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POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Holiday 2014 Box Spoiler!

POPSUGAR Must Have Neiman Marcus Holiday Box Available Now

We have a spoiler for the POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Holiday 2014 Box! Each box will include…

POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Holiday 2014 Box Spoiler

A signature Clare V. Foldover Leather Clutch ($220 Value) What do you think of the first spoiler?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (45)

  1. Full spoilers on makeup talk! SO GLAD I didn’t buy this box!

    • Super disappointed. Lipgloss and mascara is in this box. Ugh.

    • Me too! Definitely underwhelming and not worth $250.

    • I hope I like it better when I get it. I guess I am the most disappointed that all the items are repeats in some sense, they have all been in very recent past boxes (obviously cheaper variations but the same sort of item). Off all products sold in NM I would be sure they could find some new items that we don’t receive in every other box.

  2. Does anyone know when the box will be available in stores?? I want me some spoilers!

    • Supposedly tomorrow!

  3. I did not have the money to buy this box when if first went live and now with this spoiler I’m glad I waited! Clutches are one thing I do not need one more of. Or dry shampoo. Or nail polish. 🙂
    It does remind me of the resort bag which I haven’t really used buy mine was one of the few that came perfect. No problems.

  4. I was really hoping for an awesome throw like last years. I love throws! I won’t use this clutch so I’m really hoping for some other really stellar high valued items. I was pretty hesitant to purchase this box due to the cost but did so anyway. I really hope I’m not disappointed. :O

  5. Considering this is 1/3 of the boxes value, and I don’t like clutches, I think I’m going to pass. I have two toddlers, 1 & 3, a clutch just isn’t practical. If it had been a nice wallet or purse, maybe.

    I’m disappointed but also happy that I’ll have $250 to buy other things. I’m hoping to see what’s in it when NM gets it. I’m sure it won’t be sold out on PSMH’s end since many people seem to be passing and disappointed.

  6. Yeap, not getting it this year. Don’t like the clutch at all. And if that’s the big item, why bother. I love my throw from last year tho!

  7. This tipped the scales into buying for me. I’ve been wanting a Clare V clutch for ages but just couldn’t pull the trigger. This made it an easy decision. If the rest of the box is up my alley or at least good for gifting, I’ll be thrilled.

  8. Looking at the picture, not being familiar with the designer, and not liking clutches; I would say that the spoiler is not for me. I dislike having to hold a clutch. I may still order this box if I like the spoilers once they are posted by people purchasing from NM. It’s hard to say from a picture and being unfamiliar with the designer.

  9. Yes, for a Mom with young kids like myself a clutch isn’t really practical (always need your hands free)…so this wouldn’t work for me. But, I thinks its super cute. Hopefully the rest of the box is stellar I didn’t order but looking forward to seeing what everyone gets!

  10. I’m psyched. Clare Vivier bags are really nice quality.

  11. Looooooove this clutch. (I didn’t know colors were yearly, lol…I’ve been wearing Cobalt blue a long time…) I’m excited! Yeah, it’s a high value item…but there’s still $400 in this box in addition to the clutch, and it’s so cute! I’m excited 🙂

    • The throw was the spoiler for last year, and there were tons of great items in that box. So I definitely am thinking the rest of the box will be great too!

  12. I just don’t get what Popsugar’s problem is. Why would they include this item when they just included a similar clutch in the Resort Box. Hopefully this one is nicer than the RB of McD one, but it’s still basically the same item. Same style, same color, same size.

    It’s like they don’t listen to customer feedback at all. I know they can’t please everyone, but this is getting ridiculous that they would repeat such an item.

    The last 3 LE boxes have been so disappointing, the next one worse than the last. They promised us all over Facebook that the next LE box would “wow”, “be amazing”, “awesome”, so I figured for sure the Neiman Marcus box would be a good one. Nope, Popsugar just can’t get it together. If this is the big ticket item, I am super mad that I purchased the NM box. I may just return it to sender and dispute the charge on my credit card because I’ve had about enough of Popsugar.

    (Sorry to sound so negative here, I’m just tired of Popsugar over promising and under delivering over and over again).

    • Ugh, yeah, I agree–reminded me of the resort box, my first and last LE PS box! That clutch was horrible!!!

    • E-mail them and see if you can cancel. I did this with the Fall LE box, I had buyer’s remorse. So I e-mailed them and said I had to cancel and they did and refunded my card right away (this was of course before my box had shipped.

    • I agree! After the resort box and so many people unhappy, we all thought okay the summer box will be awesome. Then again, the fall box is going to be awesome because so many people were unhappy with the summer box as well. Then the fall box. .well you get it!!

      I have a bad feeling that PSMH may be fading..

    • Fool me once PS, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  13. I don’t own a nice clutch, and I would love one! Especially since this fold over style is my most pinned style on pinterest lol. What are the odds that they’d send the leopard one? My fave

    • Wait that’s a different material :/

  14. grrrreat… ANOTHER clutch. Just what I needed. (yes, please detect my sarcasm).

    • I agree its like you know there are other types of purses out there right? Like what’s wrong with a crossbody or a hobo? You can’t tell me none exist in their price point.

      • I wonder if it has to do with trying to keep shipping costs down by using the smallest sized boxes possible.

      • At one point I could see how that could be true, but there definitely are petite crossbody bags out there. I personally hate having to hold onto something when I’m out. I need a strap… Just give me a strap… slash don’t give me ANOTHER clutch.

