quarterly boxes but thats because Im a fan of the curators Im subacribed and their boxes enhance my lifestyle. To finish, I did bought the PSMH NM box and totally regret it, but it was my bad to not read the terms and conditions before buying. Mistakes cost money so my resolution, that instesad of starting im Jan I will start today, is to be a smart shopper and not buying boxes of stuff I dont need because they offer “value”. (Sorry for the long comment)

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