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POPSUGAR Must Have Update from Lisa Sugar

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This email was sent out yesterday:

POPSUGAR Must Have letter

What do you think?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. UPDATE:
    I did hear back via the new email.

    My issue was that I cancelled 10/9 but they billed me 10/17 and sent the package 10/23. I emailed many times and never heard back, but now that they have the new email address they have written back.

    Their answer is that if I return my box unopened they will refund my money. That’s fine with me– I have no interest in anything in this box whatsoever. And they DID attach a return shipping label.

    So it’s hardly a speedy response or a generous resolution, but it is a response and a resolution that leaves me out no money, so I’m good with it. I would still never have business with this company again though.

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I’m incredibly unhappy. Why would they charge an account that had already been cancelled? Betwen the billing/shipping issues and now this, I’m pretty annoyed. If I am offered the same resolution that they offered you, I will not do business with Popsugar in the future either. I feel that this has created an inconvenience so I’m incredibly disappointed. I was so hopeful about this company!

      • UPDATE: Popsugar CS emailed me back promptly. CS apologized for my frustration, issued a refund and asked me to keep the October box which is en route to me already as compensation for the hassle.

        Suffice to say, I’m really impressed. I’d expected this to be a pain, but they were prompt and helpful. On a Sunday, no less! So after my angry post earlier, I wanted to be sure and update about my experience with CS. Popsugar did a great job resolving what I considered a very annoying error. I’d certainly reconsider a subscription with them.

  2. Patience is a virtue

  3. I agree with many others that this email came far too late. Once again I didn’t even receive this email, either. No box, no response to 3 inquiries sent, and I was indeed double charged. But way to place the burden of fixing the duplicate charge back on me, the customer. Very professional and classy. The way it was worded was almost a challenge to the credibility of those stating they were charged twice (or more). I can certainly read my credit card statement and see 2 different charges made on 2 different days. But I appreciate being questioned about whether that’s true. Just because you have someone go back and reverse a charge after the fact does not mean you get to claim the duplicate charges never happened. Talk about shady. So yeah, while I’d love to contact you again and be ignored, it’s a phenomenal waste of my time so I’m going to pass and just dispute the charges (plural) with my credit card. This “we ignore requests to cancel and force you to wait for something you don’t even want because we can” attitude and business model is a step too far for this longtime customer.

    Shockingly, subscribing to PS isn’t my full time job, but I truly enjoy investing time in getting what I paid for (twice) from the company that actually has the responsibility for doing that themselves. What happened to the statement put out a day ago whining about them only having 3 CS reps? Did they hire a team overnight? Or was that ludicrous claim more in a long line of bogus, feel sorry for us excuses?

    Letting things get this far only to send an excuse laden email (only received by some, though like many I always receive their marketing emails including the NM LE box ones in the past week). It was utter BS to claim they had next to no one around to respond to CS inquiries but clearly have funds to employ marketing services to advertise the next LE box. Sorry but this isn’t a new company, it isn’t a mom & pop start up being run out of their basement. It’s a large company that has been fully established for years. I mean for heavens sake, they have a freaking TV show on E! So to insult our collective intelligence and say they have a whopping 3 CS reps to handle inquiries is inexcusable.

    This wasn’t a case of them getting too big too fast. There have been shipping issues like this (minus the website problems) several times over the last 2 years I’ve subscribed. And each time the response from PS has been horrible to say the least, and has progressively gotten worse. Given that the soonest my box can ship is Oct 27, I sincerely doubt I’ll get it by Oct 31. Which just adds salt to the wound since I tried to cancel the box after seeing the spoilers (I’m a grown woman with no need for nail stickers or a cheap, plastic frame I can pick up at Walmart for $5); the cute chevon pattern ends up covered completely once you put a full size pic inside, so it’s literally a plain, plastic frame). But since you’ve decided I HAVE to receive the box the least you could do is timely deliver it. That’s hardly asking too much.

    This company is floating in quicksand. The harder they struggle to make themselves out to be the victims of some unspecified tragedy of their own making, the deeper they sink.

    • There’s too much perfect in your post to quote each great point and well-put explanation of why this poor CS is inexcusable. So let me just say WORD, and also that I am now in love with you 😉

      Also, F Everyone’s I, I wrote the new email the day this came out and guess what… I have not heard back. So this fixed absolutely nothing.

  4. Too little, to late. I much prefer good customer service (to me it shows they value their customers), even if I have to pay more for what I want. Based on this, I don’t think PopSugar cares about their customers. No more
    Popsugar for me.

