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Quarterly Curator Hints & Spoilers for Holiday Boxes

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Quarterly Curator Hints & Spoilers for Holiday Boxes Reveals

Here are some new Quarterly curator spoilers for October and November boxes! (No boxes will be shipping in December).

Andrew Zimmern’s upcoming box is “Smoked” and includes a Smoked Olive Oil.

Animal’s upcoming box is themed “Italian Cucina.”

Quarterly Curator Hints & Spoilers for Holiday Boxes Eva

Eva Scrivo’s first box (shipping very soon hopefully) is themed “Backstage Beauty” and will include a Kerastase product.

Quarterly Curator Hints & Spoilers for Holiday Boxes Nina

Nina’s box is shipping out in October as well. (This box is sold out but you can get on the waitlist). All I know so far is that this box will have an item with some sparkle! (I cannot wait to get my hands on this box – it’s one of my favorite subscriptions ever).

And I think Rosario Dawson’s box will be one of my new favorite subscriptions:

Rosario Dawson Quarterly

I found this article with the following spoilers:

Top 5 Reasons We Need Rosario’s Quarterly Co. Box

1. 31 gifts for $50: Inspired by the holiday season and advent calendars, Rosario has packed a whopping 31 different items into this box. You can treat yourself to a gift every day in December, or better yet, get all of your stocking stuffer prep completed in one fell swoop! Voilà!

2. Artisan items from Africa: “My main favorite item in this box is actually the container from which you get all your items,” Rosario tells us. “It’s something we’re making in Ghana and I think it’s really cool. It’s hand batik! Everything that is batik is piece of art unto itself because every one is unique. I really like that everyone will be getting an item like that. In fact, there are two items like that in this box!” (Get more info on the African items, which are made possible by Rosario’s social collective Studio 189 here.)

3. Goes for good: Not only will proceeds of this box go toward getting water filters for cleaner water in West Africa (a necessity now more than ever, due to cholera and the Ebola outbreak), but you’ll be helping in a more direct way as well. Rosario explains, “It’s really important that we make sure we’re not just raising money for donations, but we’re actually creating partnerships. We’re supporting people doing what they love and what they are good at, and making sure they are successful so that they can put their own kids through school and protect their own kids from disease and famine.”

4. High-quality products: Not only will you be helping an incredible movement, but you’re guaranteed excellence. “Disney is supposed to be giving us an item for each box, same with [Jessica Alba’s] Honest Company,” Rosario says. “I’ve know Jessica for years now through the ‘Sin City’ stuff and I’m so proud of what she’s doing with her company. She wanted to help support what we’re doing with our company in Ghana, so she’s going to be giving us an item to put in each box.”

5. “Top Five” premiere trip: Oh, and did we mention you’re entered into a raffle to win two tickets to the “Top Five” premiere, which includes airfare and two nights in a hotel? Yeah, pretty sweet.

I subscribed to Rosario’s box after seeing what I missed in the first one – now I can’t wait to get this one – 31 items!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Any new info on Rosario’s box? I can’t wait!

    • I checked their Facebook and on the posts to page (is that their wall?) they posted 14 hours ago that it should ship by the end of November or they will update subscribers. I do hope it ships soon because my sister is looking forward to her box.

      I hope someone corrects me if I am using the wrong Facebook term. I don’t use Facebook, but noticed that most subs tend to update what is going on via their Facebook page.

      • I checked Rosario’s FB, but not Quarterly’s–thanks for the sleuthing!! Excited for this & hope it doesn’t get pushed back

  2. I am not too happy with Quarterly these days. The Andrew Z box was due to ship October. No notice that this was changed to Nov. No response to my email.

  3. I forgot which thread we’ve been posting on regarding the upcoming Rosario Dawson box. Quarterly released a spoiler which looks yummy.

  4. Any more word on the Rosario box? I am thinking of signing up for it, but I already have the MSA box and the MizzFit box coming. I just don’t want to kick myself for missing it.

