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POPSUGAR November Boxes Available Now w/ $10 Off Coupon!

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POPSUGAR November Boxes Available Now w/ GWP $10 Off Coupon

UPDATE Β – the GWP coupon has sold out. Coupon code MSA10 will still get you $10 off the November box though!

If you’ve wanted to take advantage of the awesome $10 off plus free Kendra Scott GWP10 coupon code, but didn’t want to start with the October box – good news! You can now sign up for the November POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thanks for the heads up Lana!) Make sure to UNCHECK the waitlist box if you don’t want the October box.

FYI – there are approximately 150 GWP10 coupons left, so I recommend grabbing this deal asap if you are interested!

UPDATE: I reached out to POPSUGAR about the issue with showing that you will be receiving the October box in your account section. They confirmed that it is a front-end glitch, and they are working to fix it – but on the back-end everyone who signed up for the November box will actually be getting the November box and not the October box. Hope that helps!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just finally 4 days later received this response… Now I’m really confused.

    Your first box was actually the October box. To apologize for this confusion I have gone ahead and credited you for this shipment. Of course, you may keep the box and we hope you enjoy it. You will be receiving the November in the next several weeks.

    Does this mean I’ve received the October box for free? Or my discount is on this and will be billed fully for the November box. My first experience with this company is not boding well for them so far πŸ™

    • The way I read that, you got your October box for free. They said that they credited you so the payment should come off of your card.
      Hopefully I get a similar response. Still waiting to hear back after emailing on Wednesday.

  2. The GWP10 no longer works. πŸ™ was hoping to get this for my first time. Oh well.

  3. Sooo…after all of the frustration in October, here we go again. I cancelled in early October but when I saw this code I thought I would give them another shot. So stupid of me.

    I placed the order and was charged, then immediately got the billing error email. I logged into my account and can see the individual order but my subscription still says cancelled. This was early yesterday morning. I have emailed them twice with no response.

  4. Thanks Liz for this code! I’ve used it twice, once last week for my October box (I didn’t get one before), which I just received yesterday. The necklace is cute! I’m going to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

    And I used it today for $10 off of my November box. Yay! Makes it much more affordable, especially since I should be charged for my MSA02 Quarterly box soon!

  5. I know it’s probably right in front of my face, but I’m not seeing it. How do you order a gift box as a one time shipment?
    Thanks for any help.

  6. I was going to purchase this with the GWP, but I realized they never corrected the error that didn’t allow people to purchase from the Safari web browser. Apparently I will be only using my Rue La La voucher this month unless something amazing comes out. Really not happy with them.

  7. Wow. I haven’t subscribed in several months and I saw a video review of October’s box and thought, you know, yes these items are nothing special, but the candle is a nice size, really want the frame and I need socks so I signed up with coupon and I waitlisted.

    I had totally forgot about the necklace but I hope I didn’t make a mistake after what everyone went through this month.

    • Update Shocker: I just received a shipping notice email and even tho I signed up yesterday (Wed night) fedex shows my box will be here tomorrow (Fri)……whaaaaaat?

      • you def got the oct box πŸ™

        • I want the Oct box! I’m going to a Halloween party tomorrow night so I can even use the nail thingys. In fact I just received it. Just so surprised they shipped so fast. The only thing I will swap is the pencil, other than that I am happy with everything.

          • wow that was quick! i ordered in the beginning of October and recieved a tracking on the 28th but as of today (31st) it still hasnt been picked up from its origin!

  8. Gah, I so wanted that necklace πŸ™ I was expecting the November boxes to be available as of Nov 1st, like they told us originally, so I wasn’t thinking to be watching for it this early. Oh well. I guess $10 off is better than nothing.

  9. Good news! I emailed them about the “billing error” and received this:

    POPSUGAR Support, Oct 30 12:30 PM:
    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out and we apologize for the confusion! Please disregard this message as it was an error on our end. I’m confirming that you’re all set to have your subscription begin in November and we hope you enjoy it!