      • Last year the NM box was a beast, it weighed so much because of the plates inside. But I think you have a good point. . it seems like Popsugar has really started to find ways to go ultra cheap on shipping (especially with their limited edition boxes). I was disgusted by how shabby and small the fall SE box was – about the size of a shoe box and the seams were coming apart.

        I know it sounds silly, but for me, the quality and appearance of the actual boxes set the tone for what’s inside. When I got the fall box, I instantly felt let down and didn’t enjoy it as much. If Glossybox and other companies can send a beautiful box to us each month, why can’t Popsugar do the same on a $100 box?

  15. I wasn’t going to order anyway, I like to use my $ to support companies who are good to their customers…and PopSugar hasn’t been as of late. But really glad this isn’t an amazing item that makes me regret not ordering. Someone at PopSugar really loves clutches!

    • I totally agree with you! I would save my money and order popsugar every month, but after how horrible they have been to their customers I wouldn’t be a customer of theirs again even if they paid me for it!

  16. Well. . . this isn’t enticing me to order. It’s cute, but I also worry it will be a cheapened version of the ‘real’ thing or have tags that say “Clare V for Popsugar”. Plus, I was at Saks Off Fifth last weekend and they had clearance purses for buy one, get one free. There were quite a few Clare V clutches similar to this that would have been less than $100 each. I don’t think there’s much Popsugar can do to make me order any special edition box at this point. I feel totally burned on the last few I got ( plus months later, I’m still irate about the awful Rb Of McD pouch) AND I’m still waiting on my regular October box.

  17. So disappointed. I agree that this is likely the big item. I will never use it. 🙁

  18. I already have a Clare V. clutch that I love, so I’m a little torn. I am just worried it may be a flimsy Popsugar version of the real thing. Really feel burned by the quality of the RB of McD or whatever that was in the LE box. I think I’ll wait a little longer, if it sells out, at least I’ve saved $250.

  19. Wow, I’m super relieved I didn’t order one of these boxes. Yet another clutch in last year’s cobalt blue, no thanks.
    At least with Quarterly, to me also quite pricey, we can return the box if it doesn’t suit.

  20. Ugh. Yet another clutch. After the fiasco that was the Resort box I will NEVER order another LE box from Popsugar ever again. At least this one is all leather, unlike the resort clutch.

  21. I ordered the instant I saw the spoiler! I adore the fold-over clutch that came in the Resort LE box and use it all of the time. Never thought I’d love a clutch and this one looks so luxurious. Now I’m really hoping there’s a high end makeup item too. (Eye shadow! No mascara or eye liner nonsense, please.)

    • Ha! I just read a bunch of comments bashing the clutch in the Resort LE box and I didn’t realize it was so hated. It is the first clutch that I actually feel I can use on a daily basis. (I received the navy/navy version.) I get a lot of compliments on it and love that it’s part fabric because it doesn’t feel overly formal or clunky. (I anticipate a super soft all-leather one will be better, of course.) It’s still one of my favorites and it’s just so comfortable. The only quality issues I noticed were some loose threads inside the clutch which were easily trimmed. Love it!

  22. That looks like some serious soft, supple leather. Although I’d rather a bag over a clutch if I were to get the box, especially a $220 clutch. I’m so interested in seeing more spoilers. I have to live vicariously through everyone else for this box.

  23. Waaah. I don’t use clutches, so this is a huge disappointment as such a big ticket item. This is one of those bag clutches too, instead of a purse. I hope it’s at least good quality. If so maybe I can find some sort of use for it.

  24. Oh no. Another clutch from PopSugar. Argh. I’m disappointed in myself for ordering this box. I’m assuming that this is the biggest ticket item due to the $650 value stated by PSMH. I was also hoping that this box would be a home goods focused box like last year’s box. I go on a date with my husband once a week and I use a clutch on our dates but I already have so many clutches. I can only hope that the quality is outstanding compared to the RB of McD trash that they sent in the Resort LE box.

  25. I am in to more home-focused boxes as well, but I actually really like the clutch and based on it, I decided to buy. I like the look of the clutch and could see myself using it on a daily basis to store all the smaller items that I end up moving from purse to purse. (Bye bye the annoyance from having to figure out which purse I left my card case or favorite lipstick in!) Or, I could see myself giving it as a really nice gift for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing what else will come in the box now!

  26. I am hoping the box is more ‘home’ based. Not really thrilled with the spoiler. Glad I haven’t ordered it yet….

    • I was hoping it would be more home based as well. More similar to last year. I love purses but this is not exciting and does not really feel luxe enough for this box. $220 of the $650 value is a lot for something you will not really use. Glad I had not ordered yet as well but bummed at the same time.

    • Yeah,I was expecting more items like last year. Last year’s was perfect. I’m a little upset that I spent $250 on this box already. I hope the rest of the items makes up for this. I mean, its nice, but I was looking for more home items. I would not have been sad to get another nice throw. lol

  27. Hmm not sure how I feel about this spoiler. I can’t really use purses. Since I’m all about the diaper bags at the moment. I hope they have more items I can get a lot of use out of because purses sit in my closet for a long while these days. I loved the throw from the last box which I got that box. Been trying to find someone with the throw to swap with. I can cuddle with my little ones in that. Items like that will get used Daily and make the box worth the price tag.

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