    • Hi Traci,

      what would you like to know? 🙂

      • Are a lot of the items going to be posters/pictures? I heard a rumor that a photographer has an item in the box, and I know a poster was sent last time.

  5. Well, like so many of you, I couldn’t resist the temptation of 31 little surprises, so I sprang for Rosario’s box. I also went ahead and subscribed to the next MSA box while I was at it. I was low on cash and missed out on the first box- which I really regret because I LOVE the scarf and still haven’t found anyone to swap with for it!!

  6. I signed up for Andrew Zimmern’s box because of the smoke theme. smoked olive oil…..interesting. Does anyone know what part of the month quarterly boxes ship? Liz’s is the only other one I have going.

  7. She posted on you tube yesterday that 1 of the 31 items is going to be a raffle ticket to win a ticket to the premiere of her next movie. So I’m thinking that some of these 31 items may actually be coupons and stuff like that? I was thinking about signing up but now I’m not too thrilled.

    • Some photographer who is trying to make a name for herself posted that we might get something from her in Rosario’s box. That is now 29 items as the ticket and the photographer’s photo is going into the recycling bin.

    • Hi Samantha,

      There will be no coupons in Rosario’s box 🙂

      • This just made my day!

    • Hi Samantha,

      good question 🙂 We can assure you there are no coupons or discounts in the box. It’s a very cool box.

  8. I caved. Know it doesn’t bill until shipping makes it a little easier to take the plunge.

    • I’m guessing coin purse or carry all?

    • To fit everything in there I am thinking backpack or pillowcase or scarf with all items wrapped in it.

      • I’m wondering if everything is packed like an advent calendar which she mentioned above. For example my younger son loves chocolate advent calendars. Each day has a chocolate behind it. She could package the gifts into 2 half advent calendar shaped batiks.

        • Benefit does a makeup advent calendar. I had no idea.

    • I’m guessing either the large carry-all or a tote!

  9. I am subscribing to three quarterly boxes so far, after adding Rosario’s this morning, I’ve cancelled Dave Asprey’s. It’s interesting to see what kind of mind enhance products Asprey would include in the first box but I don’t want to get any coffee or his 2-month performance enhance program. I guess seeing a spoiler or the first box will help me to make a firm decision.

    • I subscribed to his box, so at the very least you’ll be able to see the review of the first box here 🙂

  10. Whoops. I said Liza (my daughter) when I meant Liz of subscription addiction fame.

  11. I also just subscribed to Rosario Dawson. This makes 4 quarterly co boxes for me! I really think Liza must be having an effect on quarterly or else sitting on their board as they seem to be making an attempt to increase value on boxes and seem to be handling their shipping issues a bit better.

  12. Reached out to quarterly about my address change and confirmed Nina’s box is shipping October 24. Feel like I waited forever for this box hope it’s worth it, so excited.

    • What?! Oct. 24? That is crazy. So, it didn’t go out in Sept. Now it will go out at the end of Oct. That means that there will be people that do not get it till Nov.! Which I am one. It better be a VERY good box. We have been waiting forever.

      • It was originally scheduled for November 🙁

        • Nina’s box was set to go out last month.

          • I posted this back in August 21st on the NG summer thread.It’s the email from Quarterly.

            Email from Quarterly Re Nina Garcia

            As you all know, Nina has been busy preparing for Fashion Week, jetsetting around and constantly thinking of new things to share in her next Quarterly shipment. We are working on securing items for her next box with a focus on winter essentials. It will be ready to ship in October, just in time for the holidays. You’ll see a charge and a tracking email from us once it is en route.


            P.S. For those who received Nina’s previous box, the Otterbox code will expire at the end of this month, be sure to redeem it soon!

  13. The first Rosario Dawson box was interesting but not for me personally, but I am really intrigued by this next one. I went ahead and bought it as a one-off box.