    • I received the same thing, AND they confirmed I’d be getting the November box. We’ll see if I get the GWP, but at least I got $10 off!

    • Ah yup, just got this message verbatim as well! my GWP code appeared to work at the time and took off $10.40. now I’m just hoping they come through πŸ™‚

      • I used the code when it was first released and they shipped October’s box with 2 day shipping from FedEx and ,yes, the necklace was in the box:)

    • I’m still waiting on a response to an email I sent at 12:30. But I’m happy with the response you received. Hopefully, it goes for all of us πŸ™‚

      • i also emailed them and got the same response ! woo so happy cuz i already got 2 october boxes lol!

        • What time did you guys email then? Because I still haven’t received anything except an email saying they got my email..

          • I emailed them at 10:30 and still haven’t gotten a response…

          • i emailed at 12:01pm EST and heard back at 3:30pm. It appears to be just a standardized response.

  10. Did anyone get an email following their confirmation email with subject:
    “Oops! Billing Error With Your POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription”
    saying :

    *Our records indicate there is an issue processing your payment for the next Must Have box.
    Please log into your account to update your billing information. If you do not update your account within five days, your subscription will be automatically canceled. *

    My billing and CC info IS updated….I just entered it at time of purchase actually.
    I think this happened to some people with the October box? I just purchased WHAT I HOPE was the Nov box as a Gift Box. :/

    I of course emailed PS, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

    • I got this message too. I put all my info in when I placed the order, not sure why there would be an issue. I emailed them too but not heard back.

    • The same thing happened to me and I just heard back they apologized saying the glitch was on their end.

  11. Hmmm…I was able to cancel and resubscribe using the code (yay!), but I can’t see anywhere where it’s saying what box I’m getting. The new order shows up under Orders, but not under Subscriptions yet.

  12. should those of us who ordered reach out to popsugar to make sure we get the november box?

  13. Thank u so much for the clarification Liz you are awesome!! I’m like oh nooo here we go again!

  14. Thanks for the confirmation on the October vs November boxes, Liz! I had also emailed Pop Sugar because I un-checked the box and mine also says October, and I won’t want the October box. I also got two confirmation emails but they only charged me once.

    I was able to grab the coupon (apparently just before it expired). I actually got the necklace on a swap already but I figured I could give this one as a gift or something.

    • I also emailed them and got this back FYI (it took them maybe an hour to email me back)

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m confirming that you’re all set to receive the November box and we hope you enjoy it!

      • Phew! πŸ™‚

      • I got the same reply as Krista. Now I just need to stay away from spoilers.

  15. I unchecked the wait list box and my account shows October. *sigh*. I am so, so frustrated with all of the screw ups from PS. Plus, I got two e-mails from them confirming my order. At first I was afraid I was charged twice. But both are showing the same order number so hopefully all is ok. I will still be double checking. PopSugar, please get your act together. I was all excited to order the NM box but, given all that’s been going on, I just don’t feel comfortable blindly handing over $250 to them when they can’t even get their monthly boxes right.

    • This is exactly what happened to me. i also received two emails with the same order#. and per everyone else’s comments, i went and checked my account and it said october box, with shipment pending. grrr, this is so frustrating! i really hope everything gets figured out and we all do indeed receive the november box. if not this is really going to be hurting their company because i have a feeling a lot of customers will be saying goodbye, including myself.

      • Uhhh I ordered using the code and un-checked the waitlist on 10/23. I just got home today that i received another October box which included the necklace. WTF?!?!? Un-checking the waitlist SHOULD have been for next month. I am so upset right now! I am going to call PS and speak to them. Did the offer the code and necklace to get rid of the Oct boxes which people cancelled bc of the billing/shipping issues? I feel like we got tricked by PS.

        • Un-checking the waitlist only means you will get the next month if the current month is sold out. When I signed up on the 23rd it showed I would be getting the October box. I was hoping they might sell out and I would get a November box by unchecking wait list but knew chances were high it would be October. The necklace made it worth it for me though.