  5. I have to say that this is probably one of the worst months for a box delay since a lot of the items were probably themed around Halloween. (Only December may be worse.) I’ve tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible but have the impression some of the items are going to be undesirable after the holiday. And some are things you might’ve wanted to use for a week or two up until the holiday. Yes, I’m pretty irritated with this and I’m generally a patient person. I received multiple CC emails (but was billed on 10/3), emailed them about it and never got a reply, and still haven’t received shipping confirmation. I emailed the lisaandteam address after I got this message the other day and still have received no response.

  6. I’m one of those people who got the multiple CC emails. I sent two emails prior to this email from Lisa. She said try to contact them again, so I did yesterday. I went to check my account and it still says I paid on 10/3 and have an order number. I guess I’ll see if they really answer my email. I didn’t mind the late delivery, I did mind the CC emails. However, they should have written this letter when every other person was trying to contact them.

    • Still nothing back after the THIRD email sent on Friday.

  7. I got this yesterday too. I also think this would have gone over much better if they had done this at the beginning of the month instead of so late in the game when people were so upset. I think what really set a lot of people off was when they started selling the Neiman Marcus box. I saw lots of comments from people super upset about that – PS has time to market the NM box, but not even respond to emails from customers that they want to spent $250.

    I get that people were upset. I have 2 subscriptions and haven’t received either one. While, I have not said anything to PS about not receiving my October boxes, I have another outstanding issue with the Fall LE box for a damaged item that they promised to replace for me since September. I’ve emailed them 3 times in over a month since they promised the replacement and not one response or replacement item as of yet.

    The other thing I read on Facebook comments is that the email address (lisaandteam) was not working. It was bouncing emails. For the CEO of the company to send this and then have a non-working email, is pretty bad. I hope that email address is working now, because I think I will email there about my replacement.

    I feel for PS a bit because I think they have probably gotten too many subscribers, too fast. So many that they can’t keep up with all the demand. Normally that is a good thing, means your business is successful, but it also shows their management is lacking as well. I hope they get it together fast.

  8. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for over a year and I’m disappointed (I’ve even shelled out for a few of the LE boxes!) I didn’t receive this email and I still haven’t gotten my October box—my coworker who lives in the same city as me got hers a couple days ago. There are always coupons for new subscribers… they should give current subscribers a discount for dealing with this mess!

    • I’m in the same boat. I thought I was one of the only ones who has received zero communication, including this Lisa Sugar email. I’ve been attempting to track by reference but still nothing. I have no idea what’s going on with my box and hope it will magically just appear at my mailbox.

      Hmph. I’m sorry you’re having the same issues. I wanted to shell out for the NM LE box, but they can’t seem to even get me my monthly box, how does one trust them with a box that costs 6 times as much?

  9. I saw this on Facebook yesterday so I e-mailed them and I did get a response quickly. I have heard people saying how their box just magically appeared on their doorstep. It finally happened to me. I walked outside and there it was. Like others have said, no tracking or shipment confirmation, it just shows up. I think it was a good idea for Lisa Sugar to do this and get all hands on deck, but I do think they should have done this much earlier. Now that I have my box, I am happy with it. I love this subscription enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that next month runs smoothly.

  10. I got the email. I haven’t received my box yet but finally heard back from customer service and am supposed to receive 10/30. Kind of underwhelmed by the email and response.

  11. So weird, I have a subscription but never get these emaila.

    • Neither do I. I only get the emails when they are selling something, never the hey, thanks for putting up with our nonsense emails.

      And I agree with the other person about how they should give loyal subscribers some type of bonus or coupon once in a while. They are always offering money off or gift with purchase for new subscribers.

      An easy way to keep customers happy would be to treat them equally.

      Also I bet a lot of their “subscribers” are people who have subscribed many different times under many different email addresses to take advantage of these new subscriber discounts/perks. Past subscribers end up referring themselves, thereby earning referral boxes. Popsugar would probably end up making the same amount of money,if not MORE if everyone was entitled to the discounts without being a new subscriber. Either that, or make the discounts on multi month subscriptions only.

      Another thing that drove me absolutely bonkers this month was to look at their twitter @ replies. ALL of them were either bloggers (with the #sp tag) who had received their boxes early, or paying customers complaining that they hadn’t received their box. I get bloggers, I read this blog religiously, I get how these subscription boxes use the blogs to market themselves. However, when certain bloggers (NOT this blog) received their boxes very early in the month, when most customers have yet to receive even a shipping update, a response to a customer service inquiry, or their box this late in the month – how is that supposed to make a paying customer feel? Second rate.

      And don’t even get me started on their behavior on facebook…

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