    • What was I thinking. I cancelled the one-off and subscribed to save shipping. I can always cancel it after November right, right??? Who am I kidding.

      • oh thank you! I was in such a hurry earlier I did the one box as well.

  14. After seeing this I subscribe to Rosario’s box too 🙂 Cant wait for it and Liz’s as both would be shipping in November. I love this site but my CC not so much 🙂

  15. Subscribed to Rosario after reading about the Christmas special. Too tempting!

  16. Well decided to sign up for Rosario’s box. Since they have no hassle returns, I can always send it back if I don’t love it.

  17. Oh man this site is such an enabler! Ha! Just subscribed to Rosario’s.. I mean how can you pass up 31 surprises? Between that and Liz’s I’m going to have a fun November/December! 😀

  18. Well I just subscribed to Rosario’s box! I’m hoping that Nina and Eva’s boxes will ship out soon! Then in November I have the MSA box and Arianna Huffington’s box coming. Yay for awesome sub boxes! Now I’m waiting on pins and needles to see if PSMH does another awesome collaboration limited edition box.

  19. I signed up. It should be interesting and fun box.

  20. I soooo want to sign up for Rosario’s box but I’m already signed up for Liz’s and $100 right before the holidays is too much to spend…crossing my fingers for a good promo code soon (before Rosario’s is sold out!).

  21. Signed up for Rosario’s box, kinda kicking myself about Nina’s box. I was signed up and cancelled because I wanted fall not winter since I live in Florida and winter stuff doesn’t usually get used. But I kinda regret it cause its sold out now and I regret canceling, maybe it will suck, who am I kidding, it’s going to be her best box yet cause I’m not getting it!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA, but seriously I feel your pain.

  22. Is there still a coupon code for $10 off any box?

    • No, that code expired the end of last month.

  23. Any valid coupon codes? I’ve tried a couple that aren’t working.

    • My understanding is that all Quarterly coupons expired the end of September. 🙁

  24. I very nearly sprained my fingers I was typing so quickly to get to Quarterly! November will be AMAZING – Rosario’s nexzt box and YOUR 2nd box!

  25. Getting excited about the Holiday boxes, I’m set to get yours Liz (still kicking myself for not subscribing sooner- still trying to trade for a scarf, the coffee scrub and lipgloss), Evas and Ninas. I’m just hoping its not Muy Sparkle. I may have to subscribe to Rosario’s. Sounds so fun.

  26. No December boxes? So does that mean your box (and Bianca Jade’s and Mellisa Joulwan’s) are coming in November?

    • Yep – all three will be shipping in November. Quarterly moved up all boxes that were shipping in December to November this year I believe in part to make sure that everyone got their boxes in time for the holidays.

      • Yay! Thanks Liz!

  27. Well that took me all of 2 minutes to subscribe to Rosario’s box. 🙂

    • Quarterly is so clever. They make it so easy to subscribe to new boxes. Painless, even. I subscribed too. 31 gifts is just too much temptation. And something from Disney too. I can’t wait.

      • Right?! I love Disney and Honest CO too 🙂 Hoping they send one of the new Honest candles (doubt it tho lol)

      • Disney sold me the most. Love Disney specially having a little one.

    • Same here! Who can resist 31 surprises?! Not this girl.

  28. Hitha (of Hitha on the Go) has said that the theme of her November box will be packing your clothing perfectly, and there will be five items that will to be useful both at home and on the go.

    There are also several contests: if you sign up by THIS Friday (October 10th), you’ll be eligible to win a Hudson+Bleecker garment bag. Existing and new subscribers who sign up by next Friday (October 17th) will be eligible to win a black Encircled Chrysalis cardigan.

  29. Liz, it looks like there is a curator missing from this list. You. No hints for us?

    • Hopefully we’ll have a hint or spoiler to share soon! 🙂

      • Eeeee!

    • Yea, we need a MSA spoiler! !!!

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