          • I am so unclear on checking/unchecking waitlist now. Then, what you are saying is, there is no difference whether you check or not.

  16. Thanks for letting us know about this deal, Liz! I was able to get the discount. I am really REALLY hoping that the person you talked to is correct that we will be receiving the November box. I just went on PS’s FB page. Assuming the times of the posts are correct, very late last night, someone asked if an order placed at the time would be Oct or Nov. Twelve hours ago, PS responded: “Right now we are still selling October, so that should be your first box delivered.”

    That makes me a bit nervous. I’ve already received an October box, and I didn’t care for it much. I certainly don’t want another!

  17. Will there ever be a combo deal again? Sad I missed this minutes after you posted this

  18. I ordered a second sub. Emailed them questioning month…Popsugar responded to my request and said they didn’t have November boxes out so my sub begins with October. Pretty upset with them, I unchecked waitlist. I haven’t even gotten my main October box yet.

    • The same thing happened to me. I ordered at the end of Sept., with the box unchecked, and still received the Sept. box.

    • when did you order your second sub ? i ordered one about 4 days ago and received 2 october boxes, which was okay , but i ordered this promo today and we should get november box if we ordered today

  19. I’m also getting the coupon is invalid or expired notification. Bummer. I really wanted that necklace.

  20. GWP10 is showing “This coupon code has expired or is invalid” now!

  21. Ok I just ordered the box, I’m praying it is November’s I don’t want October’s box at all. I used my voucher from Rue Lala.

    • how did you get the coupon to work? it is not working for me – did you just order?

      • I just put in the code in the promo code box and it didn’t charge me anything but I still had to enter credit card info. It accepted it, seemed to take a few dozen steps to complete my order, but it’s there. I just checked my subscription and it also says October box, but I’m praying for November’s.

  22. Per the website: Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food. Full-size products and premium items worth over $100. Your subscription will start with the November 2014 box.

    However my account says my box is scheduled to ship in October and next billing date is December. I’m sure we’re going to be getting the November box. Could you imagine what it would be like if everyone who purchased today were getting the October box? It would be the OCTOBER BOX DEBACLE PART DEUX lol

    *crosses fingers* though, this is my first time ordering a popsugar box and I generally don’t like to see what I’m getting so I’d hate to get October, especially since I hate malt balls and pumpkin.

  23. Liz,
    If you could confirm That all unchecked GWP10 boxeS will be November’s, that would be so great. I might cry if I open a box and see another set of nail decals!

  24. Beware! After seeing this, I signed up and unchecked the waitlist box but under my account is says I’m getting October!!! Really hoping I get November!

    • I’m reaching out to POPSUGAR now about the issue with October showing up in your account. I’ll let you know what I find out.

      • Thank you! I had the same issue.

        • I also have this issue , it states clearly when your adding the subscription to your cart that it’ll be novembers ! then look what you have next shipment october , lol please NOOOOO i emailed them but they probably won’t get back to me till the box ships haha

        • I just added an update to the post. The issue with the October box showing up in your account is a front-end only error, and they are working on fixing it. But on the back-end you should be scheduled to get the November box.

          • Thanks for the update Liz!

          • oh thank god.

  25. I tried and tried to get through on my laptop and no luck, but finally was able to order one via internet on my phone. I always order as a gift subscription to myself so it doesn’t autosubscribe to the next month! Hoping November is a good month! I hate ordering w/o spoilers, but it’s worth it to get the necklace!

  26. I actually don’t see any text in my order history or email receipt that says either October box or November box. I might have to check later on my computer because I’m not seeing anything on my phone. First time I’ve used the new site and so far I’m not to crazy about but I am using it on my phone so that would be why.

  27. I have been on the fence about ordering since there have been so many problems, but with the coupon I could not resist. Fingers crossed that November is a fabulous box to make up for October! I have been wanting to try this box for months. My finances are finally allowing it.

  28. Yay! Thanks Liz!

  29. I just ordered a popsugar must have box monthly. I did it as a gift so I wouldn’t have to remember to cancel my subscription. I did not want the October box but I was in such a hurry to order before the deal was gone that I can’t remember for the life of me if I unchecked the wait list option. Is there a way to see if that was checked when I ordered?

  30. In spite of the recent troubles, I decided to go for the November box because of the coupon. November boxes are generally pretty great and anything I don’t want I can gift. I’ll definitely be cancelling again after this box and thanks to you guys, I’ll be sure to start that ball rolling as soon as the November box ships. πŸ™‚

    • Did you get an email saying you would be receiving novembers box ?!

      • That’s what the website says they’re taking orders for. I did email to ask just in case. I did uncheck the waitlist button. My hope is all the website kinks have been worked out. I’ll let you know if they get back to me.

        • thank you ! i also signed up so it’d be helpful i already have 2 october boxes coming lol so i think 3 would be a downer ! they have to send us november if its promised on their site when your checking out

        • I emailed them my order number and asked them to confirm that they’re 100% certain that i’m getting November, otherwise I’m cancelling the order. (I sent the message about 2 min after placing the order.) That Oct box was crappy enough for me to cancel my main sub. The Nov box I purchased as a gift for someone but I wouldn’t gift that Oct box to anyone! I don’t know anybody who’d want that junk other than the candle or soap. I’ll post again if they respond.

  31. Now that my October box finally shipped (yesterday) I felt it was safe to cancel. I used the code to resub. I feel after all of the hassle with the billing and shipping that a discount was in order. I did get a message from them regarding my October box saying they would send a gift separately as an apology but my hopes aren’t particularly high.

  32. Are you sure?? I had this exact same thing happen last month I tried to order October (already got September as a gift) and I placed my order on the last day of September with the waitlist box UNCHECKED and PopSugar said it was my fault getting a duplicate box because my order was placed still in September so I was stuck with two of the same boxes πŸ™

    • I had this happen to me when I first subscribed last year. It was actually October’s box. I said I didn’t want to be wait listed for it and I ended up getting it anyway. I never contacted them about it because it was my first box and I still found it exciting.

      • I just subscribed and unchecked the box, and under my account info it says I’m STILL going to get October’s box! Ahhhhh.

        • I did the same! I unchecked, made sure it said the next box was November, and my account STILL says next shipment October. The weird this is though, that is says the next billing is December. I’m crossing fingers that the mistake is just what is listed not actually what I’ll get.

          • I just checked my account and it’s still showing as cancelled, even though I received the email confirmation when I resubscribed. I’ll check again in early November just to make sure I’m on for November’s box.

    • It says in the text on the page which box your subscription begins with. It changed to November today. Last months didn’t change to october until October 1st.

  33. They must have broken the link when so many people were canceling. I cancelled Monday via the website and finally got the October box on the 28th. The items were ok. I liked the candle and the soap. I hate the sox and gave away the nail art to the teenagers across the street.

  34. I’m bummed. I had high hopes – but once I submitted my order, I got a billing error email :/ the order still shows up, but there’s nothing in my subscription page. So I have no idea if the coupon is going to be honored once it all gets sorted out :/ assuming customer service ever responds

    • Same issue here. I emailed right away to check on it. I have little faith in them. I will make the BIGGEST fuss and dispute the CC charge if they try to say this one didn’t go through then start billing me at regular price in a month. They are such a mess – I’m so mad at myself for falling into it again!

      • They got back to me and told me it was an error on their end. Hope you hear back!

  35. Are there any spoilers as to what will be included in the November box?

    • None that I know of yet.

  36. I sooo hate the new website! You have to go to orders to get to the subscription tab and when you hit the subscription tab it’s a broken link!! So I can’t cancel my subscription. And as customer service is soo backed up I can’t get through there. Sooo frustrated!

    • You may need to try another browser. I just got onto my regular account and also created a new account to use the promo code. No issues here. Or you may need to delete cookies, etc.

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